Abraham Malpan¶s Reformational Ideas and its contemporary significance .

Truth is Eternal and Timeless, so only time changes, Truth never change, that¶s why Ancient Indian Rishis defined Truth as ³Changeless´ ( Sathyam ennal Mattamillathau). Many raise the questions about the significance of Abraham Malpan in this technologic world. Some considers that we need a ³new philosophy of Christianity in this modern world´. ³a new idea of Church´. All want to see a church that changes itself with the moods and fads of time. Learned Scholar Peter Kreeft defined these demands for a new church as ³cafeteria Church´. Church at coffe table!. Todays topic have grass root base in scripture. 2 Books in the Bible gives us scripture based answer to the question about the significance of the spirits or ideas of Abraham Malpan. We will go deep in to the these words inorder to draw the living water from its depth, which will enable us to understand the ³ need of the hour´ and how ³ these principles ³ can provide a remedy for our confusion. Lets turn to Proverbs 22:28 ³Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set´ This is what the holy scripture prescribe for us today. a) Remove NOT ± it¶s a warning and caution for us from the scriptures. b) Ancient land mark« All the land marks in the world was set by those who travelled through this and set for the familiarity and convenience of those who coming after them, these are guide post, signpost which will leads to blessings and assurance. Remove at own risk! c) Thy Fathers . Who have made the set up« ³thy´ father. We are the part of a great family of God so scripture advice us to cling to our fathers. Ask ourselves what made Isaac and Jacob to command to bury them with their father¶s tomb side? What made david to collect bones of Soul and jonathen and buried in their fathers tomb! That¶s the family concept. We are a family. It was made by ³our fathers ³ not strangers! This words applicable for those who Marthoma/evangelical church from traditionally. continue the fellowship of

But Scripture gives another reference for those who stand in midst of the century and looking for a right route to revive the lifes and fellowships. Lets Read Jeremiah 6: 16 Here is what the LORD says: ³Stand at the crossroads and look; ask about the ancient paths, µWhich one is the good way?¶ Take it, and you will find rest for your souls.´ There is an ancient road that has been left for us to follow. We read about it in the Holy Scriptures. We read about the heroes of the faith who have walked the road

If this holy man had anything to regret at his death. technology These two words give us the thought for todays sermon. To study a persons ideas and philosophy we need to study his life because the philosophy which he carried closely united to his soul and which flows through his life ! Abraham Malpans life divided in to 3 catagories. There were two outstanding leaders in this group. This is a kind of life that we are instructed in the Holy Scriptures. They envisioned a reformation in the Church in the light of the Gospel of our Lord. modernity. Sometimes Church higher-ups will never knew the degradation process happening in grass root level. if we are being nourished from the root. Both were teachers in the Syrian Seminary (established in AD 1813 by Pulikottil Mar Dionysius) and had had opportunities to come into close personal contact with the missionaries and to share their insights regarding the Christian life and the nature and function of the Church as depicted in the New Testament and to imbibe the ideas of the Western Reformation. a) Pre. it was. the spiritual elements fall in to business and avarice. What caused the desire for reformation« There was a nucleus of people in the church who longed for the removal of unscriptural customs and practices which had crept into the church over the centuries. before I die. cross roads of time!cross roads of confusion. Scripture suggest ³Stand at the cross roads´ not only present look at past and drew strength and energy for future« Cross roads. to see the church of God such as she had been in the ancient times´. this lead to an . many a times as we see in church history. Kaithayil Geevarughese Malpan of Puthuppally(1800-1855).b) Reformation Era c) Post reformation Era.reformation Era. What is this road? What is this root? It is the way of the Fathers. one was Palakunnathu Abraham Malpan of Maramon (1796-1845) and the other. This was the prayer and dream of many holy church fathers in Universal church during 11th and 12th century. The desire to revive church is a greatest vision a person can ever carry. This way yields good fruit. Should I look at the ancient path taken by My father¶s for finding rest for our souls? Lets come to Abraham malpan. he had not witnessed so happy a CHANGE! This father had gone to an extent where he reminded Pope to µstop all business and start contemplation of divine mysteries´. a) A desire and a vision to revive the church from all ill practices. I recall the dying words of 11th century church father St Bernard he cried out once ³Who will grant me. The group led by these two was very much concerned about the need of a revival in the Church.before us.

Holy Scripture says though Apollos able to do a great work. great evil will fall up on us´ He says further ³I see the axe is at the root. c) Right partner to share the vision: Kaithayil Geevarughese Malpan of Puthuppally. and in the neighboring Parishes of Pallom and Kollad. They wanted the reformation staying within the Church. and in whose honor an annual festival was held that brought in huge income to the Parish. Same parallel can be traced to Universal Church on 13th century where Cardinal Julian after visiting Germany reported to Pope Euginus ³If the clergy of the germany were not reformed immediately. Acts of apostles depicts Acts 18:26: He (Apollos) began to speak boldly in the synagogue. Abraham Malpan popularized Bible teaching and preaching. Claudius Buchanan. When Priscilla and Aquila heard him.James liturgy on a Sunday in 1836. never wanted to start a separate Church. Likewise Abraham Malpan was influenced by few of the Anglican missionaries especially Dr. He celebrated Holy Qurbana in his church using the revised St. He translated the liturgy of the Holy Qurbana into local language Malayalam from Syriac and also eliminated from it the prayers for the dead and invocation of saints etc. Abraham Malpan and Geevarghese Malpan had to give . Abraham Malpan was drawn towards Anglican missionaries and to share their insights regarding the Christian life and the nature and function of the Church as depicted in the New Testament. They approached the british resident for a solution but nothing came solid so Abraham Malpan decided to take action in his own parish of Maramon which was sympathetic towards his ideas of reform.Palakkunnathu Abraham Malpan from Maramon and Kaithayil Geevarghese Malpan from Kottayam who spearheaded this movement.evil life and ruining of solid foundations. Lets Move to 2nd: Reformation Era. instead of stopping it we accelerate its fall´! Abraham malpan carried the same zeal and vision about his father¶s church. Both at Maramon and at the Syrian Seminary at Kottayam. he still missed a right doctrinal basis. Abraham Malpan was able to sense the deep degeneration that creeps in the temple of God. they invited him to their home and explained to him the way of God more adequately. Both were teachers in the Syrian Seminary and had had opportunities to come into close personal contact with the missionaries The group led by these two was very much concerned about the need of a revival in the Church. This teaches us the lesson that only a person who love the church will see the need for revival! b) Close encounter with those who studied the scripture. He saw the axe on its root like Cardinal Julian. He later on removed from the church the wooden image of a saint reputed to have miraculous powers. the tree begins to bend. This was tantamount to firing the first shot of the reformation. History . Priscilla and Aquilla trained him in Truth.

Abraham malpan died at the age of 49! This reminds us ³its not how many years we lived in this world but how effectively we kindle the love of God in our days´ As Great St Francis Assisi Prayed ³ Lord make me an instrument of Love´. a) Change is not possible unless we are ready to pay the cost. Post Reformation Though the reformists succeeded in introducing the revised order of worship and successfully discontinued many practices. He was offered to be at Church main person the moment . The emphasis on preaching the word of God led to revival meetings. Return to the gospel message of salvation by faith in Jesus Christ. demonic power will more aggressive which leads to persecution and loss even death as it is in the case of Stephan in acts of apostles. Since then Abraham Malpan concentrated his attention on the work of reform. Emphasis was given to the sole mediation of Christ. importance of laity and priesthood of all believers. More and more groups were formed for Bible study. Likewise. and conventions for preaching and hearing the Word of God became common. Most prominent elements in the Reformation were: 1. Bishops consecrated by the reformists group lost control of the Malankara Church and had to vacate the Syrian Seminary at Kottayam. It was a return to the purity of the life and practice of the early Church. The domination of the clergy as custodians of grace became a thing of the past.up their service in the Seminary. holding Bible classes and prayer meetings and instructing the deacons who were loyal to him. Abraham Malpans commitment inspired his son also and he (Thomas Mar Athanasius) continued the reformation which his father closely held at his heart. All importance be given to the primacy of the Word of God. they had to pay a heavy price for achieving the desired result and had to face serious mental and financial strains arising out of the prolonged legal battles. All Great leaders carry the legacy. here we can see that reformation was met with rigrous measurements!. which were led both by the clergy and laymen. 2. In pursuance of the judgment handed out by the Royal Court of Appeal. Thus the reformation movement was started. Taking up responsibility to be witnesses of Jesus Christ to other. 4. b) Bishop sheen Once said whenever there is an outpouring of holysprirt. Cleansing of wrong ways of life. in 1840. and 3.

trusting in the power of God. Jeremiah 6: 16 Here is what the LORD says: ³Stand at the crossroads and look.he lost the case. the ill practice that dominated during Abraham malpans time may not be the degenerating factor church faces today. This led to a spiritual revival and great joy in spite of difficulties. The Maramon Convention was started about this time in the year 1896. . if this is true in each Christians life then it is applicable for Church also. History proves that we need reformation every day in our walks of life. but he preferred to be with his father¶s vision . Because the foundation of church is in Christ and he is eternal and Timeless so the principle which inspired Abraham malpans life still influences us and his vision must be the vision for our life. but the solution is always same « ³Remove not the ancient landmark. Does reformation enough? Is it an event happened in the past or a continuous journey as long as human beings are there«. Today in evangelical Church. Now this lessons gives us the insight. Even though the reform party lost their hereditary and rightful possession. which thy fathers have set´ Hold on the belief of our fathers. time change. people change but the need for reformation will never change.´ You can ask ³ Which one is the good way´? but take only path that fathers took! God bless you. ask about the ancient paths. which is closely united to our soul like wise the tradition of our church cannot be forgotten even if mans can start a restaurant in Mars or in Moon. we cannot separate the past from us. we need to answer the question. it became the occasion for the people to turn to God and to go forward in faith. and you will find rest for your souls. It was this spiritual fervour which sustained the people. µWhich one is the good way?¶ Take it. Christian life is a journey that never end until we meet HIM face to face. whatever it may be.

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