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Republic of the united States – Update

Seating the Remainder States – I am told that there are four states left to be seated. They are: Delaware,
Rhode Island, Maryland and New Hampshire. There are teams of people traveling and holding meetings.
First they get attendance and explain the Republic. Next, people join the Republic and execute the
paperwork. Next, they hold state elections and thus the state is seated. It should be a few more days until
the four states are completed. The awful weather is of course not helping in some of the snow regions. This
should be behind us in a few days. There are very competent people like Gov. Sharon who are real go
getters working on this and working hard with the awful weather to contend with.

Government Notices & the ID – I understand this was supposed to be done last week. I am not sure if this
was completed, or still on the list of things to do for National who is extremely overworked. When you
hear them on talk shows you can tell they are very tired and stressed from working such long hours. There
are 5500 agencies that need to be notified. It is not just a friendly hey there note. It is putting them on
lawful notice with a time to respond. It is a formal notification. I think the time frame was going to be three
days for a response. If the law enforcement agencies object they have to respond in three days. They will
not respond. They never respond to anything outside of de facto out of arrogance, ignorance and their lack
of knowledge about the notification. If they did respond then they would need to put on a case and where?
We are not de facto? Their arguments would be in a de jure venue. See why they will not respond. This is
going to take the Republic to a new place. What an exciting time to see history unfold.

Grand Juries – We are told that there will be a national de jure grand jury convened very shortly. They
will be hearing representative cases. This would be things like IRS liens, levies, seizures, confiscations,
mortgage foreclosures and some other matters. The grand jury will most like return a finding and kick the
matter to the de jure Supreme Court as a triable issue of fact case for the court. I would say our Supreme
Court could be a called a “Rocket Docket” (a term used to describe the West Virginia Fed court system
which is not a nice court system to be in) now since there is no backlog of cases. The offending agencies
and their directors would be served with notice to appear and answer the charges. Again, it is seriously
expected they will ignore the de jure court papers requesting appearance to answer. At this point the
Supreme Court would most likely render a decision against the accused agencies and directors. The
military would then enforce the orders of the de jure Supreme Court. This will bring an end to much of the
illegal harassment “we the people” suffer from at the hands of the de facto government. This is the first
round of court cases. More rounds will follow for sure. Once again de facto means “in fact” or “factual”.
This means it is there operating as a government but it is not necessarily a lawful government. De jure
means lawful. There are two Supreme Court decision where the court said the de jure trumps the de facto
and the de facto only has a right to be there in the absence of a de jure government. What the Republic did
was occupy the vacant de jure government offices, seats etc. That is the lawful remedy in a nutshell. This is
how things will proceed. The funding and military are awaiting the seating of all fifty states. This is days

A Word or Two on the De Facto Courts – We have always maintained that one should avoid the de facto
courts as much as possible. They do not operate lawfully. In recent years the judges have become educated
by the de facto about sovereigns. In some instances the judges seem to understand more about getting you
into their system while you try to extricate yourself out of it. Let us review some of this to show you the
absurdity of their system.

Adhesion Contracts – I am going to go over some things quickly, this is not a full discourse. For a full
discourse go here:
An adhesion contract is something that binds you into the de facto system. This was done without full
disclosure or any disclosure at all. You never gave consent. Most know nothing about this so how can they
rescind these adhesion contracts. They can lawfully be rescinded because they lacked full disclosure or any

Birth Certificates – They start right at birth when the baby has no idea what is going on. They love to pick
on the weak and defenseless. Your name is written in all capital letters. This changes your status to that of a
corporation, often referred to as a straw man. A corporation is an artificial or judicial person. It is a fiction
that government has rules that it allows for. The mother is called the informant on the birth certificate.
Weird huh.

Social Security Cards – Once again all capital letters. If you have one you have an adhesion contract with
the de facto.

Driver Licenses – Again all capital letters.

CCW licenses – All capital letters.

Passports - All capital letters

Car Titles -All capital letters. The titles are not really titles. The manufacturers certificate of origin is the
real document. What the state corporation gives you is a record or recording of title, something other than a
true baseline title. The vehicle or boat is really owned or held in trust by the state corporation, not you.
Thus they can insert their rights over the “vehicle”. A car is a private transportation device, a vehicle has
the connotation of commercial so they invoke authority that way circumventing the right to travel doctrine.

Bank Accounts – The banks make you give social security numbers, and agree to being under the Fed
Corporation. No checking accounts, no debit cards, no savings accounts, no loans or else you have an
adhesion contract.

Real Estate Titles – Same thing all capital letters.

Dropping out of the de facto System – This requires an end to all the adhesion contracts. It also requires
you stop receiving any of their benefits like unemployment insurance, social security, disability, food
stamps, medical coverage from fed or state, etc. So to end these adhesion contracts you would be running
around without a driver license, car tags, title certificates, no bank account, no passport etc. Not so easy to
do is it? If you could live in New York City and operate all in cash and use public transportation maybe
you could sort of manage but it would be very difficult and you could not travel. Getting utilities and a
phone, cable, etc would be challenging to say the least. It is just about impossible to live in the country
without some sort of adhesion contract. If you go to court as a sovereign you have to be free and clear of
any adhesion contracts. Then the judge has to leave you alone. He may still not do so since there is no
recourse against the judge in the de facto system. I would guess almost all that go to the de facto court have
not rid themselves of these adhesion contracts thus the judge can assert his authority over them. Many just
do not understand the whole scenario. Then we would have to get into the gold fringed flag, suspension of
the constitution, military or maritime court, and many other things which is not for here.

Enter The Republic – When you execute the documents joining the republic you are dropping out of their
system basically rescinding the adhesion contracts and much more. To make this lawful you have to stop
carrying their ID of any sort, banking in their state corporation licensed banks etc. This is why the Republic
is issuing ID. This is also why in the past other groups have issued ID but it was rejected by the de facto.
They keep you in as a 14th amendment citizen – something like a slave and/or indentured servant. Slaves
had benefits. They got food, housing, clothes, health care, lived with wives and had children together. This
is not a case for slavery. This is to show you that you may very well be a slave to the de facto in their eyes.
They have created a class of slaves that do not know they slaves. You probably think a person making
$250,000 a year is wealthy or upper class. This is what they lead one to believe in the de facto schools.
They do not talk about people with six or seven homes averaging in price over $12 million, people with
yachts of 250 feet with crews of 15, people who have personal airbus and 747 planes who spend six digits
in gas flying someplace. They do not talk of $10,000 a night hotel suites. What about meals in restaurants
that cost $700 a person with wines that cost over one thousand a bottle. They want you to think that a
plastic surgeon is upper class. People in the USA in general do not believe that people make billions per
month. The people are dumbed down.

De Facto Court – So lets say you spent 1000 hours studying how to defend yourself in court as sovereign
patriot etc. You went to court 25 times and watched their procedures. You saw other like minded folks go
to court. Then you got rid of all the above listed adhesion contracts, ID etc. So you go to court and the
judge asks you who you are? You say you can call me john and say you are making a special appearance
for the strawman in all caps. This can be any one of a number of other scenarios. The judge may say ok the
all cap letter guy is not here, put him in contempt for no show and then have a warrant issued for the all
caps name and he lets you leave the courtroom. Next you get arrested for contempt as you leave the
courthouse. So when you were in court it was not you and when you leave it is you. This sort of thing has
happened. The judges are masters at procedures, loopholes and deception. These are men without honor
who want you enslaved to keep their own families well fed. Justice escaped them a long time ago. Another
game is the judge thinks you are incompetent and has you go for 72 hour psych hold in a hospital. If they
realize you are not going to hurt yourself or anyone else they usually will release you at 72 hours. My point
is you cannot win. If they let sovereigns win then seminars would pop up, people would drop out of the de
facto and after a couple of years much of the country will have left and the judges will be heading for the
unemployment lines, not you. The de facto would collapse from within if the de facto judges started
operated lawfully. In essence they would be common law observant to some extent. Never happen. There is
no legal remedy with the de facto that they will voluntarily accept. They never have and never will do so
because it is legal unless there is enforcement and penalties inside of a system they do not have control
over. This is called de jure common law and this is what the Republic is doing for you. It is the closest
thing to impossible to get there on your own. Some get passports without a soc security number. Fine.
Some get bank accounts without signing off on the forms correctly or insert waivers. But imagine life
without any of the adhesion contract documents. How could you work, drive a car, get car tags, get a bank
account, use a hospital, call an ambulance, call the fire dept, call the police and the list goes on. Every time
you go out of the house you do not know if you are coming home or going to jail. You become like a
wanted criminal. You simply can't live inside the USA minus adhesion contracts. You can go to another
country easy enough but not in the USA. The Republic is changing all of this for you and easily.

Accusations Against the Republic – Well the enemies of the Republic and those in Office are at it again. I
see no factual information. Just claims that what Tim says which will not come to pass. Vague unfounded
attacks on the backgrounds of some of those at national.

Well the de facto has been operating for about 150 years, never mind which character actor was holding
office, they have been doing this scam on “we the people” for about 150 years. Tim Turner has been at this
about 2.5 days for every year the de facto has been doing it. Give the guy a chance for crying out loud.
Please bear in mind that when you hear those slinging mud against the Republic and its people in office
that the information that the Republic spreads around is not something the de facto wants you to know and
understand. Anyone who says the Republic is a creation of the de facto is missing the boat. In the past there
were groups like the freemen and some in Texas that started to form a government. Do they say these folks
were de facto? No they say Tim will go to jail like they did. See the inconsistencies. Let me interject that
these people never ever set up things as a de jure state and national government like Tim. Not even close.
When it is convenient for Tim to be organizing a government then they say he will go to jail like those in
Montana and Texas. When it is convenient to label him as a de facto stooge they do this. The two are
inconsistent. My bottom line is Tim and the Republic is a powder keg for the de facto and they do not like
it. This is not something they do. Look at what they do: TSA molestation, Chemtrails, GMO food, wars,
IRS, Patriot Act, Real Id, ObamaCare. They create an atmosphere of resistance is futile. Do what we want
and you will be fine. A lie. You will be fine while you breathe poison air, drink poison water, eat GMO
food, take Vaccines, fight our wars for energy, and have yourself and families molested at the airport. This
of course takes place while you are going into poverty or perhaps you are already living in a tent, car or
mobile home. Never once did they have a program to educate the masses to their tricks. Does Fox, NBC,
CNN, MSNBC talk about such things say for instance adhesion contracts?

If we see some objective factual proof then we can take these accusations seriously. What we have seen to
date is a regurgitation of what is said about the Republic mostly by the Republic, then distorted into a bad
light. Sorry, unimpressive noise.

Funding & Military – Well since Tim has not made the funding info publicly available he gets slammed
as not having the funding. Well if you were him and you were told not to talk about it publicly before the
time would you risk all? I sure hope he doesn't. I rest my case. Let Tim run with the Republic. Opening up
about the funding before the right time can have serious repercussions especially from the de facto. This is
easy for me to understand. Why not you? You do not want to trust the guy? Ok so when you attack him
based on he has not revealed the funding you are doing what? You are attacking him based on the absence
of some information when it is most logical for this information to not be publicly revealed. You are
promoting Obama and his reign of terror in essence or ay least taking steps for it to continue longer than it
has to. Have you not met anyone getting sick from the Gulf Oil Spill or the Chemtrails? Did you not read
about GMO food? Do you think it is okay to molest adults and children at the airport for no good reason?
Do you really believe the de facto wants to take your guns away for your own good? Do you think
homeland security made you any safer ever? Do you think we should keep putting people in jail for
victimless crimes. Ok enough of this.

There is no other viable movement out there. NONE. Got it nothing. So when you dump on the Republic
you are saying ok lets have what another year or two of Obama. Think about those coughing their lungs out
now from Chemtrails? Is this fair to them? What about people being thrown out of their houses? What
about kids sleeping in a tent or car on a cold night cuddled in their shivering parents arms with the windows
cracked open so they do not suffocate? How about some little kid getting traumatized at the airport by TSA
doing what was ingrained in them to never let happen? Come on people get it together. Do you really want
more time with Obama while you hope maybe another movement emerges? Do you not realize time is
short? The muni bonds are going down. The cities, counties and states are failing financially and will be
going bankrupt this year. Millions of old retired folks will lose their pensions. Police and firefighters are
getting laid off. If a burglar comes to your house try calling Homeland Security. See what happens!

I would also like to say Turner and the Republic has gone further than any other movement in the past and
lawfully and peacefully. They are not a revolution and have no intention of firing a single shot. They are
setting up a lawful government to replace the unlawful government which is circling the drain now as are
their incorporated cities, counties and states.

Why would Foreigners Fund the Republic – The list is too long. The fed meddles with the wire transfer
system against international law. They just clipped $750 billion from Thailand. They bother every bank in
the world with their requirements. They harass all the stock brokers around the world. They threaten
nations regularly. They engage in overthrows, revolutions, economic wars etc. They are in danger of
collapsing the worlds economy. They are polluting the worlds water (Gulf Oil Spill) and the worlds food
supply (GMO). Then there are chemtrails. I think there is probably a long list of nations ready to see the de
facto go away. In a murder trial this is called motive. The other nations have a lot to gain by getting rid of
the de facto. The only sensible way to do it is from within peacefully. They are going to be quiet about it
before the fact. Remember Obama was the perfect storm and they know enough to never let an opportunity
like this slip by untapped.

Why Would the Military Support the Republic – Again the list is too long. We have TSA molesting
their families who are probably to some extent out of work. Their families have probably lost a lot of their
home equity, pensions and savings. Their families are struggling like everyone else. Their families get hit
with chemtrails. Many live near the gulf oil spill. They must love Obama wanting them to buy their own
health insurance. They know the de facto fights economic wars and kills large amounts of innocents. They
know about spent uranium poisoning. They understand agent orange. Their families live in the USA and
are suffering. They must love the gays in the military ruling. The de facto military is a equal opportunity
gay and lesbian employer. They must really love that, especially when the gays flaunt it in their face. How
could anyone follow Obama? He is no leader of men, just a fraud and a con man. This one is easy. Oh don't
forget the gays really have no families to worry about. See their motives more clearly now. They want
soldiers who will wipe their feet on god fearing families.

Hecklers Claiming to Have Inside Information – Ok you know I have been reading about this so much it
is time we speak to this. The de facto runs an extremely tight ship regarding things declared classified. Sure
wikileaks got stuff classified confidential and secret. They have nothing higher. Many of you know people
that were ex military that say they had high clearances. Many probably did. Some say they oppose the de
facto and many probably do. Ask them to give you a list of the different clearances above top secret, who
they think has such clearances, what sort of investigations take place when one is being considered for such
a clearance etc. You will see them by and large clam up. These guys know such talk can bring major
consequences and this is a one on one conversation, not something intended for broadcast. The de facto
considers their methods more secret than what they actually do. Such information would be damaging and
could come to haunt the one telling you. If you are going to do this try it on numerous people who do not
know each other. Then compare the answers to see if you have any common threads. If they tell you
fabrications nothing will happen to them. The de facto does not mind liars spreading disinfo, that is what
they do. Explaining high level clearances to you, who has them why, what type of material such clearances
covers, how they are granted etc is not anything they are going to tell you. These are people who say they
are anti de facto. They will spin all sorts of yarns about military and government activities, technical
capabilities, assassinations etc. Ask them something that the de facto would get mad about like a
breakdown on high level clearances that you need a high clearance to know about and see them clam up.
Wikileaks got no such data. The secret info leakers will not give you this information either, they will give
you nonsense answers that will not line up with what ex military people know. You can try asking the ex
military people to verify what these secret insiders say and I doubt they would even do that. Some might
tell you what they said was nonsense, I never tried such a thing, could be interesting. If the secret insiders
clam up on the question, well now you know they will not reveal classified information or have no such
knowledge. The secret insiders are not going to tell you anything you could verify. Think about it. Put them
on the spot and watch them go away. The same applies to members of secret organizations. They cannot
give secret information to a website operator or radio show host. They would get cut off or worse. If there
was another viable movement out there other than the Republic and they were trying to encourage you to
consider the other movement, then I would say that was a healthy discourse. Since the only other
movement is the de facto well then who is it they are for. Another new movement to maybe popup some
day? Heck Turner and the others are only in for six months. See the lack of logic here. They are pro de
facto or else they would just position themselves to run for election in six months. They do not want to see
the Republic make it instead they seem to accept Obama, TSA, Chemtrails, GMO, etc. If you like TSA,
chemtrail etc keep supporting these disinformation agents. Thank you I will support Tim Turner and the

Insiders Passing On Info to Website Operators Who Sell Such Data – Ok folks reality check here. Do
you believe that someone with secret information about the de facto is going to tell a talk show host or a
website operator about such secret information knowing it is going to get blasted around the world? Do you
think perhaps the informer would be at risk of retaliation? Do you think he might be cut off? Do you think
those who had this knowledge would all be investigated to find the leak? Come on. Some of these guys sell
this secret information only to those who pay for it. Please think about this. Next consider the past success
rate of what they have said. This one is under house arrest, this one had their bank account seized, this one
is fleeing, this one is being told do this and that. Come on stop believing this stuff especially when it has
never proven to be true in the past. Some of these people have taken to knocking Turner and the Republic.
They say they have inside information about this. If Tim Turner and the Republic is where the people that
pay them for their info (disinfo really) have their eyes and ears how do they sell their secret information?
They don't do they? The people start following the Republic and they become superfluous and their cash
flow drops off. Duh! The Republic is a fairly open book and anyone can get the information. No financial
gain with the Republic folks. The guys at national are losing money serving “we the people” out of their
own pockets. Not the sign of a gainsayer. Another Duh is needed! That is their main gimmick, they have
secret insider information for sale. They are enemies of the Republic.

On the other hand many do not want to see the Republic for several reasons. They are Luciferian. Some are
resentful of Christianity. Some want their own glory and their own movement. Some had their feelings
hurt. Some perceive a member of the Republic did something incorrect (of course this will happen). I
understand there were 17 Presidents before George Washington. Some fall prey to those spreading
unfounded rumors. My suggestion is to not waste your time analyzing their motives or their noise. They
have nothing to offer you other than Chemtrails, TSA etc. When they gripe tell them to run for office in six
months. The Republic and Tim Turner have always said if you want to stay under the de facto Corporation
you are free to do so. Invite the rock throwers to do so.

Put your energy on the Republic now. Ask not what your Republic can do for you, but ask what you can do
for your Republic.