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time activity room time activity University of Stavanger - UiS (Norway)

Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg - UO (Germany)
Portuguese Open University - UA (Portugal)
Coordinator of IP University of Nova Gorica - NG (Slovenia)
University of South Bohemia - USB (Czech Republic)
Oldenburg University, Germany (UO) in Cooperation with
Lydia Potts Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences,
University of Zagreb - UZ (Croatia)
assisted by
Melike Döver
Jan Kühnemund
Ania Malgozata Renz
Ben Yeboa-Kodie

JMMIR partner institutions

University of Stavanger, Norway (UiS)
Dan Daatland
Ole Jone Eide
Nils Olaf Ostrem Migration in Europe:
University of Nova Gorica, Slovenia (NG) New Dimensions,
Jure Gombac Interdisciplinary Approaches,
Marina Luksic-Hacin
Mirjam Milharcic-Hladnik Plural Perspectives
University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic (USB)
Michal Šimunek
Salim Murad

Portuguese Open University, Portugal (UA)

Erasmus Intensive Phase at the
in Cooperation with University of Oldenburg, Germany

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Oct 5-22, 2009

University of Zagreb, Croatia (UZ)
Milan Mesic Programme

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time activity room time activity room

Arrival Participants
mon, oct5 University of Stavanger, Norway (UiS)
Arrival and Welcome Samer Saleh Abujazar
Coordinator: Matika Mulwande, University Olden- Ashley Laura Allen
burg, cell: +49 0176 23140530 Hussam Abed Alati Almozayan
Trine Askheim

tue, oct6 Orientation Day Faustin Gasana

Sanjiwani Gharti
Restaurant Paal Hatlem
9:00 Breakfast and Introduction to the Intensive Phase ProSecco, Ijeoma Uzoechi Iro-ukpai
Uhlhorns- Myat Htay Kyi Munthe
weg 99a Adnan Ramic
11:00 Campus Walk and Library Tour Douglas Gregorio Rodriguez Escalona
Coordinator: Melike Döver and Ben Yeboa-Kodie (UO) Benjamin Waldejer

12:35 lunch Mensa University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic (USB)

Marketa Benesova
13:45 Meeting Erasmus students and reception at Olden- Altes Eva Bucharova
Rathaus Stepan Halesic
burg City Hall
(town hall), Klara Jarosova
Coordinator: International Student Office and Matika Markt 1
Mulwande (UO) Tereza Lederova
Anna Marsikova
15:00 Guided city tour meeting at Jana Remenarova
town hall Jana Slavikova
18:00 Start up JMMIR I: Working Groups and Tutorials
A10, HS F University of Nova Gorica, Slovenia (NG)
JMMIR partners, students, tutors
Migration and Education; Tutor: Dan Daatland (UiS) Spela Cekada
Migration, Religion and Gender;
Tutors: Melike Döver, Lydia Potts (UO) Ahfad University for Women, Sudan
African Diaspora; Hadia Hasaballa
Tutors: Ben Yeboa-Kodie, Jan Kühnemund (UO) Mahasin Haj Elsiddig
Migration, Gender and Identities; Tutors: Mirjam Rejoice Marko
Milharcic-Hladnik, Marina Luksic-Hacin,
Jure Gombac (NG)
Understanding Symbolic Representations of „We“
and the „Other“; Tutors: Michal Šimunek,
Salim Murad (USB), Ania Renz (UO)
02 15
time activity room time activity room

15:00 Final Evaluation of Intensive Phase

Round table discussion
A9 0-018 wed, oct7 European Dimensions I
A10 HS F
10:00 Start up JMMIR II
Teaching and studying migration in a transnational
16:00 JMMIR: Upcoming semester schedule – Closing of A9 0-018 context
Intensive Phase JMMIR partners
JMMIR partners
Introduction to faculty, study programme, online tools
Study plan and schedule 1st semester
Distribution of IP certificates 13:00 Lunch Mensa

18:00 Farewell Dinner Restaurant Ali 14:00 Historical Processes of Migration A10 HS F
Baba, Ammer- Start-up to module
länder Heerstr. Lydia Potts (UO) and Dan Daatland (UiS)
Module offers overview of migration history, highligh-
ting the political economy and global dimensions of

thurs, oct22 Departure

16:00 Migration Theory I
Theorising Migration I and II
Start up to module
A10 HS F

Marina Luksic-Hacin (NG)

Module introduces basic concepts of migration studies

and their development over time and space, including
the history of migration research and multidisciplinary

18:00 Migration and Small Nations A10 HS F

Start up to module
Jure Gombac (NG)

Module introduces the research of Slovenian migration

processes from historical and contemporary perspecti-
ves. Informed by a gender perspective, the module pro-
vides a case study in a comparative European context.
14 03
time activity room time activity room

thurs, oct8 European Dimensions II

tue, oct20
10:00 The Politics and History of Migration in Germany A10 HS F Working Group Presentations,
Lydia Potts (UO) Evaluation and Feedback
Outlines the history of immigration to Germany, 9:00 Students’ Presentations A9 0-018
focusing on economic and political aspects. Working groups

12:00 Introduction: Understanding visual representations A10 HS F 13:00 Lunch Mensa

of the „we“ and the „other“ through photographic
„experiments“ 14:00 Students’ Presentations A9 0-018
Michal Šimunek Working groups

Project outline, introductory readings, discussion 17:00 Evaluation of Intensive Phase II A9 0-018
Ania Renz (UO)
13:00 lunch Mensa
Presentation and discussion of students’ evaluations.
16:00 workshop: Understanding visual representations A10 HS F

wed, oct21
of the „we“ and the „other“ through photographic
Michal Šimunek

18:00 A10 HS F
Presentations, Evaluations and
Evening Lecture:
Introduction to Theories of Multiculturalism Feedback
Milan Mesic (UZ)
Lecture introduces basic concepts and critiques of mul-
ticulturalism and outlines major debates around social Students’ Presentations TBA
justice in the context of growing cultural complexity. Working groups

20:00 Dinner 13:00 Lunch Mensa

JMMIR students and consortium, Café Merlin,
IMMIS students and consortium Ammerlän-
der Heerstr.

04 13
time activity room time activity room

13:00 Lunch Mensa fri, oct9 Field Day I

VISITS AND INTRODUCTIONS Coordinator: Ben Yeboa-Kodie (UO)

Coordinator: TBA 10:00 Meeting in the main hall of Oldenburg train station train station
Please be on time! Oldenburg
14:00 Office for Gender Equality, Oldenburg University A14, 10:09 Train to Bremen
Inga Rohlmann (UO) – JMMIR-alumna Senats
sitzungs- 11:00 Visit to Bremen, UNESCO world heritage site
Introduction to the office’s work to promote women’s saal 13:00 Bus to Tenever
employment and enhance working conditions.
14:00 Project Group Bremen Tenever Bremen
15:00 MIRACLE (Migrants and Refugees: A Challenge for Host: Joachim Barloschky, Project Group Tenever, Bremen Tenever
European Schools)
Meike Jens (UO) Bremen Tenever’s high risers host appr. 7000 people.
About 70 percent of the inhabitants are recent immigrants
Presentation of a new project to facilitate intercultural to Germany, coming from as many as 80 different coun-
integration in European schools, funded by European tries. Tenever is home to many children and youths. Most
Commission. see also families live in public housing projects; the unemployment
< rate among residents is above average. The district’s high
html> poverty rate, tensions among different social groups and
dense housing conditions bear the potential to various
16:00 Evaluation of Intensive Phase I social conflicts, while residents also experience mutual
Ania Renz (UO) solidarity, engage in intercultural relations, and create
spaces of social cohesion.
Questionnaires The “Projektgruppe Tenever” engages in neighbourhood
development and supports a variety of projects that aim
17:00 End of day to facilitate civic engagement and self-organisation.
Joachim Barloschky will give a tour to the neighbourhood
and introduce several community projects.
For further information, visit

The group will have dinner on site.

app. 21:00 Return to Oldenburg

12 05
time activity room time activity room

sat, oct10 Migration Theory II

sun, oct18 Day Off

10:00-13:00 Theorising Multiculturalism/Interculturalism

Start-up to module
Milan Mesic (UZ)
A10 HS F
mon, oct19
African and Global Dimensions II
9:00-13:00 Immigration Management in Uganda: Institutional A14
Day Off
sun, oct11 challenges and way foward
Wendo Olema, Ssuna Robert, Primrose Nakazibwe
(Mbarara University, Uganda)

Institutionalizing labour emigration: Uganda in the

mon, oct12 global context

The focus will be on the role of external employment

European Dimensions III unit in the Ministry of Labor, Gender and Social Deve-
Contemporary Processes of Migration A14 0-030 lopment. Harmonizing external employment policies to
Start up to module create mutual benefits between sending and receiving
Lydia Potts (UO) countries. Brain drain and theories explaining Labor
emigration from Africa (Uganda in focus). How is loss of
Module introduces the history, economy, and social professional labor being addressed?
and political backgrounds of major processes of
migration in the second half of the 20th and the Uganda as the host of refugees: The sustainability of
beginning of the 21st century, highlighting conse- „selfreliant (placements in rural settlements)“ ap-
proach versus „camp“ approach
quences for individuals and societies.

Mensa Uganda has been using self reliant approaches where

13:00 Lunch refugees are given pieces of land to cultivate after they
A14 0-030 have settled, unlike other African countries that use
14:00 Ombudsteam Anti-Racism-Office typically camp approaches, where refugees are given
at the Oldenburg University provisions throughout. How sustainable is the self reliant
Bahattin Aslan, Anti-Racism Ombudsman approach?

IPDs returns and the role of government and Interna-

tional actors

06 11
time activity room time activity room

fri, oct16 17:00 Screening and Workshop PERSEPOLIS

Ania Renz (UO)
A14 0-030
African and Global Dimensions I
10:00 IMMIS (Migration and Gender in a Global Context A14 0-030 PERSEPOLIS is a 2007 animated film based on Marjane
– Implementing Migration Studies) Satrapi’s autobiographical graphic novel of the same
IMMIS Partners name. The film was written and directed by Satrapi
with Vincent Paronnaud. The story follows a young
Presentation of the European-African Research Project, girl as she comes of age against the backdrop of the
funded by EDULINK (ACP-EU cooperation programme Iranian Revolution. The story ends with Marjane as a
in higher education). see also <> 22-year old expatriate. The title is a reference to the
historic city of Persepolis.
13:00 Lunch Mensa The film provides ample opportunity to reflect on
questions of migration, integration, and belonging.
14:00 Sudanese Partner Day, TITLE TBA A14 0-030 After the screening, a discussion workshop will follow.
Shahira Osama, Widad Abdul Rahman
,Awadalla Saeed (Ahfad University, Sudan) 20:00 End of day

Content TBC

End of day
tue, oct13 Field Day II
Coordinator: Ben Yeboa-Kodie (UO)

sat, oct17 Working Groups 9:00 Meeting in main hall of Oldenburg train station
Please be on time!
train station

9:09 Train to Bremen and further connection to Bremer-

all day Working Groups

10 07
time activity room time activity room

11:00 German Emigration Centre, Bremerhaven wed, oct14European Dimensions VI

The German Emigration Centre is a privately run mu-
10:00 Migration and the New Role of Central Europe in an A14 0-030
seum showcasing the emigration experience shared
Enlarged European Union
by thousands of Europeans who went west to settle in
Start up to module
North America. The museum’s exhibition was awarded
Salim Murad (USB)
several international prizes that acknowledge its special
features, such as interactive multi media tools or mo-
13:00 Lunch Mensa
dels of contemporary equipment. The models enable
the visitor to follow the footsteps of the emigrants from
Center for Education and Communication in Mig- A14 0-030
Bremerhaven’s harbour district to 3rd class compart-
14:00 ration Processes (IBKM) and the BA in Intercultural
ments of 19th century ships to immigration offices on
Education and Counselling for Qualified Migrants
Ellis Island. In addition, the exhibition provides statis-
Anwar Hadeed, BA Coordinator
tics, personal stories, pictures and movies illustrating
the reasons, dynamics and outcomes of “going west”.
15:00 Working Groups & Tutorials
Through access to databases, the Emigrant Centre
Students and tutors
assists visitors in researching the tracks of emigrating
19:00 End of day
Lunch will be provided by organizers

15:00 Archival work at the Emigration Centre thurs,oct15

Migration and Integration in a German City
Working Groups
A14 0-030
Advisor: Ole Jone Eide (UiS) 10:00
Ayca Polat, Integration Officer, Office of the Mayor of the
Introduction to work with various sources, such as state City of Oldenburg (TBC)
documents, personal letters, or visual representations,
and methods of analysis. Introduction to fields of integration policy on a local
level, incl. fields of administration, legislature, politics.
20:00 Return to Oldenburg
Working Groups and Tutorials A14 0-030
Students and tutors

13:00 Lunch Mensa

14:00 Working Groups & Tutorials A14 0-030

Students and tutors
19:00 End of day

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