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Voki Lesson Plan

Class Title: Geography

Lesson Title: Anti-Stereotype project
Grade Level: Fourth Grade
Author: Stephanie Bushman
Students will
1. Where major continents are located on the map
2. Where these continents are located in reference to longitude and latitude
3. The major countries of these continents, and where they are located geographically
(continent and longitude/latitude).
4. Research skills
5. Presentation skills
6. Cultural facts about major countries
1. Internet
2. Computer per student
3. Empty map
4. Power point
5. (
6. Longitude game
Class Duration: 1 day for the Earth Day Activity
1. Draw a globe on the board.
2. What are important parts of the globe?
a. Cardinal directions: Which goes where on the four point cross?
b. North and south pole: where are these?
c. The equator: Where is this?
d. The prime meridian: where is this?
e. Draw each on the board.

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3. Ask the students who has heard of longitude and latitude. Ask them what these two things
are used for (maps and geography) and what they mean.
4. On the globe, trace the lines. Longitude goes horizontally across the earth, and latitude goes
5. How are these measured?
a. Longitude: distance from prime meridian (show on board). Measured in degrees East
and West (show on cardinal directions).
b. Latitude: distance from equator (show on board). Degrees north and south (show on
cardinal directions).
6. The students will play the longitude game. They are given two options, and click on the
correct “x” to find the treasure. Hurry to get it before the pirates do!
7. Give the students a blank map of the world including longitude and latitude.
8. Ask the students to identify with you the major continents and label them on the map.
9. Ask what each student knows about these continents: what countries are found here?
10. The students will color each continent a different color.
11. Pass out another map with blank countries. Show them where these countries are located,
and they will color each one and label it.
12. Ask the students what they know about these countries: what do those people eat, what
animals live there, etc.
13. Assign each student a country. They will present to the class:
a. Their country name (picture).
b. Its capital
i. The longitude and latitude of the capital (picture)
c. What people eat there (picture)
d. How people dress there (picture)
e. A Voki character they have created to look like people in that country who will tell the
class what animals live in their country
14. Before project due date, students will learn about stereotypes
a. What is a stereotype? Have students heard of this word?
b. Stereotype is negative-Stereotyping others means we act like we already know them
because of where they are from or their skin color.
c. What are some examples of stereotypes?
d. How can we avoid using stereotypes?

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