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This Sunday
Fun and/or Games
On Sunday, January 23rd, Reverend Drew Johnston will lead us once more. “I once had a teacher who said, ‘If you aren’t having fun you aren’t doing it right.’ Life is serious, of course, and it’s fun and funny! Let’s make sure we can leave room for the wholeness of life.”

Congregational Meeting
Be sure join our appreciative interview leaders and Reverend Drew after service from 1pm-2pm in the Sanctuary. Results from our every-member interviews will be presented and we will discuss how the values and information shared will inform our updated mission and lay the groundwork for a congregational covenant. Nursery and child care will be provided.








Iris Massey has offered to arrange flowers for those who would like to donate flowers to the weekend services yet do not have the time to. Please contact her for more info: 305-661-8482

The UUA January Congregational Bulletin is now available. Click on this link to view. http://www.uua.org/ leaders/announcements/ congregationalmonthly/ index.shtm

InterfaithOUT! Film Series: Reclaiming Our Faith
David Traupman- Board President

The Ministerial Search Committee will be handing out survey forms before and after service this week to get an update on what the congregation is looking for in a settled minister. Please complete one and return it to the committee member who will be distributing them. The response this year was very good from interested ministers. Currently there are several talented pre-candidates.

Sunday, January 30, 2011, 2 pm- Double Feature FISH OUT OF WATER (2009, USA, Ky Dickens, 60 min, DVD) Dissecting the seven Bible verses used to condemn homosexuality and justify marriage discrimination this documentary explodes conventional arguments of hate to expose how the Bible is often misinterpreted and misquoted.   ALL GOD’S CHILDREN (1996, USA, Dr. Dee Mosbacher, Frances Reid and Dr. Sylvia Rhue, 26 min, DVD) The voices of African-American politicians, religious leaders, scholars, family members, and activists vividly speak to the stigmatization and alienation of lesbians and gay men, as they call for spiritual reconciliation, equal rights, and social justice for all. The Wolfsonian–FIU Auditorium- 1001 Washington Ave, Miami Beach FREE ADMISSION to film and reception. RSVP required: Lydia Lopez at 305.535.2644 or lydia@thewolf.fiu.edu   Dr. Elsie Miranda, Department of Theology and Philosophy, Barry University, will moderate a post-film discussion. Co-Presented by SAVE Dade and The Wolfsonian, Sponsored by the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Miami- Herrschaft Lecture and Cultural Fund.
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 20 7pm- Choir Practice, ER 23 9:30am- Spiritual Reality, ER 11am- Service, S 1pm- Congregational Meeting, S 24 NE 25 6:30pmBuddhist Reflections, ER 26 12pm- Lunch Bunch, ER 27 7pm- Choir Practice, ER Friday 21 7pm- Social Justice, ER 22 NE Saturday

Legend: ER = Emerson Room S = Sanctuary R= Room NE= No Events



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