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Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children

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Autumn 2002

Second Year of Project

Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children
Institute ojChild Health Institute of Child Health MHS Trull

Patients and Families Health Professionals Research Cli Blfe^ilC^»CI»H.init-4iiM«M.t.«JT3T»»ii.TT:mir.l..l.r.ii.l.^

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Welcome to the new joint uvehsite of Great Ormond Street & P a t i e n t s and f a m i l i e s (Search the site
Children's Hospital and the institute ol Child Health (Search the site K-
Directorate of Nursing and Family Services International
Email: mfo& & Private
Staff Directories: Research Review ICH heads genetics Patients
tirnl T *mity Into
COSH | ICH The Research Review knowledge park ICH
Coming to GOSH referring an International or
is jam-packed with deem David Latchmar* is Use this page as a gateway to our many
Patients and Families How to Get Here 'rivate Patient
stories about our to lead C3 million London
Kids and Teens rthen your CMd is support services, or try exploring our many fact
research and IDEAS Park R«sd
How To G« Here International and Private sheets on medical procedures, ailments and
achievements. Read wore 3
When Your Child is atients
moft diseases. We have a lively range of support
health information Centre
GOSH launches first- Clinical improvement • ' services for children and teens, including our [i!i£t30845
International and Private
Patients ever child-friendly for a better hospital radio station (Radio Gosh) and children's D/rect4647
hearth site A six-month review has KHK .mil Teen* NHS Direa onlme healh
Health Professionals GOSHKids-the lirst started to produce a GOSHTotS encyclopedia
truly ehild-triendry new action plan tor ;T
Clinical Services
Nursing and Family hospSal site<i GOSH Rtidmorc GOSHKids
j^ Ui > "ins column
Services mote: Hospital Tour
Hospital School OrJmrw "nlii,.-Popular Times
Recrutmert CotUra... column dispenses (argon-
A UK first: child cured MMR GOSH says "MMR Radio Gosh
by gene therapy A is best and safest option Jack was born with a cyst AHe4GOSH S free advice
child has been cured of for our children1* R«jd on his brain which caused *\ A-Z ol CMd Com^aints
Research *w lIMt-S Artictes
a fatal genetic condition, more uncontrollable seizures and Getting Help
Research Themes
X-SCID, by gene weakened Ihe left side ol his Bereavement Services ""•--^ Ftctsheets lor families
Academic Units
therapy at GOSH R«a<i body. RwJmort haplaincy Large archive developed
more. Child Death Helpline by our medical and
Opportunities r
amily Advocates research teams. Read
R S D Office
Library Ouick search :ocia< Work more.
Learning Events Hnirv White underwent
Fundrarsing Events pioneering surgery *t GOSH
[Please select f -sillily I *i isho.-t* Joint website purls the
[Courses .ilti i 4 bum %c«n xhtiwed
Tests and Procedures hiiit 1st st Check out our
stir had muyo moy«
new Teens and Tots

Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children
Institute of Child Health Institute of Child Health NKS Trull

th Professionals Research Clinical Services GOSH Internationa! Press Qffici nal Press Office Campaigns
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Health Professionals (Search the site L-IJM Research [Search the site
Services Resources Instrtute of Child HeaKh
Nursinc; and Family Directorate Search here to explore our services, make a Library About us Together, the Hospital and the Institute of Child
Clinical Services referral, attend a course or conference, and tULH Academe unit Health offer a rich source of knowledge on child
Recrutaiert connect with our researchers. Family Factsheets Research Themes health, Explore our research themes, linkwith
Centre for Evidence-Based Research Review 2001
Clinical Child Health colleagues or conduct a search.
CMdren's P«n Assessmert Conference Services
( Patient and family
Hoiptm Waiting Tim factsheet* Publications Recruit mert
• , • i •• I Research Review 2001
Download our many The Research Review is >am-
Inalnule of Child He»Hh RSD Bulletin RSO Office
lactsheets to distribute to | packed with stories about our
Academic Untt Annual Report RSD Builetin
lamiiies research and achievements. R«std
^earning Events Clinical Governance Report ewrntng Events
Educational Opporlunlies Check out our library, NHS Local Mormabon

International I selected by the BMJ as an

excellent source of
NHS information Authority
ICH heads genetics
& Private paediatric resources. knowledge park ICH dean David
Patients Department ol Heath Latchman is to lead C3 miflion
Referring an Irtlernatiorwil or London IDEAS Park. Read mor*.,.
Stacey-Jane Panther had
Private Patient surgery «t GOSH to correct
the effects of Perthes Clinical improvement Ellie (above) from Chmgford,
disease, which interrupts A six-month review has fcast London suffers from a
the blood supply to the head started to produce a new Cancer gene breakthrough
i are neonatal disorder, PHHI,
of the femur (thigh-bone) action plan for GOSH. Rtad ICH scientists have identified five
which has puzzled doctors
and makes hip movement • tti'i scientists for years. genes that are expressed in
painful. Read more about embryo and cancer eels ftestf
Read more about Etlfe in this
Holly and others in this year's Research Review.
year's Aitnuif report

More research links

Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children
Institute of Child Health MHS In.n Institute of Child Health
GOSH International Press Office Campaigns tional Press Office Campaigns

H$ £ Press Office
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(Search Ihe site 150 y<M<• c(tfen.
• ! ' f <*U> OU birthday!
Clinical Services «: (020) 7 8 2 9 8 6 7 1 [Search the site
Prince Harry visits GOSH
More about GOSH Set oil through our statements, publications and
Prince Harry recently paid GOSH a special visit The [Please select
ent f irmly Info press releases, or learn more about the rich
Coming to GOSH
affable Prince, who turned 18 on Sunday 15 September,
toured the hospital's chapel and met patients on the history of ourwork We have been in the 3 October 2SQ2
How to Get Here
Publications and Downloads forefront of child health for over 150 years Successful gene therapy trials
rthen your Chid is Admitted oncology and dialysis wards Read more Ret err mg InternationaifPrivate continue Read more
nrternational and Private Patients Contact us at (020) 7829 8671
Patients Consultants' Emails
Health Information Centre Discussing the changes ,it GOSH News Archive
Directorate of Nursing and Family Hew hope or a load of
Hospital Wartimes Last month's staff open forum brought about much Services hype?
Press Release Archive
Kids and Teens
debate. Jane Collins stressed at the outset that the
changes lo the hospital slructure, which are currently CATS Statement Archive
Public conference aims
to explain genetics and
our health Read mor«
27 September 200?
GOSH to celebrate 10 years and
200 cochleer implants with
GT underway, are designed to ensure that staff are supported Academic Legotend party React mof«
GOSHKids in taking on their new roles and responsibilities. Resa Backgrounders
Support Sevnces
Hospital Tour 24 September 200?
MQT& . Conference Services
Hospital School GOSH launches first Elevated teptin in teens linked
RtrftoGosh ewer child-friendly with dangerous artery changes
Hghttmj Flu in 2002 Joint Services
AHMOOSM hearth site
Influenza is a highly infectious illness caused by a virus. GOSHKids-the first
.fitting Help Symptoms include fever, chills, headache, aching truly child-friendly 16 September ?80?
Bereavement Services hospital sNe was Prince Harry at GOSH Reid
muscles, cough and sore throat But you can be General enquiries:
mfo@9osh. launched by GOSH
ChiW Death Helpline vaccinated against it. Read more .
React mom..
Family Advocates 3O August 2002
tntri national diid Pi ivate
Social Work Babies'ability to Ahmad & Muhamed Rosli
Junior doctors ejet tiew representdtion Patients:
prrvatenlo@gosh.nhs uk recognise faces Conjomed twins from Malaysia
Family Fact sheets Five GOSH lunior doctors are teaming up to help ensure "tunes in" on humans
Tests and Procedures that their peers and colleagues'training and development A six-month old baby is

Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children

Institute of Child Health MHS Trvwl Institute of Child Health
....; ,- ci..._ J r. ' , ti.^:. .1 *' *"1.:/J_^. v j ; ^ r ,
V_X V_V ^S^ %IL/
Patients and Famili

I ISO years of caring iot skk children.
n us throughout 2Q02 at we celfbr. [Search the site I
About Us Ihrou(|h it • : innovative research and its hicih quality training programmes, [Search the site CO »
n»v. Cutting edge treatment and research does not Contact Us
the Instrtute of Child Health has created a world class centre for the study
. Site Map
come cheap For our supporters we nave put and treatment ot childhood disease. Together with Great Orniond Street
Birthday together an active schedule of activities across the ICH Intranet Hospital, it has made a major contribution to the health and well tieimj of
country Scroll through our campaigns and find out ICH Staff Directories r hiltli rm anil their families worldwide.
more about our work, and pick yout favourite way to
GOSH Charity help us. Research Review 5" research at the
Research Themes 2001 The Research Institute ICH has
Academic Units Review is jam- been awarded 5* Tor
packed with stories its research,the
Events Catendar i *frr'< Prince H-uiyur, . R & D Office
majority being judged
Votunteers Library about our research
Prince Harry recently paid and achievements. of intetnationa)
Gosh Shop GOSH a special vist. Read
Students Readmort.. significance. Read Major child health
more... more. symposium report in.
Research Degrees
Jeans for Genes Taught Of sduate Read more..
Nepali mothers in ICH Dean David
Schools To celebrate we are i,i n spotlight Survey 01 Latchman
offering Family Group Clinical Fellowships perinatal hearth n appointed Master
The Firtuie Courses
membership of the over 29.000 women of Birkbeck. .-'•.<-•,«.•
OOS2000 Muhammad Juma was born
tun and get involved n Friends Scheme at • completed in
with no extra thumb on his
Puliltf jtioris •<y-p»cked calendar ot discounted price of £25.00 Mshwanpyr, Nepal
fight hand and a nodule that
Downloads and guidelines no events when you join by standing • • •
w«m the beginning of an
order (usual price OO.OO)!
addHiontJ nmjei. Both mere
remawed under gencf at Research Themes and Academic Units
Offer 4f>ptte$ to famifies
anaesthetic at GOSH. Read | Please select
joining dating 2002 only
more abairt Muhammeri and
others in this yea You can now help us by
To join at this special rale
shopping or*>e!
call the Friend!; office on
020 /404 2708 [please select
Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children CZ23 Great Ormond Street Hospital (or Children ll1/'^
Institute of Child Health Institute a/ Chita Health *m^a

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Patients and f a m i l i e s [Search the srte FEES

Contact MormMim Welcome t Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital/Institute of Child Health if you
Ask Dr Jane Collins... Freqijentl/ Asked have a que ;(ion, please look through the Frequently Asked Questions to see if the 'V>'i
Palientffamilylnfo Questions answer c s t iere If not, please use Ihe form on this page to contact us. ^^ —
Coming to GOSH A-Z of child complaints
HOW to Get Here Who ere we?
n your Child is Admitted About the sue We are una ole to answer queries or offer advice about specific patients and/or their
International and Private
Till-; --Via; TIMES htough the. website At the same time, we recognize that visitors to our ^^L
Health Information Centre
Has prtal Wadifig Times
a A-Z of child complaints
nuc*™ cona lons
website m y require information about particular paediatric health issues. Please chect
outourfam IY factsheets for information on tests, procedures, operations, and various • Hfll
paediatnc onditions You can also read our archive of Dr Jane Collins' Times column, ^^^Hj
Kids and Teens
dispensing iargon-free advice on a wide range of paediatric topics
OT Up to 35 per cent of 12 to 25 year olds suffer from spots Boys and girls are
GOSHKids equally affected They usually appear at puberty and reach their peak at 17-21 If DDQDQQD Subject Choose a subiett
Hospdal Tow QQQQQ
untreated, persistent spots or acne, can cause scarring but prompt treatment
Hosprtal School YOIK
Radio Gosh minimises this Acne is caused by over-production of oil from the sebaceous name
glands in the skin mainly on the face, chest arid back in response to normal Your
levels of sex hormones Oil blocks the duels to the surface of the skin allowing email
Getting Help
Bereavement Services waste cells to accumulate under the skin's surface forming a plug Bacteria
also play a part Teenage girls often report a flare-up before menstruation
Child Death Helpline Some find stress and certain foods, especially fast food and chocolate, make
Family Advocates
acne worse although there is no scientific evidence for this Some cosmetics
Social WDrk
provoke spots especially those containing oils, fatty acids and waxes Acne is
Family P»ctsheeis not infectious or contagious
Tests and Procedures Symptoms: Oily skin with red lumps, yellow spots, blackheads and whrteheads
•nesses and Diseases Teenagers with black skin often find that spots make their skin darker and this
Drugs pigmentation can last for months

Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children
Institute of Child Health \ Institute ofC.lrilil Health
and Families Health Profes:

information for families Genetics and inheritance Information for families The Activities Centre
[search the site [search the sue EEQ

Please use the indexes Please use the indexes Download PDF ot 'The Activities Centre' lactsheet
below to find the lactsheet below to find the factsheet
you need. you need
What are genes'' What is the Activities Centre?
How can genetic disorders be inherited'? Where is the Activities Centre?
Is it always possible to make a genetic diagnosis? Who can use the Activities Centre?
How can genetic abnormalities be detected? Who runs the Activities Centre?
Contact information What is there to do in the Aclivilies Centre"?
What happens when I bring my child to the Activies Centre"?
Or search the full Or search the full When is the Actiwities Centre open?
alphabetical index. alphabetical index Special needs therapy session
Many immunodeficiency disorders are the result of defects in an individual's
aununun genetic makeup. These are mistakes which occur in genes and are passed from
nununun Youth Group

DDDBDCaD generation to generation Sometimes a genetic mistake (mutation) can occur for
junior youth group
The Den
QDDDDDD the first time In an infant or child when no-one else in the family has had the DDDDBDD
DDDDD problem, but tn other situations there may be family members who have suffered
from the same or similar problems. There are several ways m which mutations
QDDQD This u<«jetefls you about the ActMties Centre at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

can be inherited - these are explained below, In an increasing number of What is the Activities Centre?
immunodeficiency disorders Ihe precise mistake in the relevant gene can now »e
identified in the laboratory, and this means that accurate counselling can be it's a place where inpafients at Great Ormond Street Hospital can get away from the
offered to the family, and screening tests can be offered in pregnancy if requested
medical environment of their ward for a wtiiie and have some fun, it's bright and
colourful, full of things to do and gives children at the hospital an opportunity to meet
Wnat are genes? other people their own age
Great for Children Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children
X Institute of Child Health °rmondStreet Hospital Institute of Child Health NHS Ttuit

Patients and families Health Professionals Research Clinical Services GOSH International Press Office Campaigns



««OSW1CH Trust 2002

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and The Institute of Child Health. 30 Guilford Street. London WCIN 1EH
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hf. Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children
Institute of Child Health NHS Imn institute o f ( ' / i i l d Health NHS Trusl

i Patients and families Health Professionals Research Clinical Services GOSH International Press Office Campaigns

The Great Ormond Street

Children's Writing Prize 2003

Wrrte4GOSH marks the 150th birthday of Great
Ormond Street Children's Hospital by bringing
together stones and experiences from children
across the country. Find out more about the
competition »
Parents il VON would
like to supfjort the work
of GOSH please visit out-
charity website

Hie Great Ormond

Street Children's
writing prltt

children's author Jacqueline Wilson No 23S825
launched Wrrtc4COSH with a special workshop for;
H Trusl 2002
young writers.
• "f ** ,^H Oi«at Otmoncf StisBt Hospitj! 101 Childitn NHS Trust. Oi«Jt Ormond Strtct. London WC1N 3JH
Ttl +44(012074059200. Fax +44(012078298643
Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children rn - i Great Ormond Street Hospital forChildren
Institute of Child Health HH$ Inm \ Institute oj Child Health „„„„„

Patients and families Health Professionals Research Oinkal Services GOSH international Press Office Campaigns! Ml Patients and families Health Professionals Research Clinical Services GOSH International Press Office Campaigns

hey kids! body tour

irs easy to worry about
gosh toons
coming into hospital. What
will it be like? What will the
people be like? How will my
what's up?
treatment go? GOSHKids is
here to help you find out It's
real stories
somewhere you can tell
your story too • Welcome to
Heard a word you ilonl Know? Check nut the online dictionary
your diary your diary
ask doc games ask doc
your body your body
Find out about ^ \\y
win!»OS'S Write4GOSH

Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children |
\ Institute of Child Health NHS rruit \ his fit utc of Child Ilculth NHS Tru»t

! Patients and families Health Professionals Research Oinkal Services GOSH International Press Office Campaigns

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Jenna talks get spots and sprout Here's the low-down on
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