Brekeke SIP Server Quickstart Guide

This Quick Start Tutorial is intended to provide a step-by-step guide to set up VoIP communication using the Brekeke SIP Server. The guide outlines a simple example using a SIP phone and X-Lite Softphone. Note: Section 7 "Basic Setup" of Brekeke SIP Server Administative Guide also covers the basic set up Brekeke SIP Server. SIP User Agent (UA)<->Brekeke SIP Server <-> SIP User Agent (UA)

What's Required?
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A simple/inexpensive LAN switch (or hub) for setting up a small LAN environment A Windows PC (i.e., Windows XP, Windows Vista) BudgeTone-100 from Grandstream X-Lite Softphone*. If you do not have X-Lite Softphone on your PC, you can download it from CounterPath¶s webpage. (Download X-Lite Softphone) *When using X-Lite Softphone or any other SIP softphones, you need a microphone and speaker for voice communication.

Step 1 - Setting up Windows PC with a static IP address
Configure your PC with a static IP address: and subnet mask of 1. Click [Start]->[Control Panel], click the [Network Connection] icon. Double click [Local Area Connection], click the [Properties] button. 2. In the "Local Area Connection Properties" dialog box, double-click the [Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)] item. In the "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties" dialog box, select [Use the following IP address]. Set: [IP address]:; [Subnet mask]: Click [Ok] to save the settings 3. Make sure your PC is connected to the LAN switch/Hub with an Ethernet cable.

Step 2 - Download and Install Brekeke SIP Server
1. Download the Brekeke SIP Server installer from our website download page. Free trial is available. After successfully installing the product, a Brekeke SIP Server icon will appear on your PC's desktop. 2. Activate Brekeke SIP Server Start the Brekeke SIP Server by double-clicking the [Brekeke SIP Server] icon from your

c. [Password]: SomePassword. d. [Name]: Description to remind whose auth account it is. Login Enter "sa" in both the [User ID] and [Password] fields from the Brekeke SIP Server Admintool screen.PC desktop. Grandstream BudgeTone-100 User Authentication account at Brekeke SIP Server:  [User]: 160  [Password]: 1234  [(Confirm)]: 1234  [Name]: Grandstream b. Do the following to set up authentication accounts at Brekeke SIP Server: 1. 2. To register SIP UA with Brekeke SIP Server authentication on. If this happens. Start Brekeke SIP Server.Setting Up Brekeke SIP Server for User Authentication The authentication for REGISTER and INVITE is enabled by default on Brekeke SIP Server. restart your PC and enable your Brekeke SIP Server first when your PC is up. f. Step 3 . e. b. the authentication user IDs will be the same as the phone numbers (SIP user ID). a. It is requied by default settings of Brekeke SIP Server authentication. In this example. we will create Authentication accounts from SIP UA Grandstream and xLite. xLite User Authentication account at Brekeke SIP Server:  [User]: 555  [Password]: 5678  [(Confirm)]: 5678  [Name]: xLite . The Status field should indicate that the Brekeke SIP Server is Active. To make sure the user authentication information is added for this user. Note: If you cannot start Brekeke SIP Server. Need a Product ID? 3. Choose Brekeke SIP Server >[User Authentication] >[New User]. [User]: UA UserName. Activate Brekeke SIP Server with product ID. check from [View Users]. it is most likely because its listening port (5060) is already occupied by other applications. a. which is set at Brekeke SIP Server > [Configuration] > [SIP] > [Authentication]. and set. In the following setup. create [User Authentication] account for each SIP UA is needed. [(Confirm)]: SamePassword. Click [Add].

Most of the default settings in the Grandstream BudgeTone-100 should work. you must have a microphone and speaker(s) connected to your PC.168. Set up Grandstream BudgeTone-100 with a fixed IP address (Ex: 192.[INVITE]:off 3. From the X-Lite dialog box. Now make sure the phone is connected to the LAN switch/Hub with an Ethernet cable From Brekeke SIP Server Admintool -> [Registered Clients].Note: If you donot want to authenticate users when they are registering or making calls with Brekeke SIP Server.0.0. 3.Setting up Grandstream BudgeTone-100 Set up X-Lite as a SIP UA on your PC: a. Step 4 .0. Set SIP registra IP. Step 5 . this phone is registered as [User:] 160.102 (Brekeke SIP Server's IP address set in step 1-2) o Outbound Proxy: 192.102 (Brekeke SIP Server's IP address set in step 1-2)  Check [Register with domain and receive incoming calls] and select [domain] under [Send outbound via:] c. Save the settings and restart Brekeke SIP Server from [RESTART/SHUTDOWN] page When authenticaion is off as above. Set Brekeke SIP Server>[Configuration]>[SIP]>[Authentication]. 2. [Contact URL:] sip:160@192. enter:  Display Name: any  User name: 555 (the same as the authentication user set in step 3-2b)  Password: 5678 (password set in step 3-2b)  Authorization user name: 555 (the authentication user set in step 3-2b)  Domain: 192.0. user/phone number and authentication information from [Advanced Settings] tab on the phone o SIP Server: 192. go to [ ]->[SIP Account Settings]->[Properties].168.168.Setting up X-Lite as a SIP UA 1.102 (Brekeke SIP Server's IP address set in step 1-2) o SIP User ID: 160 (the same as the authentication user set in step 3-2a) o Authenticate ID: 160 (authentication user set in step 3-2a) o Authenticate Password: 1234 (password set in step 3-2a) o Name: any o Update the settings and reboot the phone Check Grandstream manual for more information on setting up your BudgeTone-100 phone.255.[REGISTER]:off 2. Set Brekeke SIP Server>[Configuration]>[SIP]>[Authentication]. do the following: 1.160. the setup in step3 can be skipped.0. In order for X-Lite to work as a voice communication device.168. Start X-Lite from your PC by choosing [Start]->[All Programs]->[X-Lite].160) and subnet mask of 255. . b.

For installation details on other operating system. Verify that X-Lite has successfully registered with Brekeke SIP Server from [Registered Clients] tab. You should see that the X-Lite is registered as [user:] 555.0. Step 6 . . any SIP-compliant products can be used in setting up your VoIP communications. Brekeke SIP Server is installed on Windows OS with Brekeke SIP Server installer. However. 3. Section .2. follow these steps: 1. the SIP UAs are Grandstream BudgeTone-100 (a SIP compliant phone) and X-Lite Softphone. To make a call from X-Lite to the Grandstream BudgeTone-100. To hang up. In this tutorial. click on [hang up] button Note: y y In this tutorial.Installation.1.0. Enter 160 and click on [Dial] button 2. 2. Dial 555. and press [Send] button. please refer to Brekeke SIP Server Administrator's Guide. follow these steps: 1. [Contact URL:] sip:555@127. Wait for a steady dial tone.Making VoIP Calls To make a call from the Grandstream BudgeTone-100 to X-Lite. Press [Speakerphone] button.

com/download/download_list. and other resources there for your convenience. We keep up-to-date manuals.Dear Alexis Mangumpit.brekeke. http://www. tutorials. BREKEKE PRODUCT ID ********************************************************************** BRC9210100124359 Note: The product ID contains letters and numbers--copy and paste to avoid confusion.php Email your questions to: license@brekeke. Thank you for your interest in Brekeke's SIP Server! Please print this page for your records and follow the instructions closely. Brekeke Team .com Sincerely. plug-ins. ********************************************************************** DEFAULT SYSTEM ADMIN LOGIN Username: sa Password: sa DOCUMENTATION All documentation is available through our website.

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