Siddharth Sampat

7114 Schafer St, Dallas TX 75252 Cell: (214) 422 2962 EDUCATION Present: Pursuing Master of Science – Physics at U Texas at Dallas May 2012 May 2010: Bachelor of Science – Physics at U Texas at Dallas Major GPA: 3.3/4.0 May 2007: Associates in Applied Sciences – Optical Systems Technology Monroe Community College, Rochester NY EXPERIENCE May 2008 – Present: Ultrafast Spectroscopy and Condensed Matter Physics Lab, UT Dallas – Research Assistant/ Teaching Assistant

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Operation of high precision, sensitive optoelectronic equipment: Femto-second pulsed lasers, pulse picker, avalanche photodiodes, spectrometers, VIS/IR super cooled CCDs, vacuum pumps, cryostats, microscopes, liquid helium temperature measurements, super continuum generation, FRET spectroscopy Management and execution of ultrafast PL spectroscopy experiments on semiconductor materials – GaAs, AlGaAs, QW structures, quantum dots, polymers Optical table alignment of UV, visible and IR pulsed and CW lasers Planning and integration of current and upcoming lab projects and experiments

May 2010 – Aug 2010: CINT, Los Alamos National Lab – Summer Intern
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IR pump/Terahertz probe measurements – High temperature superconductors Ultra-short white light pulse shaping (compression) and measurement Alignment and operation: Q-switch laser system, parametric OPA, Ti-Sapphire mode locked lasers, FROG, auto/cross correlation, pulse shaping optics, 2nd/3rd harmonic generation, optical pump/probe experiments

Oct 2005 – July 2007: Optics Department, Monroe Community College, Lab Technician /Student Aide
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Extensive experience working with optical equipment: interferometers, spectrometers measurement, assembly and operation Calibration and precision alignment of optical systems, fiber optics and lasers Tutoring experience @ Engineering Technologies Learning Center: Subjects: Calculus based physics, optics, math, various computer applications Alignment and calibration of precision optical and fiber optic equipment, on the spot problem solving and troubleshooting Software: LabView, Origin, Matlab, MathCAD, Igor, Microsoft office Adobe suite, audio and video editing application Basic machining skills, oscilloscopes, DMMs, soldering, vernier calipers, micrometers Computer hardware and software maintenance and upgrades, networking hardware and basic electronics


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Anton Malko, Scientist, Assistant Professor – Physics Department, U Texas at Dallas, (972) 883 6383 Dzmitry Yarotski, Staff Research Scientist – CINT, Los Alamos National Lab, (505) 665 9294 Robert Balonek, Optical Engineer, BAE Systems, (585) 309 7819

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