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ALBUQUERQUE POLICE DEPARTMENT EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAM EVENT ACTION PLAN PRAYER GATHERING FOR THE REMOVAL OF THE DON JUAN DE ONATE STATUE TIGUEX PARK 1800 MOUNTAIN RD NW June 15, 2020 1800HRS ERT Lieutenar PDY3I11 (oe 012020) EVENT ‘On June 15, 2020 at 1800 hours, Genizaro Nation is hosting a Prayer Gathering for the Removal ofthe Don Juan de Onate statue. The event s scheduled to take place at Tiguex Park, located at 1800 Mountain Rd NW and Albuquerque Museum. The APD Intelligence Unithas been following this event through social media outlets and there are no confirmed ‘numbers for this event at this of this Operational Plan. The organizers promoting the event are indicating the folowing: ‘+ Peaceful protest to call forthe removal of the Don Juan de Onate statue. COMMAND: Incident Commander: Lleutenant Joseph Viers ‘Suppor incident Commander: Lieutenant Ray Del Greco (Chief's Office) Fiold Incident Commanders: Lieutenant Aaron Jones (PRT) Lieutenant Byran Price (Field Services Bureau) “independent action by any Department member, except for their Immediate safety or the safety of others, Is strictly prohibited. Any enforcement action or use of force must first be approved by and ordered through the established chain of command. COMMUNICATION: ‘Alaa taruiesions vil be conducied on carne te day of he ever nt site metered an aeces by Deporte Corte al ne teed Sur ado euicys cmpomics personne wa owe fill Col enonco Belunedtensitah sommoncatons Sr Tecced Radio Communication was secured by Lt J. Viers on 615/20. RESOURCES NEEDED: Emergency Response Team (2 teams: White/Silver) Traffic Unit Real Time Crime Center (Camera Traler) Albuquerque Fire Rescue Impact Section Air Support Unit , ‘Special Operations Division (Crisis Negotiation Team/CAT Team/High Ground) Intemal Affairs Force Division Prisoner Transport Unit City Transit (SunVans) 2[Page PDF 3111 (ow 0172020) OPERATIONAL ORDERS: 1. The Albuquerque Police Department (APD), on behalf of the City of Albuquerque, supports the right to assembly and free speech. The City of ‘Albuquerque, NM, Code § 7-3-1, et seq (2008) (Albuquerque Free Expression ‘and Parade Ordinance or AFEPO) reflects these rights. The AFEPO govems Department policy and procedure regarding responsible and safe public ‘demonstration in our city. This Department SOP, city ordinances, and state statutes will govern the Department's response to criminal behavior. ‘The Department recognizes that, in order to avoid unnecessary confrontation with protestors, it must display some discretion in the application of the law. ‘Therefore, any minor transgression of the law— to include but not limited to cbstruction of traffic (pedestrian or vehicular), entering an intersection against the trafic signal, indecent exposure, noise ordinance violations, and criminal trespass violations— will be immediately reported to the chain of command. The chain of command will contact any protest organizers, once identified, and report the violation, location, and persons involved. The chain of command will, dotermine if lawful action will be taken for minor violations. The chain of command will maintain contact with the organizers until the situation is, resolved. 3. The Department reserves the right to deny the use of the streets for gatherings ‘oF marches, based on City Ordinance 7-3-1. Therefore, the Department will limitthe available portion of any street, where a segment, lane, or defined area, of the strest is capable of accommodating the demonstration. Where necessary, Department will stop trafic at intersections to permit protestors to proceed through in order to have the least adverse effect on normal traffic flow. Protestors will not be allowed to endanger themselves or motorists by blocking moving traffic. eid saad to A sen ag orice, ae 2 rn maton hing Monday, June 15, 2020 at 1800 hours. Lieutenant Viers notified Deputy Chiefs ape ayer iamry bee acral cnaiciea icniahnisepencce tannaatneba See eee ecaneies nasa PDH IIE (new 01/2020) Urs for riefiNg, “Tho Incident Command Post will bo sot = ‘at tho Roal Time Crime — reams. faged at the Albuquerque Museum as well as, Grande Substation, The ERT Teams wil deploy on SunVan busses that were provided by City Transit. Ail traffic control and hard posts if needed will be handled by the APD Traffic Unit The Special Operations Division will provide the Crisis Negotiation Team to conduct P-A's as well as a CAT Team, . APD Impact Units will be avaliable for mass arrests in order to expedite the booking process. 10.Intemal Affairs Force Division will be available to document any and all use/show of force incidents. 11. The Prisoner Transport Unit will be available and ready to transport Ff mass arrests are made. 12, Albuquerque Fire and Rescue willbe staged to respond to fires as well as any ‘medical needs by citizenslofiicers. 19.APD’s ERT equipment truck will be stage for this event, This truck will be preloaded with all needed munitions, equipment, water, fre extinguishers, and ‘some medical supplies. 14.The determination to deploy ERT resources will be done through the Incident ‘Commander (Lieutenant Joseph Viers). Once resources are deployed, the Field Commander (Lieutenants Aaron Jones and Bryan Price) will take over ‘ground command and correspond through the Command Post. PD# SILI (eew 012020) RULES OF ENGAGEMENT COfficers/sergeants on the line will have the authority to identify agitators in the crowd. Any subjects that are breaking the law will be identified by ERT officersisupervisors and ‘willbe relayed to the Incident Commander. The on scene ERT Lieutenant will make the determination ifan arrest team will be entering the crowd to removelarrest any subjects, ‘Assauitve behavior ~ Any assauitive behavior to include but not limited to: throwing ‘objects, making gestures to throw objects or gestures to attack officers, attacking officers ‘tc. will be addressed by the line supervisors. They have the authority to determine if less lethal muntion (40mm munitions) wil be used to stop the subject's actions. Line officers il also have the authotty to use ess lethal munitions ifreasonable. This order is waltlon to give ERT officers/supervisors authority to make decisions on tactics and force in accordance with their training and experience without incident command approval and in accordance with Use of Force SOP. Inthe case that a large number of subjects begin to become unruly and assault officers, gas plan will be organized by the on scene ERT Lieutenant and relayed to the IC if time pormits. On scene ERT Sergeants may also deploy gas if needed without IC or ERT Lieutenant authorization if a situation arises quickly to prevent injuries or property damage. Public dispersal orders shall be given when possible to allow crowds to disporse before gas is deployed. Dispersal orders will follow ERT SOP language and time frame as indicated below: “1am (rank and name) ofthe Albuquerque Police Department. | am now issuing @ public sefely order fo dlsperse, and | command all those assembled at (specic location) to. immediately disperse. This means you must leave this area. If you de not do so, you ‘may be arrested or subject to other police action. Other police action could include the Uso of chemical agents or less lethal munition, which may inflict significant pain or result in serious injury. f you remain in the area just described, regardless of your purpose, {you vil be in vilaton of city and stato law. The following routes of dispersal ero ‘available: (routes). You have (reasonable amount of time) minutes to disperse.” A reasonable amount of time, as indicated above, will be allowed for the crowd to disperse. The order shall be repeated for a total of three times, absent exigent circumstances, as explained below: 48 waming issued (Wait 5 minutes before reading 2% waming) 2° warning issued at (Walt 2 minutes before reading 3rd warning) 3 waming issued at: (Commence making arrest, ifnecessary) PDY 3111 (ew 012020) I gas is used on a civil disturbance or rot, it will be covered after deployment with 40mm rmuritions. If subjects attempt to pick up or kick the canister then less lethal 40mm ‘munitions are authorized to be deployed, In the case of a lethal situation, on scene supervisors will determine if a tactical withdrawal is necessary. if gunfire or other life threatening sttuations arise, ERT is authorized to deploy gas immediately to clear crowds and enable officers to withdrawal to positions of cover. All ERT members will be dressed with rifle plate armor and carters, ERT will only engage if there Is a threat to Ife or if major property damage occurs. Damage to the statue will be considered minor property damage and will not elicit an ERT response. Any threat to the Albuquerque Museum will be considered major property damage due to there being high value historical items inside that cannot be replaced, ‘These rules of engagement are meant to define officers and supervisors roles in aseisting them with decision-making. All officers are accountable for their actione if thoy are in violation of Standard Operating Procedures andor Federal and State Law. REPORTIN All action taken by members of APD will be reported using the approved department incident report. All personnel involved will complete appropriate supplemental reports. These reports will be completed following the event and submited for review per department protocol Lapel video wil be used during this event and uploaded before personnel are allowed to leave, ‘All supervisors will be responsible for ensuring any reports are writen prior to allowing Personnel to leave the event. Officers are required to report all use of force and shows of force during this event. All se of force incidents during this event wil be investigated by the Internal Affairs Force Division. ‘An After Action Report of the event will be completed by Lieutenant Joseph Viers to include the cost analysis of the event, copies of reports, Criminal Complaints, CAD printouts and any use of force documentation. 6[Page PDP3III (sew 0172020) rovores —_Tuechasl fin’ oom _frsfeo_ Tina. Coir, Het of Ptin Ce: Harold Medina, Deputy Chief of Police, Fiold Services Bureau PM 3111 (sew 01/2020)