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Bài 1. Choose the correct answer.

1. Are you a student or a teacher?
a. Yes, I am b. No, I am not c. I'm a student d. Yes, I
2. _____ down, please !
a. Sit b. Open c. Close d. Stand
3. _____ up please !
a. Sit    b. Open    c. Close   d. Stand
4. What is_______  favourite colour? - I like red. 
a. his b. her  c. your d. you
5. Whose book is this?
a. It's me b. It's her. c. It's him. d. It's
6. Choose a word which has different part of pronunciation:
a. do b. Mother c. Brother d. sometime
7. What are ______?.  They are my books.
a. it b. this c. That d. these
8. Can you drink _________?. Yes, I can.
a. orange juice b. rice c. Chicken d. bread
9. I am ...a picture now.
a. writing b. playing c. singing d. drawing
10. Tick the odd one out
a. picture  b. red c. black     d. green
Bài 2. Fill the blank. 
1. sub_ect 2. do_tor 3. h_ad 4. j_ans 5. cour_e
6. sund_y 7. e_d 8. th_ee 9. ha_f 10. _limb

Đáp án
1. subject2. doctor3. head4. jeans5. course6. sundry7. end8. three9. half10. climb
Bài 3. Matching. 
1. coconut a. cầu lông
2. grape b. nho
3. badminton c. sân trường
4. England d. màn hình
5. Desktop e. Nước Anh
6. apple f. Bóng chuyền
7. volleyball g. bến xe buýt
8. bus-stops h. chai
9. schoolyard i. dừa
10. bottles j. táo