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Desire That Co-Creates

The Love Of God, by

Master Teacher K. H.
received through Lori
Toye December, 1994.
Spiritual Teachings On
the nature of Desire.
The Five-Fold Path.
Spiritual Growth
Through Service.

iamamerica e-lesson
any students on the path have argued about desire.*
Some find it the source of all discomfort; holding
their passions in bondage to the earthly, physical
planes. Others find it as the scent of the flower;
using desire as the indicator, much like a thermometer on
a frozen winter morning, to show the true feelings of the
heart. My teacher once spoke of desire, “Desire! The giver
and glory of pain and love. Once I master you, I face the
truth of the Universe!” Desire is truly at all times the giver
and glory of pain and love, and is the measure of our spiritual
agility. Desire can lead us temporarily off of the path or
startlingly push us back on.
Desire, inevitably, returns us to the creative force, the
OMNIPRESENT source. When we become frozen or weak
in our journey here, you can rest assured desire will return
us to our home. All who are created from the love that
fills all of life, yearn to return to that love. From the point
of love within the heart of God, we travel throughout the
worlds of form, seeking protection and union through the
love that created us. It is the desire for the love of God,
that I shall begin this lesson. Open your hearts, and perhaps
you will feel the fluttering of the pure flame of desire.
A young student traveled the path until he had met a
man he knew would be his guru. He followed the teacher
like a lost puppy, begging him to take him into his study.
Soon, the teacher, wearied by the young man’s constant
attention, asked him to follow him to the river. Both walking
out to waist-deep water, the teacher quickly plunged the
head of the young man under until he kicked and bubbled
for life-giving air! When he finally let him up, the young
student gasped for breath, and after several minutes of

shock and disbelief asked the older man, “Why did you do
that?” Then the wise man replied, “When you desire
GOD, like you desired that breath of air while you
were under the water, you are ready then to follow the
path with me.”
Desire works this way for all of us. Leading us innocently
into waters, fires and earthquakes, the desire, which was
once fueled by greed, ambition, or avarice, upon reflection
and experience, seeks purification. Initiation, through desire,
is the most tempering of fires but also the most essential.
There will be many fires that you will walk through while 
you travel the path. The path is strewn with broken dreams "When we can
and unfulfilled expectations, all discarded when realized
they are the frivolous garments covering the prize inside, serve that cause
the fruit of the nut, the OMNIPOTENT truth. It is truth
that we come to value as stalwart followers of the path
without expecta-
and plan. tion or personal
We are created of this truth and while we desire to hold
§ desire, we serve
it unto ourselves, we cannot. For that would destroy us.
Yet truth, universally brings us all to the understanding from the point
of the causeless cause and evolves to hold the spark of
desireless desire. that we departed
When we can serve that cause without expectation or
personal desire, we serve from the point that we departed
from. This is the point of love and truth and we accept our
role as a co-creator, mirrored in the image and likeness of
our creator. This is the point

 of love and truth

and we accept
The Five-Fold Path our role as a co-
Those of you who accept the role of servant, expect but creator, mirrored
one thing, you will know freedom. Your purpose is to in the image and
serve the will of God through humanity and the worlds of
form. Your desireless form will know the Christ and you likeness of our
will build the bridge between the worlds of form and spirit.
Through your open eyes you will open the doors of the creator."
soul. Through your open ears you will attain perception.
Carry always the symbol of the star, for you are divine
man! ~Master K. H.
Should you walk the path of the teacher profess your
service to all of life! Through syncronicity, thought and

meditation you become the awakener. You will know the
ONE, the consciousness of ALL and there will be your source
of inspiration and experience. Allow the upper lid of your
all seeing eye to be the teacher, allow the lower lid to be
the student. Be watchful that you do not become too narrow
or slanted, but keep your eyes wisely open. Upon your
shoulder rests the owl, you who hold the eyes for humanity
to recognize divinity for all.
Should you walk the path of the healer, you will hold the keys to understand
desire through the development of the senses, compassion and the intelligence of
diagnosis. You will profess to the wholeness of body and mind as a Peaceful
Warrior who carries a sword of love that applies and directs energy. Your source
is the Mother God who knows only purification and sacrifice joined with the great
reward of alchemy. You walk the path in service to divinity, knowing that the
light that shines, shines for all as ONE. As the healed carry the potency of the
healer, you carry the potency of those healed. The swirling circles of LIFE continuous,
the lotus and the rose, are your symbols.
Should you walk the path of the prophet, know that your purpose is for the
healing of the nations. You will constantly be a catalyst who will work with the
tool of consciousness for change and choice. Check carefully at all times your
intent; dilute it not, for your skill lies in the strength of your balance and interpretation.
You know your source as spirit and seek the equalization in divinity-as above, so
below. Once you choose this path, do not turn back. “Great ones fall back even
from the threshold unable to sustain the weight of their responsibility, unable to
pass on. Therefore, look forward always with awe and trembling to this moment
and be prepared for the battle.” The path of the prophet purposely surrenders all
animal desire for the symbol and principle they carry, the dove of peace.
Should you walk the path of the priest know that your purpose will seal divinity.
Through ceremony, prayer and song you transform and harmonize, knowing your
source as the Father God. You are the leader of groups who also knows and understands
the sound of silence. “Listen only to the voice which is soundless. Look only on
that which is invisible alike to the inner and the outer sense.” You flow within;
and you flow without. You tread the path of the adept, seeking and knowing only
perfection. You are the perfect man, known through ancient numerology in the
number 9. You are the animal beast 666, (6+6+6=18=9) who has chosen to regenerate,144,000,
(1+4+4+0+0+0=9). Your symbol is the Tree of Life and the Philosopher’s Stone.

Let me tabulate again this five-fold path of desire, should you choose to tread:

“The working of the Divine Plan.”

“The recognition of Divinity.”

“The service to Divinity.”

“The equalization in Divinity.”

“The sealing of Divinity.”
The Course Of Service Is Required

Know that each of these courses is required in the journey

on the path. Each of them are steamed and fueled by desire
 and inevitably lead us back to the source of CREATOR LOVE.
So that we know the truth of desireless desire, we approach
"Let us join in each of these roles through embodiment after embodiment,
wisdom to through the service of the rays and the roles of desire that
we choose. In our mission to know truth, each role, much
extinguish like the rays, presents itself in service to the next. For
ignorance and instance, the role of the servant paves the pathway for the
teacher; the teacher paves the pathway for the healer; the
i n e q u i t y. healer paves the pathway for the prophet; the prophet paves
the pathway for the priest; and the priest paves the pathway
Let us join in for the adept, he who listens to the voice of silence.
love to In many instances, we blend the roles of desire; seeking
an understanding of TRUTH and LIFE, much as the rays
extinguish blend their septanate qualities for our sacred mission. To
suffering. gain a better understanding of the correlation between the
rays and the roles of desire, I present this table:
Let us join in
service to .............
extinguish HEALER RAYS 2, 3 & 5
greed and ...................
PRIEST RAYS 5, 6 & 7
The student on the path chooses one or several of these
Let us join in forms of selfless service to understand the role of desire
and the evolution of the mighty spark of OMNISCIENCE.
charity to Gently and gracefully, when the student intentionally chooses
extinguish to drop self-centeredness to the call of service on the path,
he holds the keys to emergent evolution. When the hu-
p o v e r t y. man, divine god, being can no longer be denied expression,
Let us join in the hold that the animal consciousness once held, drops
into slumber. This great victory achieved allows a greater
harmony to service. Then, the call of the Lodge, dedicated to the service
and spiritual upliftment of humanity opens your ears.

~Master K. H. An Invitation

I close by extending an invitation to all of you to join
with us. The need is great among humanity today. There
is still needless suffering fueled by the fires of ignorance
and deception. Quietly listen, and you will hear the call
in your heart. We are not a religious group or sect, however,
we are a service group of elder brothers and sisters * Desire is also known as Jurisdiction Nine
who have been known throughout mankind’s history a s p re s e n t e d i n N e w Wo r l d A t l a s , Vo l u m e O n e .
In that teaching, Saint Germain and Sanat
as the Great White Lodge. Through the medium of K u m a r a p r e s e n t d e s i r e a s t h e s o u l ’s s p a r k o f
consciousness we have merged our efforts and energies c r e a t i v i t y. “ D e a r O n e s , d e s i re i s y o u r s o u rc e !
aimed towards the unity of all of life. Without it you could not be. It is the seed,
it is the spark, it is the source of origin. It
Our goal is simple, and our work is hard. It is is scientific and it is melodic.” In Eternal
never promised to be easy, however, the reward Massage, Peter Canty delivers a profound insight
immeasurable. Come, through prayer and meditation on desire. “A good way to get a better feeling
for the universal desire I speak of is to consider
if you feel the urge of the mission within. t h e c o n c e p t o f w e i g h t . We i g h t i s a m e a s u r e
A new cycle awaits humanity. It is a cycle filled of the desire in any given body to be in an
with growth, learning and life. Painfully and lovingly, equilibrium condition. A helium balloon
has the same desire, but rises to find its balancing
sometimes this growth is achieved through disease, m a t e h i g h i n t h e s k y. I t i s t h i s s a m e d e s i r e
poverty and destruction. However, within your heart that motivates your actions, the seeming difference
lies the gentle revolution which can redirect the being that you intellectualize your desires
and non-human creatures don’t, they simply
course of such events. o b e y t h e L a w. ( U l t i m a t e l y, y o u d o a s w e l l ,

as the process called ‘thinking’ obeys the
same Law, ultimately is the Law.) The scientific
name for the spiritual force of ‘desire’ is ‘gravity’.
Is it any wonder science today has no grasp
of the real nature of ‘gravity’? It is gravity
that brings you to me, a bird to her nest,
r a i n t o t h e e a r t h a n d v a p o r s t o t h e s k y, a
This is a revolution armed with the power of service, rocket to the moon, a bee to your forehead,
charity and love. If you should turn your back now, y o u t o M a c D o n a l d ’s f o r l u n c h a n d D r. ’s i n t o
your life for cures...” (page 57)
know that timelessly we await. Wa l t e r R u s s e l l s u m m e d i t u p , “ D e s i r e i s
Let us join in wisdom to extinguish ignorance the fulcrum of the Universe.”
and inequity.
§ To h o l d b a c k t h e t r u t h o r t o a d o r n i t
Let us join in love to extinguish suffering. as belonging to an individual or group is
Let us join in service to extinguish greed and to adulterate it. The truth then remains hidden
avarice. i n i g n o r a n c e , s u p e r s t i t i o n a n d f e a r. M a n l y
H a l l w r i t e s i n , T h e S e c r e t Te a c h i n g s O f A l l
Let us join in charity to extinguish poverty. Ages, “Through education-spiritual, mental,
Let us join in harmony to extinguish disease. moral, and physical-man will learn to release
As our ears are opened and our eyes begin to living truths from their lifeless coverings.
The perfect government of the earth must
see, let us join as ONE LIGHT, in our hearts and be patterned eventually after that divine government
minds. May this light of wisdom serve all. May by which the universe is ordered. In that
this light of truth and justice prevail. May the law day when perfect order is reestablished, with
peace universal and good triumphant, men
be written in hearts and joined through harmony, will no longer seek for happiness, for they
brotherhood and love. shall find it welling up within themselves.
Timelessly and agelessly, the unknown poet sings, Dead hopes, dead aspirations, dead virtues
shall rise from their graves, and the Spirit
“O, let not the flame die out! Cherished age after age in of Beauty and Goodness repeatedly slain by
its dark cavern - in its holy temples cherished. Fed by ignorant men shall again be the Master of
pure ministers of love - let not the flame die out!” Wo r k . T h e n s h a l l s a g e s s i t u p o n t h e s e a t s
of the mighty and the gods walk with men.”
(page 80)
(I AM The Light Of God, So Be It) I AM America
~Master K.H., a member and P.O. Box 2511
servant of the Great White Lodge Payson, AZ 85547
Tel: 928.474.1341
Fax: 928.474.8799

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