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English Form 1

Name : ______________ Class : ______________

Paper 1 Time : One hour

This question paper consists of five sections: Section A, Section B, Section C, Section D and Section
E with 40 questions. Answer all questions. Questions in all sections have four answer options. You are
advised to spend 10 minutes on Section A, 10 minutes on Section B, 10 minutes on Section C, 10
minutes on Section D and 20 minutes on Section E.


Questions 1-10 are based on the information given.

The handphone you
are waiting for:
~ Affordable
~ SMS message
1. The sign means that people cannot bring in feature
their ~ E-mail facility
~ Efficient camera
A children
B bags
C dogs
D shoes

3 The statement that interprets the

correctly is

Drink A there is good after-

before sales service
31.5.08 B payment can be
made later and so it is
affordable to all
2. From the label, we know
that we must

A drink the milk cold

B drink the milk by May 2008
C keep the milk inside the refrigerator
D drink the milk before the end of 2008

4.The sign means that we are not allowed to

A go into the road

B drive on the road

C drive fast

D cut it
C the price is reasonable
D there are features like built-in speaker

5 What can we expect to be put on display during

the LIMA exhibition?

A Variety of marine life

B Different types of aircrafts and ships
8 The boy is saying that Ah Chong and May
C Different types of air rifles and warships
D Different types of tanks and military weapons
A getting married
B going away
C starting a business
D buying a house

6 The purpose of Ahmad's letter is to

A scold Azizah
B say sorry to Azizah
C advise Azizah 9 The notice above can probably be found in
D offer help to Azizah
A proofs
B raw material
Modeof Day/Time Fare C biographies
Transport D working papers

Melaka Train Mon, Thur/ 1st class

0100090 l0 a.m -RM100
0000374 Economy
0000000 class
2001c00 -RM70
Bus Daily/ 7a.m, RM65

7. If we want to go to Taiping on Saturday, we

10 Which of the following is true about the
A take the morning bus advertisement?
B pay RM65 for train fare A The room is downstairs.
C travel first class at RM 100 B The tenants can use the swimming pool.
D take the 10 o' clock train C Each unit is equipped with furniture.
D The rent of each unit varies
15. A become SULIT 4
B became
21. take note of
C becomes
A choose
D is becoming
B decide on
SectionCB notice and remember
16. A happen
D find out about
Questions 11-18 B is happening
Each question in the text refers to aCnumbered
happenedblank. For each question, choose the best answer
from the options A, B, C and D to fit the are
D happening
numbered blank.

17. It ___________(11)
I love the weather in Malaysia. A fall always sunny and we ___________(12)
B is falling
plenty of rain. Some people like to experience the four seasons but I ___________(13) cold weather.
However, it ___________(14) C very
fell comfortable when the weather ___________(15) too hot
D arenowadays.
and humid. That is what ___________(16) falling More and more people ___________(17) ill
and they ___________(18) that they cannot sleep at night. This hot spell usually lasts for a few
months before it gets cooler again. 18. A to complain
B complained
11. A is C complains
B was D are complaining
C has
D does

12. A has
B had
C have
D are having

13. A dislike
B disliked
C dislikes
D am disliking

14. A get
B gets
C got
D is getting

Section C

Question 19-21
From the options A, B, C and D, select the answer which is closest in meaning to the expression
underlined in the conversations.

Situation: A Patrol Leader is briefing some scouts about a treasure hunt.

Patrol Leader : Attention, everybody! You are to assemble at the school

gate at seven tomorrow morning. Those who turn up (19)
late will not be allowed to join the hunt.
Scout A : What's this map for?
Patrol Leader : It shows the area of the hunt. I will point out (20) the routes
you should take.
Scout B : How many of us are there in a group?
Patrol Leader : Four. Look at the name list on the board and take note (21)
of the people in your team.

19. turn up
A leaves
B arrive
C starts
D wakes up

20. point out

A suggest
B command
C enquire about
D draw attention to
24. Be my guest 5
A Go ahead.
B I’m not sure.
C That’s interesting!
Question 22-24 D Are you my guest?
From the options A, B, C and D, select the answer which is closest in meaning to the expression
underlined in the conversations.

Situation: Susie is staying the night with Ai Ping.

Susie : Thanks for letting me stay with you while my parents are away.
Ai Ping : I've been looking forward to this. Let's have dinner. Mum cooked
chicken curry. Come and help yourself. (22)
Susie : Hmmm…it smells good.
Ai Ping : Just make yourself at home (23) and we'll have lots of fun.
Susie : Can I eat with my fingers?
Ai Ping : Be my guest. (24) I think I'll join you.

22. help yourself

A serve the food
B feel free to eat
C help with the food
D make yourself some food

23. make yourself at home

A Treat it as my home
B Look around the house
C Stay as long as you like
D Make yourself comfortable

Section D

Question 25-28
Read the advertisement and answer the questions.


Discover if you have what it takes to be a star!

We are a Hollywood production company scouting for talents for a film to be shot in Malacca. We
need hundreds of Malaysians of all races - young and old, male and female.

Interested applicants are required to send a full-body photograph of themselves together with their
personal particulars to the following address not later than 30 June:
The advertiser
P.O. Box 47
46000 Petaling Jaya
Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for an interview.

25. Under which of the following categories would you find this advertisement?
A Friendship
B Vacancies
C Photography
D Business Opportunities

26. What does the question at the beginning of the advertisement mean?
A Are you a film star?
B Do you know what is a star?
C Are you interested to be a star?
D Do you have the qualities to become a star?

27. The word scouting means

A Searching
B Applying
C Inviting
D Encouraging

28. According to the advertisement,

A the film is about Malacca
B any Malaysian can apply
C applicants must enclose their identity card
D people should send in their applications on 30 June

Question 29-34
Read the postcard and answer the questions.

A Langkawi Holiday
Dear Susie,
I wish you were here with me in Pulau Langkawi. It is a beautiful island with lots of palm trees
and white sandy beaches. Since we arrived two days ago, Vicky and I have been helping our kid
brother build sandcastles every morning. We have to keep building them, as the sea always washes
them away. In the afternoons, we go swimming. My skin is getting quite a tan now.
Guess what? The resort threw a birthday party for me by the poolside! The band played the
Happy Birthday song and many guests sang along. Some American children we have just made
friends with played games like Charades with us.
We will be going to Penang in three days' time for a night at my Grandma's before going
home. I know I will miss Langkawi a lot, but Dad says we will come back here for a long holiday next
year. Hope you can come along with us then. Bye!

Your friend,

29. Who is Vicky?

A Julia's sister
B Julia's kid brother
C Julia's mother
D Susie's sister

30. In Pulau Langkawi, Julia does NOT

A build sandcastles
B swim in the sea
C colour her skin
D make new friends

31. What made Julia's stay in Pulau Langkawi special?

A She got a tan.
B She played games.
C She celebrated her birthday there.
D She went to the poolside.

32. In the postcard, guests refers to

A people invited to Julia's birthday
B other people staying in the resort
C members of the band
D people from other countries

33. Who did Julia go to Pulau Langkawi with?

A Her sister and brother
B Her family
C Her grandmother
D Friends

34. Julia's main purpose of writing the postcard was to

A inform Susie she missed her
B invite Susie to Pulau Langkawi
C make Susie feel jealous
D tell Susie about her stay in Pulau Langkawi

Section E

Question 35-37
Read the poem carefully and answer the questions that follow.

He saw a dead crow

in a drain
near the post office.
He saw an old man
gasping for air
and a baby barely able to breathe
in a crowded morning clinic.
This land is so rich.
Why should we suffer like this?
I want clean air
for my grandchildren.
I want the damned fools
to leave the forest alone.
I want the trees to grow,
the rivers run free,
and the earth covered with grass.
Let the politicians plan how we may live with dignity,
now and always.

-- A. Samad Said

35. The speaker is worried about _____.

A pollution
B politicians
C dead crows
D crowded clinics

36. The poet intends this poem for those who _____.
A care for the environment
B are in positions of power
C have breathing problems
D work in the forestry industry

37. Who, according to the poet, are responsible for the problems described in the poem?
A Everyone
B Politicians
C Rich people
D Damned fools
--------END --------------Best Wishes-------------

Question 38-40 Read the extract below carefully and answer the questions.


The grand total stunned Jamal. He stopped thinking about his bride for several nights.
He could never hope to save anything near that much from his salary. He couldn’t imagine
any of his friends raising that much from their salaries either. How did these people finance
their marriages, he wondered. Jamal revised the suicidal Budget Sheet by making some


-- Of Bunga Telur and Bally Shoes by Che Husna Azhari

38. Jamal was going to save money on the invitation cards by

A inviting only his relatives
B phoning everyone instead
C finding a printer who would charge less
D asking relatives and friends to spread the news

39. The item in his wedding budget he could not adjust was the ____.
A suit
B dowry
C catering
D presents

40. What is meant by the phrase “suicidal Budget Sheet”?

A Writing out the Budget Sheet was going to kill him.
B If he stuck to the Budget Sheet, he could not get married.
C If he did not write the Budget Sheet, he would suffer greatly.
D If he stuck to the Budget Sheet, he would have heavy debts.