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Yesterday Is Gone Reasons The Hang Over The Bitter Sweet Lies Being Myself Stupid, Tragic Love Songs Stolen Heart My Dear Valentine Blurred This so-called game we call Love The Best of You and Me The Reality versus My Fantasy To Mr. Perfect Fireflies My Heart s Desire Mirrors The Sweetest Escape Confessions The Stone Age On the Edge Lie to Me The Playback (Raw) The Playback (Edited) The Last Song Goodbye

Enough said... A simple hello always ends with a complicated goodbye I try to constantly impress you but unfortunately nothing seems to work on you. . move your body against mine then another moment your off to be with someone else again. Always looking back afraid of moving forward A heart s desire is to love and to be loved back At least even for a short period of time. you don t notice the things I do to get your attention..One liner: Something that should be real and true is not = false positive If only you cared more but instead you cared less To stretch telling the truth is more difficult than telling a lie I can t seem to get my mind off of those eyes that lip. that smile.. You ve captivated my heart. But that person can choose to forgive you or not. You should know no matter many times you apologize to a person it doesn t always make it right. Every day is a start of something beautiful. I could honestly say that you were mine.. I would give out any excuse just to be with you.... let s kiss and make out.

I was trying to think that I was strong enough to move on but I guess I was wrong. please stay with meµ Back to Top The Bitter Sweet Lies . we were crossing over a bridge full of chaos and misery. I·m still waiting for that day. how time passed by. you removed your hand against my grip and searched for your cigarette and lit it up. As you begin to smoke. I love you. grabbed you by your hand then you turn to look at me with those angry stare. but this was just an excuse to think of you. I remember like it was just yesterday that I held your hand as you kissed me on the cheek. I tried to remember everything I· had been through with you and as a result everything that I thought for the list that I loved you were parts of your body that I have been imagining to touch once again. Back to Top The hang over The saddest part of all the endings that I had been picturing was.. As I tallied up the results. I held your hand tighter but as we got closer to the other side.. On the other side of the paper everything that I hated you was about your arrogance and pride.. for the day that will make you realize to stay with me and say these words I·ve been dying to hear: ´Baby. I got distracted for a minute and when I turned around to look for you. I stood still trying to see if you·d noticed that I was no longer at your side. Back to Top Reasons I made a list of every reason why I loved and hated you. but it hurts inside thinking that I was just one of those girls you had for the sake of having fun. the part that I was still not ready to move on when you were already over me. Oh. I became nothing as you watched me crumbled into nothing. not this way. To hold on to everything that you had left me. I was trying to let go at the same time I was trying to hold on. I·m sorry I left you. I remember tearing the paper thinking that I love you enough and that ´LOVEµ is enough reason for me to stay. I didn·t see it coming. I moved three feet away from you thinking of a happy ending to the feeling of loneliness. Can you ever forgive me? . you didn·t realize that I wasn·t beside you. That was the biggest mistake of my life..Yesterday is gone Oh! How I remember like it was just yesterday. you were already half way across. I took a deep breath then ran towards you. Even my friends are trying their best to let me know that I should already be moving on. It took me another minute to decide and realize that out of all those people walking passed you. Baby.

This time I·m done with your stupid lies. I am the girl that you can manipulate. This is the time to change. Tragic Love Songs If only you knew how much I have missed you counting every second that passed by ..µ I am the girl who trusted you. to make everything work out. I am the girl who·s weak to say the words: ´You and I are overµ Back to Top Stupid. I am the girl you broke down into pieces by saying ´I Love You. I am still the girl that you·ve fell in love with.. I am the girl who keeps on waiting for you. This is the time to move on with life. I am the girl that despite everything that happen between us. This time you won·t break me ² I confess I had my share of lies but compared to yours. no more excuses. And most of all. I am the girl that you·ve stood up more than once.. it·s time for me to move on. I·m always the one who·s hurting. I am the girl who was so in love with you. I am the girl that watches over you when you sleep.. I won·t go back. This time I will break free of the curse you·ve cast on me. Back to Top Being Myself I am the girl you lied to. I am the girl who adored you. your lies cuts like a knife. You·ve already got the best of me but now I·ve seen things more clearly. This time I won·t fall because I know someone will catch me once I fall.

.. I wish it wasn·t true.. . hoping that we·ll make it through. No. Back to Top Stolen heart To be with you is to be nowhere fast To be with you is next to impossible To be near you is what I wish for Too long for you is what I·m doing To care for you is what my prayers are all about To love you is what I'm still feeling To see you with someone else would be the death of me To say your name is like a curse To say I love you scares me because it may not be mutual anymore Back to Top My Dear Valentine It·s okay. just leave me again cause that·s what you do best.. listening to stupid tragic love songs thinking about you and me. don·t say a word. I know I·m still alone and that you won·t be here with me anymore now that you·re pissed off. don·t look back.Knowing I·m not with you. Don·t tell me you·ll stay when I know you·re already gone.. I know you·re gone and whatever I may say you·ll just erase this and forget everything. Please..

This crazy feeling. I may be cruel with my words and actions.. move on it·s so easy to forget.. know that I care.... When in reality all we had was fiction and fiction is nothing more but a waste of your time. You don·t have to say a word just leave. In the end I still love you. Now.... it·s alright. And this game that we·re playing never gets old since we·re fighting for our life... I·m not ashamed I know that in my heart my love for you is true... go. Back to Top Blurred I thought I knew you so well.. It·s a bitter sweet feeling I feel right now. we let the worst of each other get the best of us and eat us alive. go... You·re like a drug that I can·t quit but every time I try I get more addicted to you.. It·s okay to move on to admit my own mistakes. Just the two of us having the time of our lives.. And after all that is said and done. don·t look back. It·s alright to admit to my mistakes and admit that I was foolish to fall in love with someone like you. Please don·t say that you· stay when your foot is already at the door. and done it a million times. The last time that we spoke I only said my goodbye·s it·s not that obvious but in my every goodbye there·s always a near hello. It·s time to let go. I still wait impatiently because that·s just who I am. So. It·s alright to move on since I know you won·t come back for me. it·s okay.. I know I may have said a lot of cruel things about you but despite everything my heart remained loyal to you.. I will be fine sooner or later...It·s okay.... Though I know you·re uncertain of your feelings right now... looking back I realized that it was only my imagination that you and I were together..~ .. I say to the uncertain heart of yours. Just forget. Back to Top This so-called game we call ³Love´ Ready.... Don·t regret. it·s okay.. oh baby it gets too serious at times. I·ll say it again.. You·ve said once.... I·ve been memorizing a pattern that you·ve been displaying whenever we·re together. I said it once.. Baby.. this game we·re playing. Set. Don·t look back. I hope you find your way and that you will always remain happy with the path you·ve chosen.. You were just waiting for me to give up on the feeling of love. Go. But. I still wish the best for you.

It·s a complicated game that we like to play. You·re killer grin took my breath away.. one moment we·re on top of each other fighting. fall. You·ve led me onto a dead end. But baby they don·t understand how we play the game... With all those lies and promises you never did gave any meaning to any of it. Another moment that had passed by we·re now getting a hold of each other.. the misplaced kiss those were the days when you and I were still together. you and I lose control.. Back to Top The Best of You and Me The unwanted tears. . Maybe it was too soon to make a joke of something that was special but you I have to move on as fast as I could before it ran me down. I should know. the feeling of being denied of something that I thought was already mine. Wanting me to fall. Screaming on top of our lungs. Back to Top The Reality versus My Fantasy It·s a bitter... I·m already at the edge and you·re just waiting for the right time to push me off the edge.. there·s nothing better. we just need to get high that neither one of us will be in control. a kick to the gut oh how that feels so right. Oh baby. fall.. Oh how I look forward to every day that we pay this game called love.. going to our secret haven.. boy. Punch me once again and I·ll kiss you until you run out of air. how I missed those times when we get so mad. It·s such a shame that we had to end a real good thing. It·s so simple.. with every grip it gets tighter neither one of us could break free. Throwing a punch left and right... Holding hand in hand.

... It hurts to try.. there is nothing wrong wanting to search for a better ending or a new beginning. There are times when you will feel that everything becomes so hard and complicated to you would tend to push other people in your life (especially the people close to your heart). right now. Thinking back.. You will find yourself standing on the same spot. that person who hurt you would come back. You will begin to imagine that. unmoving. And it will absolutely hurt more doing nothing... the conversation that you will be having. I never imagined I would see you again after everything that I had said and done... But the thing is even though you know you will still compare situation to others. The truth is you·re a 100% sure that the out-come of your fantasy will be nothing but a fantasy.. Back to Top To ³Mr. Perfect´ I·m sure I met you before.. you will begin a play by play on your head on what that person would be wearing. I know form first hand that it is harder to move on when you linger to the feeling of depression and utmost loneliness.µ therefore you have an excuse to stand still...It·s a bit cliché when people around me always advises me to think positively but who could blame them. I think I know you somewhere from my past. it will all be there to haunt you. the simplest and most detailed thing that you can think of and that you've already thought of. . It hurts to think. There will be times that you would lie to yourself and convenience yourself that you are trying so hard to move on but in reality you never even left the place where it all end. waiting for that person who had hurt you to come back. you will find reasons to linger more like: ´you·re not the only one having the same problem with life. I think you and me back then we were an item.. It·s a bit unreal seeing you right her.. the place and the environment.

As you walk passed by me with her.µ Back to Top Fireflies My mind is clouded with the thoughts of you--you are the darkness that consumes my every being. I·ve hurt you a lot but this is my way of saying ´I was wrong and I·m sorry for hurting you the way that I did. It was my mistake to let you go like that.. I know I probably don·t deserve it. It's only fair to compare the way you have affected my life to virus that strikes a person internally in which affects both the mental and physical physique of a person. just maybe this is my way of asking for your forgiveness. I wonder if it was easy for you to forget about us and the time we·ve spent our lives together.. I was scared. The feeling of loneliness starts creeping in my body once again.. thought that you would wait for me. I was building up my momentum as I speak of the words that I fear. I suddenly saw the pain that I left you with. it all revolved around you. I sit here on the corner wishing I was the girl making you laugh. I feel my shame. knowing how much I loved you. you were one of the best parts of my life. Never thought I would go back and regret. but I hid myself away from you. we painted a beautiful picture of our lives together. ´I·m still in love with you. I was different back then. I don·t know how to say this but maybe.µ Hoping with these words you·ll forgive me. May be its wrong of me to want the old you. Never did I expect that you will forget about us. you smiled at me. the way I move. I wonder if you·ve noticed my cold stares following your every move? Have you forgotten the promise you made with me? The secret that I made you kept all these years. I know that you·ve already changed yourself for someone else.. but I was young and foolish. Once again. Two years too late. Time had passed by it hurts to admit to oneself that after all these years.I know you·ve already moved on with that girl. The way I think. I see you·ve met with my eyes. .

With all the lies that you had said to me as well as the lies that I had said to myself. I was proud of myself knowing that I could. This was something that I can tolerate.Even after you have shattered my heart and broken my spirit. I stayed by your side thinking I could handle everything that you would throw at me. but you left with just a text message on my phone? Why did you need time for yourself. I was surprised to see nothing but my bare hands clasp against each other. it blew out of proportion.. it is still embedded on the back of my mind. Those lies that you speak of. As a perfect finally to everything else. when we barely see each other? Was our relationship all a big joke. "Fire 'f lies". as I watch myself act the way you wanted me. from the way you think.. they way you act. a meaningless game that you just wanted to play? . I questioned everything about you. I pretended to believed them just to avoid confrontation . For the longest time I lied to myself that I was okay with every foolish decision that you made. better yet in my perspective I perfected catching everything you threw at me. Mesmerized by your mysterious charm.. But instead I ended up having to adjust to your every wants and needs. I was cocky and confident that I would be the reason that you would change your ways. But one time you threw something at me that I never expected I thought I caught it with my two hands but when I looked down to see what was in my hands. Give me honesty and I promise you I won·t let you see a single teardrop. my thoughts are still haunted by you. the way you spend your time and also the way you spend your money. I thought to myself.. I took a matchstick lit it up and burned every lie that we made. I knew I could resist everything that you wanted me to do but I was afraid that in the process I would disappoint you and you would leave me. that arrogant walk that you always do.. The way you move.. I tried so hard to keep lying to myself that this was just a phase that you·re going through. the way you speak. Back to Top My Heart¶s Desire I need to know the answers to all my burning questions before you disappear once again. Then again. I became your puppet. It amazed me how things works out the way you wanted too. Just tell me the reason why: Why did you promise me you would never leave. I never expected that you would leave me either way.

Safe enough to say that when I·m with you I don·t know what is wrong from right. Back to Top Mirrors Why are you staring at me with those blank look in your eyes? You sit there thinking ² why do you even try to avert your eyes. why do you need to stare at me? Do you know the word confused is written all over your face? Do you need my help in finding yourself or are you staring at me searching for the answers to all of your queries. after all it was just a mistake that we ended up meeting each other. Would you believe me if I say that "I still don't know where I stand" was I really your girlfriend back then or was I just one of your plain old toys that you used for the sake of killing time. but you are an odd one. I just want to hear the truth behind the lines. one heck of a bitter-sweet punishment. I wish you would be honest enough to tell me the things that I need to know the reasons behind everything we've done. Wish I could turn back time maybe it would be better if we never tried to be together. . I know she came before me but I thought I was far better than her. A weird twist of fate that made you a part of my world. I tried to give you everything I had and more. It·s hard to point out what is real and what is not when it comes to you. Maybe you and I were never meant to be.You never opened up to me. but you just had to leave out that door. We both know we did something wrong along the way but would you mind if you tell me the truth? I·m guessing for the answers to all my unanswered questions in my head. What is it with you. do you think I wouldn·t notice those brown eyes? You try too hard to avoid it but later on you·ll be doing the same thing all over again. my punishment for every wrong doing that I had done in the past. you said that you don't speak much about yourself but I wonder if she knows you more than I do.

Stop seeing yourself on the other side and start living your life as it is. would you love me back? Back to Top The Sweetest Escape It takes a moment to alter a story. I only exist when you·re staring at yourself in front of that broken mirror. trying so hard. You only see me through that broken glass when you pass by. if I told you that I love you. no matter how hard you try you feel that you can't do anything about.. I wanted to learn his tricks on how to use magic. I watch you closely as you try to figure things out. It's funny to see you like that. I·m isolate. for who you are. Once again I feel isolated unable to give aid to you knowing that you need it the most.. It seems to be that you·re the one who's broken inside and out. There you go again. I envy you. you know that the mirror that you see is not the one that's broken but the person looking through it. It takes only one alteration of a story for one lead character to like another character from a different book. I wish you'd stop staring and start seeing yourself.. instead I wish that when you look at me one more time I would see you smile. I·m sure you are aware of that. I can see it in your face.. I found a wise magician who was very mysterious. but as you can see I·m trapped just like you. He asked me about my life story and in return he will teach me. sitting here as well waiting for the next move to be done. In perspective. Just recently I escaped from my reality and went to someone else·s reality. stop wishing that you·re the other side.. I told him about my . It started from being the most tragic story you could ever imagine that is now shaping into something else. Wish you'd stop consuming yourself. To myself. you·re determined yet still..Wish I could help you.

He was fascinated to know my life. I wanted to know more but I said to him ´I really have to goµ but in my mind I didn·t want to leave his world yet. we both got tired. It maybe my fault wanting to fall in love with someone I knew I liked. For one last time. Back to Top Confessions I have to say that I had been in and out of a relationship a lot of times. I looked for the tricks that he was going to teach me. Despite feeling weak from everything that we·ve done. he decided that he would teach me a few things off of his sleeve.. I tried to stay as long as I could but physically and mentally speaking we were really getting I was amazed with the magic that he had shown me.. yet they still pursue. my friends and what I did for a living. It just so happens that you are one of those guys that I have fallen for. it only take a year or so for it to last. I·m scared to lay my heart out once again knowing I haven·t fully healed from the last time that it broke. I reminded myself that I needed to go and go back to my own reality and try to create my own magic. . After he learned my life story. I learned everything that I could I crammed all the information in my head. my family. I looked at him as he was walking away from where we were standing. I thanked him so many times that day but I knew in my heart it wasn·t enough. for the first time I felt like the world revolved around me. I was captivated both by his presence and his magic tricks. I was starting to fall for him. I guess he wanted to know if I was criticizing me if I was worth of learning his magic. knowing they have an ulterior motive why they do those things. I wish I knew how to say no to them and so I try. For that moment I let myself be totally vulnerable in his presence. I did my best to grasp every word that he was saying for me to learn how to use magic. As it was getting late in the morning. As we parted and said our goodbyes. I don·t mind having you as my company because you make me feel safe unlike the others that tried so hard in getting my attention. I looked him in the eyes with the heavy heart for leaving his world.

I·m selfish..... In his blog. I can never forget the term he used at that time.. Like the first time when I had my first relationship with a guy. I don·t want to drag you along with me. This might sound like an excuse to you but.Being with you take a load off the pressure of what I·m feeling when I·m alone with myself. from me.. he wrote so many things that I can·t exactly remember anymore but one thing that never left my mind was the . with love. we talked about our relationships both mime and his. I know it·s a weakness for me always have to say that I need someone to hold me tight. It may not seem like a lot to you. I have never been straight forward to a person that I like I have been with you.... I know myself so this may also serve as a heartfelt warning.. went back and forth to thinking what had happened and remembered about the blog that he made for me when we were on the edge of breaking up our relationship. I don·t know if it·s applicable to me when others say that the first is always the hardest. But as of these past few months that·s all I ever think off. It·s too much of a risk for you. it·s a part of who I am.. To you. These feelings. I have spoken with my first ex-boyfriend now turned to so-called best friend. Back to Top The Stone Age It·s funny how I could now looked back at things and remember parts of my life that I never thought I would go back to try to remember the events that went on.. I·m still not sure where it would take me I·m still trying to uncomplicated myself. I fully taken notice of that.

We all look back for all the same reasons.. to forgive. in this case. such as.. to cry...µ We all know that. it is a term that one person would use if and only if someone took advantage of the other person to advance his or her career. It·s not bad to remember the past every once in a while just to remind ourselves on how we lived our life.. or so they say. to regret...use of the phrase ´stepping stone. forgive people who have had hurt you and love them for being human just like you.µ I smiled not knowing what to reply next and carried on so many other conversations putting the past behind us... to laugh.. I can honestly admit that I have forgiven the person and forgotten the tone on that word when he first used it... Back to Top On the Edge Can we both stop pretending? I know that it·s only me who·s hurting Deep down inside I know that I should just move on But every time I come to a decision you start sweeping me off my feet You should know that I·m done lying to myself For wanting everything to be alright between the two of us Though I·m still hoping you would come clean And tell me the awful truth but I deep inside I know that you·ll never Give in to what I want My stupid heart won·t quit on screaming the words I love you Though in my mind I already know that I should be moving on .. This is the time to look once more in past the so-called stone ages and forgive yourself in this future on what we call the modern ages. I admit not everyone can forgive and forget after everything that was said and done... to move forward with life as it is.. to compare and contrast the life that we have right now just to check on how much you improved yourself or how much you have changed whether for the good or the worst. Well.. to remember. compare yourself and see the great changes about you.. We laughed about it then I asked him ´Why did you use that term?µ he answered ´I was mad at you. regret once and move on. we try to convince ourselves that we already have but the truth is we just hide and pretend to be okay.

Back to Top The Playback (RAW) Stop! I think you had enough of me for one life time.. . to pretend all over again... give me another minute to erase this from your memory... what will become of me? Adding another person to the list that I once knew.. Let me just rewind..Can we stop lying and pretending just this once And let·s just say what·s on our mind Cause we both know that you have never loved anyone but yourself And you·re just using me for all the games that you·ve been playing It scares the hell out of me Cause I want to know the awful truth that you·ve been hiding for so long Back to Top Lie to Me Do I pretend to still love you even when I doubt you? Does it mean that I am weak cause I don't know how to let go And if I decide to let go. Could we go on and on or wait for the day.. Now. I never meant to hurt you and make you regret the years that you met me.... The room was dark and silence was in the air.... So what now? Should I wait for the verdict of our lustful love.. I know that I have never caught you cheating but you lied to me once before and I·m sure that cheating comes close to that... I had it too fast.. backtrack to a memory when I stayed that night.. To find a love that is true.. to end it all.. my heart was pounding fast and I let my emotions got the best of me.. Is it that hard to let go of the one you love Even though you know that person has been lying and cheating? Or does it mean that I·m strong enough to know that every end of the day you will come back to me once again...... Give me a minute to pause and reminisce that moment when we had our first kiss. too soon to say the things that I had said without thinking about the consequence of my action.. and when that day comes I do hope that I·m strong enough to let go of you and move on with my life.

. and it would be heard. I would deny anything that I have said and let you be you. let's rewind and slow things down. I got to stop the time and let it rewind it back... I know I was too fast too soon.. Thinking about it. . to make you forget everything. so I have to shut up or speak up but guess I made a mistake.. I had time to think and I just want to rewind things. I don't regret but know I that it would complicate things between us. caught you off guard and made things complicated.. but if I had too I would deny everything for us to remain just where we were... One thing that I learned is that I can't force myself to be a part of one's life knowing I'm not wanted in theirs. And I'm not the type of girl who takes things back.. was meant to be my secret but feelings got in the way..Fast forward to the present. This is one way of taking my elf out of the equation and let you have the memories that you had before you even met me. back to when I was just a schoolmate. I was foolish and again I said some things that wasn't meant to be heard.. Those three words.. But I remember that you we're never mine. Go back to the way it was before. as friends... Back to Top The Playback (Edited) Stop! Now. let me take it all back now.. had too much at stake and everything to lose but I had faith that my words were true.... never thought I'd hurt you on the process only thought about myself.

Back to Top The Last Song Goodbye Come....... Oh! How the days had past and I'm here waiting for this day to come my way.... Forget everything my dear. So. So let just rewind and unwind the things that were said and done... I never meant to hurt you nor anyone...And if I could I would turn back time and erase those days. Preparing myself for the ending of us.. but I can't keep holding on to nothing. It's getting all too quite now and I think the bus is coming soon.. as I lay my head on your shoulder picturing the past on how we used to be.. I was selfish and wrong to believe that I had a chance but I won't let you change your mind..... . down. with a last song goodbye. You're happy right now and that's all that should matter... I know you're leaving soon and never coming back. let me rewind those days and slow things down.. Only thought about myself. I had you for too long it·s not fair that you have to go.. here sit with me. I'll make you forget and never make you regret. take my hand for one last time I'll be your company just for tonight. down.

Please... I need to learn and go on my own but how could I forget when you're making me regret....We both know. I·m letting you go. Time is against us to say the least.. Back to Top .. this is my last song goodbye. It·s the only way to forget.. but there's no turning back we have to move on and separate. one last time let's say those words together and mean it with all our heart. never look back so that we could forget the life we had. All the things we've been through those are all just memories now... tell me how. baby just go on.. I need to go. I'd sing a last song goodbye to keep you entertain as we wait for this moment to end. So baby. I have to burn them out. you need to leave there's nothing to hold on to now. I won't be here when you decide to come back. time heals that's all they say but what about the feeling of emptiness now? How do you cope with this goodbye? Baby. your leaving me for good and keeping a piece of my heart with you..

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