EQUALITY AND DIVERSITY ON THE SOCIETY EQUALITY ON THE SOCIETY: Discriminatory practice: Discrimination is treating people unequally or partialating

people who are different because of their age, sex, gender, religion, race, and nationality or so on. It is the discernment of qualities and rejection of people or things with undesirable qualities. It is treating people differently which is totally unfair and unjust. How discrimination comes about? Discrimination comes about because of assumptions that people make in their thinking .they may sometimes stereotype or label others. For example old people have a stereotype that young people are just so much irresponsible and manner less .they do not know how to respect others. While young people have stereotype view that old people are just useless and have no sense which is the reason why young and old people generally cannot go on together. Discrimination can adversely affect ones life because it can:
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Harm people sense of self esteem and value. 
Block people from making most of their lives.

Harm people through verbal and physical abuse. Lead people to not getting quality care and services.

Positive influences: But if you are really lucky to grow in non -discriminatory activities you will have a positive view towards your life and a good self esteem, and confidence to do something and be a good person on life. If you are not discriminated against then it is sure that you will also have no discrimination or

Stereotyping Stereotyping describes the belief that all people are same in certain circumstances . Stereotypes also evolve out of fear of persons from minority groups. Hence the society will be completely free from discrimination and everybody will have the feeling of brotherhood that is we feeling for one another. This may be how some stereotypes de veloped in the first place. which indicate that persons with mental illn ess tend to be no more prone to violence than the general population.it is likely that for one to have stereotypical attitudes as part of Stereotypical attitudes are developed as a part of socialization. many people have the view of a person with mental illness as someone who is violence-prone. The other case may be people who live under discrimination may contribute their whole life in awaking people against such discrimination and developing courage in people to fight against such discriminations by uprooting it from the society like Nelson Mandela did. isolated cases of mentally ill persons going on rampages have planted the seed of this myth about these persons. This conflicts with statistical data. Perhaps the few. For example. but well -publicized. Some other examples of the stereotypes in our society are as follows: . It can be a dangerous practice as it can end up with discrimination against people b ased on wrong assumptions. One living in a non-discriminatory society would have access to every facility as others and gets equal opportunity to enjoy and maintain the standard of living. a series of isolated behaviours by a member of a group which was unfairly generalized to be viewed as a character of all members of that group.feeling of revenge towards others.

Teenagers are careless and irresponsible Old people are useless and have no intellectual capacity. Can lead to discrimination like in the past women were dominated by feel that people are staring at you and making fun of you. Begin to feel paranoid whenever you are in the public place like you may Low self-esteem: a belief that you are inferior to others. however. Perpetuate social prejudice and inequality. Once people develop prejudices against groups of people. to be widely used to refer to any hostile attitude towards people based on their race. it came. Similarly a person from an African origin is considered to be good at sports while poor at academic performance while the case might be quite the opposite. they are likely to discriminate if they are in the position of making decisions. Prejudice Prejudice refers to prejudgment it is making a judgment about a person based on their race.y y y y Overweight people are lazy and do nothing to help their situation. males and were not allowed to have rights to make any decisions be it be in the society or in her own family because of the stereotypes and prejudice . The one who wear big spectacles may be seen as a ¶book worm· by his/her friends. Effects of stereotyping and labelling on people and the society : y y y y y Become highly defensive against any negative reaction to you. Female nurses are ´GOOD TIME GIRLSµ. before receiving information relevant to the particular issue on which a judgment was being made. Some examples of prejudice are as follows: People who are unemployed may be judged as useless and lazy by people who have not experienced unemployment.

Feeling of vulnerability and unsafe. because of the stereotypes thoughts and prejudgement made about people without knowing them. stereotyping attitudes of people SOCIAL FACTORS AND DIVERSITY Social class: ON EFFECTING THE EQUALITY SOCIETY It is a term used to group of people living together depending on their income.attitude of people that women are emotional fools and cannot make right decisions. y y y y y y reduce a wide range of differences in people to simplistic categorizations Social isolation and e exclusion: that you don·t belong to the group. They . One may be bullied or physically and mentally abused due to This can also lead to stress and poor mental health. y y Negative attitude or stereotyped beliefs people have about tho se who Suspicious lack of trust or uncomfortable way of reacting people are ¶¶different·· for example people with disabilities. y Transform assumptions about particular groups of people into "realities" like one may really start to feel lack of confidence and failure to belief in own abilities. Wealth and job is known as a social class. There are two types of social class family. y be used to justify the position of those in power like in jobs a person may not be hired or rudely behave d because of the stereotypes and prejudice that his boss may have about him. Can create anger and frustration in individuals.

these people may suffer from grave diseases like cancers. protein. so may not be ab le to give the required attention to guide their children and give them the emotional bonding that they required for their development. Lower class Upper class People of lower class choose or are forced to make due to their lifestyle choices. People of an upper class have lots of money so they can Spain whatever/wherever they like.are. this can result in poor emotional development of children. and kwashiorkor and so on leading to immature/early death of an individual. Similarly poor people cannot afford to live in a clean and peaceful environment . etc are very essential for every human beings for their development. They have greater stresses on their lives due to lower wages.their housing is poor and in overcrowded area with a lot of pollution which can have adverse impact on health of an individual. hepatitis. Similarly due to poverty parents have to work hard all the time to join their hands and mouth and feed their children. smoking and drinking. In the same way because of the lack of money afford to buy healthy foods which contain Vitamins. Hence. They can also give up their studies.due to poor diet their body might not have good resistance power. In the long run. Such lack of proper diet causes malnutrition and can have adverse effect on the physical and mental can have adverse effect on the physical and mental development of an individual . They are most likely to smoke and drink alcohol than people in the higher classes. They choose the quality of the food they buy and can afford to shop around rather than going . so such people are more likely to be ill as their body cannot resist with the disease germs. Due to lack of proper guidance children fall into bad company and may be able to involve in taking drugs. even if then child is very talented and good student he/she will not be able to continue his studies to a higher level due to the lack of money required and poor condition of the family. Minerals.

Ethnicity POLITICAL FACTORS AND DIVERSITY ON EFFECTING THE EQUALITY SOCIETY Bibilography: Health and social care Btec book .to the nearest food shop. going in pops for their entertainment. Due to more money they join clubs.

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