Jesser M.

Caparas BALM I-B

January 21,2 011 Social Science 123

Contradictions on Filipino Values

We Filipino people have a lot of good values to be proud of. Values that makes us unique in our own way and values that make us different from other nationalities. But, we can not hide the truth that in every good side of a thing there¶s a bad side, that in every good Filipino value there¶s something that contradicts it. Based on the readings and article I have read here are some of those contradiction on Filipino Values.  I have read an article on the book entitled ³SOSYOLOHIYA AT ANTROPOLOHIYA´, the article was entitled ³PAGPAPAHALAGANG PILIPINO´. There is a part in this reading that I have read, it tells that Filipinos have the characteristic PARTIKULARISMO, it was describe as giving importance to the greatness or the welfare of a single person in a group. Not the greatness the group has or the welfare of the whole group but it focuses on a single person or individual. An example given was a political leader, using the funds for the people for his own welfare. She/he only thinks about hi s self and his family but he does not have any concern with the people he should be serving. What¶s wrong with this is that we Filipinos are known for sharing ourselves to other. Sharing what we have or helping others for the benefit of the mass not only for the benefit of a single individual. It really contradicts the value of sharing ourselves to other.  Another reading I have read in the same book is that Filipinos have the tendencies of doing things by themselves, or described in the book as ³PAGKAKANYA-KANYA´. It comes from the Filipinos ³ISIP TALANGKA´ or crab mentality. Because of envy or jealousy Filipinos tend to bring others down, because of envy with the accomplishments or success a person has had. Because of this attitude Filipinos tend to lose cooperation in doing projects that will lead for the benefit of everyone and with this attitude the rights of a person is being disgraced. Sad but true that Filipino have this attitude contradicting our good values. We all know that we Filipinos are fond of doing ³BAYANIHAN´, we tend to help each other for the benefit of them. But with crab mentality we don¶t want others be on top or have success greater than what we have instead of doing ³BAYANIHAN´, Filipinos tend to do things to bring others down so they would not have greater accomplishments with us. We are not helping them in a good way but instead we are helping them to go down.

this is the description of the book I read in some of the weaknesses Filipinos have. Translated in tagalong Filipinos lack of having ³KUSANG PALO´. We Filipinos are also popular of ³PAKIKIRAMDAM´ but in this kind of situation. or the shared self. But we still have time to change and put those Filipino Values we are famous of into work. It is a complete opposite of us maintaining good relationship with other. or taking everything as a joke we tend to hurt others feeling without us noticing it. I have read an article discussing that Filipinos some times tend to be tactless. we don¶t care how others feel as long as we are comfortable. but with us being tactless. SIR or Smooth Interpersonal Relation was defined as Filipinos maintain good relationship with others. sitting in out throne watching TV. A complete opposite of sharing and helping others for the benefit of them. as long as he feel comfortable. We don¶t care about how others will feel if we said or done something to them. We don¶t offer help unless they asked for it. Even in times that we need to be serious we tend to laugh on things and joke about it. . Everything is a joke. He does not care with how others feel.  Filipinos are people who will not work until they are told to. We don¶t want others to feel bad or hurt their feelings. we don¶t feel that someone needs help. We tend to forget about the feelings of others and we take all things as a joke. we just can¶t hide the truth that sometimes instead of doing and putting those values into work we tend to do the opposite. it was describe as letting others do the works that we have to do. Another one that it contradicts is sharing ourselves to other. we will not work until we are oblige or asked to do those things. We forget to think first before saying something and putting it into action. With this attitude Filipinos tend to be abusive to others and tend to be lazy. We all know that Filipinos are rich in good values. Thinking of the feelings of others before doing something.

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