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January 18, 2011

Mary C. Trejo
Tucson Public Defender
103 E. Alameda Street
Tucson, Arizona 85701

Re: Unprofessional Conduct of Defenders Hughes and Hoffmann

Dear Ms. Trejo:

Please be advised that during the past three weeks, two of your subordinate
defenders, Russell Hughes and Clifford Hoffmann, have abused the power of
their office to terrify (a client), and to otherwise engage in personal vendetta and
politically motivated conduct, which brings into question the integrity of the
Office of the Tucson Public Defender.

During a municipal court hearing on January 14, 2011, Mr. Hoffmann, in an

effort to escape the consequences of his misconduct, made serious misstatements
of fact to Judge Klotz regarding a non-existent “conflict of interest,” and Judge
Klotz’s expressed concern regarding Mr. Hoffmann’s unnecessary delay in
representing (the client’s) interests.

Prior to (the client’s) bail hearing on December 28, 2010, I informed Mr. Hughes,
(who appeared in place of Mr. Hoffmann) (1) (the client) had long standing
medical issues which would assist in her defense, and (2) I wanted to bring these
issues to the attention of the court so that (the client) could immediately be
released to return home and seek additional treatment.

Instead of responding in (the client’s) best interests, Mr. Hughes (1) accused me
of “trying to steal (the client’s) house,” (2) told (the client), “I will help you get
this guy (Mr. Warden). He admitted he’s trying to take your house,” and (3)
refused to allow me to address the court regarding (the client’s) release.

Fortunately for (the client), the Tucson City Prosecutor was kind enough to allow
me to address the court and to speak on (the client’s) behalf regarding her serious
medical condition, prompting Judge Million, who prior to my comments had
expressed her inclination to keep (the client) in custody, to modify her position
and immediately release (the client).

Subsequently; on January 12, 2011 (the client) met with Mr. Hoffmann. Mr.
Hoffmann told (the client), (1) “F--k Mr. Warden. Everyone on the sixth floor
hates him,” (2) “Mr. Warden writes crazy emails which sound just like that guy
who shot Giffords. He will get a gun and kill you and your son and steal your
house,” (3) “Mr. Warden will not be allowed to come to court on January 14. You
must get a restraining order against Mr. Warden or I will refuse to represent
you,” and (4) “If I was your husband or your lover, and I loved you, I would tell
you the same thing.”

Needless to say, (the client) left Mr. Hoffman’s office on January 12, 2011,
terrified and dismayed.

Messrs. Hughes and Hoffmann’s shocking vitriol, use of the immense tragedy
which recently struck our community, and misuse of public office, call into
question the integrity of the Office of the Tucson Public Defender.

It is your duty to commence an immediate investigation. In these troubled times,

with diminished revenues, two hundred million Rio Nuevo dollars unaccounted
for, budget cut-backs, layoff’s and rising public anger at government, our citizens
and taxpayers deserve no less.

Yours truly,

Roy Warden

(Personal data omitted)

cc: Tucson City Court Judges Klotz and Million, Tucson Public Defenders Hughes
and Hoffmann, selected members of the Arizona and Pima County Bar, selected
members of the media, and 2000 subscribers to Common Sense II.