Deputies and Alternate Deputies to Province VII Synod Four clergy persons and four lay persons to be elected

as Deputies, and four clergy persons and four lay persons to be elected as Alternate Deputies. All nominees must be confirmed communicants in good standing. Retiring incumbents are: Blaine Bennett, Cathy Chatham, Stacy Dowdy, Gayle Gottlich, Rachel Graves, Lisa Mason, Lou Taylor, Jennifer Wickham and the Revs. Adrian Amaya, Earl Mahan, Mary Margaret Mueller, Scott Penrod, Chris Roque, Chuck Sharrow, and Jonathan Wickham, Dori Zubizarreta. All are eligible except the Revs. Adrian Amaya and Dori Zubizarreta. Description of duties: As voting representatives of the diocese attend the meeting of the Synod of the Province of the Southwest (Province VII). Clergy The Rev. Christopher Caddell: St. Alban’s, Harlingen Local Church Activities: Assistant Rector of St. Alban’s Nominated by: The Rev. David Chalk

The Rev. Stephen Carson: St. Luke’s, San Antonio Qualifications: Willingness to listen and learn, fresh ideas and perspective Local Church Activities: Assistant Rector of St. Luke’s Diocesan Activities: Gopher at last Coucil Nominated by: The Rev. Matthew Wise The Rev. Raymond E. Cole, Jr. St. John’s, McAllen Qualifications: After serving 16 years in the Diocese of Pennsylvania and 17 years in the Diocese of Chicago, Fr. Cole was called as Rector of Saint George in Castle Hills in 1996. Since retiring from active ministry in 2004, he has served four interim assignments in this diocese – currently at St. John’s Church and School in McAllen. He has served in a variety of capacities in all three dioceses including two terms as deputy to General Convention and two as alternate. Local Church Activities: Interim Rector of St. John’s, McAllen Nominated by: Nominating Committee

The Rev. Nancy G. Coon: Retired Qualifications: Prior experience as Synod deputy (2 terms) and deputy to General Convention (4 terms), experience in the Diocese of WTX as well as networking in the broader church has been preparation for working with persons from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. Will be a spokesperson both for and with the DWTX upon return from Synod. Local Church Activities: Rector of the Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit; as lay person served as reader, Lay Eucharistic Minister and home visitor in the pilot program, Stephen Minister (hospital visitations), confirmation teacher/mentor for high school students, intercessory prayer team, audio tape ministry (sermons/lectures) Diocesan Activities: Standing Committee, Executive Board, deputy to General Convention (2000, 2003, 2006), Transitional Congregations Committee co-chair, Examining Chaplain, Discernment Committee, Dean of Northeastern Convocation, chaplain for Women’s Cabinet, Christian Formation Committee, Continuing Education Committee, Task Force for redesign of the Executive Board, Cursillo Spiritual Director (6 Cursillos), Happening, Camp Capers summer dean and chaplain, Committee on Missions and Parishes, and retreat leader Nominated by: Nominating Committee The Rev. Kevin Dellaria: St. Andrew’s, Seguin Qualifications: Served congregations spanning three different dioceses of the province (Northwest Texas, Texas, and West Texas), committed to the unity and strengthening of The Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion, rector of a parish active in mission to Central America Local Church Activities: Rector of St. Andrew’s Diocesan Activities: Chair of Diocesan Nominating Committee for Council, 2011; Diocesan Insurance Committee; Anglican Covenant discussion group for Clergy Day, 2010; Honduras missions Nominated by: The Rev. Keith Turbeville The Rev. James W. (Jim) Friedel: St. Peter’s, Rockport Qualifications: Jim has developed relationships with clergy and lay leadership in the province through his work with congregational development and clergy

deployment. Local Church Activities: Jim’s service as rector of this parish provides opportunities to exhibit liturgical, educa-


tional, pastoral, administrative, and leadership responsibilities among the membership and the broader community. Diocesan Activities: Jim currently serves with the Examining Chaplains and the Nominating Committee of the diocese. He has served as chaplain for summer youth camps and Cursillo. Jim was a presenter at the regional stewardship workshops and at Community of Hope training sessions. Nominated by: Senior Warden, J.D. Debler The Rev. Virginia (Gina) Frnka: Partners in Ministry, East; Goliad Local Church Activities: Lay activities: bishop’s warden, Community of Hope leader, Altar Guild, Eucharistic Visitor, lay reader, council delegate Nominated by: The Revs. Robert Woody and Matthew Wise The Rev. Lisa Mason: St. David’s, San Antonio Qualifications: I have served both as a deputy and an alternate for Province VII Synod in the past. I enjoy engaging in dialogue and visioning with the larger church as well as my own diocese. Local Church Activities: Interim Rector of St. David’s, active in all areas of parish Diocesan Activities: Chair of Mustang Island Program Committee, Dicoesan Development Camps Sub-Committee, Province VII Synod deputy and alternate in past, member of Diocesan Christian Education Committee, past Executive Board member Nominated by: Vestry The Rev. Philip May: Church of the Good Shepherd, Corpus Christi Local Church Activities: Assistant Rector of Church of the Good Shepherd Diocesan Activities: Facilitator of Anglican Covenant discussion evenings Nominated by: Nominating Committee The Rev. Jonathan Melton: St. Christopher’s by the Sea, Portland Qualifications: As a young clergy person, I value the opportunity to uphold my ordination vows to serve in the councils of the church. Further, my particular strengths in individualization and appreciating of persons and their unique gifts are put to natural use in diverse assemblies of the faithful. My heart for Christ and his prayer for the church’s visible Communion grounds these personal strengths.

Local Church Activities: Rector of St. Christopher’s by the Sea, Portland Rotary and candidate for membership, Family Systems training (2009-present), Southern Convocation Anglican Covenant study team (2010) Diocesan Activities: Session chaplain, Camp Capers 2008; summer chaplain to camp staff 2009; family camp chaplain 2010; Vocare #25 co-spiritual director 2008; Vocare #27 co-spiritual director (spring 2011); diocesan college retreat chaplain 2009; appointed: member Diocesan Vocare Committee 2009, 2010; member Courtesy Resolution Committee 2009, 2010 (“We wear underwear to make you laugh.”) Nominated by: Nominating Committee The Rev. Richard T. Speer: Grace, Weslaco Qualifications: 25 years of ordained service Local Church Activities: Rector Diocesan Activities: I have served four churches in the Diocese of WTX since 1989. Dean or chaplain, three sessions at Camp Capers; spiritual director or assistant for three Cursillos; dean, two sessions of Coastal Ecology Camp; spiritual director of one Happening; four terms on TMI Board of Trustees; instructor of Bishop’s School for Ministry; Clergy Compensation Committee; Stewardship Committee Nominated by: Nominating Committee The Rev. Keith Turbeville: St. Elizabeth’s, Buda Qualifications: Keith has served the church over the last 10 years in three dioceses: the Diocese of Virginia, the Diocese of Texas and West Texas. He has served congregations as their youth and adult leader, as well as chaplain for St. James’ Episcopal School in Leesburg, Virginia. Keith has a passion to see youth learn and grow in a Christian environment. Currently Keith has two children at TMI. Keith is fully committed to the vision and importance of the unity between the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church and their future relationship together. Local Church Activities: Vicar of St. Elizabeth’s Diocesan Activities: Member of Mustang Island Program Committee; Dean at Camp Capers; senior high mid-winter January 2011; senior high summer camp 2010; junior high mid-winter January 2011; chaplain at Mustang Island Family Camp 2009 Nominated by: The Rev. Kevin Dellaria


The Rev. Jonathan Wickham: St. Mark’s, San Antonio Qualifications: Jonathan has participated in church leadership at a number of levels and is interested in bringing his experience to the Province VII Synod gathering. He values the important role that our connectedness plays in the strengthening of the church. He brings team building, collaborative leadership, and visioning skills to the community. Local Church Activities: Lay: council delegate, professional youth minster, Lay Eucharistic Minister, lay reader, Sunday school teacher, music team member; Ordained: Assistant Rector of St. Mark’s, San Antonio; Episcopal school chaplain, liturgy coordinator, pastoral care, preaching, teaching Diocesan Activities: Deputy for Youth/Young Adult Ministry and Director of Camps and Conferences (2004-2006), Bishop’s Happening Movement Board, Happening spiritual director, Camp Capers dean and chaplain, Diocesan Development Camps Sub-Committee, board member of Christ Chapel at Texas State, Diocesan Executive Board Nominated by: The Rev. Mike Chalk The Rev. Matthew Wise: Reconciliation, San Antonio Qualifications: Younger generation of clergy, passion for Diocese of WTX and for missional movement, love of National Church and its history Local Church Activities: Assistant Rector of Reconciliation Diocesan Activities: Reconciliation Commission, Musician DWTX conferences, Camp Capers Dean and Chaplain, Liturgy and Music Commission, Executive Board Nominated by: The Rev. Robert Woody Lay Patricia Brooke: St. David’s, San Antonio Local Church Activities: Lay reader, spiritual formation, council delegate Diocesan Activities: Commission for Women’s Ministries, Discernment Committee Nominated by: The Rev. Nancy Coon Angie de los Santos: St. Andrew’s, Seguin Qualifications: Angie is a long-time resident of Province VII and has a lengthy history of working with both the Hispanic community and the impoverished of many ethnic backgrounds in southwest Texas. Angie is deeply involved in missions to

Mexico and Central America and would be an asset in the relationship between Province VII and its sister churches south of the Rio Grande. Local Church Activities: Past Vestry member and senior warden, coordinator of direct-to-client assistance program, Outreach Committee, annual team leader for medical and dental mission to Honduras Diocesan Activities: Past council delegate, Discernment Committee, Finance Committee, World Missions ad hoc Committee Nominated by: The Rev. Kevin Dellaria Donnelle Gooch: St. Mark’s, San Marcos Qualifications: Has been as alternate and seated at General Convention from the Diocese of Oklahoma and Kansas; has worked with national church with volunteers Local Church Activities: Past Vestry member, past senior warden, delegate to council numerous times, LEM, on many boards at church (mission, adult educations, worship) Diocesan Activities: Mission trips to Honduras Nominated by: The Rev. Ned Bowersox Charles L. Green: St. Barnabas, Fredericksburg Qualifications: Active and dedicated member of the Christian family in the Diocese of WTX striving to encourage faithful living in our community Local Church Activities: During the past 30+ years in the Diocese of TX and WTX: Vestry, three consecutive terms as senior warden, ALPHA, usher, greeter, Finance Committee, Audit Committee, board member and treasurer of a non-profit health clinic, church school board, treasurer church school board Diocesan Activities: Abide in Me diocesan conference, Diocesan Nominating Committee Nominated by: Nominating Committee Mary “Tru” Hiatt: St. Philip’s, Uvalde Qualifications: Tru has been a lifelong member of the Diocese of WTX, currently serving as Junior Warden at St. Philip’s. She is energetic and devoted to serving the Diocese of WTX. Local Church Activities: Junior Warden, lay reader, Sunday school teacher, council delegate, volunteer coordinator – Uvalde Food Pantry, prior bishop’s warden at St. Michael’s San Antonio, Under the Bridge ministries Diocesan Activities: Chair of Diocesan Disaster Relief (Hurricanes Katrina and Rita), trainer – Diocese Disaster Relief (Adopt a Family), Cursillo, Honored Women of the


Diocese of West Texas Nominated by: Kelley Kimble William Cash Keith: St. Philip’s, Uvalde Qualifications: Cash is the Systems Administrator for Uvalde ISD. His business and technical experience are well suited for the business of the church. Cash is currently serving St. Philip’s as Senior Warden, and his deeply spiritual life will be a huge asset as a deputy to the synod. Local Church Activities: Vestry, Senior Warden, Junior Warden; council delegate; LEM; lay reader Nominated by: The Rev. Michael K. Marsh Melanie McCollum Klotzman: St. Francis, Victoria Qualifications: Organizational and listening skills, spiritual discernment, church leadership Local Church Activities: Lay Eucharistic Minister, lector, Vestry, Stewardship Committee, Worship Committee, adult spiritual formation teacher, EFM graduate Diocesan Activities: Nominating Committee, Happening Committee, council delegate Nominated by: Rawley McCoy Zoila Martinez: Grace Episcopal, San Antonio Qualifications: Loves to be actively involved in church activities, prayerful lifestyle Local Church Activities: Served on Vestry three times (member of Grace, Weslaco for 24 years), lay reader – bilingual, taught Sunday school for over 20 years, council delegate and alternate, active with youth group, acolytes and altar guild Diocesan Activities: Participate in council and youth activities Nominated by: Joy Herrera Kirk Mason: St. David’s, San Antonio Qualifications: A lifelong participant and member of the Diocese of WTX, Kirk is nominated by the Nominating Committee. He brings to this position considerable experience and passion for the mission and ministry of the diocese at the parish and diocesan level. Local Church Activities: Vestry, Junior Warden; Stewardship Committee; Sunday school teacher; Building Committee; Capital Campaign Committee; usher; youth sponsor; council delegate and alternate; Search Committee

Diocesan Activities: Former chair of Annual Giving Division of the Department of Stewardship, Task Force on Mission and Ministry Funding, Mustang Island Site and Program Committees, alternate deputy to General Convention (2003, 2006), alternate deputy to Province VII, Commission on Church Buildings, Continuing Education chair, Executive Board Nominated by: Nominating Committee Paula A. Nersesian: Trinity, Victoria Qualifications: Paula is a long-time resident of south Texas and has been gifted with a natural talent for insight and leadership across a wide spectrum of issues. Over the years she has been thoroughly involved with parish life while also engaging in a variety of community activities. Her commitment to the needs of others, both medical and otherwise, has given her a deep understanding of the diversity of human experience, an understanding she brings to all of her leadership roles. Local Church Activities: Current or previously: Altar Guild and chair of Christian Formation, board president – Trinity Episcopal School, adult formation instructor, EFM graduate; currently: Lay Eucharistic Visitor, lay reader, Community of Hope, president of Daughters of the King, Godly Play instructor, Sunday morning breakfast, Friends of Trinity Episcopal School, Vestry member, chair of Stewardship Committee Diocesan Activities: Council delegate, recipient of St. George medal Nominated by: The Rev. Kevin Dellaira Carla Pineda: St. Mark’s, San Antonio Local Church Activities: Active member of St. Mark’s, San Antonio; bookstore ministry Diocesan Activities: Vice President in charge of Programming for Women’s Commission (2nd term), three-time delegate to Triennial, served one term on the Executive Board, serving on diocesan Communications Committee Nominated by: The Revs. Mike Chalk and Jonathan Wickham David Spencer: St. Barnabas, Fredericksburg Qualifications: Lifelong Episcopalian, interested and engaged in the work of the diocese, province and National Episcopal Church Local Church Activities: Steering Committee of the Honduras Water Ministry, volunteer work at St. Barnabas


Diocesan Activities: Steering Committee of the Honduras Water Ministry, delegate to the diocesan convention in 2009, 2010 Nominated by: Charles Green Jennifer Wickham: St. Mark’s, San Antonio Qualifications: I have served as a deputy to Provincial Synod in the past, and I am very interested in the work of the broader church. I believe that the Episcopal Church needs leaders who are able to listen carefully and consider the variety of perspectives being presented. Both my professional work and educational training keep me in tune with the issues facing the EC, and I believe it is important for an educated laity to participate in the conversation. Local Church Activities: Missionary to Haiti, volunteer for outreach projects, worship team musician, diocesan council delegate Diocesan Activities: Former deputy to Provincial Synod, planning committee for National Associate of Episcopal Schools convention Nominated by: The Rev. Mike Chalk and Vestry