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E-mail: cmohima@yahoo.

Mobile: +91-9686971602
Mohima Chaudhuri

Working in Mindtree Ltd Bangalore.

Duration: 7th November’09 till date

Department: Testing
Post: Junior Engineer
Total Experience: 6 months
Technologies: Protocol testing

Career Objective:

To associate with an organization which progresses dynamically and gives me a chance to improve my
knowledge, enhance my skills in the state-of-art technology and be a part of the team that work towards the
growth of the organization.


• 6 months of experience in Software testing in Mindtree Ltd Bangalore and Microland Bangalore.
• Having good experience on testing of networking protocol testing (SNMP)
• Actively involved in Windows platform and have adequate knowledge on SNMP protocol and related
application testing

• Have a good understanding of SDLC, and STLC. Excellent communication and analytical skills, quick
learner and a good team player.
• Technical support executive: Troubleshooting queries related to networking products.
Configuring networking devices, installation, troubleshooting wireless issues. Interacting with UK


Programming Language : Java, HTML, SQL, C

Operating Systems : Windows XP, Windows VISTA, Linux

RDBMS : IBM DB2, SQL server

Domain Knowledge : Protocol Testing.

Projects Handled:

Project # 1 MWATCH (ManageEngine

( IMS)

Project Description: MWatch is an integrated IT Infrastructure Monitoring and Service Management solution
being provided by MindTree from the Managed Services platform. Based on the philosophy of Monitor,
Measure and Maximize, it enables the IMS Managed Services to offer its customers with a cost-effective
service to monitor the IT resources, and, measure the services provide so as to manage & continually
improve the service levels.

It has the Features like Monitor, prioritize, notify, respond, Automate for efficiency and accuracy, Diagnose
& resolve root cause. It completely works on SNMP protocol base.


• Making the setup’s

• Test case writing.
• Test case execution.
• BUG Reporting.

Features Tested:

• Fault Monitoring
• Performance Reporting
• Emailing

Operating System : Microsoft Windows

Client : Mindtree Internal

Duration : Sep 20 to till date

Project # 2 Banking System

Project Description: Hewlett –Packard (training and project)
Initial training was provided on J2EE before starting the project.
A banking application was created which would

• Provide an interface to customers to do common banking transactions online

• Gives options to deposit, withdraw, and transfer money between two accounts
• Gives option to apply for loans
• Provides the option to check for balance

Tools and Technologies : JSP, JDBC, HTML

Project # 3 Geographical Information System

Project Description: The project required to create an application which would

• Provide all possible information of some particular geographical block.
• Information includes geographical data as well as details of agriculture, roads .industries
administration of that area.
• All users would be able to login to the system and view all details
• A separate login system was created for the administrator to make any changes remove or add
specific information to the database

Tools and Technologies : ASP, SQL Server


• Attended the protocol testing trainings in Mindtree Ltd, Bangalore.


Course Year Percentage College Board/University

B.Tech 2008 76% Institute of West Bengal University
(computer Technology and of Technology
science) Marine
Higher 2004 68% Birla Science West Bengal Council of
Secondary College Higher Secondary
Examination Education
Secondary 2002 76% Bidya Bharati West Bengal Board of
Examination High school Secondary


• Got “Shining Star” award for finding the Maximum defects.

Personal Details


DATE OF BIRTH : 23 March 1986.



LANGUAGES : Hindi, Bengali, English

I hereby declare that all the information provided by me in this resume is true and best to my knowledge and I accept
the responsibility for any misrepresentation.

Mohima Chaudhuri