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Senator Kamala Harris was born a dual-Citizen and thus

is NOT a “natural born Citizen” of United States with Unity
of Citizenship and Sole Allegiance to USA.
She was a Citizen of Jamaica at Birth.

U.S. Senator Kamala Harris is a dual-Citizen at birth who was born in

California to a Jamaican Citizen father and a Citizen of India mother. She was
thus born a Citizen of Jamaica via her father per the Constitution of Jamaica,
Chapter 2, Section 3C and also gets special privileged Person of Indian
Origins (PIO) status via her mother. She also claims basic Citizen at Birth of
the USA via the 14th Amendment of our U.S. Constitution and/or under U.S.
Statutory Law Code Title 8 Section 1401, a naturalization law passed by
Congress under its naturalization law constitutional powers. A “natural born
Citizen” is a term of “Natural Law” and needs no congressional man-made
“Positive Law” to make them a U.S. Citizen. Therefore as a claimed “Citizen at
Birth” of the USA, (but some claim she is not even a U.S. Citizen at all since
her parents were here on temporary VISAs and were not registered as permanent
resident aliens of the USA when Kamala was born in 1964 in California, and
neither of her parents were U.S. Citizens then), she would then be
constitutionally eligible to serve in U.S. Senate, but since she is not a
“natural born Citizen” at birth of the USA, she is not constitutionally
eligible to serve as Vice President per the 12th Amendment (last line), or as
President and Commander-in-Chief, per Article II Section 1 Clause 5.


Recognizing that Kamala Harris is NOT a "natural born Citizen" of the United
States and is NOT constitutionally eligible to be President or VP.

Whereas as put into the Constitution of the United States in Article II Section 1
Clause 5 by our founding fathers and framers requires that, to be eligible for the
Office of the President and Commander in Chief of our military forces, a person
alive at the time of the adoption of the Constitution had a “grandfather clause”
therein and only had to be a “Citizen” of the United States, but that in the
future a person born after the adoption and ratification of our U.S. Constitution
they had to be more than just a “Citizen” of the United States but must be a
"natural born Citizen" of the United States;
Whereas per the 12th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution (last line), the Vice
President of the United States must meet the same eligibility requirements as the
office of the President.

Whereas Kamala Harris was not alive at the time of the adoption of the U.S.
Constitution and cannot avail herself of the “grandfather clause” therein
available to only the Original Citizens and therefore has to meet the more
restrictive “natural born Citizen” clause;

Whereas the founders and framers considered simply being a “Citizen” and then per
Alexander Hamilton’s suggestions being simply “born a Citizen” for the
presidential eligibility clause and the framers did not adopt those less
restrictive terms for who could be the President and Commander in Chief once the
founding generation had passed;

Whereas the term "natural born Citizen", as that term appears in Article II,
Section 1, Clause 5 is not specifically defined in the Constitution of the United
States (since the Constitution does not include a glossary but was written in
terms as noted in the Federalist Papers using language and terms that were clearly
understood by them and the people of the USA who were called upon to adopt and
ratify it), and thus we must look elsewhere outside the Constitution to what the
people of founding and framing era understood said term to mean (as is mentioned
in the U.S. Supreme Court Case of (1875) Minor v Happersett), in order to
determine its “originalist” meaning to those that chose that term and those that
voted for and adopted and ratified our U.S. Constitution;

Whereas the Laws of Nature and Natural Law as evidenced by the Preamble of our
Declaration of Independence strongly influenced our revolution and break away from
England and the writing of our founding documents;

Whereas that per the "Principles of Natural Law" by Emer de Vattel (1758/1797) and
Natural Law and Laws of Nature familiar to the founders and framers, and the
people of the founding and framing era, understood that a "natural born Citizen"
was a person born in the country to parents who were both Citizens (born or
naturalized Citizens as long as they are both Citizens) of the country when their
child was born in the country, and that term was chosen as a future national
security clause as a "strong check" against "foreign influence" by or at birth on
the person who would be eligible to be President and Commander in Chief of our
military forces once the founding generation had passed;

Whereas Kamala Harris was clearly and admittedly born to non-U.S. Citizen, foreign
national parents when she was born in California in 1964, that said Kamala Harris
was thus born with foreign allegiance to Jamaica via her Jamaican citizen father
and thus has foreign influence upon herself via citizenship at birth in more than
one country, and thus she was born with multiple allegiances and citizenship and
divided allegiances and national loyalties at and by birth. This is exactly what
the founders and framers did NOT want for the person who would be President and
Commander in Chief of our military forces in the future after the founding
generation, the Original Citizens, had passed away;

Whereas while Jamaica is a friendly country it is a foreign country and is not

part of the United States or its territorial jurisdictions;
Whereas Congress under its powers granted to it in the U.S. Constitution in
Article I can only create naturalized Citizens, either at birth or after birth
subject to certain precedent and subsequent conditions outlined in said laws and
acts, and that any law or congressional act that Kamala Harris may point to past
or present to try and claim eligibility, said law can only make her a “Citizen” at
birth and not a “natural born Citizen” at birth. Adjectives mean something.

Therefore, be it declared:

That Kamala Harris is NOT a "natural born Citizen" under Article II, Section 1,
Clause 5 of the Constitution of the United States and is NOT constitutionally
eligible to be Vice-President or President.


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For additional information about the history of the founders and framers selection of
the term “natural born Citizen” for inclusion in the presidential eligibility clause
in Article II of our U.S. Constitution and the U.S. Supreme Court legal case law re
who is a "natural born Citizen", and thus further detailing why Kamala Harris is NOT a
“natural born Citizen”, read the information at the following websites: Article II
Facts & Issues and
Where-Why-and-How-of-NBC-Term-in-Constitution.pdf and


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