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Recycled R l d Construction Products & Materials




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Materials M t i l & Products

• Reusable:

What Materials?

– Seeds, plants, wild turf, topsoil & clean subsoil, sand and gravels

• R Recyclable: l bl
– – – – – – – – Inert : Stone, Brick and Concrete Inert: Glass Active: Trees, timber & timber based boards Paper and Cardboard Steel Plastics and Plastics boards Agricultural waste Asphalt (Road Planings)

• Recoverable:
– Green landscape waste > compost – S Sewage

eu 1 Landscape L d p Turf & Topsoil .capem.greenspec.uk 15/04/2010 © NGS 2006 Title 1 www.www.co.

www.uk Recycling in p Landscape On site Recycling and use of Recycled Landscape Products Another GreenSpec CPD to download soon .greenspec.co.

29/05/2007 © NGS 2006 Title 1 www.co.greenspec.uk Recovery: Organic Waste Initial Site Strip Onsite Composting Community Composting Another GreenSpec CPD to download soon .

Wild Fl Flowers & Meadow Grass M d G Neglected landscape nature takes over Listed Grade I barn .

Topsoil & Subsoil Stockpile on site .

gravel margin gutter .Green Roof G R f wild turf roof from local construction clearance site.

Green Roof on walls Pembrokeshire traditional Hedge t diti lH d Bank Rubble cavity wall Turf mortar draining soil and topsoil Turf cap (hedging ti (h d i optional) l) Rainwater Back to nature very rapidly .

topsoil & wild turf/hedge plants on top. crevices for nature.Pembrokeshire hedge bank Random rubble & slate outer leaves. rain rejuvenates in weeks . subsoil cavity fill. wild turf mortar.

eu 1 Subsoil d S b il and Aggregates .uk 15/04/2010 © NGS 2006 Title 1 www.www.capem.co.greenspec.

Subsoil • Clean Subsoil: Subsoil – Landscape modelling • Subsoil: Rammed Earth Walls • Subsoil & Compost: Topsoil • Clean Sand and gravel: – Brown roofs & Brown landscape 18/05/2010 © NGS 2002-2007 Recycled Products 14 .

Hollyrood Scottish Parliament • Intelligent reuse of excavated subsoil • Landscape features: surplus subsoil • Topsoil and grass 18/05/2010 © NGS 2002-2007 Recycled Products 15 .

Rammed Earth any shape h many ingredients colours & textures

Rammed Earth Walls
• • • • • • • • • • • • • Abundant and Natural Recipe can be determined on site Thermal, Acoustic & Moisture mass Fire resistant Load-bearing Absorbs radiation, smells and moisture Hygroscopic y p any shape many ingredients, colours & textures p pp Sculptural & Artistic opportunities Waste disposal back to earth y Recyclable & Reusable Needs temporary formwork

Rammed Earth @ CAT

Recycled Subsoil .

Stone & Bricks • • • • • • • • • Hardcore Piling Mats Crushed hardcore under slabs Filling Gabions g Gabion/reed filter systems for sewage Crushed as gravel paving Crushed as soil substitute in drainage layer Crushed Fletton commons: brown roofs Crushed granite in road sett bedding g g Rock piles .

gravel paving BedZED Beddington Sutton Architect: Dr Bill Dunster .Crushed brick as drainage g layer. soil substitute.

Brown Roofs Creekside Visitors Centre Deptford London .

Brown Roofs .


. etc. birds. animals. grasses. wild flowers.Brownfield Landscape • Derelict Brownfield sites often have more wildlife than Greenfield sites • To maintain or enhance the biodiversity of the site much can be done with a little care • Survey the site and check for wildlife: y Insects. and lower forms.

Brownfield Landscape Brownfield L d B fi ld Landscape Creekside Visitors Centre .



44 and 1.Agg. Masterblock Enviroblock • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • All sites ISO 14001 Sponsors Civic Trust Sustainability Award Annual Reporting on Sustainability of production y Has Biodiversity Action Plan for sites Uses ‘Envoy’ Intranet to facilitate company wide learning Intelligent educational literature addressing environmental sustainability issues and their products in this context 100% recycled or 100% secondary (china clay) aggregates or ‘consisting of lightweight and dense recycled materials’ Ordinary Portland Cement (still considering GGBS) pp y y Local supply only 5 products in range lightweight and dense BRE (independent 3rd party) Certified Environmental Profiles EcoPoint scores between 0. Ind. i impact in one Year) ti Y ) Surpasses generic product data in BRE GGtS & GGtHS setting new standards in sector A rated in non-domestic external and internal walls non domestic A rated in domestic external walls.18 (10 = 1 UK citizen’s E iti ’ Env. B rated in domestic internal walls A rated construction elements can score points in EcoHomes and BREEAM Adopts existing tried and tested building techniques well known in the industry i d .

18/05/2010 © NGS 2002-2007 Recycled Products 30 .

gg g Rock piles .Concrete • • • • • • • • Gabion & Trapion filling Hardcore piling mats Hardcore under roads Hardcore under building floor slabs. Hardcore in soakaways Crushed as aggregate in concrete Crushed concrete aggregate in conc.

Recycled Concrete in gabions Earth Centre Doncaster Conference Centre Bill Dunster Reclaim: BioRegional ReCLAIMED Picture © GreenSpec .

Down Downcycled Concrete or bricks in Gabions & Trapions p Sainsbury Retail Food Store Greenwich Peninsula .

Sustainable Urban Drainage System car park providing water for flushing of public toilets microbes live in interstices eat the bacteria and hydocarbons Keep th water clean K the t l .

A new earth shelter building: g ‘Field Station’ with studio facilities for art & science programme .


Not so light touch in poor ground Piles in many forms Recycled concrete aggregate vibrated pile Recycled aggregate Secondary aggregates .

eu 1 Timber p Ti b & panel l products .greenspec.capem.uk 15/04/2010 © NGS 2006 Title 1 www.www.co.

woodchip pellets .Timber and Timber based boards • Downcycled in chipboard & MDF • Timber mulch and path • Site hoarding and formwork reduced to mulch • Timber biomass fuel.

Timber Mulch Ti b M l h .

Timber as Biomass Fuel .

Scaffold b S ff ld boards = d d doors .

Railway Sleepers = Furniture .

www.capem.greenspec.uk 15/04/2010 © NGS 2006 Title 1 www.co.eu 1 Metals .

© NGS 2002-2007 Recycled Products 46 18/05/2010 . with CO2 release and exhaust pollution and chemical emissions to water. landscape clearance or mining arising. coal or gas usually. transport energy and pollution of heavy bulky materials. extraction of ore or oxide. flora.• • • • • • • • • • All virgin metal have an environmental impact from: accessing the source. etc. by heat and/or chemicals or using Hydro electric energy. road creation. materials smelting plant creation. aggregates. separation of metal from slag. in some cases leading to severe pollution and ill health of workers and local populations or human fauna and flora human.

therefore any alloys . Ozone depletion from PFC releases. 47 .• Non-ferrous metals tend to be long life but ft b t often more polluting i virgin metal ll ti in i i t l production • Copper and Zinc are both high p polluters. • Aluminium is a very high embodied energy material because of the stages mentioned above and has a risk of above. y y containing these will be too.

p 18/05/2010 © NGS 2002-2007 Recycled Products 48 .• Any form of recycling will elliminate many of the above stages from the p process. • Recycling of aluminium for example reduces the energy demands by 95% • let alone all the other impacts.

• R Recycling i l d re-melting with lesser li includes lti ith l amounts of energy. CO2.• If a significant % of the material is recycled and the % can be maintained and assured. emissions. pollution. it has to be an improvement. h h d ll p g p • http://www. waste. i i t • and refining the ingredient mixture to achieve the required allow.html Products 18/05/2010 © NGS 2002-2007 Recycled 49 .uk/html/material s/recycledcontent.co.greenspec.

greenspec.html • htt // http://www.greenspec.greenspec.• Go one stage further and reuse avoiding the energy of recycling • http://www greenspec co uk/html/desig http://www.uk/html/desig k/ht l/d i n/recyVdurability.html y y • http://www.co.uk/html/desig n/assessrecycle.co.uk/html/desig n/assessrecycle.co.html n/assessrecycle html 18/05/2010 © NGS 2002-2007 Recycled Products 50 • .

• Reuse steel sections as steel sections • Reuse shipping containers (Corten self rusting steel once the paint is removed) 18/05/2010 © NGS 2002-2007 Recycled Products 51 .

co.greenspec.uk/html/mater p g p ials/reclaimed.greenspec.• BRE have carried out recycled v virgin environmental assessments for BioRegional Reclaim g • http://www.html n/bz5 html • http://www.co.uk/html/desig n/bz5.html 18/05/2010 © NGS 2002-2007 Recycled Products 52 .

Metals • Some mild steel is recycled – Depending on process • Some can be reused as steel sections • All stainless steel is recycled • All non-ferrous metals tend to be collected and sold to be recycled 18/05/2010 © NGS 2002-2007 Recycled Products 53 .

• All Stainless Steel is from recycled material • All the more reason to collect and recycle waste l t Stainless Steel .

Non ferrous Non-ferrous metals are valuable and is mostly collected for f recycling as li offcuts are created Aberystwyth Arts Centre Smith Roberts Architects Photo: Charlotte Wood .

capem.eu 1 Glass .uk 15/04/2010 © NGS 2006 Title 1 www.www.co.greenspec.

flooring.Glass • • • • • • • • Glass crushed aggregate: asphalt roads bases Glass aggregate: roof paving Glass sand bedding substitute for sand Glass as aggregate with resin: – terrazzo like finishes: – cladding. paving. wall tiling. signs. furniture Moulded bottle glass: pavers Heat bonded glass: bricks and blocks Flat glass from site: fibreglass thermal insulation Car wind screens: Foamglas thermal insulation .

Glass sand for bedding .

Glass sand bedding .

Glass sand Sandpits .

Recycled glass in synthetic resin .

Blue Carpet Recycled glass i l in resin Blue carpet Laing Galley Newcastle .



etc Translucent or opaque Tougher than concrete Load-bearing Invented in University. Screed. Cladding Paving.Ttura Resin & Glass • • • • • • • • • • Synthetic resin Recycled glass Unlimited application Many colourways Furniture. etc. Tiling. licensed manufacture University Extensively tested .



Research labs .Moulded Recycled Glass Pavers y • • • • • • • • Public House Waste Segregated Gl S t d Glass B ttl Bottles 100% reclaimed glass Moulding process No adhesives Big Colour range Interesting T t I t ti Textures and appearances d Independently tested in Uni.

uk 15/04/2010 © NGS 2006 Title 1 www.eu 1 Plant-based Resin Binders Many waste streams y Agricultural.capem. Domestic.co. Construction . Municipal.greenspec.www.

Natural Plant Based Resin • • • • Plant extract Natural resin binder Will bind virtually anything Shredded Domestic and Municipal Waste • Construction and Demolition Waste • Etc. .

y resin and colour additive • Feel of hardwood • 1 5 times strength of oak 1.Plant Based Resin • Phenix Biocomposite desk • Annually renewable. sustainable and recycled resource • Recycled paper. soy bean y p p .5 • Worked similarly to wood • 5 – 15% lighter than wood • Good moisture resistance • Formaldehyde-free • 70% less energy .

com 18/05/2010 © NGS 2002-2007 Recycled Products 72 .wastefile.

Ecobond International Ecobond • • • • • • • • • • Plant extract resin 100% Natural content Versatile Will bond anything to itself Experimenting with: xperimenting Agricultural waste Construction Waste Municipal Waste Domestic Waste Looking for partners .Wastefile Ltd.

Natural Resin .

Date. p y • • • • • • • • • • • 3% natural resin 97% agricultural waste Saves forests from chipboard manufacturers Recycles agricultural waste streams Cereal Straw (Barley. Wood waste (less fussy about quality than chipboard) Can mix for attractive board surfaces . Rape Seed. ). Bamboo. Cane.EcoBond: ecopanel systems Ltd. Wheat). oil and banana palm fibre. Elephant Grass. Rice Straw. Sunflower Husks. y (aquatic terrorist). Sugar Cane Bagasse. Rice straw. Water Hyacinth ( q Peanut Kernels. Flax.

www.capem.co.eu 1 Paper & p Cardboard .greenspec.uk 15/04/2010 © NGS 2006 Title 1 www.

Paper and Cardboard • • • • • • • Thermal insulation Cellulose Fibre Acoustic insulation Cellulose Fibre Batts Slab Boards Loose fibre DIY bagged insulation Specialist applicator insulation Concrete reinforcement Road reinforcement .

Paper and Cardboard • Paper cartons as boards for linings and furniture • Acoustic isolation board • Acoustic isolation Sheet underlayment • Rainscreen Cladding • Class O wall linings .

Recycled Newspaper & Magazines C ll l M i Cellulose fib fibre Thermal Insulation Construction Resources Showrooms Southwark London .

deep compound rafters or joists with Cellulose fibre insulation High thermal mass cellulose fibre insulation boards in walls and floors Acoustic i l ti b A ti isolation board d sheet underlayment Construction Resources Showrooms Southwark London .Cellulose Fibre board 300-600 mm.

Recycled D i k C t R l d Drinks Cartons @ CAT .

eu 1 Plastics & Rubber .uk 15/04/2010 © NGS 2006 Title 1 www.co.capem.greenspec.www.

Recycled Plastics • Reuse as loose lay membranes • Recycled Polyethylene DPM: Visqueen • Downcycled as garden and street furniture • Decking • Pallets • Sand. fine and course aggregate p substitute in concrete products – Strong in tension. thinner section .

Recycled plastic board Downcycled Plastics into sheet form Cubicles C bi l Linings Worktop p Sainsbury Retail Food Store Greenwich Peninsula .

Recycled Plastic Pallets .

Plastics • • • • • Crisp packets: Plastic building board Plastic Bottles: Plastic building boards Agricultural polyethylene: DPM Ink cartridges: Plastic building boards Wellington boots: building board 18/05/2010 © NGS 2002-2007 Recycled Products 88 .

Recycled plastic




• Rubber Crumb in pavement & playground surface • Rubber Roofing tiles and slates • Rubber sheet or strip in acoustic applications li ti


© NGS 2002-2007 Recycled Products


Recycled Rubber Entrance Matting i

Sainsbury Retail Food Store Greenwich Peninsula

Recycled Rubber Paving Tile .

Road Planings • • • • • • Aggregates in more roads Hardcore Glass in asphalt: Glasphalt Planed. blended and relayed Permeable pavement Water storage media below pavement © NGS 2002-2007 Recycled Products 94 18/05/2010 .

blended and re-laid .Recycled content Planed.

Recycled Road + Glass Permeable pavement .

Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Aggregate • By-products of steel smelting • Reduced to powder & has p p Cementitious properties • Low CO2 alternative to cement in many applications • 30 70% replacement 30-70% • Slower set .

Blast Blast Furnace Slag Used slag in furnace ground granulated Blastfurnace cement substitute up to 70% b tit t t OPC in concrete Slower to strengthen Warm grey not cold grey .

Glass and Aggregate Paving .

Gypsum • D Desulfurisation gypsum. waste lf i ti t timber and recycled water from electricity generation • Highly compressed gypsum b based d board • Gallery wall linings Aberystwyth Arts Centre Smith Roberts Architects Photo: Charlotte Wood .

uk 15/04/2010 © NGS 2006 Title 1 www.capem.eu 1 Sewage .www.greenspec.co.

Sewage • Cooked like clay. slight pong • Not unlike lightweight expanded clay aggregate (LECA) • Used as an aggregate in lightweight concrete t • Thermal insulation in ground floors hardcore filling 18/05/2010 © NGS 2002-2007 Recycled Products 102 .

Sewage • Raw sewage • Rocket fuel for trees 18/05/2010 © NGS 2002-2007 Recycled Products 103 .

wet woodland p new pools created formerly heavily contaminated burning grounds .

co. Reduce. Reuse.greenspec. Exchange.uk 10/03/2008 © NGS 2006 Title 1 Useful Websites Waste Hierarchy.www. Recover. Local & Green Construction Product Websites Another GreenSpec CPD to download soon . Recycle.

capem.eu 1 Recycled Upcycled Downcycled .greenspec.15/04/2010 © NGS 2006 Title Recycled R l d Construction Products & Materials 1 www.co.uk www.

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