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Historical Overview
1800’s Early 1900’s











Moore Worthington Clark Dresser

Turbodyne formed Turbodyne formed

Dresser-Rand Formed in 1987 Dresser-Rand Formed in 1987

D-R Services, LLC D-R Services, LLC acquires all stock of acquires all stock of Arrow Ind., Inc. Arrow Ind., Inc.

1985 Dresser 1985 Dresser Industries acquires. Industries acquires.

D-R affiliate D-R affiliate acquires assets acquires assets First Reserve Corp. of Enginuity LLC First Reserve Corp. of Enginuity LLC

1985 KDP 1985 KDP 1994 GE’s Navy Business 1994 GE’s Navy Business Acquires Whiton Acquires Whiton Acquires Khunert Acquires Khunert

purchases D-R (2004) purchases D-R (2004) IPO completed (2005) IPO completed (2005)


Terry Ingersoll Rand Tuthill Corp. Coppus Murray Nadrowski Gimpel Peter Brotherhood
(Includes Portable Ventilators)

Tuthill Energy Systems
D-R acquires D-R acquires Coppus, Murray and Coppus, Murray and Nadrowski assets. Nadrowski assets.

D-R acquires D-R acquires Gimpel Valves Gimpel Valves

D-R acquires D-R acquires certain Peter certain Peter Brotherhood assets. Brotherhood assets.


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Heritage Serving the energy markets since 1840 3 © Copyright 2008 .

000 rugged shipboard Terry turbines manufactured during WWII 1975: Dresser Clark ships world’s largest centrifugal compressor .High Points in History 1902: Worthington develops first gas engine-driven gas compressor 1927: Painted Post facility supplies equipment used to sculpt Mt. Rushmore national monument 1940s: 3.the 9B 1987: Dresser Industries and Ingersoll-Rand combine common businesses to form Dresser-Rand © Copyright 2008 4 .

purchases Dresser-Rand from Ingersoll-Rand 2005: Dresser-Rand becomes public company. purchases certain assets of Tuthill Energy Systems 2006: D-R introduces DATUM C TM ® ® 5 © Copyright 2008 .High Points in History 1991: D-R helps create the first CAES facility 1995: D-R introduces DATUM compressors 1996: D-R introduces VECTRA power turbine 2004: First Reserve Corp.

2008: Dresser-Rand affiliates acquire assets of Enginuity LLC and all stock of Arrow Industries. TM 6 © Copyright 2008 . Inc.High Points in History 2007: Dresser-Rand purchases Gimpel Valves from Tyco International 2008: Dresser-Rand acquires certain assets of Peter Brotherhood Ltd.

Our leadership in technology.Our Mission Dresser-Rand will help its clients achieve their business objectives by providing innovative solutions of the greatest value. business processes. 7 © Copyright 2008 . and operational excellence will create products and services capable of achieving the highest level of client satisfaction and long-term loyalty throughout the global energy industry.

Certifications and Standards ISO certifications Products meet rigid criteria set forth in API. NEMA. and ASME standards 8 © Copyright 2008 . ASNE. IEC. AIPI.

Germany Bielefeld. New York Wellsville. TX Chirchik. Germany Kongsberg. Texas. UK Regional Centers Kuala Lumpur. U. IA Louisiana.K. Malaysia Cilegon. CA Chula Vista. OH Aberdeen. New York Burlington. Brazil Kuala Lumpur. Sarnia. OK Midland. Ontario Le Havre. France Service Centers (33) 9 © Copyright 2008 . MO Rancho Dominguez. NY Horsham. Missouri Kiefer. India Shanghai.SP. NY Painted Post. USA Global Operations Olean. LA Port Harcourt Nigeria Angola Africa Maracaibo. Norway Naroda. The Netherlands Oberhausen. PRC Kemanan. NY France Wellsville. Texas Le Havre. Italy Burlington. Germany Bielefeld. VA Mayport. Norway Spijkenisse. China Peterborough. New York Painted Post. LA Baton Rouge. Oklahoma Le Havre. Terengganu. TX Houston. OK Chesapeake. Texas Louisiana. Scotland. Alberta Canada Seattle. Malaysia Houston. Malaysia Naroda. PA Kiefer. Iowa Houston. France Oberhausen.K. India Kongsberg. WA Naperville. Zulia Venezuela Campinas .Dresser-Rand’s Global Presence Edmonton. CA Tulsa. Peterborough Cambridgeshire U. Olean. FL Jena. Indonesia WW Headquarters Houston. Edo. Germany Genoa. IL Hamilton. Banten. Uzbekistan Shanghai.

Malaysia © Copyright 2007 . France Le Havre.Dresser-Rand . Malaysia Kuala Lumpur. France European Served Area (ESA) Asia-Pacific WW Corporate HQ WW Corporate HQ Commercial Center Commercial Center Houston. Texas Houston.Regional Offices The Americas Regional Commercial Center Regional Commercial Center Le Havre. Texas Regional Commercial Center Regional Commercial Center Kuala Lumpur.

Dresser-Rand’s Global Presence World class manufacturing BURLINGTON BURLINGTON Iowa* Iowa* HOUSTON HOUSTON Texas Texas operations • OLEAN • OLEAN • PAINTED POST • PAINTED POST • WELLSVILLE • WELLSVILLE New York * New York * * NORTH AMERICAN OPERATIONS 11 © Copyright 2008 .

Dresser-Rand’s Global Presence World class manufacturing operations KONGSBERG KONGSBERG Norway Norway • OBERHAUSEN • OBERHAUSEN • BIELEFELD • BIELEFELD Germany Germany PETERBOROUGH PETERBOROUGH England England LE HAVRE LE HAVRE France France 12 © Copyright 2008 .

AHMEDABAD NARODA.Dresser-Rand’s Global Presence World class manufacturing operations SHANGHAI SHANGHAI China China NARODA. AHMEDABAD India India 13 © Copyright 2008 .

Dresser-Rand Service Centers Netherlands (1) Netherlands (1) Canada (2) Canada (2) Scotland (1) Scotland (1) Germany (2) Germany (2) England (1) England (1) USA (15) USA (15) France (1) France (1) Italy (1) Italy (1) Uzbekistan (1) Uzbekistan (1) Norway (1) Norway (1) China (1) China (1) Nigeria (1) Nigeria (1) Venezuela (1) Venezuela (1) Angola (1) Angola (1) Brazil (1) Brazil (1) Malaysia (1) Malaysia (1) Indonesia (1) Indonesia (1) Key Service Centers (33) 2007 © Copyright 2008 14 .

Products for all served markets Process & Separable Recip Gas Reinjection VECTRA DATUM (HP) Pipeline Booster Boil-Off LNG Clean Fuels Refining Hydrogen Single-Stage Steam Turbine MultiStage Steam Turbine Upstream CNG Gas Transmission Centrifugal PDI Recip DATUM Axially Split FCC Expander Ethylene GTL Axial Downstream © Copyright 2008 Midstream 15 .

Product / Market Matrix 16 © Copyright 2008 .

.and World Class Test Facilities 17 © Copyright 2008 .. .

500 psia © Copyright 2008 Power to > 120. plastics.D-R Centrifugal Compressors DATUM® compressors Used in oil & gas production. fertilizer and chemicals Flow rates up to 500.000 acfm Pressure to 10. and petrochemical applications to produce fuels. fibers. lubricants. refining.000 hp 18 . LNG.

chemical manufacturing and oil & gas production. CNG and LNG Power ranges to 38.D-R Reciprocating Compressors Process & Gas Field Reciprocating Compressors Used in petroleum and refinery applications.000 HP © Copyright 2008 19 .

chiller drivers. naval applications Sugar Mill 20 © Copyright 2008 . pump. power generation. fan and mill drives.Single & Multi-stage Steam Turbines Standard and Engineered Used in process compressor drivers.

Additional Products Controls / RECON Integrated Compression Systems (ICS) Rotating Separators Gas Turbine Packages Power Turbines Expanders Coppus Portable Ventilators Gimpel Valves © Copyright 2008 Others 21 .

Full Range of Product Services OEM Parts Field Solutions Revamps/Rerates Applied Technology Remanufacturing Product Training Upgrades Unparalleled offerings of services and geographic coverage 22 © Copyright 2008 .

Technology DATUM Compressors Applied Technology D-R Array Dry Gas Seals 23 © Copyright 2008 . © Copyright 2008 .com info@dresser-rand.® www.

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