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Casa de Amparo

Open Positions

Casa de Amparo programs focus on the treatment and prevention of child abuse and neglect.

POSITION TITLE: Registered Nurse SITE: Children’s Shelter

REPORTS TO: Residential Program Manager

JOB DUTIES: Provide for the health care and daily living skill needs of foster children in a level 12 residential
care facility. Work in collaboration with contracted on-site physicians and community physicians. Interface,
collaborate and train direct care and therapist staff to provide quality, comprehensive and continuous person-
alized care for all residents, including modeling, instruction, and supervision on lifting/transferring non-
ambulatory residents when needed. Able to take a leadership role to assess patient needs, plan and modify
care, and implement interventions. Provide basic patient care and treatments and administer prescribed
medications. Provide routine, personal healthcare such as bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, moving in/out
of bed, standing and walking. Observe patients, charting and reporting changes in patients’ conditions, such
as adverse reactions to medication or treatment, and taking any necessary action. Monitor medical needs and
coordinate necessary medical appointments and follow-up. Maintain records of patient care, condition, pro-
gress, and problems in order to report and discuss observations with Supervisor/Manager.

QUALIFICATIONS: Current California Registered Nurse licensure. Minimum two years experience post licen-
sure. Knowledge of principles and practices of general pediatric and psychiatric nursing. Knowledge of psy-
chotropic and general medications and effects on children. Knowledge and experience working with MediCal,
Community Care Licensing, and the Health and Human Service Agency system of care preferred. Must have
ambulatory, auditory and visual skills to observe and physically intervene with residents when required. Must
have the physical ability to lift children up to 30 pounds and walk up and down stairs on a daily, intermittent
basis, when required in order to care for residents.

POSITION TITLE: CDC Director SITE: Child Development Center

REPORTS TO: Assistant Director of Programs

JOB DUTIES: The Director manages program operations, including staffing, enrollment of children/families,
budget, liaison with state/county offices, written reports, referral development, internal/external communica-
tion and community relations.

QUALIFICATIONS: Site Supervisor Permit or Program Director Permit (California Department of Education)
required. Knowledge of Title V Department of Education, CCL, and Head Start requirements as well as pre-
school curriculum., Minimum one year each of supervision and management experience and a minimum of
two years teaching experience in a licensed child care center or comparable group childcare program is re-
quired. Experience with at-risk or Child Welfare Services children and families required. Background in a
state-funded preschool is preferred. Ability to evaluate and assess children/families and an understanding of
child behavior management. Experience with Nurtured Heart approach preferred. Expertise in dealing with
regulatory agencies, social workers, therapists, and para-professionals in the community. Must have flexible
schedule, strong time-management skills, and effective verbal and written communication skills and be de-
pendable. Must possess verbal, auditory and ambulatory abilities to supervise staff and children and take
over classrooms as needed.