Animal Cards

On the following pages are 12 cards with multiple uses. To use, cut each card out and glue it onto an index card. The images can be coloured or left black and white. To make the cards sturdier, cover them in contact paper or have them laminated. There are endless ways to use these cards. The most obvious one is to use them as flash cards for young children. You can go over the spelling and appearance of the animal and even it’s magickal qualities. For us older children, we can use them for divinatory practices and for meditations. You can chose one card and decide to meditate on that animal’s characteristics. This is an excellent exercise for beginners as well as for those more advanced. For divination, bring a circumstance or current issue to mind. Ask the cards the best approach to the situation and chose a card. In covens, these or similar cards can be used for exercises. Each member may choose a card and then “act” as that animal or channel that animal. General Meanings: Bird - Flight and freedom. Bull - To take charge. To be self-assured. Mule - Stubborn and steadfast. Mouse - Quiet and non-intrusive. Rabbit - Creativity and fertility. Snake - Rebirth. A time to shed skin. Turtle - Retreat and hard exterior. Butterfly - Rebirth into beauty. Change. Unicorn - Dreams and magick. Purity. Dog - Faithful and loyal. Fox - Sneaky. Not to be trusted. Cat - Arrogance and grace. Also an ancient calling.

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