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February 2002 1,472,302

March 2,368,197
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April 2,845,973
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May 3,706,878

to 2003

Health Porta

mond Street Hospita for Children

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May 7,652,686
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MHS Trust
" Institute oj Child Health
Great Ormond Strtot Hospital for Children Institute of Child Ht><tlth Q „,, ^

About U§
Contact Us Welcome to the new |oint website of Great Ormoixl Street
Children's Hospital and the Institute of Child Health AboulUs TinAiiijliItsllinov.ithse ies«.ncl».NiilN$lil<|li-<| uplotji.mimes.
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ICH Intranet the lustittflv ol CtiHil H.'.inii ii,»-. M ,-,1i,-1i A wuiM class ceiiti»1<» Hi* stutly
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Staff Directories GOSH Kids win* file, ii.'..Kii.'iit ..d IHI,III.II.,|.tr.--.i-.<-. IiMp.-ti.i.i wttli<iie.ilUiiiioii(IStieet
award international families Scrollthrcugn ICH intranet R iiLiile .1 in.ii»i coiitilhiitloiito the lie.iRIi .m<i weN-h*hi») of
Patients and Familu ChiHret award goes to our large archive of ICH Stair Directories
Kids and Teens GOSh Reaomote family facisheets Reea chiKben ,Miiifii<-ii r.iimlit-s woililwltle.
How To Gel Here aon r> .• »• ii
Your Vis it Research Themes Research Review 5' («B«<M chat the
International and Prrva ?«1 The Research Institute ICH has
Academic Units
Pa:*nts Annual Report Epilepsy Feature Review is Jem-packed been awarded 5' for
R a D Office
Hignl>gli1ingtne with stories about our its research, the
Health Professional groundbreaking research and majority being judged
Clntcil Improvement Development* and stars *a.-ance»n the achievements. Read ol international
Mi 1.1.-in-,
Clnicil Services of GOSH over (tie year. treatment of epilepsy more... significance. Read
Research Degrees
Recruit menl Read more Reac more mow..
Taught Graduate
A UK first: child cured MMR GOSH say* "MMF Programmes Hew t«chni<|it« for Pioneei ii HI
by gene therapy A is test ana safest ocuoi Clinical Fellowships pi ematme liable*
criiki ins been cured of (or our ch*Jren" ReaO Courses Up to 30 per cent i .it -.1 •. prize Prof
Research Themes ack v'.ai Uorn with a •-) tt Annette Karmitoff-
a (atai genetic condition develop chrome king
Academic Units n liis brain wrifch caused Smith was awarded
X-SCC, by gene disease, but thanks to
Educational ncontfollacie seizures and
tiwacv 41 COSH Reaa ICH doctors damage the prestigious Lotsi
Opportunitei ie»i«n«l the left tide M..(oi child health
more can be limited Read prize Read more.
R* COffce symposium re poll In.
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Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity
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Children's Charity \
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npanies About U OUR Tof TrpS HAUI- OF F*WE EVENT fttEAS
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Great Ormond Street Hospital welcomes more than 90,000 patients per yea Your School Fancv d^ess
derations you make to Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity ha1 ccrnpetition,
I teaser
topping up the NMS' Funding. To find out n e about the vital work of the hospital,
visit about how you
might go about
> Find out more...
Make a Donation: phone now on 020 7916 5678

Teachers & Parents HOW WU'RE HEl-ptNO WHO YOU'RE HEI-PINO
Greot Ormond Street Hospital Friends
celebrates ten years of intensive -care » Tell me more

Thank You
-• Kylie's Ka makes a mint for children's
SOIKJ ot ' Paris to London Bike Ride, 26-31 July
Emma 2003
aid girl whose main concern is getting the ne
issue of her favourite magazine. But to her
parents she is a mini-miracle... re-id more
GOSH . Peter
Shop '!!Jtl
Mrlty helps out the hospital
The naming of a new Miffy word ot Great Or
Street Hospital brings loads of Mjffv-relatcd
Kids& : , ; Birthday
activities to the hospital... rrad more* Teens We support fundraismg activities by providing t

OontBCt Us Sitemap Copyrtfltit Contact 1!
Empowering children
Arid ycuiiij fwojil* thinitqh hiMlnh

Find out what it's really like tots of real stories
in hospital. t health and hospital.
Share your view on Ihe Find out about your body
world. and youi health.
Problems? Take a What do kids really think ol
look at the problem page. burgers and chips?
The news and stones that Being bullied? Find out
what you can do to slop it.
iwers? Try Check out our wizard hjrrj
the health and hospital Potter section.
messageboards Take a look our fun stories
Get the latest celeb goss t your favourite stars.
from Sneak magazine. i to
Last updated 27th June 2003 Go global, Check out all over the world. £) Great Qrmond Street Hcspita
9 GOSH 2001-2003 WorldFlrst. 'A'rften by GOSH Trust.
Wrtten by GOSH Trust Reviewed by Children Frs!
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nngtones. Plus FR£E SMS.
Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children CZ33 Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children
. Institute of Child Health Institute of Child Uriileli HM IniM

ron».i^-.t^—niH.imrnmiMn.«jnn»»«.i..i.i'i.T.i uuuutUMiLiBiLUuuuuiUiLiJ iii'ififiiiiiTniTwi "•'"ifiiiiiiiriinir-'"" "n'—*'••'•' '"•'
Press Office
Search the site NWM: 1020) 7829 8671 Search the site CHS)

Scroll through our statements, publications and What I • More Bboul GOSH

press releases, or learn more about Ihe rich
history of our work. We have been in the 3 Jurifr 2001
forefront of child health for over 150 years. Nan-executive director Publications and
reapedmted at Great Ormond
Contact us at (02D) 7829 8671 ketogenic Diet FAQs
Street H08p<al for CftMren rjHS Kelogenic Diet: FAQs
Trust Root)more.
Epilepsy Unit
Ketogenic Diet Epilepsy Unit
Higri.f8i<i»i reduces • ;i;V • /'.I i ' i Epilepsy; Did You Know?
severe epiteptic se-zures n- a
chiWren, Reed more ress Release Archive Epilepsy: Did You Know
Tt Way HM»
Great Ormond Street Hospital Statement Archive
Press Release: Ketogenic Diet KetogentcOiet
celebrated ten years of
GOSH Kids wins award intensive care unit. Keoa more.. Backgrounders Trapdoor In head
International ChiHnet award Press Release: Trapdoor in Head
goes to GOSH, fteoo ?.ti May ?003
Healthy start, healthy futures
The Future ol children and young
peopfc's maternity ar»<t neonalai
Health services. Rea&more
Epilepsy feature
Learn more about 'i May 24)03
groundbreaking advances. Past and present patients united
m the treatment at ftpitfpsy 10 ceteOrate opening of new
Reeo more. ward

12 May */M3
Mew appeal ratses ^I.S millicn
for first-en,er research chair m Ketogenic Duet FAQs Epilepsy Unit

Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children IfISM Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children
Institute of Child Health < Institute of Child Health NM* Irun

tt and Families Health Professionals Research Clir
About us I Contact us
Information for families When your child is admitted
Patients and families {Search tie site FTH
Isearch the site

ito@goshnhs i.* Directorate of Nursing and Family Services International
& Private
Patients Please use the indexes
i[|ykifu Below to find the fact-sheet
omrig to GOSH jRelerrfig an International or
-low to Get Here Use this page as a gateway to our many tivate Patient you need.
Getting ready for admission
your CNW is Admfleci support services, or try exploring our many fact
rternational and Private Talking to vour child
sheets on medical procedures, ailments and ivatoinfogoosh nhs uh
'ertients Packing fervour child
diseases We have a lively range of support
leoBh Information Centre For yourself
Times services for children and teens, including our
radio station (Radio Gosh) and children's Direct 4647 Electrical appliances
ids and lern* Telephones
school NHS CNrect onme health
SOSHTots encyclopedia
3T Getting ready for admission
Or search the full
111 Jane Cdllins HfeMH alphabetical index:
•tospital Tour
oiHine Popular Times Children in hospital need a parent or someone familiar with them as much as
•\OSpM School
column dispenses jargon- m U 1=1 possible. It helps if a parent can stay, at least for the first few nights, although we
?*dw Gosh
free advice.
U D HI D D E3 D realise this may be difficult for those who have other children at home,
A-2 ot anW Complaints
As a parent you are welcome to be with your child in the hospital at all times (and at
3ere«vement Servces f-«ctsheelB tot tumilie*
Captaincy Large archive developed no charge) We will always provide somewhere for one parent to slay although we
IMd Death Helpline by our medical and cannot guarantee that this will be at your child's bedside
"amrty Advocates research teams, Reset
Social Work Molly Whrte underwent more
A list of local hotels is also available from the family services department if needed.
jtiuneei nig sui ijeiy «tt GOSH Joint website puts tht:
*mily t'<ic1ahects <*Hei d brain »can showed
>sts and Procedures chiW in Kt Check out our
she had rtiov* iiinya Talking to your child
new Teens and Tols
Ahom Us | fig I Hifniin.ilion I Rese.ncli | FflOs | i | Hell)

UK Newborn Screening Programme Centre UK Newborn Screening Programme Centre
'Quality through partnership in newborn bioodspol screening'
'.'•' Information
Map of UK Screening Labs
Welcome to the UK Newborn Screening Programme Centre
Click heieto view ilet.iils
We hope you will find this website informative and a convenient way of receiving information on the
collaborative work that we have planned to assure quality in newborn screening services throughout
the UK We welcome your involvement whether as a professional, parent or interested member of
the public and vou can find out how to do this in the 'Gel involved' pages.

Through this site we will introduce you to our team and the purpose of our work in '.About us'. You will
also be able to access information about our work and Its context within the 'information' pages. A
useful giossary and key to some of the abbreviations used is also available here for your use.

The Prcgramm& Centre Team

L.ilesijjews FAQs

iNews and information Questions answered for parents
ind professionals
A clickable
in.n> of all UK scieenlnci Mlts
Text only 3«l*o* , location (Jjj (oe]

useftjl links, Including the UM2M1 Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children EH tuw" ?!<'>(! ^/ Royal Victoria Hospital CHT. PKU, CF

ving protesnonalK and parenti 1hrough'..iJ Ihe Ji

Institute of Child Health Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children , Institute of Child Health Great Ormond Street Hos
Pital for children
NHSIHul **»• * NM5 Trml

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Annual Report 2001/02
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information about the photograph
Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children is well
To close this photogallery click on the x icon on the top placed to continue its tradition as a national and
right international centre of excellence in child health,
.t. PDF File. This requires Adobe Acrobat reader which can be maintaining its motto of serving 'The child first and
downloaded free from the Adobe website. always'.
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Annual Report

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