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Compiled by Mrs Trang Anh
Facebook: Mrstranganh87

BAI TAP NGAY 25/5/2020

1. When the children saw their parents, they __________ up and ____________.
a. standing/leaving b. stood/left
c. stand/leave d. will stand/leave
2. When I come back home, I _________ dinner for my son.
a. will cook b. cook c. cooking d. cooked
3. When I was watching TV show, I __________ a pop star.
a. have seen b. see c. see d. saw
4. When you ________ tomorrow, we___________ our house.
a. come/ clear b. coming/clearing c. will come/ clear d. come/ will clear
5. I haven’t come back home since I ____________ at university.
a. have learned b. will learned c. learned d. learning
6. When you finish your course, I __________married you.
a. will get b. get c. got d. was getting
7. When I saw my sister, I _________ her a gift.
a. give b. will give c. gave d. was giving
8. When I see my brother, I __________ him a gift.
a. give b. will give c. gave d. was giving
9. This is the first time, I __________ such a beautiful girl.
a. ever met b. have ever met c. was meeting d. will meet
10. I can’t go shopping with you because I _________ my homework yet.
a. haven’t finished b. had finished c. didn’t finish d. finish
11. The operation involves _______________a small tube into the heart
a. inserting b. to insert d. inserted d. insert
12. I hate him ____________me what do to all the time.
a. telling b. tell c. told d. have told
13. I have always hated _____________in public.
a. speak b. speaking d. spoken d. be spoken
14. We've had to postpone ______________to France because the children are ill.
a. go b. to go c. went d. going
15. I heard the orchestra _________ at Carnegie Hall last summer.

a. playing b. play c. to play d. played
16. He had tried __________ a language before he left school.
a. to learn b. learn c. learned d. learning
17. I meant ___________ school earlier, but I had to have breakfast.
a. going b. go c. to go d. went
18. My teacher stopped ______________ because the student was too noisy.
a. teach b. to teach c. taught d. teaching
19. When you take the scissors, remember ____________them back.
a. to put b. put c. putting d. was putting
20. I think I'd advise him _____________the company.
a. leaving b. to leave c. left d. leave
21. Some employment lawyers have advised employers ____________staff now, before the limit for
compensation is raised.
a. to dismiss b. dismiss c. dismissing d. dismissed
22. Her proposals would allow more people __________in full-time education.
a. stay b. staying c. to stay d. have stayed
23. I suggested _____________ the matter to the committee.
a. to put b. put c. putting d. is putting
24. I suggest we ______________a while before we make any firm decisions.
a. wait b. waiting c. to wait d. waited
25. From the window we could see the children_________ in the yard.
a. was playing b. play c. to play d. playing
26. Jacqui saw the car ____________up outside the police station.
a. driving b. drive c. to drive d. drove
27. I try to avoid _____________shopping on Saturdays because the stores are so crowded.
a. going b. have gone c. went d. to go
28. In the end, we decided ____________to the theatre.
a. going b. having gone c. to go d. go
29. I'd expected _______________weight on when I gave up smoking, but I didn't.
a. putting b. to put c. was put d. put
30. They're lucky __________such a nice office to work in.
a. having b. have c. to have d. had
31. By the time you finish cooking, they ____________their homework.
a. do b. have done c. doing d. will have done
32. By the time you ___________ dinner, the film will have ended.
a. will finish b. will have finished c. finish d. is finishing
33. At 5 p.m yesterday, I __________ football with old friends.
a. was playing b. had been playing c. played d. playing
34. At 9 a.m tomorrow, I ____________ English at school.
a. was learning b. will be learning c. learn d. have learned
35. I will you as soon as I __________back our school.

a. came b. come c. will come d. is coming
36. By the time you was born, we _________ tow house.
a. buy b. will buy c. bought d. had bought
37. Last night, I _________ to music when power ____________.
a. was listening/fail b. listened/failing
c. was listening/failed d. listened/ is failing
38. I ________ some soup for Cindy but she said she wasn’t hungry.
a. heat b. heating c. have heated d. heated
39. When Cindy _________ her last exam at the college, I’ll be taking her out for dinner at the Continental.
a. passes b. passed c. will pass d. pass
40. This is the last time, I _________ sugar after 9p.m.
a. eating b. ate c. have ate d. will eat

BAI TAP NGAY 26/5/2020

1. Linguistics __________ my best subject at university.
a. was b. were c. be d. being
2. I’m going to take a taxi. Five miles__________ too far for me to walk to school.
a. is b. are c. being c. were
3. There ___________ a table and two lamp in the room.
a. are b. is c. be d. had been
4. A number of programs _______to provide food and shelter for the underprivileged in the remote areas
of the country.
a. has been initiated b. has initiated
c. have been initiated d. initiates
5. They haven’t met her again since she______ school ten years ago.
a. have left b. leave c. left d. had left
6. My friend as well as I ___________ going shopping on Sunday.
a. like b. likes c. liking d. liked
7. My brothers as well as I ___________ student.
a. is b. are c. am d. be
8. Dominoes ___________ entered The Contest! Learn more about our new Champion!
a. have b. having c. has d. have been
9. Genetics _____________the study of hereditary characteristics that are passed down from one generation
of living organisms to another.
a. is b. are c. have been d. being
10. My husband and I ___________ eating an apple in the morning.
a. liking c. likes c. has liked d. like
11. Every students in my class ______________ good at English.
a. are b. be c. is d. being
12. Today the number of people enjoying winter sports are____________ almost double that of twenty

years ago.
a. is b. be c. are d. being
13. Neither John nor his friends _____________ going to the beach today.
a. is b. are c. be d. being
14. My aunt or my uncle ___________arriving by train today.
a. are b. is c. has d. have
15. The serving bowl or the plates _________ on that shelf.
a. goes b. go c. going d. has gone
16. Either Pete or John _____________ helping today with stage decorations.
a. are b. was c. is d. were
17. Neither Pete nor his friends ___________ available today.
a. were b. are c. was d. is
18. The politician, along with the newsmen, ______________expected to arrive soon.
a. is b. be c. are d. been
19. Each of the girls _______________beautifully.
a. dances b. were dancing c. dance d. have danced
20. Fifty percent of the pie _____________disappeared.
a. have b. having c. has d. was having
21. Fifty percent of the pies______________ disappeared.
a. have b. having c. has d. was having
22. Everyone on the board of directors ___________ with the planned merger.
a. agreeing b. have agreed c. agree d. agrees
23. Success in business ___________ certain strategies that satisfy both the employer and the employees.
a. requires b. require c. is required d. requiring
24. Not only the painting method but also the colors ______________ the interest of art critics.
a. has aroused b. have aroused c. arouses d. arousing
25. The number of corrections made during the first stage ______________ the charges significantly.
a. has influenced b. have influenced c. are influencing d. influencing
26. Every staff member ________ to be trained in security procedures to ensure the safety of customer's
private information.
a. requirement b. is required c. requires d. requiring
27. Our website has a page that _________________ frequently asked questions by its users.
a. answer b. answers c. was answered d. answering
28. The benefits of exercising regularly while pregnant ____________staying sedentary during pregnancy.
a. surpass b. surpassing c. is surpassing d. surpassed
29. The decision regarding the merger of the two companies_____________ to the public yesterday.
a. was announced b. were announced c. announced d. announcing
30. Thanks to the recent anti-smoking campaign, the number of smokers in the country______________
a. has reduced b. reduce c. to reduce d. having reduced
31. The regulations governing animal research _______many provisions to safeguard animal welfare.
a. contains b. contain c. have been contained d. is containing

32. Not only the child, but also the grandparents _____________.
a. is joining b. joins c. were joining d. has joined
33. The number of people at the exhibit ___________ amazing.
a. are b. were c. was d. has
34. None of the information _______________ made public.
a. are b. was c. were d. have
35. Neither table nor chairs ____________ here.
a. does b. do c. is d. are
36. Either of my parents or my brother _________________.
a. has coming b. have come c. are coming d. is coming
37. The Japanese ____________ famous for their beautiful gardens.
a. are b. is c. it d. there
38. The new manager, accompanied by his wife, _______________ arriving today.
a. are b. is c. are d. was
39. The average temperature of rocks on the surface of the earth ___________ 550 F.
a. is b. are c. be d. been
40. In the ocean, _____________ more sail in the deeper water.
a. is there b. there are c. there is d. are there

BAI TAP NGAY 27/5/2020

1. We can’t go along here because the road ___________.
a. is repairing b. is repaired c. is being repaired d. repairs
2. The story I’ve just read ____________ Agatha Christie.
a. was written b. was written by c. was written from d. wrote by
3. Why don’t you have brother ___________ the roof?
a. repairs b. repair c. repaired d. to repair
4. He was made _____________ over his head by the robber.
a. to hand b. handing c. hand d. handed
5. Something funny ______________ in lass yesterday.
a. happened b. was happened c. happens d. is happened
6. Many U.S automobiles _____________ in Detroit, Michigan.
a. manufacture b. have manufactured c. are manufactured d. are manufacturing
7. A lot of pesticide residue can ___________ on unwashed produce.
a. find b. found c. be finding d. be found
8. We __________ by a loud noise last night.
a. woke up b. are woken up c. were woken up d. were walking up
9. How did that window __________? ~ I don’t know.
a. get broken b. broken c. got broken d. broken
10. Some film stars _____________ difficult to work with.
a. are said to b. are said to be c. say to he d. said to be

11. Last night a tornado swept through Rockville. It ____________ everything in its path.
a. destroyed b. was destroyed
c. was being destroyed d. has been destroyed
12. Vitamin C __________ by the human body. It gets into blood stream quickly.
a. absorbs easily b. is easily absorbing
c. is easily absorbed d. absorbed easily
13. Why did Tom keep making jokes about me? I don’t enjoy __________ at.
a. be laugh b. to be laughed c. laughing d. being laughed
14. John ___________ last week.
a. had his house painted b. had painted his house
c. had his father to paint d. had his house paint
15. Today, may serious childhood diseases _____________ by early immunization.
a. are preventing b. can prevent
c. prevent d. can be prevented
16. “ _____________ about the eight o’clock fight to Chicago?” “Not yet.”
a. Has been an announcement made b. Has an announcement made
c. Has an announcement been made d. Has been made an announcement
17. “Has the committee made its decision yet?”
-“Not yet. They are still ___________ the proposal.”
a. considering b. been considered c. being considered d. considered
18. I might watch this program. It ________ very funny.
a. suppose to be b. is supposed being
c. is supposed to be d. was supposed be
19. Do you get your heating ____________ very year?
a. checking b. check c. be check d. checked
20. Claude Jennings is said _______________ his memory.
a. to have been lost b. to be lost
c. to have lost d. to lose
21. By the time I came here all the better jobs _________ taken.
a. have been b. were c. are d. had been
22. The Olympic Games ____________on television by millions of people worldwide.
a. have watched b. are watched
c. will be watching d. will have watched
23. Mary’s aunt ____________ in hospital for some more test.
a. was supposed to keep b. is keeping
c. has been kept d. have kept
24. From the 4th to the 18th of next month, contemporary glass and ceramics ___________ at the Fenny
Lodge Gallery.
a. will have been displaying b. have been displayed
c. had been displayed d. will be displayed
25. The lounge carpet ___________ after Ralf ______________ some bleach on it.

a. is ruined/was spilling b. was ruined/had spilt
c. has been ruined/was spilt d. has ruined/had spilt
26. What time _________ their papers ____________ by the boys?
a. can…hand in b. can…. be handed in
c. can be….handed in d. can….be hand
27. This year a woman ___________ President of Finland for the first time in the country’s history.
a. is elected b. was elected c. has elected d. elected
28. China __________ to have extensive petroleum reserves, both on land and offshore.
a. believes b. has believed c. will believe d. is believed
29. Since Bernard ___________ from the bank, he ____________ unable to find another job.
a. was dismissed/has been b. used to be dismissed/is
c. has been dismissed/ had been d. had been dismissing/was
30. By the time we __________, all the covered seats _____________.
a. arrive/might have occupied b. are arriving/will occupy
c. arrived/had been occupied d. were arriving/ have been occupied
31. Before the UN sanctions ___________, 60 to 80 percent of our crude oil_________ from Iraq.
a. imposed/will be obtained b. are being imposed/have been obtained
c. were imposing/ have obtained d. were imposed/had been obtained
32. Most of the 700 protesters the police __________ at Mexico’s largest university ___________ within days.
a. had arrested/will have freed b. arrested/were freed
c. were arrested/may be freed d. are arrested/will be freed
33. 20 million seahorses, which _________ in Chinese medicine, _________ from the oceans each year.
a. will be using/ are being taken b. can be used/ have taken
c. will be used/ must have taken d. are used/are taken
34. In recent years, the elephant’s usefulness for labour and a means of transportation __________ by
a. has been eliminated b. will be eliminated
c. is eliminating d. eliminated
35. Toshico had her car ________________by a mechanic.
a. repair b. repaired c. be repaired d. repairing
36. Ellen got Marvin _________________ her paper.
a. to type b. typed c. typing d. is typed
37. We got our house _______________ last week.
a. painted b. painting c. to paint d. have painted
38. Dr Byrd is having the students ____________ a composition.
a. written b. wrote c. write d. writing
39. How many languages ______________in Canada?
a. are spoken b. is spoken c. spoken d. spoke
40. The clothes have to ___________by my mother every day.
a. wash b. be washed c. being washed d. washed

BAI TAP NGAY 28/5/2020
1. They encouraged the employees ______________the conference.
a. to attend b. attending c. attend d. being attended
2. I persuaded them _________part in the competition.
a. taking b. to take c. to be taken d. took
3. We are looking forward to ______________ the possibilities of working collaboratively.
a. discuss b. discussing c. discussed d. discussion
4. All factory workers are required _________________to the safety regulations stated in the manual.
a. adhere b. adhering c. to adhere d. have adhered
5. While attending the seminar, we really enjoyed ____________ with representatives from other branches.
a. talk b. talked c. to talk d. talking
6. The payments on new houses should__________ within 10 days of the date of the contract
a. receive b. received c. to receive d. be received
7. Tickets to the X-men movie will _________ online starting next Friday.
a. have sold b. be selling c. be sold d. have been selling
8. The CEO’s comments about social responsibility have been ___________ by some workers.
a. misinterpret b. misinterpreted c. misinterpreting d. to misinterpret
9. Several problems have ______________since the very beginning of the development.
a. emerged b. Emerge c. emerging d. been emerged
10. Our new CEO’s tactics made the company ___________ and ____________ more efficient.
a. grew/become b. grow/became c. grow/become b. growing/becoming
11. We are considering _________a new branch.
a. to open b. open c. opening d. opened
12. He spent a lot of money ____________lottery.
a. to buy b. buying c. to have bought d. to buying
13. My sister avoids ___________my mother for having broken her vase.
a. meeting b. met c. meet d. to meet
14. I remembered_________________ the door before going out but in fact I didn’t.
a. to lock b. locking c. is locking d. locked
15. We are really regret ____________you of your brother’s accident.
a. inform b. to inform c. informing d. informed
16. I regret _____________hard enough for the exam.
a. not studying b. to not study c. not to study d. not study
17. It was a boring weekend. ____________ anything.
a. I won’t do b. I don’t do c. I didn’t do d. I’m not doing
18. I’m busy at the moment. ___________ on the computer.
a. I work b. I’m work c. I’m working d. I worked
19. My friend _____________ the answer to the question.
a. is know b. know c. is knowing d. knows
20. I think I’ll buy this shoes. They _____________ really well.

a. fit b. have fit c. are fitting d. were fitting
21. At nine o’clock yesterday morning we ___________ for the bus.
a. wait b. is waiting c. was waiting d. were waiting
22. When I looked round the door, the baby _____________ quietly.
a. is sleeping b. slept c. was sleeping d. were sleeping
23. Here’s my report. I ___________ it at last.
a. finish b. finished c. had finished d. have finished
24. The earth ___________ on the sun for its heat and light.
a. is depended b. depends c. is depending d. has depended
25. We ____________ to Ireland for our holiday last year.
a. go b. are going c. have gone d. went
26. Robert ____________ ill for three weeks. He’s still in hospital.
a. had been b. has been c. is d. was
27.He ____________to school by his father every day.
a. took b. takes c. is taken d. taking
28. This story __________to them when they visited her last week.
a. was told b. told c. tell d. is telling
29. This train ticket ____________for Tim’s mother.
a. was ordered b. ordered c. have ordered d. is ordering
30. The special cameras _______________to me.
a. show b. wasn’t showed c. weren’t showed d. showing
31. Her ticket __________________ to the airline agent (by her).
a. are showed b. is showing c. was showing d. was showed
32. His new shoes ____________to his friends (by him).
a. is lent b. are lent c. lent d. lend
33. Five million pounds _________________to her relatives (by her).
a. was left b. were left c. leave d. left
34. These boxes _____________to the customer.
a. were handed b. was handed c. was handing d. are handing
35. A lot of modern medicines ________________from plants
a. were made b. are made c. have been made d. will be made
36. A number of students __________ participated in intensive language programs abroad.
a. has b. have c. is c. are
37. The number of car owner in Hanoi ______________dramatically over the past ten years.
a. has risen b. have risen c. is risen d. risen
38. My old friends and colleague, John, _____ married.
a. has just got b. have just got c. just has got d. just have got
39. The singer and the actor_____ coming now.
a. was b. were c. is d. are
40. The news __________ quite alarming.
a. are b. have c. was d. were

BAI TAP NGAY 29/5/2020
1. Each of the boys __________ a book now.
a. have b. has c. had d. are having
2. Two-thirds of the money___________ mine now.
a. is b. are c. was d. were
3. About 60% of students in this class____________ from China.
a. was b. were c. are d. is
4. A number of sheep __________ eating grass now.
a. are b. is c. was d. were
5. The number of books in this library __________ large.
a. are b. is c. was d. were
6. Either you or I ______________ wrong.
a. am b. is c. are d. were
7. Neither my gloves nor my hat _________________ with this dress.
a. is going b. are going c. goes d. go
8. The poor living of her _______________ help.
a. is needing b. are needing c. need d. needs
9. Several of the students _____________ absent yesterday.
a. has been b. had been c. were d. was
10. The professor said that Vietnam ____________ to South-East Asia.
a. has belongs b. has belonged c. belonged d. belongs
11. He __________ he had read that story-book before.
a. told b. has told c. had told d. tell
12. His choice of words ___________ very good.
a. are b. is c. be d. being
13. My arms are aching now because ____________ since two o’clock.
a. I’m swimming b. I swam
c. I swim d. I’ve been swimming
14. I’m very tired. ________________ over four hundred miles today.
a. I drive b. I’m driving
c. I’ve been driving d. I’ve driven
15. When Martin ___________ the car, he took it out for a drive.
a. had repaired b. has repaired c. repaired d. was repairing
16. Janet was out of breath because ___________.
a. she’d been running b. she ran
c. she’s been running d. she’s run
17. Don’t worry. I ___________ here to help you.
a. be b. will be c. am going to be d. won’t be
18. __________ a party next Sunday. We’ve sent out the invitation.

a. We had b. We have c. We’ll have d. We’re having
19. I’ll tell Anna all the news when ____________ her.
a. I’ll see b. I’m going to see c. see d. I’m seeing
20. At this time tomorrow ___________ over the Atlantic.
a. we’re flying b. we’ll be flying c. we’ll fly d. we’re to fly
21. Where’s Robert? ___________ a shower?
a. Does he have b. Has he c. has he got d. Is he having
22. Your birthday party was the last time ____________ myself.
a. I’ve really enjoyed b. I really enjoyed
c. I’d really enjoyed d. I really enjoy
23. __________ tomorrow, so we can go out somewhere.
a. I’m not working b. I don’t work
c. I won’t work d. I’m not going
24. It’s two years ______________ Joe.
a. that I don’t see b. that I haven’t seen
c. since I didn’t see d. since I saw
25. Linda has lost her passport again. It’s the second time this_____________.
a. has happened b. happens
c. happened d. had happened
26. The ozone layer ____________ harmful radiation from the sun.
a. prevents b. is prevented
c. is preventing d. is being prevented
27. Are you interested in the job ____________?
a. they are offered you b. they have offered you
c. you being offered d. you be offering
28. Vietnamese food ________________to many European countries.
a. have exported b. has been exported
c. have been exporting d. have being exported
29. We expected students __________ during the examinations.
a. not to talk b. not to be talked
c. not talking d. not being talked
30. Have you got the advisor __________ the issue?
a. to examine b. examining
c. to be examined d. examined
31. When we talked about the accident, no names____________.
a. were mentioning b. to be mentioning
c. were mentioned d. to be mentioned
32. I meant __________ the car with petrol before we left.
a. filling b. fill c. to be filled d. to fill
33. It’s not worth _____________ out now. It’s much too late.
a. to go b. go c. going d. gone

34. Language permits us ____________ our heritage through literature narratives.
a. preserve b. preserving c. to preserve d. to preserving
35. She dislikes ____________ by crowds of peoples.
a. to surround b. surrounded
c. being surrounded d. be surrounded
36. Susan is in the kitchen looking for something ___________.
a. foe eating b. to eating c. to eat d. eating
37. The other motorist drove right in front me. I couldn’t avoid ____________ his car.
a. to hit b. hitting c. hit d. from hitting
38. There are people who can’t help ____________ when they see someone _____ on a banana skin.
a. laugh/slip b. to laugh/slip c. laughing/slipping d. laughing/slip
39. There is only one student in the classroom ____________his lesson.
a. prepare b. to prepare c. was preparing d. preparing
40. This examination will test your ability ___________ written English.
a. to understand b. of understanding
c. understand d. understanding

BAI TAP NGAY 30/5/2020

1. Every ____________ enjoyed the lesson.
a. students b. student’s c. student d. of student
2. Mathematics courses ____________ information about apartments for rent.
a. is b. was c. were d. are
3. Statistics ______________ a difficult course for people to understand.
a. is b. are c. were d. being
4. Not even one of the hundred students ____________ passed the test.
a. have b. has c. to have d. having
5. The number of women ____________ increased.
a. have b. has c. having d. to have
6. Ann was very surprised to find the door unlocked. She remembered __________ it before she left.
a. to lock b. locking c. lock d. locks
7. I regret __________ that the sight-seeing tour has been cancelled because of the bad weather.
a. to tell you b. telling you c. to say you d. saying you
8. Having finished __________ the reading report, I began to listen to music.
a. to write b. to have written c. writing d. written
9. Don’t risk __________ alone in the river.
a. to swim b. to swimming c. swimming d. swim
10. I’m considering ____________ your invitation.
a. accepting b. to accept c. accepted d. accept
11. The boy pretended __________ an assay, but in fact he wrote nothing.
a. to write b. writing c. to be written d. to writing

12. I have never expected ____________ such a strange thing in my life.
a. seeing b. having seen c. to see d. to be seen
13. The painting was beautiful. I stood there __________ it for a long time.
a. for admiring b. being admired c. admire d. admiring
14. Jim should have asked for help instead of __________ to do it himself.
a. trying b. to try c. try d. tried
15. The number of learners ______ not large. Therefore, a number of headphones ______ available to them
in the lab.
a. are/is b. is/are c. are/ are d. is/is
16. Anybody who ___________ my keys will be given a reward.
a. find b. finds c. are finding d. found
17. The Browns ___________ here since 1990.
a. are living b. has lived c. have been living d. has been living
18. The majority of the TOEFL tests ________ difficult.
a. are b. is c. be d. has been
19. Local news ___________ on TV every afternoon at 6:30pm.
a. were b. was c. is d. are
20. A pair of binoculars __________ necessary for your trip.
a. is b. are c. be d. being
21. She came into the room while they _____________ television.
a. watched b. have watched c. are watching d. were watching
22. I ___________ a headache since yesterday.
a. had b. was having c. have had d. would have
23. The teacher ___________ into the room.
a. has still come b. has already come c. has yet come d. has recently come
24. When he failed to meet us, we __________ without him.
a. left b. would leave c. was leaving d. has left
25. He ____________ book the tickets, but he had no time to call at the cinema.
a. would b. will c. is going to d. was going to
26. Peter has been trying for an hour, but his car still _________ start.
a. won’t b. wouldn’t c. didn’t d. hasn’t
27. It’s an hour since he _____________, so he must be at the office now.
a. is leaving b. was leaving c. has left d. left
28. Most students __________ hard for the last few weeks.
a. were working b. worked c. are working d. have been working
29. The girl weeps whenever she _____________ such a story.
a. hears b. has heard c. will hear d. heard
30. As soon as we ___________ this new apartment, we __________.
a. are finding/will move b. found/moved
c. would find/move d. find/would move
31. My teacher arrived after we ____________ for him ten minutes.

a. was waiting b. have waited c. had waited d. waited
32. This is the first time I __________ to play badminton.
a. have tried b. am trying c. was trying d. would be trying
33. Jack accepted ____________ for his brother’s fault.
a. to punish b. to be punished c. punish d. being punished
34. Gold _______ in California in the 19 century.

a. was discovered b. has been discovered

c. was discover d. they discovered
35. I wanted ______________ by the head of the company, but it was impossible.
a. to see b. to be seen c. seeing d. being to see
36. Nancy __________ at Bob’s house every night this week.
a. has been eaten b. has eating c. is being eaten d. has been eating
37. Are you quite sure you know why ______________?
a. was he dismissed b. did he dismiss
c. he was dismissing d. he was dismissed
38. Despite all my anxiety, I _____________for the job I wanted.
a. was hiring b. hired c. got hiring d. got hired
39. Tom has just had a computer _________ in his room.
a. install b. installed b. to install d. installing
40. The children’s song ___________ by one of the parents.
a. is taping b. are being taped
c. are taping d. is being taped