Choir: Guys and Dolls Period 4 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Henry Saroyan December 2,2010

Wolfang Amadeus Mozart (birth name:Johannes ChrysostomusWolfgangusTheophilus Mozart) was a German Classical-Era composer who was born on January 27 1756 in Salzburg, Austria and died on December 5, 1791 at the age of 35 in Vienna, Austria. As a child, Mozart was a prodigy of the keyboard. His father, Leopold taught him everything he knew about the keyboard. One thing extremely unusual is that Mozart taught himself how to play the violin and played it extraordinaly. Beginning at the age of 6, Mozart traveled around Europe with his father and his sister Nannerl. Later in 1773, Mozart was called by Archbishop Colloredo to be his personal and court composer During his years in Salzburg, he became interested in producing more violin concertos. Then in 1776, Mozart decided to write his piano concerto in E major. Many people consider that piece to have made Mozart at the top of his game. But a problem ensued, the pay in Salzburg was low. Mozart earned money that was barely enough for living.In 1777, Mozart decided to leave Salzburg and to work in Paris. Colloredo commanded Mozart¶s mother to accompany him. Then, he fell in love with a daughter that had a musical backgroud, Aloysia Weber. But soon later in 1778, Mozart¶s mother passed away. During this period Mozart¶s debts started to pile up. Later on, Mozart encountered Aloysia Weber, but Aloysia declined any offer of marriage to Mozart. Then in 1781, Mozart went to Vienna. In the beginning of his stay in Vienna, Mozart played as a pianist and did considerably well. Then soon enough, Mozart wanted to go solo. He decided to become his own pianist and

Mozart¶s music was highly artistic and creative and most of his music in piano was in the major mode. Mozart¶s music ranged from symphonies. But it was said that Mozart worked himself to death. Leopold of course did give his okay. Of course. But they married in August 4. Only 2 of their 6 children survived. . Constanze. The Archbishop urged Mozart to come back to Salzburg and the sad thing was that Mozart¶s own father agreed with Colloredo. but they married before Leopold can have a say in his son¶s marriage. Mozart fell in love with Aloysia sister. Finally during Mozart¶s final year (1791) his debts began to improve and he produced a great quantity of music that had great quality. Mozart¶s appearance worsened. This meant that there was a harmony and a melody. and that step to leave Colloredo¶s service was probably the reason Mozart became a well-known composer. But most people died that Mozart died from acute rheumatic fever. and Franz Xaver Wolfgang Mozart. choral. operas. Colloredo was very angry and fought with him. Mozart fell ill during his opera. Probably because Mozart was a child at heart. In Vienna. Mozart¶s music was a polyphonic type of music. In total Mozart wrote over 600 pieces. Shortly after Mozart was interested in opera. 1782. Leopold would not accept. There are many people who have different theories on why Mozart died. musicians couldn¶t prevail.composer. Mozart declined his offer. One of his most famous works was his Requiem and Mass in D minor which remained unfinished. 118 theories to be exact. There were many attempts to fill their debts. but Mozart always spent and never saved. ³The Magic Flute´ and shortly died after in 1791. Karl Thomas Mozart. Mozart lived a very wealthy life. and the piano. Since Austria was at war. but they all failed. Mozart feared his father.

org/wiki/Wolfgang_Amadeus_Mozart http://en. All in all. Mozart¶s music is beautiful and the genius Mozart inspired people to do better. Bibliography: http://en.A lot of people believe in the Mozart .wikipedia. It is also believed that Mozart can make you smarter.wikipedia.The Mozarteffectis a theory that Mozart¶s music can improve mental disabilities such as depression.

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