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This is the List of Latest verified Halal Food Products in US Supermarkets. For more and up to date information go to the website official website of MCG http://www.muslimconsumergroup.com Only Halal products are written, other variant of same brands or products may be haram. For further questions or suggestions regarding this list only, please contact on E-Mail: info@halalfoodinfo.com Or visit our website on http://www.halalfoodinfo.com The current list of Halal foods is also available in Urdu on the website www.halalfoodinfo.com

Haram - Cause of Our Destructions Halal- One step toward Solution What will you choose?
As we all know that many of the foods available in the US markets are Haram by Islamic standards. To help the Muslim community here is a list of some of the foods that are Halal as per ongoing research of Muslim Consumer Groups also known as MCG. MCG’s most important service to Muslims is to educate them about Halal food products and food constituent food and ingredients. Brothers and Sisters please tell your friends and relatives about this website; make copies of this convenient list and give to your friends and relatives. This list may not cover all product but what is listed is certified halal. Use the basic scale for selecting halal product in case you have no option to select. Inform us about the product so we can include it in our list after verification. May Allah reward you for your concern and effort in this life and the next eternal life. Please check the product ingredients every 6 months for any changes, because the companies may change them without notice. A product that is Halal may become haram, if the ingredients used in the manufacturing of that product or its formula become haram. To check the status of an ingredient you may call the toll free number like 1800-***** number provided by the manufacturer on their product. When you call the company, make sure to ask 1. If the product was made using any animal by-product? 2. Ask if there was any cross contamination (if the product was made at the same place where it could come into contact with any animal by product)? 3. If the product contains any alcohol? If any of above happens the product becomes haram.

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(Nature's Own) White bread (Florida). POP CORN.(Brown Berry) Country White bread. (Meijer) White Sandwich bread (Detroit only). Apple Sauce(Sweet Harvest). DeHydrated Potato Dices (Oregon Potato Company). (Aunt Millie) Hearty White bread (Detroit only). Chessman.GOOD START 2 INFANT FORMULA WITH IRON SOY ESSENTIALS POWDER. POTATO CHIP & PRETZEL. (PathMark) White bread (Northeast). (ENFAMIL) NEW AR LIPIL POWDER. (Freihofer) Split Top White bread (Northeast). (Stop & Shop) Big Loaf Sandwich white bread (Northeast).(Revised Date June 06. MI. LACTOSE FREE ADVANCE INFANT FORMULA WITH IRON. Oreo Double Stuf Chocolate Creme. Safeway. Rounds. Potato Flakes (Washington Potato Company). White bread Family Size. Oreo Double Stuf. Raley. SIMILAC 2 ADVANCE TODDLER FORMULA WITH IRON. GOOD START 2 INFANT FORMULA WITH IRON ESSENTIALS POWDER. WI) With MCG Halal. CORN CHIPS. (Mission) Tortilla Tringales. (Safeway) Cookies with Chunky Pecan (Safeway. ISOMIL ADVANCE SOY POWDER. (Key Foods) White bread (NY city). (Mother's) Peanut Butter Cookies. (Jewel) White bread & Wheat bread (Chicago). Von). (Cobble Stone Mill) White bread (Florida & Tennessee). DeHydrated Potato Dices (Washington Potato Company). (Mrs. Apple Sauce Cinnamon (Sweet Harvest) BREAD. (SIMILAC) ISOMIL ADVANCE SOY READY TO USE. Carrots. Verona Apricot Raspberry. (S. (Bremner) Wafers. (Oroweat) Country White & Country Wheat bread (California/Texas). Oreo Chocolate Creme. (Good Day) Almond Mill Cookies (Albertson supermarkets). Stripes. (Stroehmann) White bread (Northeast). (Wonder) White bread. Original Premium Saltine Crackers. (Shoprite) White bread (Northeast). (Home Pride) Butter Top White/Butter Top Wheat bread (California only). (Sunbean) White bread (Northeast & Florida). Banana. Oatmeal Raisin Cookies ( Fiesta. (JJ Nisson) White bread (Northeast). (Musselman) Apple Sauce . (Arnold) White bread (Florida). COOKIES & CRACKERS. (Estee) Unsalted Pretzels. NEXT STEP LIPIL FOR TODDLER POWDER. Peaches. (Pepperidge Farm) Bordeaux. Premium white corn. (Kroger) White bread (all over the country). (Shaw's) Sandwich bread/Split Top bread (Northeast). (Baker Bread) White bread (St. Fruit Var. (Nancy Martin) White bread (Chicago). (Pepperidge Farm) White Original bread. Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookies. BABY FOOD.GOOD START 2 INFANT FORMULA WITH IRON SOY ESSENTIALS READY TO USE. Mini Chessman. Rosen) Whole Wheat bread (Chicago). (Pringle) Original Potato Page 2 of 9 . (Frito) Corn chips. First Food Peaches. (Pop Secret) Popcorn Natural.Bairds) White bread (Texas). (NESTLE) GOOD START 2 INFANT FORMULA WITH IRON ESSENTIALS READY TO USE. Verona Strawberry. H_MCG on the bread films. (Archway) Windmill Cookies.FOLLOW UP WITH CALCIUM POWDER. (Natural Ovens) Better White bread (IL. New Chex Mix Chocolate Turtle. Ginger Man. Good Start infant formula with Iron Soy Essential. Oreo Double Delight Peanut Butter Creme. (Motts) Apple Sauce. Chex Mix Trail Mix. NEW NEXT STEP PROSBEE LIPIL READY TO USE. MO.(Gerber) Grain Barley. Louise). Chex Mix Dark Chocolate. soy and wheat. Nutter Butter Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookie. 2010 LIST OF CURRENT HALAL FOOD PRODUCTS IN US SUPERMARKETS BABY FORMULA. (Nabisco) Ritz Crackers. Ross Laboratory's Elecare Powder is answer for babies having allergic reaction to milk.Potato flakes (Oregon Potato Company). Von in LA). . (Fiesta) White bread (only in Houston). (Vande Kap) White Bread in (Northern California). Enfamil New Lipil APPLE SAUCE. (Beachnut) Apple Sauce. Garlic Butter Ritz Crackers. IN. (Wonder Hot Dog Buns) TORTILLA. Second food Apple Sauce. Oreo Double Delight Mint N Creme. (Dixie Darling) Sandwich style White bread (Florida). MN. (Butternut) White bread & wheat bread (Chicago only). (Publix) White bread (Florida). (Carnation) Good Start 2 infant formula and non infant formula.

(Pringles) Original Potato Chips. nonfat and lowfat available in California. (Ruffles) The More Potato Chips. Salt & Vinegar. (Dannon) Premium plain. 2010 Chips. Reduced Fat Potato Chips. Plain Yogurt. Salt and Vinegar. FRESH MUFFINS. (Sun Chips) Original Multi Grain Snacks. (Natural Oven) Blueberry Muffins. NEW 100 CALORIES SNACK CHOCOLATE CARAMEL. All regular. Whipped. Premium Non Fat Plain. Scoops Corn Chips. Kettle Cooked. Guar Gum Sweatners: Honey PASTRIES. (Fritos) Original Corn Chips.Safflower Terric Oxide. (Kirkland) Butter at Costco. (Archer Farms) Market Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips. (Lay's) Original Potato Chip. A leading Vanillin producer has informed MCG that they use methane( not a Haram chemical) to crystallized the vanillin crystals. (Natural) Ovens Brainy Bagels. Cinnamon Bagel. Non-Fat Plain. MILK: (Friendly Farms) Milk. (Drake) Coffee Cake. Original Potato Chips. (Stonyfield Farm) Whole milk Organic Plain. (Lay's) Classic Potato Chips. (Pillsbury) Pumpkin bread mix. JAYS'S CHEEZLETS POTATO CHIP CHEX :NEW 100 CALORIES SNACK CHEDDAR. Cookies and Crackers : (Market Pantry) Sandwich Crackers Peanut Butter Toasted. Instant Non Fat Dry Milk. (Ruffles) Naturally Baked Original Potato Chips. the vegetable shortening are Halal. Sandwich Crackers Peanut Butter on Cheese Potato chips & Snacks: (Market) Pantry Potato Chips Regular. ENGLISH MUFFINS. Salt & Vinegar. COFFEE CREAMER (N JOY) COFFEE CREAMER YOGURTS. (Sun Chip) Original Multigrain Snacks. (Jays) Crispy Ridged. Evaporated Milk. (Thomas) Original English Muffins. Classic Potato Chips. Halal cakes at Jewel Store BISCUITS: VANILLIN IN NABISCO'S OREO AND HERSHY'S CHOCOLATE IS ALCOHOL FREE Vanillin in Nabisco's Oreo and Hershey's chocolate is Halal because it is alcohol free according to Kraft Foods and Hershey food company. PRINGLE : POTATO CRISP 100 CALORIES PACKS SOUR CREAM & ONION. Naturally Baked Original Potato Chips. BAKERY SNACK. (Canola Harvest) Margarine. (Tostitos) 100% White Corn Tortilla Chips. POTATO CRISP 100 CALORIES PACKS ORIGINAL are halal. Multi Grain Bagel. Salt And Vinegar. BUTTER & MARGARINE. Pretzels Mini twist. Wavy Lay's Original. CAKES MIXES & FROSTING. HERSHEY CHOCOLATE IN INDIA with vegatrain symbol of Green Dot in a Square on their products. Sweetened Condensed Milk. Kettle Covered. FRESH BAGELS. Potato Chips Curl. Organic Blue Corn Tortilla Chips. Cutty Dippettes potato chips. . (Rold Gold) Rods Pretzels. Crispy Round Tortilla Chips. (Land O Lake) Salted Sweet Cream Butter. Whole Grain Bagel With MCG's Halal symbol H_MCG. (Challenge Butter) (SMART BEAT & SMART BALANCE MARGARINE AND CHEESE PRODUCTS) Page 3 of 9 . Sesame Seed Bagel. (Mountain High) Original Style Whole Milk. Tortilla Chips Bite Size.(Revised Date June 06. Raisin Bran Muffins with MCG's Halal symbol H_MCG. (Colombo) Classic Plain No-fat yogurt. (Thomas) Plain Bagel. HALAL IF NO ALCOHOL IS USED IN FLAVOR BURGER KING FRENCH FRIES HALAL The raw french fries. (Otis Spunkmeyer) Blueberry Muffin. (Snyders) Rods Pretzels.

(Peter Pan) Creamy/Crunchy. (Pepperidge Farm) Cubed Herb Stuffing. SOUR CREAM & COTTAGE CHEESE. Fat Free Cottage Cheese. Mushroom & Garlic. Rice Krispies. Page 4 of 9 . (Brownberry's) Sage & Onion Cubed Stuffing. Special K. Egg Noodles. (Streits) Instant Noodle Soup Chicken Substitute (no meat) Tomato Minestrone CEREAL. ICE CREAM AND ICE CREAM BARS. (Kelloggs's) Savory Herb Stuffing Mix. (Berklay Farms) at Smart &Final and Food Co. Orange Pineapple Banana. FRUIT DRINKS. (Prince & Thin) Spaghetti U. (Ragu) Light Tomato & Basil. CHEESES. Corn Flakes. Honey Comb. (Sorrento) Mozzarella. (Land O Lake) Sour Cream. Distilled Vinegar MUSTARD: French’s Classic Yellow. (Nabisco) Cracker Meal. Orange. Pumpkin Ice cream. All other brands. (Knudsen) at Raleys. (Kelloggs) Raisin Bran. Chocolate. (Sunny Delight) Fruit Drinks California & Florida Style only. (Quaker) Old Fashioned Oatmeal original flavor. (Edy) Coffee. VINEGAR: (Heinz) Apple Cider Vinegar. (Dole) Pineapple Juice. (Indian Summer) Apple Juice. (Nature Valley) Cinnamon Crunchy Bars. Tomato. Sobe Products. Yamasa. Cap N Crunch U. Basic 4. (Skippy) Reduced Fat Creamy. (Heinz) Tomato Ketchup. (Barilla) Roasted Garlic & Onion. Spaghetti. Honey Nut Chex Mix ( General Hills). Open Pit Barbecue Sauce FOOD COATINGS. (Hood) Sour Cream. (Daisy) Sour Cream. (Mott) Apple Juice. KETCHUP. SPAGHETTI & SPAGHETTI SAUCE. Dry Curd Cottage Cheese. PEANUT BUTTER. GRANOLA BARS. (Henri) Classic Original French. Garlic . (Precions) Ricotta Cheese Whole Milk. Whipped Cream Cheese. Life. (Campbell) Tomato Juice. Kix. Traditional extra chunky. Cinnamon Graham. (Ocean Spray) Cranberry Juice Cocktail. STUFFING MIX. SOY SAUCE: Lehlis Soy Sauce. (Nabisco) A-1 Steak Sauce. (Miller) American Process Cheese slices. (Hiden Valley) Dry Ranch Buttermilk. (MigDal) American Process cheese slices. Light Sour Cream. (Welch) 100% Grape Juice. (Langers) Apple Juice. Alpha Bits Frosted. XO Gourmt Energy drinks. Home Style Flour Recipe. Total whole Grain. (Thousand Island) Only if no alcohol used in flavors. (Jif) Creamy/Crunchy. (Dean) Cultured Sour Cream. (Tabasco's) Pepper sauce. (General Mills) Honey Nut Cheerios. Tomato & Basil. Ricotta Cheese Low Fat Milk. (Realemon) Lemon Juice. (Philadelphia) Cream Cheese. (Dryers) Coffee. (Buitoni) Mushroom Green Peppers. Robesto Roasted Garlic. Frosted Flake. Hearty 7 Herb Tomato. Lachoe Soy Sauce HOT SAUCE: (Crystal Hot Sauce) Available at Raley’s SOUPS. Mozzarella Cheese (Available at Raley’s & Costco) Snack Mix: : Chex Mix Cheddar( General Hills ). (Post) Golden Crisp. Corn Pops. (NATURAL FLAVOR IN KEN'S STEAKHOUSE RANCH DRESSING) Kraft Barbecue Sauce. Onion Pasta Sauce. Shredded Cheddar. Sweet Pepper & Garlic. (Brookstone) Reduced Fat Sour Cream. 2010 BUTTER MILK. (Frego) Fresh Mushroom pasta sauce. Ricotta. (Friyin' Magic) All Purpose Seasoned Coating Mix. (Oven Fry) Fish Fry. SALAD DRESSING. (Classico) Fire Roasted Tomato & Garlic. Elbow Macaroni.(Revised Date June 06. (Pollyo) Mozzarella. (Kroger) All Natural Sour Cream.

ALL BAR SOAPS. Dixie. Lavender. (San Francisco) Bar Soaps available in Dominick/Safeway/Wal-Mart. Tartar control. JOHNSON & JOHNSON STIM . Rolo. 2010 Chocolate. CLEARLY NATURAL UNSCENTED GLYCERIN SOAP. available in Raley supermarket in N. Therapy. Mr. Oral-B and Reach tooth brushes are free from any pig hairs or any animal derived ingredients. Vitamin E. NEUTROGENA FACIAL CLEANSING LIQUID FORMAULA AND JOHNSON’S OXYGENATING FIZZING CLEANSER IS FREE FROM PORK AND BEEF FAT. Cool Mint gel. Anti Cavity Toothpaste. Advance White. COLGATE ICY BLAST WHITENING.TOM OF MAINE ALL NATURAL MOISTURIZING BODY BARS. (Vident) Original Fluride. COLGATE SPARKLING WHITE CINNAMON SPICE GEL. KISS MY FACE. Halal Orchard Fruits and Nut bars are made with all Halal ingredients without any flavor or alcohol PAPER PLATES AND CUPS. Crest Toothpaste only flavor of Cavity Protection Toothpaste. SOLO BAR SOAPS/LIQUID SOAPS/BODY WASH: (Lava) (Kirk's) Castile Bar Soaps.HEFTY. Pumpkin Ice cream. (Crystal) Unscented (without any alcohol). ALL SOAPS WITH FRAGRANCE. Pay Day Peanut Caramel.7 OZ ONLY. COLGATE HERBAL WHITE FRESH MINT TOOTHPASTE. WHOLE FOODS 365. (Tom of Maine) Fluoride toothpaste. Almond Joy Bites. Regular Flavor. ( Winco. COLAGET MAX FRESH TOOTHPASTES MOUTHWASH (NEW CREST PRO HEALTH MOUTHWASH) HAIR COLOR (JUST FOR MEN Shampoo-In Hair Color products)( Revlon Company ColorSilk hair color products) Hair Spray Page 5 of 9 . HALAL BAR SOAPS :. Solo ) NO PORK DERIVED ZINK STEARATE IN WIN CUP'S FOAM CUPS INCLUDING IN THE STATE OF LOUISIANA THE FOLLOWING BRANDS OF PAPER PLATES ARE FREE FROM ANIMAL DERIVED INGREDIENTS COATINGS: CHINET. ALL COLGATE TOOTHPASTES FOR CHILDREN. (Suave's Soft) Only Fruit Essentials. (Colgate) Winter Fresh gel. icy mint. Colgate Junior. COLGATE CAVITY PROTECTION GREAT REGULAR FLAVOR 2. Dessert Cafe. ALL SOAPS WITH FRAGRANCE. kid crest.Soft Lotion Bed Time. (Clean & Smooth) Liquid Soap. SOUTH OF FRANCE.(Revised Date June 06. Strawberry Banana. Milk Chocolate 6 pack. TOOTH BRUSHES Aquafresh. TOOTHPASTE MAX FRESH TOOTHPASTE. Kid Crest. CLEARLY NATURAL. HALAL IF NO ALCOHOL IS USED IN FRAGRANCE. (Lever 2000) Body Wash. Peppermint patties.(Freeman) Bar Soaps available in Dominick. KISS MY FACE. PURE OLIVE SOAP.DIXIE.COLGATE 2-IN-1 TOOTHPASTES .U. Strawberry Ice Cream. (Aqua Fresh) Floride protection only. Energy. Mentadent.DENT PLAQUE REMOVERS. Aquarium. Mocha Frappe. BAR SOAP. Good Bar Bites. Dessert Chocolate Mouse. Aroma. CANDIES/CHOCOLATE BARS.. Regular Flavor. Colgate. (Hershey) Reeses Peanut butter cups/Miniatures. (Haagen Daz) Coffee Ice Cream. COLGATE CAVITY PROTECTION WINTERFRESH GEL. COLGATE FRESH CONFIDENCE WITH WHITENING TOOTHPASTE . ALL SOAPS WITH FRAGRANCE. KIRK/CASTILE. Soft Lotion 24 Hours Moisture. Crest. California. (Arm/Hammer) Advanced White. (Aim) Toothpaste. (Savon de Luxe) Bar Soaps available in Dominick & Raley’s. (Johnson & Johnson) Soft Body Wash. Kit Kat (updated 09/24/04). (Gleam) Whitens Teeth.

COUGH MEDICINE. Dawn. Face Lotion SPO 20 BODY LOTIONS BRAND: NIVEA BODY PRODUCT: Essentially Enriched lotion. Cold Allergy are not made with animal derived Page 6 of 9 . Palmolive). Brilliant blue FCF( halal if 100% dry) Preservative: E216 Propyl4. Infant Decongestion Plus Cough. EZ Tablet). (Suave) Only Balsom Protein. Seriously Sensitive Lotion.(White Rain) Shampoo & Conditioner. Tropical Coconut. Aleve's Tablet and Caplet pain reliever products are free from any animal derived ingredients. Van Quish pain relief products are free from any animal derived ingredients. Original Moisturizer BRAND: NEUTROGENA:PRODUCTS: Norwegian Formula Body moisturizer.(Revised Date June 06. (Pedia Sure) Night Rest. Sunrise Raspberry. Ampliphying Shampoo. Infant Long Acting Cough. Aleve. pill and junior chewable tablet form are free from pork or beef derived ingredients. Aqua Net Extra Super Hold Unscented Hair Spray. Ocean Breeze. Color Protection. ALLERGY TABLETS (Allerest PE Allergy tablets). Greens/Acid Brilliant. Cold and Cough. Mortin Product Children Motrin in liquid. Cascade Jell. Children Tylenol Concentrated Drops all flavors Children Tylenol Suspension Liquids all flavors. Motrin. Extra Body. Smooth Sensation. CEPACOL SORE THROAT LOZENGES DINETAPP ALLERGY PRODUCTS Dinetapp Night Time Flue. Bengay Arthritis gel. Electrasol. Cool Caplet. HALLS COUGH DROPS CEPACOL SORE THROAT LOZENGES ALAVERT ALLERGY PRODUCT Aleve's Tablet and Caplet pain reliever products are free from any animal derived ingredients. Awapuhi. Tylenol 8 Hours Caplet Tylenol Arthritis Pain Caplet. 3. Bengay Pain Releiving Gel. (Loreal) Shampoo & Conditioner. (Garnier) Shampoo & Conditioners. Ascorbic Acid Vitamin C halal. Tylenol tabletsor caplets ) Tylenol Infant drops with Cherry flavor and Grape flavor. Mountain Strawberry. Tylenol Extra Strength (Caplet. Tylenol regular tablet. White Rain unscented Maximum Hold Hair Spray. Cold & Allergy. Infant Decongestion Drops. Daily UV Lotion (Norwegian Formula Brand) Hand Cream Tube (San Francisco) Fruit Temptations. (Vicks) Children NY Quil. Baby Shampoo with Honey & Vitamin E. Fresh Apricot Lotion (Kiss My Face Brand) Vitamin A & E Lotion. (Cascade. MAKEUP (Revlon Makeup) Neutrogena has informed MCG that Facial Peel and Microdermabration SHAMPOO. 2010 1. Wild Strawberry Lotion. Suave Natural Aleo Vera Extra Hold and Max Hold Hair Sprays. Vanilla Floral. Long acting Cold Plus.Hydroxybenzoate( halal if 100% dry) LOTIONS: (Lubriderm Brand) Advanced Therapy Lotion. PAIN KILLERS. Cough & Cold. (Johnson & Johnson) Baby Shampoo gel. Extra Care Healing Moisturizer Colours: Green BS . BAYER ASPIRIN PRODUCTS SUDAFED PE SINUS/ALLERGY Vitamins: Hexamine. Skin Firming Moisturizer. 2. Maxi Health Halal Fish oil cap. Alfa Aloe Lotion (Pure Basic Brand) Lotion in new Package Face Cream: (Nivea) face cream DISHWASHING SOUP. ( Advil. Cucumber & Melon. (Triaminic) All cough syrups and also all Soft Chew Tablets. Citrus Inginseng. Norwegian Formula Body Moisturizer Fragrance Free(No Alcohol) BRAND: JOHNSON SOFT LOTION PRODUCTS: 24 Hour Moisturizer. (Tylenol) (Simply Cough) Extra strength Cepacol Sore Throat Lozenges Benadryl Children Allergy Liquid cherry flavor is free from any animal derived ingredients. Dove. Kiwi Mango Lotion. Children Advil fruit or grape suspension is free from any animal derived ingredients. Age Defying Moisturizer. Green Tea & Jasmine. Garnier Fructis Style Mousse and Neutrogena's Triple Face protection. Infant Long Acting Cough & Cold. Joy.

SHAVING CREAMS WITHOUT ANIMAL DERIVED INGREDIENTS (Aveeno) Positively Smooth Shaving Cream. Cherry Flavored. Shaving with Aloe & Lanolin. NJ has informed MCG that Regular. (Ban) All products . Claritin Children Allergy Syrups except grape and peach flavors. So please do not use any capsule or tablet fiber laxatives. Powder Fresh.beautifully smooth soft solid. Satin Bouquet FAST FOOD RESTAURANTS (USA) We do not recommend! BASKIN-ROBBINS ICE CREAM Ice Cream varieties made with Alcohol containing Natural Flavors Page 7 of 9 . Bold Plus. Citrucel methyl cellulose fiber therapy powder form only 3. (Noxzema) Shaving for sensitive skin. unscented. RAZORS BLADES (LUBRICATING STRIP ON THE RAZOR BLADES OF SCHICK AND GILLETE PRODUCTS) META MUCIL POWDERS AND CITRUCEL POWDER FIBER LAXATIVES ARE HALAL Fiber laxatives in powder form are Halal only but their capsule or tablet counterpart are not Halal. They can be obtained by dialing 1-800-544-6294 or find out the stores near your home by logging at www. Benefiber powder only MAXI HEALTH'S VITAMINS ARE HALAL FOR ADULTS/CHILDREN Maxi Health's Maxivite One A Day Multi Vitamins with Minerals and Chewable Maxi Health Multi Vitamins for children (cherry flavor) are Halal. Tide. Dynamo. ERA. Fixodent and Sea-Bond brands of denture adhesives are free from animal derived ingredients and alcohol. Gain.maxihealth. classic.(Powder): Arm & Hammer. (Old Spice) Moisturizing shaving cream original.maxihealth. Tide Wisk (Liquid) All. Ivory Snow. Mint.fresh clean gel. beautifully smooth invisible solid. Landau Prenatal 250 TAB (Product #LN725-2) NATURE MADE VITAMIN C 500 MG TABLETS ARE FREE FROM ANY ANIMAL DERIVED LANDAU'S CENTRALAN VITAMINS Landau's Centralan multi vitamins and minerals is equal to Centrum multi viatmins and mineral.com <http://www. The following fiber laxative powders brands are Halal: 1. Strawberry flavored. Dry Idea . Fresh Start ANTI-PERSPIRANT AND DEODORANT: Brut. (Degree) All Spray Cans. Powder Soft. Moisture richer Shaving gel. 2010 ingredients and alcohol. Medicated and Lip Moisture LAUNDRY DETERGENT. Cheer. Centrum is not halal.com> . New All Natural. (Nivea) For Men Shaving sensitive gel. Soft and Dry. unscented clear gel.(Revised Date June 06. LIQUID MAALOX MAX ANTACID & ANTIGAS ARE FREE FROM ANY ANIMAL DERIVED INGREDIENTS. No animal derived ingredients and no alcohol is used in flavors. Bold. Metamucil's original texture regular flavor and smooth texture regular flavor sugar free powders form only 2. Cheer. Orchard Blossom (Lady Speed Stick Clean Guide) Sunset Breeze. Ajax. Surf. (Lady Speed Stick Gel) Shower Fresh. Chinese L-CYSTEINE is not halal.UltraMax (Gillette) Right Guard – invisible solid clear gel power strip. CHAPSTICK: Whitehall-Robins of Madison. FAB. powder fresh. DENTURE ADHESIVES ARE FREE FROM ANIMAL DERIVED INGREDIENTS & ALCOHOL PolyGrip. LIQUID MYLANTA SUPREME CHERRY AND REGULAR STRENGTH MINT FLAVOR ARE FREE FROM ANIMAL DERIVED INGREDIENTS AND ALCOHOL CARMEX'S CLICK STICK & OTHER PRODUCTS ARE HALAL HALAL L-CYSTEINE. Classic Extra. Roll On Spectrum Protection (Arm & Hammer Brand) All Products.

All Muffins except English Muffin and Honey Bran Raisin Muffin. Honey Bran Raisin Muffin. Indiana and Milwaukee. Sreawberry Cream Cheese. Potassium Hydroxide Page 8 of 9 . Nacho Chips. Double Chocolate Cake Donut. All Baskin-Robbins ice cream flavors except those containing gelatin are Kosher certified: Chocolate. Lite Cream Cheese. The Following products are Halal at Dunkin Donuts: 1.7. Bulqur Wheat. Fiesta Salsa. Strawberry Shortcake. McDonald's fish fillet without cheese and tartar sauce but with mayonnaise is a Halal sandwich but their French Fries is still made with non-zabiha beef extract. Cheese Danish. 2. Guacamole. All donuts products except Chocolate Coconut Cake Donut. Wisconsin are Halal.***************************************** WAFFLES Buttermilk Waffles (safeway). Sesame. Banana Strawberry. Strawberry Cheese Danish. Winter White Chocolate (12-18-03). 12. So these flavors are never exposed to heat. Apple Danish. Very Berry Strawberry. bacon bits and dressing Broiled or Grilled fish with AA Butter or Salted Butter without any sauce Baked Potato with AA Butter or Salted Butter SUBWAY HALAL. Peanut Butter Cup cookie.11. Glazed Chocolate Cake Munchkin and Glazed Chocolate Cake Stick.(Revised Date June 06. World Classic Chocolate. BURGER KING.6. Salmon Cream Cheese. Chocolate Glazed Cake Donut. Plain Croissant. English Toffee. Chive Cream Cheese The following products contain Halal ingredients except Natural or artificial flavor may or may not contain alcohol as a solvent: 1. Lite Garden Vegetable Cream Cheese TACO BELL HALAL Pinto Beans without artificial color. 4.8. Pumpkin Pie. lettuce. Chocolate Fudge. Ketchup and Mustard are Halal HARTZ KRISPY CHICKEN MILK DIP RED LOBSTER HALAL. Biscuit 9. MCDONALD'S FISH FILLET IS NO LONGER MUSHBOOH BUT HALAL AGAIN McDonald has informed MCG that the whey and dried yeast used in the fish coating are Halal. cheese. 4. Chocolate Mousse Royal. Homestyle Waffles (Safeway) . 2. 14. Wheat Glazed Cake Donut. Grape and Strawberry Jams.English Muffin. Chocolate Almond.Oatmeal Raisin Cookie. Only Tuna on Italian white or wheat bread with light mayonnaise. Potato Nuggets PIZZA: All Pizzas are haram because of ingredients or cross-contaminated. Triple Chocolate Passion. Raw Fish Filet (but it is no use because where it fry). Chocolate Raspberry Truffle. But not recommended because fish is fried with other haram products! *****Please check these products by calling 800 numbers every six months to make sure they did not changed the source of ingredients from non-animal to animal derived. Muslims can consume these ice cream flavors mentioned below if they follow those Islamic scholars who considered a food product Halal if it contains minimum amount of alcohol which does not make him or her intoxicated. Corn Dusted and Specialty Buns in Chicago area. Mint Chocolate Chip. Jalapeno Peppers sliced. Blueberry Cheesecake.Buttermilk Waffles (Eating Right)Traqacanth. French Toast Twist.10. Gary. 5. tomato Vegge Delight without pickle on white or wheat bread with light mayonnaise DUNKIN DONUTS. All natural or artificial flavors are added to ice cream after pasteurization during the manufacturing of ice cream.. 13. 3. Salad with lemon only without croutons. Plain Cream Cheese. Pistachio Almond. 3. Hot and Mild Border Sauce. 2010 The following ice cream flavors are manufactured with natural flavors containing alcohol as a solvent.

the research showed. Page 9 of 9 . in news that will spark concerns among religious groups. The protein. These two companies are the only certified halal chicken distributors in North California Fultan Valley Fram Claims chicken is slaugter by hand Pig blood in cigarette filters? An Australian academic has warned that cigarette filters may contain traces of pig’s blood. found in red blood cells. University of Sydney professor. said recent Dutch research had identified 185 separate industrial uses for a pig – including the use of haemoglobin in cigarette filters. Simon Chapman. increases the effectiveness of filters in trapping harmful chemicals before they enter a smoker’s lung. Before purchasing fresh chicken please make sure the label on chicken should be Pitman OR FuktonValley. 2010 FRESH CHICKEN: Only for Resident of Nothern California NOTE: Fresh halal chincken (as well as halal beef) sold at Resturant Supply is not verified halal item.(Revised Date June 06.

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