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Case 5:20-cv-00351-NC Document 29 Filed 07/15/20 Page 1 of 1


Northern District of California

Date: July 15, 2020 Time: 2:03pm-2:40pm Judge: NATHANAEL M.
Case No.: 20-cv-00351-NC Case Name: Santa Cruz v. City Of San Jose

Attorney for Plaintiff: Robert Powell

Attorney for Defendant: Yue-Han Chow
Deputy Clerk: Lili Harrell Court Reporter: Summer Fisher

Motion Hearing held via Zoom Webinar
City’s motion to maintain confidentiality (Dkt. No. 26) granted in part and denied in part,
for reasons stated on the record and summarized here.
1. Under the totality of the circumstances, City did not waive confidentiality
designation under protective order.
2. Balancing the Glenmeade test factors, and finding that the City has shown a
particularized harm only as to the public release of video image of Sgt. Pina’s
face, but not his identity, the Court ordered plaintiffs’ counsel by 7/20 to propose
redactions to police investigative records and body camera videos in order to
protect privacy of third party witnesses and of Sgt. Pina’s image. City to respond
and counsel to confer by 7/27.
3. Any remaining disputes as to these materials to be presented by 7/28. A further
hearing, if necessary, will be held 7/29 2:00 pm by Zoom webinar.
4. Until the parties agree on the redactions, or a Court order after the 7/29 hearing,
the materials produced by the City and designated as confidential will maintain
their confidentiality designation under the protective order.
5. This ruling does not address the admissibility of any evidence and does not decide
how any evidence will be presented at trial.