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Healthcare Hashtag Twitter Transcript

From: Thu Jan 20 18:00:00 PST 2011
To: Thu Jan 20 19:00:00 PST 2011

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heids117 Going to give #RNChat a try this evening!

Thu Jan 20 18:00:46 PST 2011

EllenRichter @heids117 Welcome! Glad you are trying! :) #RNchat

Thu Jan 20 18:02:17 PST 2011

lorryschoenly Hi, folks! Ready for 'Tech Night?" #rnchat

Thu Jan 20 18:02:51 PST 2011

rnchat So it's time to start #RNChat - WELCOME! Introduce yourself for the tweeps & reminders in a
Thu Jan 20 18:03:12 PST 2011

EllenRichter @lorryschoenly Hi Lorry! Great to see you!! :) #RNchat

Thu Jan 20 18:03:43 PST 2011

onlinenursing Terri here representing @lorryschoenly @LuvenRN @NurseEducator & @globaltechnurse -

moderator tonight #RNChat (nurse-mom-wife-choc/lover)
Thu Jan 20 18:04:37 PST 2011

lorryschoenly Hi, folks, I'm a corrections nurse consultant. Been in jail this week. Always a fun ride. Glad to
be talking nursing tech tonight! #rnchat
Thu Jan 20 18:04:42 PST 2011

SSannerPhDRN I want to participate. This is my first time. #RNchat

Thu Jan 20 18:05:15 PST 2011

EllenRichter I'm Ellen, a critical care nurse for eons & legal nurse consultant for 3 years, loving social
media & its growing role in healthcare #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:05:15 PST 2011

heids117 @EllenRichter thanks, I'm intrigued! :) #rnchat

Thu Jan 20 18:05:21 PST 2011
rnchat @PhilBaumann let us try something new - 3rd thurs of each month will be 'tech night' with
@globaltechnurse - thanks Phil! #RNChat
Thu Jan 20 18:05:51 PST 2011

EllenRichter @SSannerPhDRN Welcome! Great to have you join in! :) #RNchat

Thu Jan 20 18:06:11 PST 2011

philbaumann @RNchat @globaltechnurse It's going to be excellent! #RNchat

Thu Jan 20 18:06:28 PST 2011

Geek2Nurse Psych RN in the Pacific NW US. Don't know how well I can keep up from my phone, but hi
anyway! #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:06:29 PST 2011

rnchat Reminders #RNChat - don't forget the hashtag in each post and answer topics via their title
(i.e. T1, T2, etc.)
Thu Jan 20 18:06:41 PST 2011

westr Bob from the 'Cuse lurking in the background... #RNchat

Thu Jan 20 18:06:45 PST 2011

nurseeducator Hi all, I'm Teresa, a SD instructor from Long Island, NY #rnchat

Thu Jan 20 18:06:51 PST 2011

SSannerPhDRN Thanks so much! #RNchat

Thu Jan 20 18:06:53 PST 2011

PamelaKline I'm Pam a Legal Nurse Consultant from Michigan. Hello all :) #RNChat
Thu Jan 20 18:07:16 PST 2011

philbaumann Yes, we're adding some spice to #RNchat with 3rd Thursdays of every month Tech Night! w/
Thu Jan 20 18:07:24 PST 2011

EllenRichter Are the new folks using a program like TweetChat or TweetGrid to filter all the chat tweets?
Thu Jan 20 18:07:34 PST 2011

NursingCenter Hi everyone! Lisa here - critical care & women's health, now clinical editor #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:07:36 PST 2011

Safety4Nurses Hi I am a nurse educator in NYC. My first time #RNCHAT

Thu Jan 20 18:07:58 PST 2011

onlinenursing @westr @NurseEvette @PamelaKline @NurseEducator @NursingCenter - HELLO guys!!!

Thu Jan 20 18:07:59 PST 2011
Jone_Tiffany Jone Tiffany, nursing professor in Minnesota #RNChat
Thu Jan 20 18:08:08 PST 2011

thebusynurse I'm giving #RNchat a go tonight. I'm a new grad who is currently in Canada. Looking forward
to tonight's chat!
Thu Jan 20 18:08:09 PST 2011

rnchat T1 - up in a minute - welcome all (lurkers and newbies included). Hey @Safety4Nurses glad
U R here! #RNChat
Thu Jan 20 18:08:41 PST 2011

PamelaKline Oops Ellen, I thought I sent replies to you but forgot the hashtag! Are you talking about
tweets per box? #RNChat
Thu Jan 20 18:08:41 PST 2011

SSannerPhDRN I'm a nurse educator for South University online and clinical coordinator for their NP program.
Have fnp cert. #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:08:48 PST 2011

PamelaKline @thebusynurse welcome, you'll love it! #RNChat

Thu Jan 20 18:09:09 PST 2011

EllenRichter @thebusynurse Welcome!! This is terrific. So many newcomers! Enjoy!! :) #RNchat

Thu Jan 20 18:09:09 PST 2011

NursingCenter Wow - big turnout and tech theme tonight - should be fun! #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:09:23 PST 2011

nurseeducator @Safety4Nurses Welcome! Glad you made it to RNchat! #rnchat

Thu Jan 20 18:09:45 PST 2011

Jone_Tiffany First time for me as well! #RNChat

Thu Jan 20 18:09:49 PST 2011

PamelaKline @onlinenursing hello!! Nice to "see' you :) #RNChat

Thu Jan 20 18:09:56 PST 2011

PamelaKline @westr hello & welcome! #RNChat

Thu Jan 20 18:10:28 PST 2011

cmizer17 What's Tonights #RNChat Topic?

Thu Jan 20 18:10:30 PST 2011

Safety4Nurses Thanks! Looking forward tech discussion! #RNCHAT

Thu Jan 20 18:10:42 PST 2011

lorryschoenly Maybe we should call it Salsa Night! RT @philbaumann: Yes, were adding some spice to
#RNchat 3rd ThurTech Night! w/ @globaltechnurse #rnchat
Thu Jan 20 18:10:42 PST 2011
nurseeducator @NursingCenter Hi Lisa! #rnchat
Thu Jan 20 18:10:43 PST 2011

EllenRichter Too many dear Twitter nurse & doc friends to welcome individually! But....hi to all of you! You
know who you are! :) #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:10:43 PST 2011

FMDGirl #RNchat Minnesota RN patient advocate

Thu Jan 20 18:10:43 PST 2011

nowhitecaps Hi all... 2nd semester ABSN student here. :) #RNChat

Thu Jan 20 18:10:51 PST 2011

EllenRichter @cmizer17 T1 will be brief (I think) - tell us what your fav. piece of technology is at work,
what its for, & why U love it. #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:11:24 PST 2011

thebusynurse @EllenRichter thanks. Total newbie here on #RNchat!

Thu Jan 20 18:11:29 PST 2011

cmizer17 I'm Chrissy I'm In School For My BSN & I'm A School Nurse #RNChat
Thu Jan 20 18:11:34 PST 2011

westr Thank you. Want to see whats happening in tech- RNs leading the way. RT @PamelaKline:
@westr hello & welcome! #RNChat
Thu Jan 20 18:11:53 PST 2011

EllenRichter @nowhitecaps Welcome! Glad you joined in! :) #RNchat

Thu Jan 20 18:11:55 PST 2011

lorryschoenly Love meeting new folks at these 'Happy Hours' #rnchat

Thu Jan 20 18:12:04 PST 2011

NursingCenter @nurseeducator Hello there! #RNchat

Thu Jan 20 18:12:11 PST 2011

onlinenursing @nowhitecaps - woo hoo for students at #RNChat! Welcome

Thu Jan 20 18:12:13 PST 2011

PamelaKline @Jone_Tiffany welcome! #RNChat

Thu Jan 20 18:12:16 PST 2011

FMDGirl #RNchat i phone

Thu Jan 20 18:12:30 PST 2011

Jone_Tiffany @PamelaKline Thanks #RNChat

Thu Jan 20 18:13:16 PST 2011
PamelaKline @nowhitecaps Hello :) #RNChat
Thu Jan 20 18:13:16 PST 2011

Aggiern95 Howdy, Denise from TX. Worked as a L&D Nurse, now a nurse educator and in grad school
#RNchat #RNChat
Thu Jan 20 18:13:20 PST 2011

rnchat Oops - T1 didn't show up--- tell us what your fav. piece of technology is at work, what its for,
& why U love it. #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:14:00 PST 2011

nowhitecaps T1 In class/clinical, my iPhone is my lifeline. I have an iPad too, and LOVE it for my texts, but
the iPhone is killer for reference #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:14:08 PST 2011

chemosabe Hi all glen downunda. #rnchat

Thu Jan 20 18:14:31 PST 2011

onlinenursing @nowhitecaps They let you keep it in clinical? That is pretty cool. Are there rules attached?
#RNChat - Re: Iphone
Thu Jan 20 18:14:42 PST 2011

Geek2Nurse T1 Kinda silly, but I love that our copier can store images to print on demand. I'm the only
one who uses the feature. #RNChat
Thu Jan 20 18:14:44 PST 2011

SSannerPhDRN I love using Camtasia; I develop presentations that students can view anytime, anyplace.
Thu Jan 20 18:14:53 PST 2011

Safety4Nurses @EllenRichter @cmizer17 My fav is full body lift used to move patients cause it prevents staff
injury! #RNCHAT
Thu Jan 20 18:15:02 PST 2011

lorryschoenly No iPhones in corrections - contraband. Boo! #rnchat

Thu Jan 20 18:15:11 PST 2011

Aggiern95 T1 The explosion of smart phones, and the different applications that can be used with the
phones #RNChat
Thu Jan 20 18:15:20 PST 2011

holisticnurses #RNChat Hi fellow #nurses. Can't stay long but I'm Amy from NY. Telehealth RN. I love the
#EMR at my job. Helps me see the pt picture.
Thu Jan 20 18:15:27 PST 2011

EllenRichter @chemosabe Great you could join us! Howdy! #RNchat

Thu Jan 20 18:15:33 PST 2011
nowhitecaps @onlinenursing Nope. They trust us to behave. We are treated as professionals from day 1
in our program. I love it. #RNChat
Thu Jan 20 18:15:38 PST 2011

nurseeducator @SSannerPhDRN I like camtasia too for editing edu vids! #rnchat
Thu Jan 20 18:15:45 PST 2011

SSannerPhDRN @Safety4Nurses @EllenRichter @cmizer17 love that one too! #RNchat

Thu Jan 20 18:15:45 PST 2011

Safety4Nurses @onlinenursing @SSannerPhDRN Camtasia is cool! #RNCHAT

Thu Jan 20 18:16:23 PST 2011

Jone_Tiffany I like using a tablet and clickers in teaching #RNChat

Thu Jan 20 18:17:36 PST 2011

onlinenursing Way COOL! RT @nowhitecaps They trust us to behave. We are treated as professionals
from day 1 in our program. I love it. #RNChat
Thu Jan 20 18:17:43 PST 2011

EllenRichter T1 I'm enjoying our new monitoring system in ICU. Everything is electronic & programmable
& has memory. Its terrific for documenting #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:17:51 PST 2011

Aggiern95 What is camtasia? #RNChat

Thu Jan 20 18:17:52 PST 2011

thebusynurse T1 - it's old school tech, but "nurse on a stick" seems to be rather popular as you can never
get one when you really need one! #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:17:53 PST 2011

nurseeducator T1 I love Snag it for screen captures and voice overs. Lately enjoying the Flip HD
easy to use! Use them in Staff Development #rnchat
Thu Jan 20 18:17:53 PST 2011

Safety4Nurses @nurseeducator @SSannerPhDRN Camtasia gives a polished professional finished product!

Thu Jan 20 18:17:55 PST 2011

westr @holisticnurses might be something you'd want to share? #RNchat

Thu Jan 20 18:18:09 PST 2011

NursingCenter Camtasia? I'll have to check into that one! RT @Safety4Nurses: @onlinenursing
@SSannerPhDRN @nurseeducator Camtasia is cool! #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:18:10 PST 2011

Geek2Nurse T1 Of course couldn't live w/o my iPhone. Even though it insists "T1" should be "U2."
Thu Jan 20 18:18:14 PST 2011
PamelaKline @Aggiern95 I'm with you on that. I love my Droid and all the APPS!! #RNChat
Thu Jan 20 18:18:15 PST 2011

SSannerPhDRN is something I just learned about today; you can make your own videos to share.
Gonna try it soon. #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:18:18 PST 2011

onlinenursing T1 - #RNChat - Clinic - EMR (practice partner brand - very easy to use/read) - College -
'JING' - free screen capture software
Thu Jan 20 18:18:41 PST 2011

cmizer17 My Fav Tech Thing At Work Is The Hand Held Bar Code Scanners We Use 4 Meds & Pt
Verification #RNChat
Thu Jan 20 18:18:45 PST 2011

holisticnurses #RNChat Also our scheduling system is cool. I can schedule a #nurse to see a pt in the eve
and he/she ALSO sees the #EMR of the pt. T1
Thu Jan 20 18:18:55 PST 2011

Aggiern95 T1 the other thing I like is iClickers in the classroom. You can get instant feedback from the
students #RNChat
Thu Jan 20 18:18:56 PST 2011

nurseeducator @NursingCenter T1 Camtasia is good for voicing over ppt and converting into videos #rnchat
Thu Jan 20 18:19:14 PST 2011

SSannerPhDRN @PamelaKline @Aggiern95 just got my droid X back (I washed my other one in the washing
machine a few weeks ago) UGH #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:19:21 PST 2011

SSannerPhDRN @nurseeducator @NursingCenter I love that feature! #RNchat

Thu Jan 20 18:19:41 PST 2011

Geek2Nurse @Safety4Nurses T1 And hover mats! Have always wanted to take one of those down into the
basement hallways... :) #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:19:58 PST 2011

Safety4Nurses @cmizer17 Bar code scanners remind me of my days working in a grocery store and they
are they greatest for patient safety! #RNCHAT
Thu Jan 20 18:20:00 PST 2011

nowhitecaps @Aggiern95 We use those - very very cool stuff. Profs use them to gauge understanding of
material in real-time. #RNChat
Thu Jan 20 18:20:00 PST 2011

chemosabe Camtasia? Never heard of it #rnchat

Thu Jan 20 18:20:07 PST 2011
nurseeducator @SSannerPhDRN T1 Have you tried Jaycut for video editing? #rnchat
Thu Jan 20 18:20:13 PST 2011

cmizer17 @kc0eks lol I'm Glad U Enjoyed Them. I'm A Bitchy Pt & Refuse Student Nurses! #RNChat
Thu Jan 20 18:20:29 PST 2011

nowhitecaps T1 I love how much of the tech love here is education-related! Way to go educators! You
guys rock. #RNChat
Thu Jan 20 18:20:36 PST 2011

PamelaKline @SSannerPhDRN MUST have been REALLY dirty!! #RNChat

Thu Jan 20 18:20:37 PST 2011

Aggiern95 @SSannerPhDRN @PamelaKline I have a Droid 2 & love it. The apps are great & useful in
the clinical area #RNChat
Thu Jan 20 18:20:38 PST 2011

EllenRichter @SSannerPhDRN LOL! Oh no. Mine fell into the pedicure water at the nail salon!! We are
bad! #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:20:42 PST 2011

NursingCenter @nurseeducator Thanks for the info Teresa ~ I will definitely check it out! #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:20:54 PST 2011

SSannerPhDRN @nurseeducator @SSannerPhDRN No I haven't, but am very interested. Is there a web site?
Thu Jan 20 18:20:58 PST 2011

thebusynurse T1 - my most used fave is my droid with the epocrates app. #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:21:00 PST 2011

chemosabe T1 I'm with others Re: iPhone and medical apps being my lifesaver at mo. #rnchat
Thu Jan 20 18:21:05 PST 2011

Geek2Nurse @nowhitecaps @onlinenursing Wow, what a concept! #RNchat

Thu Jan 20 18:21:14 PST 2011

SSannerPhDRN @EllenRichter @SSannerPhDRN LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! Did it survive? #RNchat

Thu Jan 20 18:21:29 PST 2011

SSannerPhDRN @holisticnurses @Aggiern95 students love it too! #RNchat

Thu Jan 20 18:21:46 PST 2011

rnchat Wow - T1 is popular :)! - I think Google is doing great things - Body browser and google
goggles (wish it was for android too) #RNChat
Thu Jan 20 18:21:51 PST 2011
Safety4Nurses @Geek2Nurse @Safety4Nurses Disposable HoverMats rule! Best thing to move our patients
laterally #RNCHAT
Thu Jan 20 18:22:07 PST 2011

Geek2Nurse T1 Evernote is a mainstay, in conjunction w/my iPhone. #RNChat

Thu Jan 20 18:22:10 PST 2011

nurseeducator @EllenRichter @SSannerPhDRN T1 Ouch! Did it survive? #rnchat

Thu Jan 20 18:22:36 PST 2011

Safety4Nurses @holisticnurses @Aggiern95 Hey, what brand of clickers? #RNCHAT

Thu Jan 20 18:22:40 PST 2011

Aggiern95 T1 I had vids on my ipod & used it with fundamentals students. They reviewed the skill before
performing in the room #RNChat
Thu Jan 20 18:22:47 PST 2011

nowhitecaps T1 @Geek2Nurse Might I ask how you use Evernote in practice? I love it, but use it for
recipes and personal stuff more! #RNChat
Thu Jan 20 18:23:02 PST 2011

SSannerPhDRN @Geek2Nurse I'll have to try that. thx for sharing. #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:23:05 PST 2011

Jone_Tiffany My friend just had major surgery and she sched her ice, meds, and physical therapy into her
iphone.She used the RXmind iphone app #RNChat
Thu Jan 20 18:23:21 PST 2011

holisticnurses Not sure. Just RT so I can research later. ;) RT @Safety4Nurses: @holisticnurses

@Aggiern95 Hey, what brand of clickers? #RNCHAT
Thu Jan 20 18:23:28 PST 2011

EllenRichter @SSannerPhDRN No I got a new one. I didnt even want to try and chance it :( #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:23:32 PST 2011

Aggiern95 @Safety4Nurses @holisticnurses The brand I have used is iClicker

Thu Jan 20 18:24:07 PST 2011

SSannerPhDRN @Aggiern95 @Safety4Nurses @holisticnurses thanx for the web site #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:24:48 PST 2011

cmizer17 @Safety4Nurses I Think The Bar Codes For Meds Reduces Errors bc It Won't Let U Give
The Wrong Med. At Least in Theory #RNChat
Thu Jan 20 18:24:52 PST 2011

EllenRichter T1 Yes, scheduling! Thats another new techno change @ my facility. We can schedule via
the web now. Very cool. #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:24:59 PST 2011
Aggiern95 @EllenRichter What kind of phone did you get? #RNChat
Thu Jan 20 18:24:59 PST 2011

Safety4Nurses Thanks! RT @holisticnurses: Not sure. Just RT so I can research later. ;) RT

@Safety4Nurses: Hey, what brand of clickers? #RNCHAT
Thu Jan 20 18:25:01 PST 2011

lorryschoenly I'm loving the awesome ideas for nurse tech tonight at #rnchat
Thu Jan 20 18:25:07 PST 2011

PamelaKline T1 Have you read about putting your wet phone in a tightly closed container of DRY rice? It's
supposed to fix it? #RNChat
Thu Jan 20 18:25:12 PST 2011

Safety4Nurses @EllenRichter scheduling via the web is a blessing! #RNCHAT

Thu Jan 20 18:25:38 PST 2011

SSannerPhDRN @PamelaKline tried it for a week and nothing, unfortunately ;) #RNchat

Thu Jan 20 18:25:59 PST 2011

onlinenursing @PamelaKline - we have done that with a droid and it worked #RNchat (re: rice bag fix)
Thu Jan 20 18:26:05 PST 2011

EllenRichter @Aggiern95 HTC Aria & I love it so much (except for spell check) LOL #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:26:06 PST 2011

chemosabe T1 I know AH staff down here are using scanner tech to "capture" there work in real
downloadable time...thinking of trying it here #rnchat
Thu Jan 20 18:26:07 PST 2011

Aggiern95 @SSannerPhDRN @Safety4Nurses @holisticnurses It is very easy to use with lectures.

(iClickers) #RNChat
Thu Jan 20 18:26:20 PST 2011

PamelaKline @SSannerPhDRN Bummer. #RNChat

Thu Jan 20 18:26:23 PST 2011

thebusynurse I second the rice trick! It works. #RNchat

Thu Jan 20 18:26:33 PST 2011

nurseeducator T1 Polleverywhere is a nice way to live poll with 4 up to 30 and uses cell phone #rnchat
Thu Jan 20 18:26:41 PST 2011

onlinenursing T1 - What if we could use something like "dragon" & chart via speaking? #RNChat - that
would ROCK! (talk 2 pt. & chart)
Thu Jan 20 18:26:56 PST 2011
PamelaKline @onlinenursing that's good to know. I wondered if it worked! #RNChat
Thu Jan 20 18:27:01 PST 2011

Geek2Nurse @nowhitecaps T1 All my class notes, reference materials, etc. are in Evernote; searchable,
easy instant access wherever I am. #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:27:06 PST 2011

SSannerPhDRN @thebusynurse I guess the wash cycle was too much for mine! #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:27:08 PST 2011

Safety4Nurses @PamelaKline Somewhere I heard you should save the silica packets from shoes and
leather goods and use them to dry things out #RNCHAT
Thu Jan 20 18:27:39 PST 2011

cmizer17 @EllenRichter Scheduling What? Like Ur Shifts? #RNChat

Thu Jan 20 18:27:42 PST 2011

PamelaKline @SSannerPhDRN LOL! #RNChat

Thu Jan 20 18:27:54 PST 2011

rnchat T1 is going great! Let's spend some more time on it and T2 up in 5-10 minutes Re: 'tech
night' at #RNChat
Thu Jan 20 18:27:57 PST 2011

EllenRichter @onlinenursing T1 Isnt that dictation (using something like Dragon)? We should just all be
able to dictate our progress notes! #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:28:29 PST 2011

Safety4Nurses @onlinenursing great idea to use Dragon for charting! Staff would love it! #RNCHAT
Thu Jan 20 18:28:29 PST 2011

thebusynurse @SSannerPhDRN Oh, no! Sorry to hear it. On the bright side, you can get a brand spanking
new one to replace it. #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:28:30 PST 2011

PamelaKline @Safety4Nurses I heard that too! I get updates from ehow and that was in there with the rice
trick! #RNChat
Thu Jan 20 18:28:38 PST 2011

EllenRichter @cmizer17 Yes scheduling our shifts via the web. Of course someone has to coordinate it at
the hospital end, but no more paper. #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:29:08 PST 2011

PamelaKline @Aggiern95 Oh, I can imagine! #RNChat

Thu Jan 20 18:29:44 PST 2011

SSannerPhDRN @thebusynurse @SSannerPhDRN yep! just got it yesterday! I feel like i'm back in the real
world now; old flip phone not cutting it! #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:29:45 PST 2011
onlinenursing @EllenRichter Yeah & we could talk it in the room if we had a smart room interface - (link via @NurseEducator) #RNChat
Thu Jan 20 18:29:51 PST 2011

Geek2Nurse T1 also use iPhone to photograph interesting reference materials/charts/diagrams I find,

send them to Evernote. @nowhitecaps #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:30:11 PST 2011

Safety4Nurses @EllenRichter @cmizer17 Also, available 24/7 for staff convenience in scheduling #RNCHAT
Thu Jan 20 18:30:24 PST 2011

nurseeducator @EllenRichter T1 Do you recall the name of the web-based scheduling? #rnchat
Thu Jan 20 18:30:27 PST 2011

chemosabe @EllenRichter have heard of similar system down here iwth ambos, (EMT's) #rnchat
Thu Jan 20 18:30:30 PST 2011

EllenRichter @nurseeducator I want to say Optilink, but I could really be wrong! I didnt pay good attention
to the system name. I'll find out #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:31:35 PST 2011

thebusynurse @SSannerPhDRN I don't think I could go back to using a flip phone. That must have been
torture! #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:32:14 PST 2011

nurseeducator @EllenRichter Thanks Ellen! #rnchat

Thu Jan 20 18:32:19 PST 2011

rnchat *tech night* #RNChat - discussion: Home shift scheduling, camtasia, iClickers, EHRs,
iPhones, barcodescanners.... whew!
Thu Jan 20 18:32:30 PST 2011

SSannerPhDRN @westr @Geek2Nurse @nowhitecaps that's great. I'm going to investigate how I can use it.
Thu Jan 20 18:32:44 PST 2011

SSannerPhDRN @thebusynurse @SSannerPhDRN the texting is just about impossible! #RNchat

Thu Jan 20 18:33:11 PST 2011

holisticnurses Um, smart phones are great just so I could join #RNChat while I'm out. Or is that bad? ;) T1
Thu Jan 20 18:33:20 PST 2011

SusanNiemeierRN @onlinenursing T1 Dictation/Dragon -how about automated documentation? electronic

charting based on us, well doing our normal work! #RNChat
Thu Jan 20 18:33:48 PST 2011

SSannerPhDRN @holisticnurses awesome!! #RNchat

Thu Jan 20 18:34:00 PST 2011
EllenRichter Great synopsis! RT @rnchat *tech night* #RNChat discussion Home shift scheduling,
camtasia, iClickers, EHRs, iPhones, barcodescanners~ whew!
Thu Jan 20 18:34:09 PST 2011

rnchat T2 (gear change) - #SoMe Does UR Hospital hv a social media policy?What does it
allow/disallow? Does it help/hinder? #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:34:09 PST 2011

nurseeducator @SusanNiemeierRN T1 Are you using Dragon with EHR? I'm using it at home #rnchat
Thu Jan 20 18:34:48 PST 2011

EllenRichter @holisticnurses Its great using your smart phone for this, as long as youre not driving!
Thu Jan 20 18:35:17 PST 2011

Geek2Nurse T1 @SSannerPhDRN @westr @nowhitecaps I upgraded to the paid version of Evernote--

text search in PDFs & images makes it invaluable. #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:35:19 PST 2011

Safety4Nurses @rnchat Great topic! No my hospital's legal department is working on a SM policy!

Thu Jan 20 18:35:23 PST 2011

nowhitecaps T2 Not sure about the hosp, but the school does. Absolutely no discussion of clinical
experiences, not evn "I had a good day today." #RNChat
Thu Jan 20 18:35:55 PST 2011

EllenRichter T2 My hospital needs to get "with it" in the social media arena. Our rules are: block all social
media sites from the whole campus #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:36:48 PST 2011

Safety4Nurses @nowhitecaps Wow! Not even "I had a good day"!! strict but that is good #RNCHAT
Thu Jan 20 18:37:15 PST 2011

nurseeducator T2 No official policy yet...told it's in development. Able for now to use SM as long as it is
work related. I use FB 4 my department #rnchat
Thu Jan 20 18:37:35 PST 2011

PamelaKline @EllenRichter I agree with you, that's definitely not the way to address social media.
Thu Jan 20 18:38:04 PST 2011

EllenRichter @nowhitecaps Wow, I'm pretty savvy with my social media skills & even I say that I had a
lousy or good day. Thats not doing harm! :) #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:38:30 PST 2011

Geek2Nurse @nowhitecaps Kinda invalidates the "trust you to be professional" thing, IMO. :-/ #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:38:53 PST 2011
Safety4Nurses @nurseeducator You are lucky you got someone to understand the value of FB #RNCHAT
Thu Jan 20 18:39:22 PST 2011

thebusynurse @EllenRichter that was the way it was at ALL the hospitals I did clinical at. Their thinking
must be: block it = it does not exist! #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:39:25 PST 2011

nurseeducator @EllenRichter T2 Is your institution open to discussion if you went through the chain of
command? #rnchat
Thu Jan 20 18:39:26 PST 2011

Aggiern95 T2 i am not sure if there is a policy in place but I also don't work in a hospital #RNChat
Thu Jan 20 18:39:28 PST 2011

EllenRichter T2 I think facilities fear that all the health care providers will be busy updating their SoMe
sites instead of patient care...sigh #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:39:31 PST 2011

SusanNiemeierRN @NurseEducator Not using Dragon software but a number of device appsthat charts
everything for me! no headaches & saves time. #RNChat
Thu Jan 20 18:39:39 PST 2011

Aggiern95 @nowhitecaps That is a really strict policy #RNChat

Thu Jan 20 18:39:51 PST 2011

holisticnurses @EllenRichter No, no. Sitting and messaging. I can't walk and chew gum. #RNChat
Thu Jan 20 18:39:56 PST 2011

EllenRichter @nurseeducator I would imagine there are a few who might listen to my banter. But
administration is not SoMe savvy @ all. #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:40:35 PST 2011

EllenRichter @SusanNiemeierRN Wow can you share those app names with us? #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:41:05 PST 2011

TLBBMobile @EllenRichter Irritating! So many useful and quick ways to responsibly use SM in your job.
Thu Jan 20 18:41:14 PST 2011

SSannerPhDRN T2 it's sometimes difficult to get on SoMe at the hospital b/c of the firewall protection.
Thu Jan 20 18:41:25 PST 2011

nurseeducator @SusanNiemeierRN read that voice interface is good from an ergonomic stance #rnchat
Thu Jan 20 18:41:26 PST 2011

Safety4Nurses @EllenRichter I agree that facilities feel staff will waste time on SM at work but what about
afterhours..need rules #RNCHAT
Thu Jan 20 18:41:34 PST 2011
Geek2Nurse T2 @EllenRichter Anti-productivity=logic #fail. If you're a smoker you can take multiple
smoke breaks, but no SM breaks allowed! #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:41:51 PST 2011

rnchat T2 b - #RNChat - so how can we help health systems be #SoMe savy, protect patients, etc.
as nurses? Or can we?
Thu Jan 20 18:42:11 PST 2011

SSannerPhDRN @Geek2Nurse @EllenRichter great point! #RNchat

Thu Jan 20 18:42:25 PST 2011

Safety4Nurses @nurseeducator @SusanNiemeierRN Yes, voice interface would be a good ergo move for
this chat. :) #RNCHAT
Thu Jan 20 18:43:05 PST 2011

TLBBMobile @Geek2Nurse @EllenRichter So true! So sad! #RNchat

Thu Jan 20 18:43:09 PST 2011

EllenRichter T2b I do believe the day will come where SoMe is used in daily health care delivery, but it is
still new & we have a ways to go. #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:43:46 PST 2011

nurseeducator @EllenRichter T2 Don't discount the ability to reach someone willing to listen in upper mgt.
Re: Cogent ideas that are a benefit #rnchat
Thu Jan 20 18:44:44 PST 2011

onlinenursing @Safety4Nurses Agree,but I saw recent h/c system #SoMe policy-basically said dont do it
off hours either-nothing at all = fired #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:44:53 PST 2011

Jone_Tiffany Mayo has an entire Social Media department. And a web site that has a social network
"university" where one can learn all aobut it. #RNChat
Thu Jan 20 18:45:00 PST 2011

holisticnurses T2 Lead by example. #RNChat

Thu Jan 20 18:45:01 PST 2011

PamelaKline T2b We have to educate them on the usefulness in the healthcare arena! #RNChat
Thu Jan 20 18:45:13 PST 2011

EllenRichter T2b We all know how slowly change is affected in organizations especially when many R still
clueless abt meaning of SoMe altogether #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:45:13 PST 2011

TLBBMobile @EllenRichter Agreed! Not long ago that email & connectivity was banned. This too shall
pass... hopefully not like a kidney stone. #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:45:40 PST 2011
holisticnurses Yep! RT @PamelaKline: T2b We have to educate them on the usefulness in the healthcare
arena! #RNChat
Thu Jan 20 18:45:42 PST 2011

nurseeducator @globaltechnurse T2 Need to meet with upper management, gain support from peers, show
the benefit to the institution #rnchat
Thu Jan 20 18:45:53 PST 2011

Safety4Nurses @onlinenursing @Safety4Nurses ...makes sense that confidentiality should be considered

Thu Jan 20 18:46:01 PST 2011

nowhitecaps @Aggiern95 @Geek2Nurse @qc2 @EllenRichter @Safety4Nurses It's a legal issue,

according to them, not an ethical one. #RNChat
Thu Jan 20 18:46:06 PST 2011

nowhitecaps @Aggiern95 @Geek2Nurse @qc2 @EllenRichter @Safety4Nurses "Imagine if your 'good

day' was the day you omitted something serious." #RNChat
Thu Jan 20 18:46:30 PST 2011

westr SM is more addictive. RT @Geek2Nurse: T2 @EllenRichter If you're a smoker you can take
multiple smoke breaks, but no SM breaks! #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:46:31 PST 2011

EllenRichter T2b Thank GOODNESS for places like Mayo Clinic! At least there are a few excellent
EXCELLENT role models to refer them to! #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:46:35 PST 2011

EllenRichter Oh how right you are!! RT @nowhitecaps: It's a legal issue, according to them, not an ethical
one #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:47:32 PST 2011

Jone_Tiffany Mayo's site is #RNChat

Thu Jan 20 18:47:40 PST 2011

thebusynurse #RNchat We can't create change, if we don't advocate for it. Education & the creation of
policies are needed...
Thu Jan 20 18:47:55 PST 2011

LuvenRN Thx Terri! RT @onlinenursing: Terri here representing @lorryschoenly @LuvenRN

@NurseEducator & @globaltechnurse - moderator tonight #RNChat
Thu Jan 20 18:47:56 PST 2011

EllenRichter @westr But SM isnt carcinogenic (hopefully!) :) #RNchat

Thu Jan 20 18:48:07 PST 2011

Geek2Nurse @nowhitecaps @aggiern95 @qc2 @ellenrichter @safety4nurses Saying "I had a good day"
is a *legal* issue? What about 1st amendment? #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:48:48 PST 2011
Safety4Nurses @Jone_Tiffany good to share this Mayo Clinic site for adminstrative buy in! #RNCHAT
Thu Jan 20 18:48:56 PST 2011

westr T2 I think there's promise in the HaaS strategy mentioned on @HealthIsSocial post
yesterday (Jan 19). #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:48:59 PST 2011

TLBBMobile @Jone_Tiffany great link - thanks! #RNchat

Thu Jan 20 18:49:04 PST 2011

thebusynurse #RNchat It's going to be used regardless... might as well be used wisely!
Thu Jan 20 18:49:15 PST 2011

rnchat *tech night* at #RNChat - on T2 - #SoMe policies in hospitals/health care systems. Great
#nurses opinions on this!
Thu Jan 20 18:49:19 PST 2011

LuvenRN Sorry, I'm coming to the party late but I'm here! Been reading the #RNChat tweets to catch
up. #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:49:20 PST 2011

EllenRichter Ok everyone can forward this link to their administration! RT @Jone_Tiffany Mayo's site #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:49:27 PST 2011

SusanNiemeierRN @EllenRichter T1 Devices at BS w/ serial /monitor port can send epatient data to an
integrator, charting all 4 the rn Ex:Capsule #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:50:12 PST 2011

Jone_Tiffany hahaha! Yes it is a great site for those who know nothing about Social Media. #RNChat
Thu Jan 20 18:50:44 PST 2011

onlinenursing @LuvenRN Hey girl! Glad you could make it #RNChat

Thu Jan 20 18:51:02 PST 2011

nurseeducator T2 The health blogs on Mayo are a good place to start when pitching to mgt on the benefits
of SM. #rnchat
Thu Jan 20 18:51:11 PST 2011

chemosabe sorry bin doing some clinical work, just gonna take a moment to catch up #rnchat
Thu Jan 20 18:51:32 PST 2011

EllenRichter @SusanNiemeierRN Awesome. Thanks for the info! #RNchat

Thu Jan 20 18:51:32 PST 2011

rnchat The hour is flying by... #RNChat - Wrap up here in a couple of minutes.
Thu Jan 20 18:53:04 PST 2011
nurseeducator T2 f/u the blogs convo with blog stats and the reach the institution could possibly have!
Thu Jan 20 18:53:42 PST 2011

chemosabe T2 No SM polic. Very tight policies on Web and email use though. #rnchat
Thu Jan 20 18:53:57 PST 2011

EllenRichter I'm very excited to be able to follow a whole bunch of #nurses I never met before on Twitter!
This is great! Plz follow me too! :) #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:54:02 PST 2011

TLBBMobile @RNchat this is my favorite chat of the week - sorry I was late. Always informative and fun.
Thu Jan 20 18:54:15 PST 2011

LuvenRN T2 Looking 2 advance best SoMe practices, what are the top 3 major benefits to moving
SoMe into the workplace for nurses? #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:54:23 PST 2011

SSannerPhDRN @EllenRichter ditto!! #RNchat

Thu Jan 20 18:54:34 PST 2011

chemosabe T2b I love US parlance calling hospitals (and all that go them ) Hlth systems.. :) #rnchat
Thu Jan 20 18:54:51 PST 2011

philbaumann T2 Offer re-assurance that SM is just another way to communicate. Just as nurses need to
read/write same here. Literacy. #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:55:10 PST 2011

chemosabe @leeaase has a lot to answer for #rnchat

Thu Jan 20 18:55:42 PST 2011

EllenRichter @LuvenRN 3 benefits of SoMe at work? Communcation, education, collaboration #RNchat

Thu Jan 20 18:55:45 PST 2011

bschlenker @NurseEducator #rnchat I'd like to introduce you to #lrnchat - Sharing is a good thing! Lots
to learn!
Thu Jan 20 18:56:11 PST 2011

Safety4Nurses good job1 RT @EllenRichter: @LuvenRN 3 benefits of SoMe at work? Communcation,

education, collaboration #RNCHAT
Thu Jan 20 18:56:21 PST 2011

TLBBMobile @SSannerPhDRN @EllenRichter Triple ditto - if that's possible #RNchat

Thu Jan 20 18:56:25 PST 2011

rnchat So it is time to say 'goodnight' - #RNChat - parting thoughts/words of wisdom for institutions
or nursing students about tech/ #SoMe?
Thu Jan 20 18:56:44 PST 2011
Jone_Tiffany This is the app that tracks medications etc.... #RNChat
Thu Jan 20 18:56:46 PST 2011

EllenRichter LOL!! I think we can quadruple it! RT @TLBBMobile: @SSannerPhDRN @EllenRichter

Triple ditto - if that's possible #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:57:37 PST 2011

nurseeducator @bschlenker Will check it out!Lrnchat. When does it meet? #rnchat

Thu Jan 20 18:57:37 PST 2011

SusanNiemeierRN T2 SoMe widely used among/within nursing. Early adopting hospitals have seen the incr
value & elevated communication. sad 4 lagards #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:57:51 PST 2011

derekwwade @bschlenker @NurseEducator Nuts, #rnchat is at the same time? I have to CHOOSE? :)
Thu Jan 20 18:58:10 PST 2011

LuvenRN @EllenRichter I would agree with all three! It will b interesting 2 C how long it takes for
complete integration. I see it coming 2. #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:58:27 PST 2011

EllenRichter What is #pm101 hashtag? I never saw that one before? #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:58:34 PST 2011

westr Sure. Triple dog dare ya. RT @TLBBMobile: @SSannerPhDRN @EllenRichter Triple ditto -
if that's possible #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:58:39 PST 2011

EllenRichter @SusanNiemeierRN You must work in a major medical center, do you? Sounds like your
facility is pretty savvy. :) #RNchat
Thu Jan 20 18:59:25 PST 2011

philbaumann Parting thought: A nice new phase for #RNchat with Tech Night. Applause to
@Onlinenursing & @globaltechnurse 'Night all! :)
Thu Jan 20 18:59:44 PST 2011

hjluks Cmon !!!! Need to see some more "Likes" and comments in support of #nurses !! #RNChat
Thu Jan 20 18:59:51 PST 2011

Safety4Nurses Informative session. Good night! #RNCHAT

Thu Jan 20 18:59:59 PST 2011

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