about 100 million copies of newspapers were sold in India (WAN 2008). illiteracy. According to the World Association of Newspapers’ report Indian newspaper sales increased by 35. began in 1854. The Indian Media and Entertainment sector is said to be twice as profitable as its global counterparts. India's first newspaper. the Indian print media industry has been bucking the trend in the past decade. India's press is a metaphor for its advancement in the globalized world. is comprised of a complex framework.51 per cent in the five year period between 2004 and 2009. At a time when circulation of newspapers in the USA. according to an analysis of 37 publicly traded Indian companies whose gross profits grew by 31 per cent between 2004 and 2009 (Press Council of India 2009). Overall. The evolution of the Indian media since has been fraught with developmental difficulties. poverty. India's newspaper evolution is nearly unmatched in world press history.INTRODUCTION India is the world's largest democracy. India's newspaper industry and its Westernization—or mondialisation as French would call it—go hand in hand. and apathy thwart interest in news and media. a system that has evolved over centuries. It was in 1674 that the first printing apparatus was established in Bombay followed by Madras in 1772. colonial constraints and repression. The printing press preceded the advent of printed news in India by about 100 years. Samachar Sudha Varshan . Making some media expert declare that newspapers are dying? (Greenslade 2009). Its mass media culture. also known as the Hicky's Bengal Gazette was established in January 1780. in 2009. Calcutta General Advertise. Modernization has transformed this into a communications network that sustains the pulse of a democracy of about 1. whereas according to National Readership Survey as many as 222 million readers read an Indian newspaper in 2008 (Press Council of India 2009) .1 billion people. Europe and other developed countries. and the first Hindi daily.

FDI upto 26% in Indian entities publishing newspapers and periodicals dealing in news and current affairs with suitable safeguards like verification of antecedents of foreign investor. As per the policy. permission has been given for publication of 189 Indian editions of foreign specialty. Government has reviewed the print advertisement policy and brought about changes to support small and medium newspapers. who have taken FDI.Growth in Print Media In 2009. Recent Developments  During the year 2008-09. advertisement support has been increased from 10% to 15% for small newspapers and from 30% to 35% for medium newspapers. Government has allowed Indian edition of foreign news magazines for facilitating wider readership at affordable prices.85 billion and showed a moderate growth of 2 %. Government has recently announced facsimile edition of international newspapers. keeping editorial and management control in the hands of resident Indians and ensuring against dispersal of Indian equity. Also. technical and scientific magazines by Indian entities. Further. where only Indian editions of foreign scientific/technical/specialty journals etc. are being published with no foreign investment (including FDI) being made. Minimum publication period requirement drastically reduced from 36 months to 6 months for regional languages newspapers.90 billion by 2014. the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting will give approvals on a case by case basis subject to prescribed conditions. in money terms. The industry is projected to grow at a CAGR of 9 per cent and reach around US$ 5. Permission has also been given for publication of 106 specialties. technical and scientific magazines. As a further measure of policy liberalization. The regime of foreign investment in Indian entities publishing newspapers and periodicals is as follows: Foreign investment (including FDI) upto 74% in Indian entities publishing scientific/technical and specialty magazines/periodicals/journals. the print media industry stood at US$ 3. 15 proposals for FDI in Indian entities in the news and current affairs sector have been approved.   .

Ltd Leo Burnett India Pvt.PLAYERS IN PRINT MEDIA Newspapers The Times of India Dainik Jagran Malayala Manorama The Hindu Eenadu Deccan Chronicle Ananda Bazar Patrika Sakshi Amar Ujala Hindustan Times Hindustan Mathrubhumi Gujarat Samachar Punjab Kesari Sakaal The Economic Times The Telegraph DNA The New Indian Express The Hindu Business Line Business Standard Magazines Vanitha (Malayalam) Saras Salil (Hindi) India Today (English) Pratiyogita Darpan (Hindi) Malayala Manorama Balarama India Today (Hindi) Kumudam (Tamil) Readers Digest (English) Meri Saheli (Hindi) Outdoor & Direct Mail Advertising Ogilvy & Mather J Walter Thompson Mudra Communications FCB Ulka Rediffusion. Grey Worldwide Pvt. .DY&R McCann-Erickson India RK Swamy/BBDO Advertising Ltd.Ltd Contract Advertising India Ltd.

CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS & POINTS OF SATISFACTION Pre-Purchase     Brand Image – Customers in this industry are more inclined towards brand image of the company Past Performance – Customers compare past performance of the company before purchasing Circulation – Customers are interested to find out the reach of media Price – Customers prefer services or products according to their purchasing power During-Purchase     Availability – Products or Services should be available easily Discounts Slots – Slots which are available at discounted prices Quality Of Material – Material used for creation of particular Newspaper. Magazine & leaflet Print & Design – Most important factor during the purchase Print quality & attractive design Post-Purchase     Effectiveness Feedback Revenue Comparative Analysis .

Perceptual Mapping Based On Price & Circulation Perceptual Mapping Based On Price & Effectiveness .

Handbills. Sales letters. Magazine A periodic publication containing pictures and stories and articles of interest for information on Current affairs. Relative to other forms of print media news paper is relatively cheap and enjoy 22% share total print media sector. Hoardings. It’s a very important part of businesses and households.ATTRIBUTES & CHARACTERSTICS     Effectiveness Circulation Price Quality of Advertisement COMPARISION OF EXPECTIONS & CHARACTERSTICS PRINT MEDIA Newspaper Newspaper is one of the most common ways for people to stay informed about current events. catalogue. technology and other special interests. Billboards. Health. . Outdoor & Direct mail Advertising This form of advertisement in India plays a major role in print media. Fashion. Stickers. Outdoor & Direct mail includes Posters.


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