Milestone Review for Graduate Students

Advanced Programs Milestone Criteria Checklist All students must complete decision points as they progress through their program. These decision points are referred to as milestones. Students earning their M.A.T. will follow the same milestone process as undergraduates as these milestones measure your readiness to earn your teaching license. The milestones for M.A.T. students can be found here. Graduate students are required to complete a three step process as they progress through the degree program. Completion of each milestone is required before progression to the next step. Therefore, students should apply for milestones as soon as they have met all criteria for completion of the milestone.

Milestone I - Admission
y GPA requirement of 2.75 y Evidence of completion of Bachelor¶s Degree y Evidence of academic background and licensure for degree sought Milestone I is completed at the point that students are admitted by the College of Graduate Studies to the selected graduate program. Students are not required to complete additional paperwork.

Milestone II - Candidacy
y 3.0 GPA in all courses y Minimum test scores for program sought y Completed Review by Graduate Committee y Evidence of positive professional dispositions y Completed program of study y Two positive recommendations from professors or supervisors y Portfolio established in LiveText y Completion of research course Students should submit application for Milestone II once program of study has been submitted and research course is completed. The Milestone II Application is available via the LiveText portfolio.

Milestone III - Induction
Completion of research course Course Work completed for degree Completion of all parts of Livetext Portfolio and successful evaluation by Graduate committee. Course work completed for degree Evidence of positive professional dispositions Completion of Field Study (EDS Only) Students should submit application for Milestone III review the last term of enrollment. The Milestone III Application is available via the LiveText portfolio. This review will determine your intent to continue pursuit of a teaching license. Graduate students seeking additional licensures are required to complete and submit the Application for Licensure. In addition, a complete set of Official Transcripts must be submitted to the Austin Peay State University Licensure Office, located in the Claxton Building, Room 208.

Portfolio Assessment - Spring 2010 Milestone Required Elements Required Scores Last Date to Submit Portfolio Submit Portfolio through LiveText to: Decision Notification through LiveText

Milestone I Completed in EDUC 2100/5500 Portfolio Setup

Address Standard 1

No Unacceptable Scores Milestone I Rubric

April 25, 2010 M1turnin April 29, 2010

Milestone II Completed in EDUC 3070/5501

Milestone III Completed in EDUC 4080/5080

Address Standards 1, 2, 3 For Standard 3 Demonstrate ability to select appropriate assessment for objectives Address Standards 1, 4, 5, 6, 7

No Unacceptable Scores Milestone II Rubric

April 25, 2010


April 29, 2010

No Unacceptable Scores Milestone III Rubric No Unacceptable Scores Milestone IV Rubric

April 25, 2010

M3turnin April 29, 2010

Milestone IV Completed during Clinical Teaching

Address Standards 1-7 using artifacts only from clinical teaching experience

March 7 and April 25

M4turnin MAT4turnin

o be announced by Dr. Peterson

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