List of Switchwords

--excerpt from “The Secret of Perfect Living” by James Mangan

To create new ideas - ON To reduce smoking - COUNT To get in mood for writing - GIGGLE To stay young and to look young immediately - LEARN To be a good mechanic - CONSIDER To break a bad habit - OFF To meet a deadline - DONE To sigh - HO To win in a competitive game - FIGHT To upset an opponent in such a game - FIGHT To achieve moderation in any field where tempted to excess-CUT

From page 168: To display pep and sudden energy-MOVE To turn a setback into an uplift-ELATE To remember, in the sense of memorization-CARE To remember something forgotten-REACH To find lost or misplaced article-REACH To solve a problem-REACH To prevent a person or action from annoying one-CANCEL To obliterate a negative thought-CANCEL To dispel a worry-CANCEL To sell-GIVE To aquire a skill-WATCH To love to read-JUDGE To maintain good health-BE To be kind-TINY To invent-REACH To relieve constipation-SWIVEL To heal a scab-ALONE To stop drinking-SAVE To keep a resolution-DONE To destroy remorse-TOMARROW

To cease regretting-THANKS To secure transportation-ON To smile-NAME OF A KNOWN SMILER To stand up straight-NAME OF A KNOWN STRAIGHT-UP STANDER

From page 169 To enthuse-NAME OF A FAMILIAR ENTHUSIAST To cure hypersensitivity-DUCK To prevent pouting streak - POSTPONE To handle anything unpleasant - ADJUST To dispel an attack of the blues - UP To act on good impulse - NOW To stop faultfinding - PRAISE To build will power - DONE To banish lonesomeness - BE To get rid of inertia - MOVE To avoid poverty or debt - CANCEL To nourish ambition - ON To eliminate procrastination - DO To promote - FOR To advertise - SCHEME To secure publicity - RIDICULOUS To retain good feeling or sense of well-being - STRETCH To assume or carry a burden - ADJUST To get something out of eye - CHANGE To dispel ache or pain in any part of body - CHANGE To turn on personality - CHUCKLE To turn on politeness or courtesy - TINY To convert another - TAP To dispel nervousness – BLUFF

From page 170 To dispel conscious fear - BLUFF To call forth extra personal ability - DIVINE To preserve personal safety - GUARD To make yourself beautiful or handsome - PRAISE

To acquire good taste - COPY To keep a secret - FOREVER To subdue inner excitement - COVER To get to sleep - OFF To build - PUT To dress better - SPEND To find percentage - ADD To learn a secret - WAIT To improve your mental telepathy - BETWEEN To swim - CONTINUE To withstand impatience - SLOW To handle success - SUFFER To handle prosperity - SUFFER To avoid carelessness - ATTENTION To improve perspective - AROUND To build character - HOLD To ward off apartness of the personality just as negative factor is entering UNCLE To develop or increase endurance - CONTINUE To be wise - SLOW To achieve peace of conscience – BE

From page 171 To build, produce - ON To develop leadership - TAKE To build a fortune - FIND To make money - COUNT To develop courage - SWING To read the future - LISTEN To work miracles - DIVINE To do anything - TOGETHER To lose inferiority complex - UP To become an orator - ACT To publish a successful newspaper - PERSONAL To publish a successful magazine - SOPHISTICATE To make your children obedient - CROWD To be compatible with others - WITH

To be soothing to others - SWEET To be pious - SHOW To complete a lot of detailed work - NEXT To create appeal - HOLE To design - SCHEME To appear rich - WASTE To create beauty - CURVE To appear cultured - CLASSIC To help others - GIVE To bury your grudges – REVERSE

From page 172 To reduce your bragging - DOWN To lose pettiness - MAGNANIMITY and the Master Switchword: TOGETHER