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PCCC is excited to announce Call Out the Vote! 
Call Out the Vote is an easy, cheap, and effective phone-banking program that connects your 
campaign to thousands of voters within seconds. ​And now your campaign can even call 
individual ​cell phones​! Our system will help expand your universe to reach new voters. 
With COTV​ you will: 
● Get Out the Vote 
● Persuade voters to support your candidate 
● Substantially increase volunteer recruitment 
Keep it simple!​ Our team will work with you to: 
● Craft and upload a powerful phone script 
● Send the data to upload into VAN at the end of 
every shift 
● Lead live orientation calls for your volunteers 
● Provide live technical support throughout every 
Easy User Interface!​ Volunteers can easily: 
● Read your phone script 
● Record voter response  
● Make thousands of calls 
Reach Voters. Fast.​ This technology has proven to be 3x more productive than using paper 
call lists by:  
● Immediately connecting callers to live voters 
● Allowing volunteers to automatically record voter response 
● Eliminating bad numbers or voicemails 
The COTV Nitty Gritty! 
● We will help you set up your account, write your phone script, upload your voter file, 
provide technical support, provide training resources for your volunteers.  
● You can sign up for as many shifts as you’d like! 
● We bill you only at cost. We consider this a service we want to provide to great 
progressives to help them win their races, not to turn a profit. We charge you for this 
service because we are legally required to! 
● We offer our dialers at the discounted rate of $.08/minute, plus a small first time 
campaign fee of $50 to upload your voter file and create your phone script.  
● A 120 minute shift costs $9.60 per volunteer. For 15 volunteers, an average 120 minute 
shift will be $144 plus the campaign fee.  
● Save $$$. Using other dialers, your campaign would have to make 250,000 minutes of 
calls just to get the same discounted rate! 

For more information, contact: 
Kayla Wingbermuehle 
(314) 488-5546 

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