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Lapulapu Magellan

Noel Villaroman Friends, this investigative report carefully dissects the

culture of corruption in the Bureau of Customs. Read how daily bribes
euphemistically called "PANG-KAPE" can reach up to 2 to 100
MILLION PESOS every single day! Thanks to investigative reporters
Karl Barlaan and Christian Cardiente for exposing this.

Manila Standard Today -- Shackled to the culture of corruption -- 2011/january/17
These amounts constitute what is known as “coffee money” or “smiling money” for some
—defined by Commissioner Alvarez as the sum that is “voluntarily” given to a Customs
employee or official “as sign of appreciation for a job well done, for trade ‘facilitation’—
earmarked by importers to fast track t

we never thiought there are lot of department and agencies in the Government still
manning with the ARROYO allies acording to dakkelvungaw the fire Chief General
Rolando Bandilla receive monthly protection money from Regional fire MArshal
...Sergio Malupeng Soriano. then Undersecretary Marcius Corpus of DILG also receieved
protection money to SUPT Sergio Malupeng Soriano to retain here for decade stay as
Fire Marshal despites of having Criminal and administrative case pending at the office of
the Ombudsman..what a silly government is this..there are already crystal clear revelation
and even testaments there are still no action taken...I think they are waiting for the Gods
decision ..because Gods decision supercededs power uncomparable to
man..Power...Noynoy should dealt immediately to remove such because the spirit and
soul of the genuine EDSA revolution future saints lies on his blood. and how come if
your manning the president with still corrupt officials are there such as Fire Chief
Rolando Maano Bandilla and Undersecretary Marcius Corpus of DILG..and the
unrekleieved fire mnarshal facing variuos criminal and admin case SUP Segio Malueng
Soriano of BFP Region 02 that killed 16 people in recent fire in Tuguegarao City last
December 19, 2010. the lowest mammal suffer the relieve such as Mayor Delfin Ting and
Major Neil Caranguian how about the 2007 case of SUPT SORIANO of Money
laundering cse aside from tampering checks of all 3000-1000 firefighter of his criminal
offense 5-6 which is illegal to the constitution being a fire marshal. this officer should be
hang because the time he serve an admin and criminl offense he was not still transferred
or relieved on January 2007. protection moneu ranging from 50 thousand monthly is
given to Marcius Corpus of DILG and Rolando Bandilla....according to a valid and
genuine source thats why Soriano Pending appointment because of NO training and even
failed three time CESO examination was still manning the BFP Region two what a silly
sytem governance is this ..NOY OY magising napo kayo sibkin nyo napo si Fire Chief
Bandilla, Marcius Corpus and Supt Soriano BFP RO2 kpara mahintio napo ang
kamatayan na parusa ni God sa amin mga CAGAYANo at mga iba pong mga PILIPINO
na mag check in s anong hoel sa Tuguegarao pag mag balik bbayan kami.