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Your mobile phone has electrical properties and emits vibrations. and so it can be used as a magical wand. The classic wand has. typically. a magnetized wire inside it. which ensures that it emits vibrations.

The human body has electrical/magnetic properties as well. It is like a giant crystal. Like your cell. it is capable of transmitting and receiving. Hence the human body can be envisioned as a huge magical wand. These powers can be amplified whenever you magically use your cell.


Wands. rods. batons. pointers. staves. canes. sticks.

Like any magical wand. your cell can be used:

1. as an extension of your hand.

2. to substitute for three fingers-which signifies the power of the triple goddess-held together when pointing at the object of a magical spell.

3. to direct energy.

4. to focus energy.

5. to substitute for your athame,

6. 'to substitute for your sword. particularly in casting and uncasting circles of protection.

7. to represent. strengthen and reinforce your will.

8. to represent the element of fire.


The magical wand is, in addition, a symbol of the spellcaster's authority or power over whomever or whatever he or she is casting spells on. Some persons also use it as a symbol of the mage's authority by virtue of his or her possession of occult wisdom. In any deck of Tarot cards, for instance, the court cards in the suit of Wands feature, in lieu of wands, sceptres.

The magical wand can be held in your left hand (receiving energy), in your right hand (giving energy), or in both (establishing a continuous flow of energy between you and the object of your magical spell).

It is essential to remember that the jewelry on your hands, usually rings, reinforces the powers of your magical wand. And, never forget to consider which fingers(s) your ring(s) is(are) on: the thumb for control (e.g., suppressing or subduing), the index finger for direction (causing movement, changes, turnabouts. transformation). the middle finger for sex magic. the ring finger for love magic. and the little finger for trickster magic.


Your magical wand-your cell-can specifically be used as follows:


I. Encoding Subliminal Messages

You can silently convey any message to any person or group of persons, so long as the person or persons are in your presence. All you have to do is encode the message on your text screen. It doesn't even matter whether the encoded message is inverted or partially hidden from the others' point of view. They will indirectly pick up the message, because the subconscious will be able to decode it.

Some examples of encoded messages include "LET'S MAKE LOVE", "BE MY FRIEND", "TALK TO ME", "I DON'T LIKE YOU" and "KEEP AWAY FROM ME".

Remember, that no matter how cryptic your message is, the subconscious is so powerful that it will always be able to decode the message.

Remember, also, that you are not to use subliminal messages to harm others or to bring them into trouble.

2. Incorporating Subliminal Sounds

Subliminal sounds are equally important.

Whenever you are conversing with someone on the cell phone, for instance, that person inevitably hears you against something, whether it is music, static, atmospheric sound, white sound, sound effects, or silence. In a cell phone conversation, a message is always conveyed within the context of sound.


Do make an effort, then, to manipulate the subliminal sounds in your background.

What do your sounds tend to be? Voices in a crowd? A noisy hallway? A busy classroom? A shopping mall? Vehicular traffic? Children playing? Dogs barking?

If you have music playing in the background, what kind of music does it tend to be? Classical music? Rock-and if so, what kind of rock? Jazz-and if so, what kind of jazz? Disco? A motion picture soundtrack? Mood music? Praise music? Ethnic music? Meditation music?

What kind of voice do you tend to use?

Which emotions usually, predominantly override your voice?

Do your messages always tend to give the impression that you are always close by, in transit, or far away?

Subliminal sounds have the additional power of eliciting psychic memory in your recipient, particularly clair aroma (psychic smell) and clairgustus (psychic taste).

You get whatever you want nine times out of ten if you can successfully manipulate sounds.


3. Using Punctuation Marks

Often use punctuation marks. particularly questions marks (???) and exclamation points (!!!). You will find that they elicit speedier. more proactive and more positive responses than had you not used them.

4. Invoking Angels

Encode the name of an angel and your own number in your cell directory. Allow a passage of three days; this period provides time for you to move your intention from your left-brain hemisphere to your right. and from your conscious to your subconscious-and establish them there. The number of days is based on three as a magical number; and its value is empowered by humanity's collective memory of this.

To invoke the angel. face east. that cardinal direction being of the rising sun and rebirth. Access the number. pointing the cell's antenna to the east. (The cell will simply report "NUMBER BUSY" and "AUTO DIALING".)

Put the cell to your ear as though you were conversing with someone on the line. Greet the angel and articulate your petition. Remember that you must state your petition aloud (normal phone voice). thus releasing it to ether. Only in this way will it travel through the cosmos and manifest.

After your message is done. hang up.


5. Invoking Spirit Guides

Encode the name of a spirit guide and your own number in your cell directory. Again, allow a passage of three days.

To invoke the spirit guide, face the cardinal direction that you intuitively associate it with. As east is associated with the element air, the color yellow, the rising sun and rebirth, south is associated with the element fire, the color red, action and passion, west the element water, the color blue, emotions and symbolic death, and north the element earth, the color green, health and the physical body. Access the number, pointing the cell's antenna' to the significant cardinal direction,

Put the cell to your ear as though you were conversing with someone on the line. Greet the spirit guide and articulate your petition.

After your message is done, hang up.

6. Sending Protection to A Person Whom You Love

Face east.

Send the person whom you love the following text message:


Since the message is short enough, do not distort the message by abbreviating it. Abbreviating messages, in whatever language, is a no-no in casting spells, because it communicates irreverence to your right-brain hemisphere. The irreverence will bounce right back to you, as it does whenever you use the Ouija board with a parlor-game attitude, obtaining sheer gibberish.

7. Boosting Telepathic Messages

Point your cell phone antenna in the direction of the person you wish to communicate with. (This person could be far away from you or sitting right in front of you.) Encode the message in your mind. Press SEND, count to three (the magic number), then press STOP.

By the way, your cell should be on.

8. Scanning the Environment

You may use this spell to identify hot and cold spots, portals, or the presence of entities.

Hold the cell in your left hand (your receiving hand) and point it in various directions while you explore a particular room or area in question, paying attention to the images, words of sound that surface on your mind.

Your cell should be on.


9. Locating A Missing Person or Object

Hold the cell in your left hand and use it as described above. However, you may also use the cell as a dowsing rod and hold it over a map, location plan or sketch. The cell's antenna will serve as a pointer.

Your cell should be on.

10. Transmitting How You Feel to Someone

Face east. Please the person's photo in front of you. Point your cell towards the photo and address him or her. Your statement should be propelled by the appropriate emotion, and so it would be best to do this spell in private.

Press SEND, count to three, then press


Your cell should be on.

II. Exercising Influence on A Person, Act or An Event

Hold the cell in your right hand (your giving hand) and point it towards the person, act or event that you wish to influence.

Visualize how you want the person, act or event to be influenced. It is essential that you


visualize in order to elicit the cooperation of your right-brain hemisphere, which responds well to visual lmagery.

For manifesting, attracting or generating good feeling, slowly rotate the cell in a clockwise direction three times.

For banishing, repelling; or shielding yourself from harm, slowly rotate the cell in a counterclockwise direction three times. I advise, however, that you not use this spell to manipulate, deceive or hurt others.

Your cell should be on.

12. Stilling Your Mind

Turn off your cell and hold it in both hands in your lap or on a desk in front of you. Gaze into the cell's blank screen and visualize it as a window to infinite space. Siphon your mental noise or negative feeling into the screen. Do this until your mind is stilled.

Your cell antenna should be pointing away from you.

13. Scrying

As above, turn off your cell and hold it in both hands in your lap or on a desk in front of you.


Gaze into the cell's blank screen and visualize it as a window to infinite space. Scry on the screen as you would on a crystal ball, mirror or bowl of water.

Your cell antenna should be pointing away from you.

14. Authoring Your Day

Encode a one-word objective (a name, an object, a value, a quality, a characteristic or a feeling), save it in your cell directory and keep it on your screen the whole day. The word will serve as a talisman, activating your unconscious to help you achieve your objective during the day.

IS. Shining Like A Star

Encode your name, save it in your cell directory and keep it on the screen the whole day. Turn on your screen light once every three hours, allowing it to shut off automatically each time.

16. Speeding Up Communication

While waiting for, wishing for or anticipating a special call, place your cell on a window ledge pointing south, the cardinal direction of fire.

Watch out for cell thieves, though.


17. Transforming Your Cell to an Astral Dagger

Visualize your cell morphing into an astral dagger with a blade of red light from your base, or survival chakra, emerging from the top of the cell. When your visualization is complete, you may use the dagger for psychic self-defense, for opening wards, or for cutting black, astral threads from your own or another's auric shell.

18. Using Your Cell as an Auric Brush

By the same process, visualize your cell morphing into a spear of crystal quartz or an astral cleansing instrument. When your visualization is complete, you may use the cell to brush your own or another's auric shell.

19. Healing a Misaligned Chakra

Turn your cell on and then place it on your body, in the corresponding location of a chakra which you feel is misaligned. Go to alpha and visualize the cell amplifying the chakra's color, volume and speed of rotation.

20. Getting Assistance from the Chakras

Tie a little piece of colored ribbon on your cell antenna and keep it there the whole day (or for


as long as you want it). This raises a (not necessarily red) flag and alerts your unconscious to your need to align your chakras.

The color correspondences follow.

MAROON: For grounding, wise decisionmaking, a good sense of judgment, pragmatism, being practical and down-to-earth

RED: For survival, strength, passion, action, aggression, mitratrve, courage

ORANGE: For sexual matters, sexual attractions, sexual relationships, eroticism, lust, potency

Also for healing

YELLOW: For emotional matters, connectedness to ancestors, and values

Also for study, mental stimulation, intellectual matters, and memorization

GREEN: For compassion, brotherhood, love and service to others, community work

Also for prosperity, wealth, good fortune, and money matters

PINK: For romantic love

Also for youth


BLUE: For friendship, loyalty, fidelity, twoway communication, truthfulness, mutual trust

Also for calmness, serenity, peace, coolness

-INDIGO: For understanding, comprehension, visualization, discernment

VIOLET: For spiritual matters

WHITE: For the development of psychic abilities

Also for purity, chastity, cleanliness

21. Consecrating Your Cell

You can magically charge your cell by setting it on a crystal geode or a tray of crystals overnight. You may leave the cell on, or off, or electrically recharging.

22. Clarifying Specific Objectives

If you want your cell to work for you, set it overnight, instead of on a crystal geode or a tray of crystals, a bed of coins ( for prosperity), paper flowers ( for love), herbs ( for health), or anything that visually represents, to you, a specific objective or priority.

Be creative. The act of creating is itself an act of magic.


23. Merging with Your Heart's Desire

Open any magazine to a photograph or article that represents what you want. Set your cell on the page or spread and leave it there overnight.

This exercise is equivalent to any exercise in psychic claiming.

24. Dressing Your Cell Screen with Oil

You may dress your cell screen with a tiny drop of mineral oil, spreading it on the screen in a clockwise direction for manifestation or in a counterclockwise direction for cleansing or for banishing.

Chose your oil wisely, considering not only its magical correspondences but its physical effect on fiberglass or on acrylic. An unscented, mineral oil should be safe enough.

Remember to charge your oil bottle with all of your chakras before using the oil.

This exercise actually serves the additional purpose of keeping your cell screen clean.

25. Drawing In Negative Energy and Releasing It to the Earth

Keep your cell on. Holding it in your left


hand, point it at a person, animal, plant or object that you wish to drain negative energy of, moving it around as though it were the suction tip of an astral vacuum cleaner. Visualize all of the negative energy draining into your cell.

Afterwards, go outdoors. Transfer the cell to your nght hand and point it at the ground, asking the earth to absorb the negative energy into itself. Visualize all of the negative energy draining from your cell.

The earth can take as much negativity as you can give it. This energy is converted within its bowels to positive energy and is released through various forms of life and creation.

Remember to thank the earth for assisting you in this exercise.

26. Invoking Deities and Other Archetypes

Encode the name of a deity or archetype,

save it in your cell directory and keep it on your screen the whole day. The name will serve as a conduit to the deity or archetype that exists in the collective unconscious, activating your personal unconscious to guide you accordingly during the day.

27. Invoking Power Animals

Encode the name of a power animal, save it in your cell directory and keep it on your screen the


whole day. The name or word will serve as a conduit to the power animal that exists in the collective unconscious, and will serve as a talisman, activating your unconscious to help you achieve your objective during the day.

28. Using the Cell as A Poppet for Poppet Magic

You can use your cell as a substitute for a poppet when doing poppet magic, except when you have to stick it with pins or have to place all sorts of gooey stuff on it. It is particularly effective to use the cell as a substitute for a poppet in distant healing.

Note the cell's correspondences to the human body in performing poppet magic: its top is the head; its antenna the crown of the head; its screen the eyes; its mouthpiece the ears; its speaker the mouth; its left side, the left side, left arm and left hand; its right side the right side, right arm and right hand; its midsection the abdomen and waistline; its lower half, the lower half; its back the back; and so on.

29. Empowering Your Cell with Runes

Protect, empower and ward your cell with runes. These need not be actually written with a pen, brush or marker. As in the previous exercise they can simply be traced astrally with the tip of your athame or your right index' finger.


You may of course use bind runes instead of single runes, and may even develop your own runes.

30. Choosing A Warding Pin Code

Don't just choose a pin code-make it a magical pin code.

Go with the quarter directions; for instance (2, 6, 8, 4), or the cross-quarter directions (I, 3, 9, 7), or numbers tracing runes (7, I, 3, 6 for "Futhark" or "Ansuz" and 7, 4, I, 6 for "Laguz"). You may also wish to consider numerological meanings and Wiccan directions (clockwise or sunwise and

counterclockwise or earth wise ).

31. GiVing your Cell a Magical Name

It wouldn't hurt to give your cell, or any of your ritual tools, a magical name to establish in your subconscious its astral identity, which will always exist parallel to its physical identity.

I have three athames, or ritual daggers, for example, that are named "Dingas", Uliuli" and "Asin",

32. Maintaining An Astral Bridge to A Person You Like

Always keep a text message from a person whom you like, are working on a project with or are sharing a


special relationship with, within your cell memory. This creates and maintains an astral bridge between you and that person-or group of persons-and ensures that you remain attuned to each other-or to one another, for the time being.

33. Flushing Your Cell of Negativity

Always delete unwanted names, numbers, addresses and messages from your cell on a regular basis, ensuring that no negativity is stored within it for an unnecessarily prolonged period of time.

34. Making a Magical Statement

What your cell looks like-your choice of model, its colors and the accessories you associate with it contribute to the overall magical statement that you are making.

Is your cell flashy? Sophisticated? Whimsical?


Are its colors dark or light? Are they bold?

Are they plain? Are they pastels? Are they flourescents?

I went through several interesting phases in which I went as far as embellishing my cell case with skeletons, and then skulls, and then aliens, and then alien ships.

The physical statement your cell makes will always have a counterpart in astral reality, and therefore will affect your magic.


35. Asking for A Dream

This exercise is really a form of dream incubation, or asking your higher self for a dream that will contain your psyche's response to, advice on, suggested action on or solution to a specific issue or problem.

Before retiring, contemplate the issue or problem.

Encode and leave on the screen the text, "SEND ME A DREAM".

Keep your cell on but on silent.

Record any dreams you have in your dream journal or notebook-the Spirit Questors call theirs "Ichabod Crane" notebooks-upon waking.

Also, any text messages or missed calls that carne in during the time that you were sleeping will be of significance to your issue or problem.

36. Astral Journeying

If you want to tryout astral journeying and would like a boost, text me or anyone of the Spirit Questors ''I'M LAUNCHING" before retiring, then keep your cell on but on silent.

Record any dreams you have in your dream journal or notebook upon waking.


As in the previous exercise, any text messages or missed calls that came in during the time that you were sleeping will be of significance to your attempt at astral journeying.

37. Automatic Texting

Try automatic texting-whether in the dark or when the lights are on. It works pretty much the way automatic writing and automatic drawing do. And, except for restrictions in space, it can be used as an alternative to the traditional Ouija board.

Go to "WRITE MESSAGES" mode, go to alpha, let go and let your feelings do the talking. You may be surprised at the many things that your spirit guides and psyche tell you!

38. Conversing with Spirits

And, here's the easiest way to use your cell to Converse with spirits, especially when you have to speak aloud, or release your messages to ether: simply put the cell to your ear. and pretend that you're actually talking to someone. I do this a lot when I'm walking down the street, a university hallway or a corridor. Everyone around me assumes that I am conversing with a live, physical being on the other end.

The Questors always caution me, though, to turn my cell off first. There is nothing more


disconcerting than having a cell phone suddenly ring in the middle of one such "conversation"!

39. Texting A Wish on New Year's Eve

Text me or anyone of the Spirit Questors a special wish between 10:30 P.M. and I I :30 P.M. on Halloween (October 31) or on New Year's Eve (December 3 I). We light wishing candles during these times. and we will be happy to include your wishes.

Your cell phone enables you to speak. hear voices. and send messages and receive them; it produces music and a variety of sounds. stores memory. tells time. calculates. entertains-and a lot more!

Your cell phone is a magical wand. After all. if you were teleporred with it right this minute to the Medieval Age. that is exactly how everyone would see it!