Computer Aid Ship Design (CASD) Assignment

FIRDAUS BIN MAHAMAD (AM060070) HANDS ON ASSIGNMENT (question no 12-16) 12.

The increasing number of recent development of vessel today and each ship has very large number of physical units (about 100,000 items for a large tanker), and their shape vary greatly, shipbuilding is an industry producing essentially one-off vessels, they may be cause more favorable environment for robot application in shipbuilding. (Page: 7, section: 5.4, paragraph: 1 and 2) The present application of robot in ship production: • • • • • • Robot welding Painting robot Climbing robot Robot auto-marking Robot auto-cutting Spider welding robot

13. SQL (Standard Query Language) is the replacement of the proprietary data bases of integrated CAD/CAM/CAE system with commercial relational data bases. The main reason is, new application can be developments by the licensors and also, at least in some cases, is the possibility to reduce the amount of information transferred between each user and the database. (Page: 8, section: 6.2, paragraph: 3) 14. The reason why LAN is more applicable to shipyard than WAN: Local Area Networks (LAN) are the easiest way of communication between members of a local team, and are relatively simple to set up and maintain. Wide Area Networks (WAN) are much less generally used than LAN’s. In fact, their use is restricted to relatively large companies located at several sites and to companies which have close permanent contacts with other organizations. (Page: 8, section: 6.1, paragraph: 2 and 3)

15. The changes that occurred to the Application of FEM is the improved of pre- and postprocessors, due to the introduction of better graphical interfaces and the progressive involvement of Classification Societies. FEM application in ship design is very important in handling of large structural model in personal computer possible and also, in short delivery times now demanded by ship owners often force yards to order structural material and develop production information before Class approval based on result of FEM analysis is needed. (Page: 2, section: 1.2, paragraph: 1 and4)

16. This paper discuss the factor influence the change of development and the purpose of shipbuilding CAD/CAE/CAM technology, also basic tool and their application in ship design and production.

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