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Dear Name of Student,

Now that you have decided which universities to apply to, you will need to email the professors for
financial aid. Please go through the university websites and find the faculty list of your interested
department. Then, find the email addresses of the professors whose research areas interest you. Then
email them. I am attaching a sample email that u can send to the profs. For future correspondence
with the professors, please take note of the following do's and don’ts.

1. While emailing the Profs, make sure NOT to include ANY attachments. Professors don't open emails
with attachments for fear of viruses, etc.

2. Do NOT address them as Sir or Madam. They like to be addressed as Dr./Professor.

3. The tone of the email should be polite and formal, but never subservient. Professors generally don't
entertain desperate-sounding candidates.

4. Do NOT CC them emails. If you have to email 5 professors, send 5 separate emails.

Also, if you want to email the admissions office of your department, you can go ahead and do that.
However, usually the admissions office has little or no say in the RA selection process. They can only
recommend students; the professor makes the final decision.

Anyway, I hope this helps.

Good luck.
Thanks and regards,

Sandeep Sikarwar

PS: In the main body of the email, you will have to make changes according to your own
profile/interests. After drafting the email, you can send it to me before sending it to the professors. If
necessary, I will make alterations/suggestions to the email.


Dear Dr. XYZ,

I am an aspiring student at the XYZ University. If admitted, I will be joining in the Spring semester of
2006. I have done the four-year bachelor of technology (B.Tech.), Computer Engineering, program at t
he Technological Institute of Textiles and Sciences, Bhiwani, India in 2004. While browsing through the
university website, I came across the list of Computer Science faculty, going through which, I realized
that your research interests match with my desired area of specialization.

Over the last two years, I have been working on developing applications for different industrial usage
such as Information system for Siemens, office Automation system for National Horticulture Board,
Employee toolkit & Library Management System, etc. During this period, I extensively worked on MS
SQL server, Oracle 8.0, PL/SQL, C++, LISP, Visual Basic 6.0, Visual Basic, .NET, etc. I am also a
Microsoft Certified Professional. (Write about your practical training / work experience)

Also, as part of my B Tech degree, I have worked at Siemens Information System Ltd. as a trainee.
During this period, I contributed to the development of various store management modules as part of
"Hospital Information System". Store management module includes sales, purchase, and inventory
management and accounting. (Write about any important achievements during your BE)

My ambition is to contribute in an original manner to this field, which I feel, will be facilitated at the
university of Texas at Austin, under your guidance. I request you to make a candid assessment of my
chances of getting admission along with full aid in the form of fellowships, research/teaching
assistantships, to university of Texas at Austin and whether I am deserving the same as per the
standards of your university.

I would be glad to send you any other information and would welcome any suggestions you may like to

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanking you for your time and help,

Sincerely yours,

Name of the student

Enclosures: 1. Research summary.

2. Skills
3. Resume
4. Course structure


Research summary

Projects undertaken :

· Name of the project: a short summary of the project.(BE Final year project and/or any other


Programming Languages:

Experience working with: Oracle, SQL Server, ASP. NET, ADO. NET, Windows, MS-DOS, Linux, etc.


Academic qualifications:



Course Structure:

Write the names of all the courses you took during your BE/B Tech.