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INDUSTRY SOLUTIONS Internet Services Hardware Enterprise storage: Hitachi Universal Storage Platform and Network Storage Controller 55; Hitachi Lightning 9980V multi-cabinet, Lightning 9970V single-cabinet and Lightning 9960 systems

Modular storage: Hitachi Adaptable Modular Storage 500 and 200; Workgroup Modular Storage 100; Hitachi Thunder 9585V ultra high-end and Thunder 9570V high-end systems

“We saw results immediately when we went live with Hitachi Data Systems. The storage went live in our environment seamlessly, with little impact on our databases.”
Heather Peck Senior Manager Site Infrastructure eBay

Hitachi Data Systems

The storage solution also needs flexibility to meet the changing needs of the business. frustrated customers and reduced revenue. We’ve looked at the other vendors. By 2000. the new infrastructure has 64 switched internal paths to assist eBay administrators in performing maintenance activities with minimal disruption to the site’s 24/7 operations. the company experienced a series of highly publicized outages linked to storage failures. eBay chose to ensure seamless scalability by adding Hitachi Lightning 9970V single-cabinet enterprise TM Hitachi Data Systems Offers the Best Bid on Availability After extensive evaluation of several possible storage vendors. along with Hitachi Thunder 9570V high-end modular storage TM and Hitachi Thunder 9585V ultra high-end TM modular storage. eBay’s Operations team began evaluating replacement technology from major storage vendors. the eBay marketplace was open for business.” says Heather Peck. Bustling around the clock — and around the globe — with buyers and sellers of everything from vintage cars and famous guitars to dental supplies and semiconductor equipment. In January 2001. including one incidence of 22 hours of downtime that halted auctions. A decade later. performance and interoperability with the Sun Solaris environment already in place. “The storage went live in our environment seamlessly. “We have strict requirements surrounding performance and availability but can’t sacrifice our agility to achieve that. Even the batteries are redundant — data can remain in cache until power is restored. it quickly became a giddy infatuation for online shoppers. Hitachi Data Systems has absolutely been the easiest vendor to work with. other products besides storage. more and more applications were rapidly being added to the existing Hitachi systems. “We saw results immediately when we went live with Hitachi Data Systems. Because these reliability challenges made it difficult for eBay administrators to stabilize. eBay deployed the Hitachi Lightning 9960 enterprise storage system designed TM storage systems and Hitachi Lightning 9980V multi-cabinet enterprise storage sysTM tems to its storage lineup. In addition. The Lightning 9960 system continuously destages the data to redundant hardware that runs on an independent power source. for redundancy and resilience. Storage Capacity Scales to New Heights While availability and performance saw minimized service interruptions. In the past four years. The Hitachi Data Systems team was very flexible and wanted to understand our needs. eBay has become a central commerce destination and a cornerstone of the online economy.” With 32GB of nonvolatile cache for rapid access to storage systems. annual gross merchandise volume increasing to US$42 billion and registered user numbers reaching more than 168 million — was not without growing pains. The goal: to secure a robust and scalable storage infrastructure that would meet current and future requirements for availability. the storage capacity doubled year after year. eBay chose Hitachi Data Systems as its solutions supplier.” says Peck. the Lightning 9960 system helps eBay protect valuable data and eliminate unexpected downtime. . eBay’s rapid popularity and unrelenting data growth were placing massive demands on the company’s storage infrastructure. The production environment required weekly scheduled downtime for maintenance and several manual steps to manage storage requirements that constrained eBay’s agility and threatened the bottom line. with little impact on our databases. including Hitachi Data Systems. As the system approached its capacity limits. senior manager of site infrastructure at eBay.” Sold! eBay Trades on Storage Solutions from Hitachi Data Systems When the eBay online auction site was founded in 1995. but were concerned about potential restrictions or too much focus on But this transformation — with annual net revenues rising to more than US$4 billion. As data grew in volume and complexity.“We chose Hitachi Data Systems because of its reputation as a storage leader. manage and store mission critical data.

The Universal Storage Platform gives eBay a storage management foundation with plenty of room to migrate. recently been added to eBay’s arsenal of storage resources. in 2003. Additionally. manage and store its mission critical data.” The Future of Storage Looks Bright at eBay With every product upgrade and consolidation effort.” says Peck. . It is good to know that they’re listening.” Peck explains. In fact. “Hitachi Data Systems has absolutely been the easiest vendor to work with. The configuration Hitachi Data Systems helped us work out has been really successful. were configured specifically to handle the large volume of concurrent operations and mixed workloads while optimizing resources and protecting data assets. “Hitachi has put us in a place to be able to use their tools and continue on with our infrastructure pretty easily. performance and scalability.“We now have 2PB of Hitachi storage on our floor.5 million I/O transactions per second. These additions make eBay the only Hitachi Data Systems customer who has installed a system or systems from each of the current Hitachi storage lines.” Series enterprise storage system configuration that would help maximize eBay’s data capacity and performance. Hitachi Data Systems assisted eBay with the development of a Hitachi Lightning 9900 V TM eBay Trades Costly Downtime for Cost-effective Future Because downtime costs eBay more than US$1. Hitachi Adaptable Modular Storage 500 and 200. Hitachi is developing tools specifically based on eBay’s requirements and customer needs for automation and remote management. Peck says.” Heather Peck Senior Manager Site Infrastructure eBay “We needed one system that could handle an incredible amount of I/O. The Hitachi Data Systems team was very flexible and wanted to understand our needs. the company has put in place a pervasive storage solution that accommodates its broad range of requirements for high availability. The Hitachi Universal Storage Platform has TM New Infrastructure Manages Heavy I/O Traffic and Database Performance In addition to addressing eBay’s critical need for 24/7 availability. the Hitachi Data Systems team helps eBay assess its future data needs. the Universal Storage Platform can provide single-pane management across heterogeneous platforms and can offer virtualization of both internal and externally attached storage. eBay won the computing industry’s Storage Networking World (SNW) Storage Reliability Award for its storage implementation based on Hitachi products and architecture. featuring the Hi-Star TM crossbar switch architecture. Although the tools are not yet deployed at eBay.358 per second. The latest additions to the eBay storage family include the Hitachi Network Storage Controller 55. but were concerned about potential restrictions or too much of a focus on other products besides storage. We’ve looked at the other vendors.” says Peck. Using the Hitachi storage infrastructure has helped reduce the cost and complexity of eBay’s storage environment and provided reliable uptime and data integrity. “The storage systems are architected to handle many applications without a reduction in performance that would be visible to the customer. and Hitachi Workgroup Modular Storage 100. “The Hitachi systems were easily scaled. with the ability to buffer and broker it on the back end so we could mix I/O patterns and handle spikes during prime business hours with no impact to performance. With up to 32PB of total storage capacity and throughput speed of up to 2. the Hitachi storage systems help enhance performance in eBay’s highly distributed data environment. Lightning 9900 V Series systems.

html or call your local sales representative to obtain a printed copy. Lightning 9960. Lightning 9980V. SS-113-02 DG March 2008 . If you purchase or license the product. Santa Clara. and features that may not be currently available. Lightning 9970V. © Hitachi Data Systems Corporation 2008. and does not set forth any warranty.hds. concerning any equipment or service offered or to be offered by Hitachi Data Systems.. All Rights Reserved. service marks and company names are properties of their respective owners.com/corporate/legal/ index.hds.Corporate Headquarters 750 Central Expressway.com / info@hds. and that may be configurationdependent. Hitachi Data Systems sells and licenses its products subject to certain terms and conditions. please go to http://www. express or implied. Hitachi Data Systems is a registered trademark and service mark of Hitachi.. Stoke Poges. To see a copy of these terms and conditions prior to purchase or license.com Hitachi is a registered trademark of Hitachi.com / info. Universal Storage Platform. you are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions. Thunder 9585V. California 95050-2627 USA Contact Information: + 1 408 970 1000 www. California 95050-2627 USA Contact Information: + 1 408 970 1000 www.hds. Thunder 9570V and Hi-Star are trademarks of Hitachi Data Systems Corporation. Buckinghamshire SL2 4HD United Kingdom Contact Information: + 44 (0) 1753 618000 www. This document describes some capabilities that are conditioned on a maintenance contract with Hitachi Data Systems being in effect.com Asia Pacific and Americas 750 Central Expressway.com Europe Headquarters Sefton Park. Lightning 9900. Ltd. and/or its affiliates in the United States and other countries. including limited warranties. Notice: This document is for informational purposes only. Santa Clara.hds. Contact your local Hitachi Data Systems sales office for information on feature and product availability.uk@hds. Ltd.com / info@hds. All other trademarks. in the United States and other countries.

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