Customisable Quadruple Play Home Gateway

Wi-Fi 802.11 n/g/b

• Fixed and Mobile Convergence (FMC) • TV over ADSL and VOD • 3G uplink support • TR-069/TR104 management • Multi-SSID with Hotspot, bandwidth allocation & prioritization • Home Automation • File sharing (on local USB mass storage) and built-in web page • SIP, MGCP and H323 simultaneous management • LAN port can be used as WAN port

Bewan iBox
Bewan iBox is a future proof home gateway that offers an unparalleled range of added value services.
Designed to fulfil the needs of Internet Service Providers for tailored and modular multi-play residential gateways, the Bewan iBox is a quadruple play solution that provides users with Broadband Internet, IP Telephony, TV over ADSL and Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC). This “all-in-one” home gateway combines a high quality ADSL2+ modem that supports multiple virtual channels and ATM traffic management with a second-to-none router that incorporates a complete range of routing functionalities such as NAT, DNS relays, dynamic DNS, DHCP client/server, static routing tables, IGMP Proxy, and UPnP. The Bewan iBox also features a secure wireless access point that complies with 802.11 n/g/b certifications for high performance, standardised wireless connections, and a modular VoIP gateway for fixed and mobile telephony (FMC) via ADSL. Equipped with FXS and FXO ports, the iBox supports the SIP, MGCP and H323 protocols so the users can make and receive calls over the Internet with either their landline phone or their Wi-Fi mobile. Last but not least, this innovative and modular Internet box would not be the market’s most innovative solution without featuring Bewan HomeCenter, a groundbreaking web application that provides a full range of multimedia services that can be hosted on the ISP’s servers or at the user’s home, simply by connecting a USB disk to one of the iBox’s USB2.0 ports. The wide array of potential services include home automation, blog creations, photo albums compilations, video libraries, etc.

printers. whilst providing unrivalled sound quality and convenience. secured by a complete preconfigured firewall.1x. allowing the user’s connection to be switched automatically to 3G in the event their DSL line goes down. IP telephony using landline and mobile telephones.0 ports forsharing peripherals (hard disks. which enables operators to manage and administer their installed fleet remotely. including WDS (Wireless Distribution System). calls from the landline phone are automatically switched to the PSTN line (and the dialling tone changes to inform the user). means iBox users have access to a high-quality quadruple play service. Users can make and receive calls over the Internet with either their landline phone or their Wi-Fi mobile. WPA/802. WPA2. WPA/PSK. continuity of service is assured. TV over ADSL and video on demand. By connecting a Set-top Box via the port. This function is crucial.). The default security settings meet the most stringent . The whole operation is totally transparent for the subscriber. dynamic DNS. Comprehensive router The Bewan iBox incorporates a complete range of routing functions: NAT. ensuring optimum ROI. DHCP client/server. The box supports the 3G/3G+ USB key. combined with multiple virtual channel support and ATM traffic management. TR-069 management Bewan iBox supports the configuration management protocol TR-069. Dropped connections mean unhappy customers. as it provides a simple. all with a minimum of fuss. Secure wireless access point The Bewan iBox has a built-in network access point that complies with 802. and bridge. static routing tables. UPnP. guaranteeing a flawless service. Fixed and mobile telephony via the Internet The Bewan iBox is a modular VoIP gateway that combines fixed and mobile telephony via ADSL seamlessly. It can be used to set up a reliable and efficient home network.Bewan iBox 3G uplink support DSL line connection stability is the ultimate yardstick by which end users judge the performance of their ISP. The access point has a multitude of built-in features. MGCP and H323 protocols. multi-bridge and repeater mode management. etc. standardised wireless connections. incorporating broadband Internet. cost-efficient way of rolling out software updates for subscribers’ modems. SSID masking. users can access television over ADSL or video on demand. With the Bewan iBox. IGMP Proxy. TV over ADSL and video on demand (VOD) Bewan iBox has an IPTV connector. In addition to its wireless connections and 10/100 Ethernet ports for computers and other items of network hardware. If the power goes down or the VoIP account is disabled for any reason. it also has USB 2. and the user experience is positive. This 10/100 TX MDI/MDI-X Ethernet port is independent and leads directly to the processor core. Equipped with FXS and FXO ports. MAC address access filtering. etc. the iBox supports the SIP. Integrated ADSL2+ modem ADSL2+ (up to 24 Mbps downstream).11n/g/b (Wi-Fi certified component) for high-performance. multi-SSID. requirements: WEP. DNS relays.

audio and other automated systems come together in a seamless network that makes life more enjoyable for you. Users simply gather all their favourite hits on a USB disk hooked up to the iBox and make their own music compilations. It’s a boundless multimedia environment. televisions. for example) or over the Internet. even when they are out or travelling. and find out the status of the various home systems connected: heating. your friends and family. to sharing news and experiences with friends and family. What’s more. for a unique approach to the digital home. They can then listen to them at home. Bewan HomeCenter offers clients an exceptional array of services. passing on news. Photo album / video library Remote control for the home The iBox and Bewan HomeCenter have been designed to allow users to retain control over their home’s automated systems. creating your very own digital jukebox is child’s play. which can then be read by anyone they choose to grant access to. surveillance cameras. www. outdoors (after transferring them to a portable MP3 player. Create a blog Blogs are extraordinary media for communicating with friends and family. lighting.bewan. With Bewan HomeCenter. with broadband Internet the digital home takes on new dimensions. compile photo albums or video libraries. Users The iBox is a great way of obtaining photos and videos shot with a camera. by allowing them to access the Jukebox over the ‘Net. allowing you to interact and share with all your . www. iBox users can easily create and publish their own blogs. the possibilities are endless. and even their own digital jukebox. Users can create their own blogs. can interact with any of the systems. What is the digital home? The digital home is an electronic habitat that uses the latest technology to make everyday life easier and more fun. They can even share their musical tastes with friends. All that’s required is access to the Internet or a mobile phone to communicate with the iBox. They can then publish them on the Internet where they can be viewed by friends. family or anyone else with permission. Digital Jukebox With Bewan HomeCenter. mobile phone or any other kind of video equipment.Bewan iBox HomeCenter – multimedia services Bewan HomeCenter is a ground-breaking Web application developed specially for the iBox. where all your computers. wherever they are in the world. and so on. From remotely controlling home systems such as heating or lighting.bewan. deterring would-be burglars by switching on lights.0 ports. digital video camera. simply by connecting a USB disk to one of the iBox’s USB 2. With Bewan HomeCenter. for example turning on the heating before they get home. handily stored on a USB disk hooked up to the iBox or on their ISP’s servers. It provides a range of multimedia services that can be hosted on an ISP’s servers or at the user’s home. and sharing opinions and experiences. etc. users can organise their images into photo albums and video libraries.

ssh) • SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) WLAN • 802. G726) • Integrated answering machine WAN • Bridged mode. PDA) • Music.Electrical devices remote control through phone and web interface • Bluetooth (via optional USB dongle) • DECT (via optional USB dongle) • Internet access point support for Bluetooth compliant mobile devices (i. URL.e. . All rights reserved. TFTP) • “Double bank” firmware upgrade (current/backup) • Command Line Interpreter (telnet. No-IP) • VPN Passthrough • VPN server • Firewall (SPI/anti-DoS) • Filtering (ports. WPA and WPA2 encryption • QoS 802.1 Slave port (PC with windows) • Built-in modem ADSL.1d/w (spanning tree) Complete support of telephony supplementary services • Caller ID • Call forward • Call waiting • Call transfer • Call rejection • Call hold • Call Pickup • Do Not Disturb • VAD (Voice Activity Detection) • Silence suppression • Comfort noise • Echo cancellation (G. multi-bridge and repeater • WEP.bewan. black & white-lists) • ALG (Application Level Gateway) • LAN: MDI/MDI-X cable autodetection on LAN ports • Learning/filtering bridge 802. music) • USB Printer Sharing • Answering machine management • Home automation features: . ADSL2/2+. MGCP and H323 simultaneous management • Smart PSTN handling with built-in ADSL microfilter • Analogue phone support • Life line “by-pass” on failure state • Complete configuration of Dial plan (forced switchover PSTN on prefix) Routing and Security features • Multiple Bridge • DHCP server. bridge.168) • Remote dial (for using BeWAN iBox VoIP facilities from anywhere) • State of the art voice technologies (jitter buffer. client • TV over ADSL support • VLAN 802. Photo and Video Push and Publish to HomeCenter Hardware • Dimensions: 244 x 178 x 40 mm • Weight: approx.11 n/g/b Wireless Access Point • WDS support (Wireless Distributed System) • Operation modes: server. Re-ADSL • Built-in ADSL microfilter Technical characteristics VoIP features • Voice over IP Gateway • SIP Proxy • IP phone support • Wi-Fi phone support • SIP.1q • QoS 802. FTP. 600 g • Power supply: 12 V . pictures.0 Master ports (USB devices) • 1 USB 1.G711. For more details. Bewan reserves the right to change the technical specifications of its products to reflect market circumstances without notice.11e • Multi-SSID • SSID broadcast disabling • Mac address filtering HomeCenter • Built-in ready to use personal Web Server (http/https) • Auto-install on local USB mass storage or remote web hosting • Multiple User and Group management with access control • Blog • File Sharing (HTTP/HTTPS. PPPoA • RFC 1483 • ATM multiPVC • 10/100 BaseT Ethernet WAN port • 3G uplink support Configuration • Unified Transversal configuration engine • Web interface configuration (HTTP/HTTPS) • Auto provisioning TR069/TR104 • Configuration save and restore feature • Remote firmware upgrade (HTTP/HTTPS. FTP. Windows) • Media Sharing (documents. Non-contractual pictures and document.2 A (external power supply unit) Bewan is a member company of: www.1p • IGMP Proxy • UPnP • NAT/PAT • Dynamic DNS support (DynDNS.Bewan iBox Technical characteristics Ports • 1 FXO/DSL RJ11 port (PSTN + ADSL line) • 2 FXS RJ11 ports (Telephones) • 4 Ethernet 10/100 RJ45 ports (LAN) Manageable • 0 to 4 USB 2. G729a/b. get in touch with your Bewan contacts. video. FPFAI-UK-HOMEBOX-AB / Products names and brands are registered trademarks.Supports all types of electrical devices . Routed mode • Concurrent Bridge/Router mode • PPPoE (with keep alive).

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