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For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, B
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but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many. er-a-
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Mark 10:45 (NIV) Spec riend


Wilderness Ridge was founded in 1987 by a group of Christian men who wanted to
give boys a camping experience that would introduce them to Jesus Christ and show
and teach them how to be Godly men in today’s world. Seven acres in the Lost Pines
Forest were purchased near Smithville, Texas, and the camp has grown to our present
95 acres, where we continue to keep the legacy alive for “affordable, Christ-centered
wilderness camping for boys and men.”

The founders wanted to offer an exceptional wilderness camp experience at an

affordable price.

An Independent, Non-Denominational Summer Camp
The Journey – Living For Others
Dear Parent,
Your son will experience God’s natural world at Wilderness Ridge! It is our desire to encourage campers to live a REAL life in Jesus Christ.
We define REAL...
Reproducing other Disciples Matthew 28:18-20
Esteeming God above All Mark 12:30
Announcing the Good News Luke 24:46-47
Living for Others Mark 10:45
This summer is about Living for Others. We are teaching through examples
and experiences how to withstand the draw of our culture to focus upon
themselves. To do as Jesus did...”For even the Son of Man did not come to
be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” (Mark

We intertwine a Christ-likeness perspective, attitude and approach to

life in everything we do during the camp week. It’s a fast paced outdoor
adventure. Activities are designed to teach servant-hood, teamwork, and
trust through rope course challenges and crazy relays to cabin clean-up.
Your son will actively engage with hands-on opportunities...using his
imagination...learning to solve problems and make decisions...participating
in carefully designed, “calculated” risk experiences.

Wilderness Ridge is west of Smithville, Texas among the tall pine trees of
the Lost Pines Forest in God’s incredible creation. Since 1987 we have been
and will continue to lead boys to Jesus Christ . . . helping them as they face
The Journey. The Journey begins when Jesus Christ becomes the Lord of a
person’s life.

We are excited about partnering with you to encourage your boys and young men on their spiritual journey. Thanks for entrusting them to
us. We will take good care of them.

In Him,
Ron Hunt, Camp Director
P.S. Woodsman Camps were filled by May last year; so register NOW!!!
…an exciting, unforgettable adventure REGISTRATION!
experience. (Applies to both Woodsman and Ranger Challenge Camps)

Attention Parents: Each session of Woodsman Camps • Early Bird Special — register before February
will be split into Woodsman I with two cabins of 7 to 21 and receive a $50 discount!
• Spring Break Discount — register before April 1
9 year olds and Woodsman II with four cabins of 10 to
and receive a $30 discount!
13 year olds. • Refer-a-Friend Special – (April 1–June 1)
Bring a friend and you both receive
This camp is specially designed for each age a $25 discount!
group to provide an outrageously active day in a
safe and encouraging environment while
connecting with God. Each day includes a
variety of adventurous activities and vigorous games. Daily your son’s eyes will be opened to the
majesty of God in various ways through Bible stories/studies and thought-provoking teaching on
Living for Others; exploring and enjoying the wilderness; and in many other ways only our
Creator understands. The campers are grouped in cabins of eight campers and led by a Servant-
Leader (counselor) who desires to impact each camper. Servant-Leaders are chosen by the
following criteria:
• Love Jesus and put Him first.
• Love kids and desire to influence them in Christ, and
• Love the outdoors and use it to teach the guys about Christ.

Campers enjoy the adventure, surprises, physical and spiritual challenges and fun at a Woodsman Camp.

• Ages 7 - 13; must be 7 years old before September 1, 2011, and not older than 13 years old at the time they come to camp.
• Camp Price $330 which includes daily canteen snack – a Gatorade, one candy and one salty item.

Session 1: June 12 – 17 • Session 2: June 19 – 24 • Session 3: July 3 – 8 • Session 4: July 10 – 15 • Session 5: July 17 – 22
Limited space per session!

Woodsman Camps “Sold Out” before the end of May last year! Register Now!!!
Woodsman & RANGER CHALLENGE …the
Ranger Challenge place to come to be yourself.
June 26 – July 1
• Ages 13 – 16 years old; must be 13 years old and not older than 16 at the time they come to camp.
• Camp Sessions are from • Camp Price $330 which includes daily canteen snack — a Gatorade, one candy and one salty
Sunday at 3:30 p.m. to Friday item.
evening at 6 p.m. Camper
This camp will challenge a young man’s courage, problem-solving abilities, physical strength and
families are invited to join
endurance, leadership strengths and weaknesses and observations. It will have a life-changing
us for BBQ dinner Friday
impact on his spiritual commitment and growth. The week includes experiencing an overnight
served at 6:00 p.m. followed
canoe trip down the Colorado River and a survival hike. There are discussions on challenges
by camp wrap-up ceremo-
young men face in today’s world. We’ll talk about Living for Others (Mark 10:45) and ask the
nies that will conclude by
Biblical question, “How do we live counter to today’s typical American Culture?”
8:00 p.m.
After every teaching time, there will be some time for each camper to reflect and process what they
• Maximum of 48 campers
have experienced. These are often the times when God
per camp session staying in
does His best work.
one of six open-air cabins (8
campers per cabin). Servant-Leaders (counselors) lead a group of no more
than 8 campers. Servant-Leaders are chosen because
• Leader to camper ratio:
they are committed to strive to reflect God in everything
they do. One Servant-Leader put it this way: “My life-
• Camp price includes a daily style is a testimony of Jesus Christ.”
snack (a Gatorade plus a
While this program is meant to take you out of your
candy and a salty item) for
perceived “comfort zone,” we realize that not every
campers from the Canteen
young man is an athlete. No one will ever be pressured
each afternoon.
to participate in any activity that they feel
• 5-gallon containers of uncomfortable doing. This program is about meeting
drinking water are located personal challenges of the individual, perseverance,
throughout the camp. accomplishment and team building. Young men... Come
take your next step spiritually.
Archery GaGa Ball Pit
Stargazing Box Hockey Orienteering
Ladder Golf Spotlight Tag Ultimate Frisbee
100’ Long Zipline
Riflery Group
Games Low Ropes
(pellets & BB’s only)
Swimming Worship Songs
Campfire Cooking
Canoeing(silver turtles & s’mores)
Outdoor Learning Center
40’ Climbing Wall Pickle Ball
(critters, insects, plants, etc.)

Iron Cabin
Capture 101 Flags Crafts
Ping Pong
All of
of these
these activities
included, and
activities may
may not
may be
not be
added. Hiking Horse Shoes
Nature Hikes
Servant and Leadership Trainees
(SALT) ages 14 -17
“Slaves, obey your earthly masters in everything; and do it, not only when their eye is
on you and to win their favor, but with sincerity of heart and reverence for the Lord. Whatever
you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you
know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.”
Colossians 3:22-24
Jesus said, “whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant,
and whoever wants to be first must be your slave – just as the Son of Man did not
come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many”
(Matthew 20: 26-28). By following the example of our Lord Jesus Christ, you im-
pact the lives of many campers, youth, adults and other SALT’ees through your
commitment. You gain an understanding of what it means to be a servant-leader.
Campers’ lives could not be changed without SALT’ees doing their part.

Serving others and ministering the love of Christ at camp will be done through
doing maintenance and general work...upkeep, program activities set-up and
clean-up, foodservice including preparation, setup, dishwashing, and other
support needs...remembering that the campers and staff are observing. Your day
will begin with a focused solo quiet time and group devotional.

SALT’ees can also be chosen to work with a Servant-Leader (counselor) to help

lead a group of 8 campers including staying in their cabin. Note: Servant-Leader
(counselor) is a man (age 18 +) trained to be responsible for guiding a group of 8 campers during the week, and staying in a cabin with them (pictured at right).
Young men 14 – 17 years old will be considered if they are dedicated
• Love Jesus and put him first.
• Love kids and desire to influence them in Christ, and
• Love the outdoors and use it to teach the guys about Christ.
You are expected to obey all camp rules, behavior expectations and
accomplish assigned responsibilities with a positive attitude, with
excellence and on schedule.
Selection to be a SALT’ee is based upon a personal interview, refer-
ence responses, and performance related to all training requirements
(on-line and on-site).
First, pray about what God is leading you to do this summer, then
if led, contact the CWR office by e-mail,
or phone (Sandy – 512-237-4442) to request a SALT 2011 Application
Packet. There is no charge to be a SALT’ee. SALT’ee can volunteer or
choose to be compensated. SALT’ees are expected to develop their own prayer and financial support team to pray for their summer experi-
ence and if able to assist financially in covering their weekly compensation. Compensation targets are: $100 to $200 per week depending on
the person’s experience and the camp needs.
SALT’ees are expected to commit to a minimum of two consecutive weeks of service. There will be online training to complete in a timely
manner and an on-site training you must attend (3-5 days). Camp sessions end on Friday evening following the Family Dinner and camp
wrap-up ceremonies. You are expected to stay and help put up, clean-up, and prepare for the next camp session. The SALT Director will
let know when you can leave.
• Ages 14 – 17 years old
• Confession of Christian faith
• At least one year as a summer camper at Camp Wilderness Ridge or another Christian summer camp. This is negotiable based upon
equivalent experience.
How does my son request a specific cabin mate? He may request up to two cabin mates of the same age range as the cabin on the registration form. The
request must be made in advance and with mutual consent of both parties. Note: Please consider that if your son is with the same guys he is with all the time he will not
have the freedom to be himself and the other guys in the cabin will be outsiders.

How do I communicate with my son while he’s at camp? Campers enjoy getting mail at camp. In addition, we provide a free e-mail service for you to
send email to your son during his week but it is only one-way. He will not be able to respond. Please no phone calls to your camper. Even the most content camper will
feel a sense of homesickness after a phone call from home. Emergency phone calls should be to the camp office at 512-237-4442.

Can I send a care package or letter to my son? Certainly, campers love getting something from home, but remember he’s only here a week. Please do not
send gum, food, drinks, fireworks, candy, or silly string. We appreciate your help as food or drinks are not allowed in cabins because they draw critters and ants. You are
welcome to leave packages in the camp office before your departure on Sunday. Campers enjoy letters; keep them short and limit how much you say you or the family
misses them so you don’t encourage homesickness.

What about my son’s spending money? This year’s camp price includes a daily afternoon Canteen snack which includes Gatorade and a candy and a salty item.

What should my son pack for camp? A detailed list is available at our website:, if you do not have Internet access then call to
request a copy be mailed to you. Just remember, the most important things are old clothes, socks, closed-toe shoes plus another pair of old closed toe shoes, swim suit,
toiletries, bedding (sleeping bag best), pillow, etc. Mark all items with his last name.

What should my son NOT bring to camp? Snacks & other food items, CD/MP3 player, cell phone, Gameboys or other electronic games, guns, bows & arrows,
or anything expensive or illegal. If these items make it to camp, they will be confiscated and returned to a parent or guardian upon departure. Illegal materials will be
reported to the police department.

What will you be sharing with my child in your Bible messages and quiet times? Through morning devotions, daily Bible Study, skits/dramas and
campfire gatherings, we will share many different stories and lessons from the Bible. At least once during the week we will present the Gospel, which means that we share
with campers that God loves us and wants a relationship with us (John 3: 16), we are all sinners (Romans 3: 23), Jesus came to save us from our sins, (1 Timothy 1:15), and
all we have to do to be saved from our sins is to put our trust in Jesus Christ (Romans 10: 9). We do not pressure campers to make any spiritual decision.

Phone : Camp Office: 512.237.4442 Address: Camp Wilderness Ridge E-mail: camp@wil
Camp Fax: 512.237.3661 855 Park Road 1C Website:
Smithville, TX 78957 Camp Director: Ron Hunt
You can register and make a deposit at our website:
# Years at CWR? _________ Where did you hear about CWR? ______________________________________________________________
Name of Camper: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Grade Completed by 6/1/2011: _________ Date of Birth: ______________________ Age: _________ Shirt Size: _____
Address: _______________________________________________ City: _____________________________ State: _______ Zip: _________
Home Phone: (_____)_____________________________ Cell Phone: (_____)_____________________________
Parent E-mail Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________
Church Attending: ________________________________________________________________________ City: ______________________
Mother’s/Guardian’s Name: _________________________________________________ Daytime Phone: (_____)_____________________
Father’s/Guardian’s Name: __________________________________________________ Daytime Phone: (_____)_____________________
Cut Here

Roommate Request (1) _________________________________________ (2) _____________________________________________________

Roommates must request each other in writing at the time of registration. No more than two roommate choices are allowed and roomates must be in the same age group (ages 7-9 or 10-13)

Camp Price: $330 A $60 (non-refundable) deposit is required per camper per week to confirm the reservation. It will be applied to the camp registration fee.
Registration before February 21, 2011 — Discount $50 per session • Registration postmarked before April 1, 2011 — Discount $30 per session
Refer-a-Friend Special — April 1, 2011 through June 1, 2011 Only — Bring a friend and you both receive a $25 discount!
Please indicate the session you would like to attend:
Woodsman (7 years prior to 6/1/11 to 13 years at start of camp) June 12 - 17 June 20 - 2 July 10 - 15 June 19 - 24
July 3 - 8 July 17 - 22
Ranger Challenge Camp (13 years prior to 9/1/11 to 17 years at start of camp) June 26 - July 1
Scholarship assistance is available. Please contact Ron Hunt ( for information.
NOTE: Pastors, church clergy, church paid staff, missionary parents or grandparents can take a $40 discount off the final price.

Payment method: Check Enclosed Credit Card or Paypal at at Summer Camps Register Now.
MAIL COMPLETED FORM AND REQUIRED DEPOSIT TO: Wilderness Ridge Camp - 855 Park Road 1C - Smithville, TX 78957
Phone: 512.237.4442 • Fax: 512.237.3661 •
Camp Wilderness Ridge
855 Park Road 1C Non-Profit Org.
Smithville, TX 78957
U.S. Postage
Alamo Mailing Co.
Return Service Requested

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