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eating to prevent loss of appetite.
POSTURAL DRAINAGE l.What is the function of chest percussion?
‹ .Done 3 times or more per day,
Chest percussion causes the bronchial
depending on patient’s condition.
secretions to release and move from
affected areas in the lungs making it easier 4.What tools are used for chest percussion?

to have a productive cough. It is more
efficient to combine chest percussion with
postural drainage.
2.What is the purpose of chest percussion?
Nursing Department、Rehebilitation Dept. ‹ Move and clear bronchial secretions
Consulting phone number:
Day: 886-4-7256652 ‹ Increase exercise tolerance
Special number for compliments:
886-4- 7238595 extension 3920 ‹ Makes it easier to cough and expel Silicone
Special number for complaints:
886-4-7238595 extension 3925 percussion cup
bronchial secretions, decreases the
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amount of mucus and decreases
infection rate.
Manual, fingers
3.When is chest percussion done?
CHEST PERCUSSION Patient/family together and
POSTURAL signature ‹ One hour after meals to prevent
positioned like a
-Nursing Education vomiting and aspiration pneumonia. cup
‹ .Do not do within 60 minutes of

What are the contraindications for and d position postural drainage? -Blood-tinged sputum when coughing ‹ Please stop if cyanosis. Turn the a.When is postural drainage done? will show the ‹ Every day. Every area ‹ Unstable vital signs.liver and kidney. be expelled. 2. and gravity will help drain secretions from facing nurse. . upper back. congestion may occur. significant change in vital signs 3. should have 3-5 minutes of percussion. 3-4 times depending on if the patient has chest tube drainage or has the patient’s condition position of mucus secretions in the had open chest surgery. or very ill feeling . maintain lungs and this will each position for 5-15 minutes be the focus area.Stop percussion if the following postural drainage. spinal By positioning the body in certain ways patient on side cord . Use both hands rhythmically -Rapid. difficulty breathing. weakness . lobes in the lung into large bronchioles for keeping side rail other important organ areas such as sputum to be expelled. Caution! 1. Different positions up behind stomach . The postural drainage position improves the secretions thinner and postural symptoms appear: drainage more effective.What is the function of postural drainage? 1. POSTURAL DRAINAGE 5. shortness of upward so secretions may breath. Use percussion tool. are required for the various areas that patient. time. This will make the position is mid thoracic. -Shortness of breath 3. How is chest percussion done? 6. An x-ray b.Avoid drainage tube and surgical wound 2. ‹ Use humidifier or inhalation before The percussion c.Avoid percussion on sternum . ‹ Before meals and sleep. Chest effectiveness of chest percussion and will enhance the patient’s ability to expectorate -Cyanosis (blue color of skin) percussion may be done at the same (cough) the sputum. female breast areas. abdomen .

Lower lobes.) intracranial pressure a. or increased on where the mucus density is greatest. Principles for chest percussion and postural drainage: ☉The patient should lie on the side that is opposite from the side that has the greatest density of mucus in lung. high part of upper segment. ‹ Do not do postural drainage on 5.How is postural drainage done? Use pillows or large towels to maintain a comfortable position for the patient. greatest mucus density in middle and lower lobes ‹ Coughing blood tinged sputum. Postural drainage may be done but not chest percussion 4. Encourage deep breathing and coughing to b. Left lobe-----turn patient to right side Right lobe-----turn patient to left side ( Increase water intake to dilute secretions. empyema . Upper lobes.) Publication date:2006. Postural drainage positions elderly patients or those with heart (The position of the patient will depend disease.05 . greatest mucus density in expel secretions. For example.