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WARRANT TO ARREST ON INDICTMENT BEING ISSU” |BEFORE THE DEFENDANT HAS APPEARED OR WAS SCHEDULED TO APPEAR, COURT.OF COMMON PLEAS, PORTAGE COUNTY, OHIO 2020CR00534C SECR ET COURT OF COMNON PLEAS STATE OF OHIO ini a vs INDI CTME ‘NT “TORTAGE COUNTY, OF10. MILLICENT F WEAVER TO THE SHERIFF OF PORTAGE COUNTY: ‘An indictment, a copy of which is attached hereto, has been filed in the Portage County Common Pleas Court charging defendant with the offense of: ROBBERY 2911.02 F2 TAMPERING WITH EVIDENCE 2921.12 F3 OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE 2921.32 F5 DOMESTIC VIOLENCE 2919.25 M1 YOU ARE ORDERED TO ARREST: MILLICENT F WEAVER ‘And bring said person before said Court without unnecessary delay. Given under my hand and seal of the Portage County Common Pleas Court on this July 20, 2020, Jill Fankhauser, Clerk of Courts Riis? Deputy Clerk Date: July 20, 2020 RETURN OF SERVICE I RECEIVED THIS WARRANT ON 520__, AT. 0’CLOCK ___M AND ON I MADE PERSONAL SERVICE ON DAVID W DOAK, SHERIFF , DEPUTY FEES: MILEAGE $ BOOKING TOTAL