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A property is a thing that describes the features of an object. A property is a piece of data contained within class that has an exposed interface for reading/writing. Looking at that definition, you might think you could declare a public variable in a class and call it a property. While this assumption is somewhat valid, the true technical term for a public variable in a class is a field. The key difference between a field and a property is in the inclus ion of an interface. We make use of Get and Set keywords while working with properties. We prefix the variables used within this code block with an underscore. Value is a keyword that holds the value which is being retrieved or set. Private string _Color Public string Color() { Get { Return _Color } Set { _Color = Value } }

> Mutable and Immutable classes?
Immutable type are types in which instance data fields and properties does not change after the creation of instance in another way we can say that value is changed in same memory and also helps in performance boosting. On the other hand mutable type are A type whose instance data fields and properties can be changed when the instance is created or we can also say when we change the value of Mutable objects the new memory is created and new value is stored in new memory Most Reference Types are mutable.

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There are three types of Design Pattern 1) Creational 2) Structural 3) Behavioral 1. Creational Design Pattern Abstract Factory Creates an instance of several families of classes Builder Separates object construction from its representation Factory Method Creates an instance of several derived classes

Prototype A fully initialized instance to be copied or cloned Singleton A class of which only single instance can exist. 2. Structural Design Pattern Adapter Match interfaces of different classes Bridge Separates an objects interface from its implementation Composite A tree structure of simple and composite objects Decorator Add responsibilities to objects dynamically Facade A single class that represents an entire subsystem Flyweight A fine grained instance used for efficient sharing Proxy An object representing another object 3. Behavioral Design Pattern Chain of Resp. A way of passing a request between a chain of objects Command Encapsulate a command request as an object Interpreter A way to include language elements in a program Iterator sequentially access the elements of a collection Mediator Defines simplified communication between classes Memento Capture and restore an objects internal state Observer A way of notifying change to a number of classes State Alter an objects behavior when its state changes Strategy Encapsulates an algorithm inside a class Template Method Defer the exact steps of an algorithm to a subclass Visitor Defines a new operation to a class without change

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Assembly Interview Questions > Can we change private assembly to shared assembly? > What are the kinds of processors? > What is Partial Assembly References? > Can you have two files with the same file name in GAC? > In Assembly which work as GacBrowser? > What does mean by Satellite Assemblies? > What’s the difference between private and shared assembly? > What do you know about .NET assemblies? > What is Version Number and Culture in Assembly Manifest?

> What do you know about BCL? > What is a strong name? > What is an assembly? > How can you debug failed assembly binds? > How can you tell the application to look for assemblies at the locations other than its own install? > Where global assembly cache located on the system? > How do you specify a custom attribute for the entire assembly rather than for a class? > What is delay signing? > What is purpose of Assembly Linker or define SDK Tool in .NET Framework?

ADO.Net Interview Questions > Define different namespaces in for data provide? > How ADO.NET come into existence? > What is Asynchronous Database Commands? > What are Concurrency and its types? > Which should be preferred in which condition DataSet and DataReader? > What do you mean by Attributes and Reflection? > What is a command object in ADO.NET and Type of command object? > What is MARS support in ADO.NET? > Which one is better WebService or Remoting? > How to get database schema information when connection object is established in ADO.NET? > Some important instruction regarding ADO.NET connection string? > Define tool Manage Statistics in SQL Server 2000 query?

NET? > How to check if the Dataset has records? > What is the significance of CommandBehavior.NET and how it is link with ExecuteReader? > How to get result from two tables in SqlDataReader? > How to start Outlook NotePad file in AsP.NET? > Why is ADO.CloseConnection? > Which method do you invoke on the DataAdapter control to load your generated dataset with data? > What are Dataset and Diffgram? > What is typed dataset? > How can you provide an alternating color scheme in a Repeater control? > What are good ADO.NET objects to replace the ADO Recordset object? > Can you explain the difference between an ADO.> What is Ref Cursor in .NET command object? > What DataReader class does in ADO.Net Basic Questions > What is the maximum size of textbox? > Which property of the textbox cannot be changed at runtime? > What is connected architecture and disconnected architecture in asp.NET dataset and an ADO Recordset? > What are the differences between Datalist DataGrid and DataRepeater? Asp.NET with code? > What is DataGrid whether it’s a Server Control or something else? > Define different execute methods of > What is property in dot net? > What do you mean by HashMapping? > Difference between strong type and weak type? .NET serialization slower than ADO? > Is XML is a component of ADO.

Because WSDL and Soap both supports XML and language are XML parsing capability and also access to HTTP protocol.monoproject. Mod_mono is available from (http://www.0? .NET? We can say Attributes are declarative tags in .NET application? Yes it is possible because webservices are independent to language because it depends on WSDL and Soap.XSP is a standalone web server written in C# that can be used to run your ASP. Exception test cases (exceptions are thrown and caught properly). > What are the three test cases in unit testing? 1.NET applications.Attribute > Is it possible to turn off cookies for one page? By setting Cookie.NET code that will insert additional metadata into assembly .Discard property false > Is it possible to consume Java Web Service in . Predefined attributes such as Assembly Version.NET? Only that object can be stored in ViewState which have Serializable feature or have TypeConverter option is available > How ASP.> How many design patterns are there in asp.apache. Negative test cases (broken or missing data.NET two types of attributes web server. Custom attributes which need to write by the coder himself by extending the System. > Why it is better to throw our own exceptions in try catch bock? If we know the point where an error has occurred. proper handling) > What is the default port for Http and Https? > What do you mean by WCF and WPF and WWF? > Is it possible to add object in ViewState in .mono-project.NET applications within the Apache (http://httpd. which already exist and are accessed through the Runtime Classes 2. > What is attributes in .net 2. correct output) 2. then why not write the proper code to handle that error instead of passing a new Exception object to the catch block? Throwing your own exceptions signifies some design flaws in the project.NET page can be run in Apache Web Server? The mod_mono Apache module is used to run > What is CAML in SharePoint? > What is the difference between a Site Definition and a Site Template in SharePoint Portal? > What is a Field Control in SharePoint Portal in asp.XSP works under both the Mono and Microsoft runtimes and the code is available from(http://www. Positive test cases (correct data.In .

> How to encode a string? > Some silent features of Visual Studio 2008? > What is a WebBrowser Control and its advantage? A WebBrowser control is used in a Windows Forms application to browse web pages and other browser-enabled documents. .net? When we use Caching for frequent used data it will increases the scalability.NET 2.NET language features. > What files are used to define a feature in SharePoint? The two files that are used to define a feature are the feature.2 it is xUnit based unit testing tool for Microsoft . When we use caching for objects it will get lot faster. Handles cookies automatically without related coding 2. It implies that the same session ID can represent multiple sessions over time where the instance of the browser remain the same. the session ID lasts as long as the browser session.Field controls are simple ASP. The manifest file contains details about the feature such as functionality. > How we get the page scroll position? > Is it possible to use Events with threading? > What do you mean by NUnit? Its a unit-testing framework for all the . WebBrowser provides many events to track data processes.Net language and its ported from JUnit its version 2.xml and manifest file( > Why to use caching in asp. We can change html content while scripts running > ASP.NET 2008 Features? > In what conditions SessionID is changed and not changed? > Why the SessionID remain the same after the Session times out? When session state expires after the timeout period. The feature XML file defines the actual feature and will make SharePoint aware of the installed feature. They provide general functionality such as displaying or editing list data as it appears on SharePoint list pages.0 server controls that provide the basic field functionality of SharePoint.NET. > How many types of Navigation controls are there in asp. It is written entirely in C# and has been completely redesigned to take advantage of many . 1. > Why to use SiteMap and what is its purpose? SiteMap describe the structure of the site and so that site navigation API and the site navigation controls can expose the site structure properly. By default it contains a XML file but we can use alternative data sources for this. and many properties and methods to access and create new contents on the HTML element level. Accesses HTML elements and script variables programmatically 3.xml).

NET programs work in Linux? One of the Mono open source provides the necessary software to develop which helps to run . posting to pages in the same virtual directory. > Which one is trusted and which one is not Windows Authentication and SQLServer authentication? > Please write something about Windows DNA Architecture? The Windows Distributed internet Applications Architecture is a Microsoft blueprint for robust. > Why we use AddressOf operator in background? > Finally block executes if we have call goto or return statement in try and catch block? > Why finalize not to be used for clean up? > Why we do methods to be static for Post Cache substitution? > What do you mean SQL Cache Dependency in ASP. internet technologies and Personal differs from other programming languages? > Difference between MasterPage and WebUserControl? A master page is a template for other pages. In threading we can also set the priority of thread.NET? > What are Daemon threads? > MultiTasking and MultiThreading? Multi tasking relates to more then one program at a same time and can switch between that programs for example: doing work on doc file and a song is running on winamp. and Unix.NET 2. for example. > How . The master page defines placeholders for content pages. as it means that if we want to use the view state. This is a significant restriction. the PreviousPage property will return null. too. Even so. the Mono open source project has an active and enthusiastic contributing community and is positioned to become the leading choice for development of Linux applications. we are confined. with shared layout and functionality. But if we are posting pages to another application. scalable.NET client. Windows DNA is an evolution which started from mainframes in which all logic was centralized. On the other hand the content page contains the content you want to display.NET.0? We can post back to any page and pages in another application. this is a highly acceptable addition to the functionality of ASP. Windows DNA has evolved over time and was not preplanned. . On the other hand multi threading is a subset of multi tasking here we can switch between different part of same program example: doing work and . application servers. It gives all combined advantages of Centralized mainframe. > What is 3Tier Architecture? > Can we post and access view state in another application in ASP. distributed business software. Solaris.> How can we make .doc file and PCase is checking in background. Mac OS X. Which is by Novell. server applications on Linux. Windows.

5.Normal ThreadPriority. ThreadPriority. 8. 15. 8. We can access control of PreviousPage by using the FindControl method. 2.0? When we have to post data from one page to another in application we used server. Always close user-defined transactions before closing a connection.Distinct(). Do leave a connection open if it is not used. 2.BelowNormal ThreadPriority.Delete ().NET? By Using Append method of the StringBuilder object we can concat string in ASP. Open connection when on need not before the need. > What is the fastest way to concat strings in ASP. System. In target page we can access the PreviousPage property. 4.AboveNormal ThreadPriority.NET2.NET performance tips? 1.Some of these are as follows: 1. Always use same connection string to get advantage of Connection pooling. 8. 6. 8.NET > Difference between System exception and Application exceptions? > Explain Generic Class and its advantage? > What do you mean by SharePoint Portal? > What is cross page posting in page? > How to get distinct element in array? Let suppose my array contains {3. Because connection polling is not used for new connection. Highest ThreadPriority. Close your connection as soon as you are done using it. 3.Collections. 15 }. } > How to turn off cookie in asp. 8. FileInfo[] zipfiles = dir. > SQL Server and ASP.Lowest > How to delete zip files from a folder? DirectoryInfo dir = new DirectoryInfo (@"z:\foldernam")."). And we have to use the @PreviousPageType directive. foreach ( FileInfo f in zipfiles) { f.IEnumerable a = arr. .transfer method but in this the URL remains the same but in cross page posting there is little different there is normal post back is done but in target page we can access values of server control in the source page. 15} int[] arr = { 3. This is quite simple we have to only set the PostBackUrl property of Button. 4. 5. Always drop temporary objects before closing a connection.GetFiles ("*. When we set the PostBackURL property ASP.NET framework bind the HTML and Javascript function automatically. 3. LinkButton or imagebutton which specifies the target page.

But in FormLayout whole work are done through the tables. and XML Web Services. Tracing help us to know problems and fix them without interact a running system.NET Web applications.0 over IIS 5. scalability. using which you can develop and deploy high performance ASP.NET ASP.NET? Com Marshler is useful component of CLR. And the method is quite simple when we create CodeDom for a program we can generate the source code in any . It is easier to develop the page with absolute positioning because control can be placed any where according to our requirement. It also convert data format between manage and unmanaged code. If there is absolute positioning we can notice that there are number of DIV tags. So code is generated for all trace methods in both release and debug builds. and behavior of pages of web sites that are open in browser. IIS 6. But FormLayout is little different only experience Web Developer used this one reason is it is helpful for wider range browser. and security.> How to call method that handles the Click event for several buttons? > What do you mean by CodeDom? In a simple language CodeDom is an object model which display or represent source code.0 that are mainly to increase reliability. Main work of marshal data between Managed and Unmanaged environment . > How Visual SourceSafe helps us? > What is main difference between GridLayout and FormLayout? GridLayout helps in providing absolute positioning of every control placed on the page.It helps in representation of data across different execution environment. > What do you mean by Web Part Control in asp. > What changes are done in IIS 6.0 contains several enhancements over IIS 5.NET Web Parts controls are the integrated controls which helps in creation of Web sites that also help users to modify the content as well as appearance. On the other side we use the properties and methods in the Trace class to release builds and instrumentation allows us to monitor the condition of our application running in real-life settings. By the helps of Com Marshlar CLR allows manage code to interoperate with unmanaged code.0 is the next latest of web server available in Windows Server 2003 platform. > Difference between System exceptions and Application exceptions? > What is the difference between Shadowing and overriding? > What is the use of App_Code folder in asp.0 is a key component of the Windows Server 2003 application platform. manageability.IIS 6. > Com Marshler function in . CodeDom is specially designed for language > What is difference between Debug and Trace class? Debug Class helps to set methods and properties that help in debugging code. IIS 6. Trace is enabled by default in visual 2005. If we use methods in Debug class for print debugging information and checking our logic with cases. we can make our code more robust without impacting the performance and code size. .0? IIS makes easy to get information.

Web custom controls: Web Custom Control is typical to create and good for dynamic layout and another thing is it have full tool support for user and a single copy of control is required because it > What is Sandbox in SQL server and explain permission level in Sql Server? > How many types of cookies are there in .> What is the purpose of IIS? > How to start Outlook and NotePad file in AsP.value=dotnetquestion b) Multivalued cookies.NET? Two type of cookies.cookies (CookiName)(UserID ) = interview > When we get Error HTTP 502 Proxy Error? We get this error when we execute ASP. They are define as follows 1. These are used in the way collections are used example request. so that the request is not sent to the proxy. and this is shown to user. > What do you mean by three tier architecture? The three-tier architecture was comes into existence to improve management of code and contents and to improve the performance of the web based applications.cookies (CookiName)(UserName) = dotnetquestionMahesh request.: request.NET Web pages in Visual Web Developer Web server. JavaScript or VBScript etc. . and some overview about this? > What is different between WebUserControl and in WebCustomControl? Web user controls: Web User Control is Easier to create and another thing is that its support is limited for users who use a visual design tool one good thing is that it contains static layout one more thing a separate copy is required for each application. First layer Presentation contains mainly the interface code. Database 1. Presentation 2.cookies (UserName).g. Business Logic 3. There are mainly three layers in three-tier architecture. because the URL randomly select port number and proxy servers did not recognize the URL and return this error.NET with code? > What you thing about the WebPortal? > Can you define what is SharePoint. This code could contain any technology that can be used on the client side like HTML. To resolve this problem we have to change settings in Internet Explorer to bypass the proxy server for local addresses. a) Single valued e.

SuppressFinalize. There are two methods of finalizer Dispose and Finalize . an XML file. It performs the conversion of data format between manage and unmanaged code.The process is called finalization. Properties: Host: The name or IP address of email server. pass data to user interface and handle any input from the UI as well. Second layer is Business Logic which contains all the code of the server-side . Third layer Data represents the data store like MS Access. Event: SendCompleted: This event is raised when an asynchronous send operation completes. Methods: Send: Enables us to send email synchronously.There is little different between two of this method. Finalize method also cleans resources but finalize call dispose clears only the unmanaged resources because in finalization the garbage collector clears all the object hold by managed code so finalization fails to prevent those one of method is used that is: GC.It helps in representation of data across different execution environment. When we call Dispose method it clean managed as well as unmanaged resources. > What are Com Marshler and its importance in . SQL Server. method and events. an Excel file or even a text file containing data also some additional database is also added to those layers > What is Finalizer in .NET? Com Marshler is one of useful component of CLR. methods and events are member of a class. By the helps of Com Marshler CLR allows manage code to interoperate with unmanaged code. This class contains the following member. Port: Port that is use when sending mail.NET define Dispose and Finalize? We can say that Finalizer is the method that's helps in cleanup the code that is executed before object is garbage collected .NET CLR and SQL SERVER run in different process? Dot Net CLR and all . SendAsynchronous: Enables us to send an email asynchronously.2. > What is late binding? > Does . SMTPclient class mainly concern with sending mail. > What are CSU and its description? . When we call Dispose method is release all the resources hold by an object as well as all the resources hold by the parent object.This layer have code to interact with database and to relates application and SQLServer run in same process or we can say that that on the same address because there is no issue of speed because if these two process are run in different process then there may be a speed issue created one process goes fast and other slow may create the problem. Its Task is to marshal data between Managed and unmanaged environment . These properties. > Define SMTPclient class in DotNet framework class library? Each class in dotnet framework include some properties. manipulate. 3.

Application state Use Application state variables to store items that you want are available to all users of the application. If you want to store more complex items in View State. Query strings are visible to the user.NET stores items added to pages ViewState property as hidden fields on the page. Query strings are visible to the user.NET provides the following ways to retain variables between requests: Context. State management is the process by which you maintain state and page information over multiple requests for the same or different pages. Because ViewState stores data on the page. ASP.Handler object Use this object to retrieve public members of one Web forms class from a subsequently displayed Web form. One record in each line and each field separated with comma's it is often used to transfer large amount spreadsheet data or database information between programs. Session state Use Session state variables to store items that you want keep local to the current session (single user).CSU stands for Comma Separate Values also called comma delimited.NET page framework to automatically save the values of the page and of each control just prior to rendering to the page. It is plain text file which stores spreadsheets or basic data type in very simple format. one of the first tasks performed by page processing is to restore view state. Query strings Use these strings to pass information between requests and responses as part of the Web address. When the page is posted. so they should not contain secure information such as passwords. > Explain . Client-side options are: * The ViewState property * Query strings * Hidden fields * Cookies Server-side options are: * Application state * Session state Use the View State property to save data in a hidden field on a page. you must convert the items to and from a string. > The IHttpHandler and IHttpHandlerFactory interfaces? > What is Viewstate? View state is used by the ASP. so they should not contain secure information such as passwords. Query strings Use these strings to pass information between requests and responses as part of the Web address. View state ASP.NET PAGE Lifecycle? > What is Satellite Assemblies? > What is CAS? . it is limited to items that can be serialized.

What happens on the .NET objects to COM objects.NET web applet from formatting your hard disk.NET end? . and each code group is granted the permissions specified in a named permission set. Did you write that object? > How do you call unmanaged methods from your .NET Framework program? > What are wrapper Classes? > What is Monikers when using COM? > Explain Transaction with COM Plus Components? > How COM plus Component adopt security? > What is COM Component in . (Naturally the 'Internet' named permission set represents a very restrictive range of permissions.NET? > Can it is possible to use COM objects from a .Internet' code group. which adheres to the permissions defined by the 'Internet' named permission set. How does CAS work? The CAS security policy revolves around two key concepts .) > Automatic Memory Management? > What Language is familiar to CLR? Oops Interview Questions > > > > > > What What What What What What Is is is is is is OOPS? Class? Constructor? Abstract Class? ValueType? difference between abstract class and an interface? Com Dcom Interview Questions > Explain syntax of NULLIF in SQL SERVER 2000? > How to use COM Component in .NET security model that determines whether or not a piece of code is allowed to run. Is that possible? > Can you inherit a COM class in a .Net? > What is the relation between COM and DCOM? > Which namespace do the classes allowing you to support COM functionality are located? > How do you make a NET component talk to a COM component? > How do you generate an RCW from a COM object? > I cannot import the COM object that I have on my machine. it is CAS that will prevent a .NET application? > Suppose I call a COM object from a .CAS: CAS is the part of the .NET code through PInvoke? > I want to expose my . and what resources it can use when it is running. using the default security policy. For example.NET application but COM object throws an error. For example. a control downloaded from a web site belongs to the 'Zone .code groups and permissions. Each .NET assembly is a member of a particular code group.

NET? > What is branching logic control in VB.NET? > Write the role of New keyword? > What is use of MustInherit keyword in VB.Net Interview Questions > How can VB.NET Remoting? What is Channels? What is .Data.NET component? > What are Service Oriented Architectures? > What is Dot NET Passport? > Can you define basic element of WebServices and explain any one from them? > Explain functioning of Web Services Protocols? > Which one is better Remoting or WebServices? .Net achieve Polymorphism? > What is difference between vb and vb.NET? > What is the difference between DataTable and DataSet? > What is different between import System.NET? > How many types of ActiveX Component in VB.NET? > What is DataType conversion in VB.NET Remoting? .net? > What is the use of MustInherit keyword in VB.NET Remoting Overview? VB.NET? > What is the difference between VB and VB.NET? > How to set string in proper case? > What is Jagged Array in VB.NET? > How to get extension of file in VB.NET? > How many types of ActiveX Component in VB.Remoting Interview Questions > > > > > > > > > > > > What is Serialization Formatters in .Data.SqlClient and System.Oledb? Web Services Questions > Difference between WCF and WebServices and Remoting? > Is it possible to generate the source code for an ASP Dot NET Web service from a WSDL? > Can you give an example of when it would be appropriate to use a web service as opposed to a nonserviced .NET Remoting versus Distributed COM? Can you explain what is remotable and non remotable objects ? Security in Remoting? Advantage of Remoting over Web Services? Scope of publication in Remoting? What are the Proxies? What is Abstract? .Net Remoting Important Notes? .NET? > What do u mean by Redim in VB.

Array.Array? > What is Sealed class? > Can it is possible that pointer are also in C#? > What the New features are added to C# 3.> How .NET Passport? C Hash Interview Questions > What is a basic requirement for connection pooling in C#? > How can you prevent classes to be inherited? > Difference between assignment and equalto? > What is the difference between the Debug class and Trace class? > Is it possible that multiple catch blocks can be executed? > Can you store multiple data types in System.NET application? > Is there a way to force garbage collection? > Is there regular expression support available to C sharp developers? > Define different format for date time.NET and VB.NET and non .CopyTo and System.NET? .0 over C# 2.Web.NET Web service from a WSDL? > Can you give an example of when it would be appropriate to use a web service as opposed to a non serviced .NET component? > What are Service Oriented Architectures or SOA > What is .0? > What the relation between Static methods in Interface? > How to get last month date from code in C Sharp? > What is Generic class how it helps programmer? > What is the use of USING in C#? > What is Partial class? > What are the Hiding method in c sharp can it is possible to hide method without using Virtual Function? > Explain some of method of System.WebServices while others do not? > What is WSDL? > What is the standard you use to wrap up a call to a WebService? > What is Asp Net Web Services? > Define Protocols that helps Web Services in Asp Net? > What are VSDISCO files? > What is UDDI? > Is it possible to generate the source code for an ASP. > What is the difference between a Struct and a Class in C Sharp? > Why do I get a syntax error when trying to declare a variable called checked? > Are private class level variables inherited? > What is the difference between the C sharp.Array.Array class > What do u mean by Array in C Sharp? > What is difference between the System.NET component communicate with each other when they are on different platform? > Why do some web service classes derive from System.0? > How we Implicitly Typed Local Variables in C# 3.0? > What do you mean by Anonymous Types in C# 3.Clone? > Is there an equivalent of exit for quitting a C sharp.

> What is XPath? > What is XHTML? . From XMLA we can expose the Analysis service data to external world in XML. XML can do this because it's written in SGML.> Is it possible to inline assembly or IL in C Sharp code? > What is the syntax for calling an overloaded constructor within a constructor? > How to get total no of control on a particular page? > Provide C sharp Keywords. > What optimizations does the C sharp compiler perform when you use the optimize plus compiler option? XML Interview Questions > How many tags are available in version 1. the international standard metalanguage for text document markup (ISO 8879). A language for describing other languages which lets you design your own markup languages for limitless different types of documents. and adaptable way.xml#xpointer(/descendant::QuestionNo[@id=9]) So the above XPOINTER points QUestionNo=9 in dotnetquestion. > What is XML? XML is the Extensible Markup Language. Analysis Service was designed to draw reports from data contained in a Data Warehouses and doesn’t have any relation with data structure. for instance dotnetquestion. XPOINTER point on the particular portion of a XML document.0 XHTML? > What do you mean by XAML? > Why we use XPOINTER? XPOINTER is used when we have to locate data in given XML document. flexible. predefined markup language). XML is actually a metalanguage. It is extensible because it is not a fixed format like HTML (which is a single. It improves the functionality of the Web by letting you identify your information in a more accurate.xml > Difference between DOM parser and SAX parser > What is the difference between XML and HTML? > Parse an XML file or XML file validation > Is it possible that XML accept UNICODE characters > What is DOM? > How many types of JIT compiler in Microsoft Dot NET? > What is XMLA? Define it? First of we take a full form of XMLA (XML Analysis Services). Instead.

One of the most useful command-line options is -asxml ("as XML. Metadata is nothing about data about data since we know that xml is used for data representation language we will be able to understand what metadata is. Otherwise you're probably looking down the barrel of an ugly gun. it also warns you if your HTML uses non-standard code that's likely to cause cross-browser compatibility problems. item(s) ordered. > How to add in XML document through XSL? XSL (the extensible Stylesheet Language) is far more sophisticated than CSS. it tacks on an XML declaration. if you've been using HTML to mark up customer invoices. . There may also be customized software to do the sort of conversion you want. you may have supplied the different p elements with class="custname" (etc. your task may turn out to be quite complex. DTD (DATA TYPE DEFINITION) which ." see?). Metadata includes the tags that are going to be exchanged to and fro from another xml file. <?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="simple. and a statement. another into custnumber. quantity. you may be able to generate meaningful XML using an XSLT stylesheet. if that's the case. but it also adds some extra information to the document. per usual.) attributes and so on.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?> <?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="simple. another into price.> What is XML Parser? > Some Limitation or Disadvantage of XML. it simply cleans up your HTML by ensuring that elements are properly nested and so on. and price are probably all wrapped up inside and tags. It even forces all element names to lowercase. The second line. which unambiguously mark this as an XML document. One way to use XSL is to transform XML into HTML before it is displayed by the browser as demonstrated in these examples: Below is a fraction of the XML file. It will properly balance elements.xsl"?> <breakfast_menu> <food> <name>Belgian Waffles</name> <price>$5. The schema holds all the information of the xml file that is to be deployed in the project. If you're asking about converting HTML to a less generic form of XML than XHTML. links the XML file to the XSL file: <?xml version="1. and so on? If you've been using CSS for styling your HTML. which does w hat you seem to be asking. it uses various command-line switches (parameters) to control its processing. To the root html element it also adds a namespacedeclaring attribute that identifies all elements in the document as conforming to the specific XML vocabulary known as XHTML. For instance.95</price> <description> Two of our famous Belgian Waffles </description> <calories>650</calories> </food> </breakfast_menu> > How do I convert my existing HTML documents into XML? Tidy is a command-line utility which runs on a wide variety of operating systems. so you can turn one instance of the p element into a custname element. How do you know which "kind of paragraph" contains a given kind of information. For example. since the XHTML standard requires it.xsl"?>. > What is a schema and what are the limitations of a DTD? SCHEMA is nothing but METADATA. not only the customer's name but also their number. At a minimum.

WriteStartElement ("student") textWriter.WriteComment ("this is my first xml file. textWriter.NET.NET used for XML? > What is xxx and src As Object and e As EventArgs? 1.") textWriter. textWriter.WriteString ("sourabh"). this is the major limitation and mandatory issue that the developers should follow.WriteStartDocument () //write comment textWriter. //WriteStartDocument and WriteEndDocument methods open and close a document for writing textWriter.xml").WriterEndElement (). > What is Web Application? .WriteEndDocument (). textWriter.supervises two conditions namely well formed and closeness of the xml file.config file in ASP. e is an event argument object that contains more information about the event. textWriter. textWriter.WriteStartElement ("name". by then our xml file will interact with the another xml file. xxx is an event handler 2. src is the object that fires the event 3.NET Web Forms and How is this technology different than what is available though ASP? > Describe session handling in a WebForm? > Web. > How to Write to XML File? XmlTextWriter textWriter=new XmlTextWriter("filename.WriteComment ("I’m loving it") textWriter. So the user should be aware of what tags he was put into use of this xml file 'A' should be intimated to another application's XML file 'B'.Close ().WriteEndElement (). Share Point Questions > What is difference between Document library and Form library? > Why SharePoint is not a viable solution for enterprise wide deployments? > Does SharePoint work with NFS? > How Does SharePoint work? Mix Dot Net Questions > Namespaces in .""). } > ASP.WriteStartElement ("studentDB") //write first element textWriter.

Make sure that the other check boxes are cleared. 6. and then click Next. you can use the new PreviousPage property of the page: Page poster = this. SiteCookies ["Expire"] = "5 Days". 5. 3. type an alias. > Difference between Viewstate and Session? > Is it possible to get value of viewstate value on next page? View state is page specific. Response.NET 2.> How to Create Virtual Directory? 1. > How to create and remove those cookies in asp.A ddDays (-1). This field is embedded only when there is an IButtonControl on the page and its PostBackUrl property is set to a non-null value. it contains information about controls embedded on the particular page. and then click Virtual This is the syntax for creating a cookies.__POSTBACK .findControl ("myLabel"). Cross-page post back feature also solves the problem of posting a Form to multiple pages. click Browse. or name. To access the view state of the poster page. SiteCookies= DateTime.Now. In the first screen of the New Virtual Directory Wizard. Expand the server name. right-click Default Web Site.Add (SiteCookies). for the virtual directory (SiteName).Text. Click Next. string lbl = posterLabel. Response. SiteCookies ["sitename"] = "dotnetRed". click to select Read and Run scripts (such as ASP). 4. Click Finish to complete the wizard.Cookies. Locate the content folder that you created to hold the Web content.Cookies.AddDays (5). 7. Now syntax to remove this cookie:HttpCookie SiteCookies= new HttpCookie ("UserInfo"). 2. in theory.AddSiteCookies . siteCookies= DateTime.Now. point to New. can point to different post back URL. In the second screen. Click > Start> Settings> Control Panel> Administrative Tools> internet information services.0 resolves this by embedding a hidden input field name. In the left pane. In the third screen. SiteCookies ["UserName"] = "Pervej". HttpCookie SiteCookies = new HttpCookie ("UserInfo"). We can find any control from the previous page and read its state: Label posterLabel = poster. Expand Internet Information Server.PreviousPage. ASP. This field contains the view state information of the poster page. because each control.

> Server Control and User Control > Can we update table from View that we are using? Yes we can update a View.StringBuilder class? > Can it is possible see SQL plan in textual format? Yes. ‘Bharath’ takes 9 bytes of worker process 2. > What is difference between one for vb and another for C#. Inproc . SET showplan_text ON -. State management. 1. Cookieless session is also available. It will be automatically retrieved in URL.SQLserver returns the execution plan information SET showplan_all ON -.similar to SET SHOWPLAN_TEXT. e. except that the output is in a format more verbose than that of SHOWPLAN_TEXT. .config for this. UPDATE <view_name> set <column_name> = ‘value’ > Define three test cases you should go through in unit testing. user sessions can be stored in 3 ways.String and System.stored in window service. Select * from <table_name> > What is singlecall and singleton? > Difference between Shadowing and overriding? > Explain what is SharePoint? > Difference between Shadowing and Hiding? > Something about Session or Session Management and Application? Sessions can be stored in 2. > How many space Varchar (50) take in Sql? First 2 bytes for the length of the data and rest of the bytes depends on the size of the data being inserted.0 then simply we have to make a two folder in asp. For cookieless session it will create unique session id for each session. Stateserver . After setting to ON. One another think to do entry in web.> How to handle two languages in a single application? If we have two different language class in asp. > How to change the Page Title dynamically? > How to work with TimeSpan Class? > What is Thread? Define it.stored in asp.g.

Transfer and Response. E As EventArgs) Message. Add this interface to the class definition.NET remoting system is an architecture designed to simplify communication between objects living in different application domains. then where you need the instance of the class to be read only.Text = "http://www. > Explain session and its type. which can be handled by developers. and then you can create an interface for the class that only allows access to the parameters via a get. > What is the difference between serializable and MarshalByRefObject? > What is serialization in .NET compilers produce metadata about the types defined in the modules they produce.user sessions can be stored in SQLserver also. This metadata is packaged along with the module (modules in turn are packaged together in assemblies). > Which file is taken by compiler when we have both file Application and Server Configuration file? Application Configuration File Values will over ride the values of server configuration file. and that all the data fields are only accessible via parameters. and between different contexts.NET? All . whether on the same computer or not. if we do not allow override then Application Configuration file variables cannot override the values of server configuration file.NET server controls can optionally expose and raise server events. Developer may accomplish this by declaratively wiring an event to a control (where the attribute name of an event wireup indicates the event name and the attribute value indicates the name of a method to call). regardless of whether they are on the same computer. When application starts. and can be accessed by a mechanism called .Redirect? > What is Remoting? The process of communication between different operating system processes. SQLServer . > How do I make a reference type parameter as a readonly parameter? Assuming that it is. Suppose we want to track that how many users have accessed our sites today then Application Start is the best place to do so or we want to give some personalized view to User than Session is the best" End Sub > Difference between ServerSide and ClientSide Code? > What is Server. > What is Reflection in .3. access it through the interface. this Event is fired when the server which holding application starts whereas Session Start event is fired when any User has access that page or Session has been created.dotnetquestion. But only when we allow override set as True.NET and what are the ways to control serialization? > How Server control handle events ASP. Private Sub Btn_Click (Sender As Object. The . whether in the same application domain or not.

> What is RAD? > How to check Querystring is null or not? > How to encode query string in ASP.NET? > Some Popular SQL Queries > How to register Assemblies in GAC? > What is Pull and Push Model in ado. > What is read only and its example? > Define what the function RANK function do and how it different from ROW Pull model is used to pick out the element or we can also say objects from Database table. DBCC log (adventureworks.g. 2. [0. The System. 3. > What is Code Refactoring? > How to read transaction Log in Sql? DBCC LOG (<database_name>. 4). Similar to stack operation > What are publisher and distributor and subscriber in Replication? > What is Property? > Relationship between a ProcessApplication DomainApplication? . 4]) 0 1 2 3 4 Basic Log Information (default) Lengthy Info Very Length Info Detailed Full Example E. RANK () OVER ([<partition_by_clause>] <order_by_clause>) Returns the rank of each row within the partition of a result set. ROW_NUMBER () OVER ([<partition_by_clause>] <order_by_clause>) Returns the sequential number of a row within a partition of a result set. 1.Reflection namespace contains classes that can be used to interrogate the types for a module/assembly. starting at 1 for the first row in each partition.reflection. But when we have to delete the top most record pull method is used over push. Push model is used to insert the element only at the top position in table to database with the help of object.

An application is an executable on the hard drive or network. 4. ByVal e As EventArgs) ' Fires when the session ends Application("UserCount") = Application("UserCount") . The `#' is followed by an identifier that is the directive name.NET DLL to be decompiled? > What are the Pre Processor? The pre-processing directives provide the ability to conditionally skip sections of source files. Line control.EventArgs) Handles MyBase. #elif. #line. to report error and warning conditions. The term "pre-processing directives" is used only for consistency with C and C++ programming languages. #else. and to delineate distinct regions of source code. #endregion They are used for: . there is no separate pre-processing step. Error and Warning reporting. In C#. #region.Object. ByVal e As EventArgs) ' Fires when the session is started Application ("UserCount") = Application ("UserCount") + 1 End Sub Sub Session_End (ByVal sender As Object. 3.A process is only an instance of running application. > What problem occurs when not implement proper locking strategy? There are four major problems occur: 1. Preprocessing directives are lines in your program that start with `#'. Dirty Reads Unrepeatable reads Phantom reads Lost updates > What is the difference between a primary key and a unique key? > How to prevent . For example. `#define' is the directive Types are:#if. add a Label Control to the We bForm. preprocessing directives are processed as part of the lexical analysis phase. #undef. #define. There can be numerous processes launched of the same application (5 copies of Word running).1 End Sub To Display UserCount. #error.Conditional compilation.Load . name it lblUserCount Private Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As System.NET > Display the number of users sessions currently active your website? Using the Session_Start and Session_End Events Sub Session_Start (ByVal sender As Object. #warning. A preprocessor directive must be only instruction on a line. > What is PostBack and Callback? > What is the difference between Pivot an Unpivot? > What is a parser error? > Option statements that are supported in VB. but 1 process can run just 1 application. 2. #endif. Whitespace is allowed before and after the `#'. ByVal e As System.

NET 2.NET language (C#. > Why multiple Inheritance will not work in C#? > How do you write the multiple classes in one tag? > What is MSIL? Microsoft Intermediate Language.lblUserCount.NET compiler compile the code and converts the above language code to an intermediate code called MSIL. with can be understandable only by the . and debugging and profiling services > What is Machine.'Put user code to initialize the page here Me.config File? > What is a LiveLock? > What is ASP. versioning and deployment support. > How to display alert on post back from JavaScript? > In ADO. adapter2. detailsview. a simplified model for component interaction.Net Compact Framework? > What are Namespaces? > How can we load multiple tables in to Dataset? Yes we can load multiple tables into one Dataset. formview.NET.NET Framework provides a run-time environment called the Common Language The . vb. f#. which manages the execution of code and provides services that make the development process easier.NET) the .Fill (database. j#. it benefits from features such as cross-language integration. enhanced security.0? > What is LDAP? .NET. Code: DataSet dataset1 = new DataSet (). datalist and repeater controls in ASP.Fill (database.NET List Control? > What do you think which is light weight control gridview.Text = "User(s) online " & Application("UserCount") End Sub > Can you explain difference between . "table1_name"). "table2_name").NET.NET Framework. Compilers and tools expose the runtime's functionality and enable you to write code that benefits from this managed execution environment. cross-language exception handling. Code that you develop with a language compiler that targets the runtime is called managed code. When we compile any . adapter1.Net framework and .NET a metadata is created what information it contains? > What is Managed Heap? > What is the managed and unmanaged code in .

Read Uncommitted: When no locks while reading a row into a cursor and honors no exclusive locks. PRIMARY KEY. Consistency. Repeatable Read or Serializable: SQLServer requests a shared lock on each row as it is read into the cursor as in READ COMMITTED. The user is bypassing all of SQL Servers locking transaction control mechanisms. Isolation is one of the ACID (Atomicity. Because a shared lock request is blocked by an exclusive lock. a cursor is prevented from reading a row that another task has updated but not yet committed. CHECK. it affects everyone. the IIS process is running and in process2. FOREIGN KEY. So all application and the IIS process runs on the same process. In process1. Read committed is the default isolation level setting for both SQL Server and ODBC. and web application run in different process.> How does a 3tier architecture > What do you mean by Late Binding? > How we know exe is developed in . but if the cursor is opened within a transaction. the shared locks are held until the end of the transaction instead of being . Cursors can be populated with values that have already been updated but not yet committed. > What is Isolation Level? In database systems. and ASP. Amazon and goggle on a single PC. process. In below figure there are five processes and every one handling individual application. SQL Server 2000 supports five classes of constraints: NOT NULL. Isolation and Durability) properties. High (Isolated): In high isolated scenario every process is running is their own process. Therefore. in this case there are two processes process1 and process2. isolation is a property that defines how/when the changes made by one operation become visible to other concurrent operations. hotmail. > Isolation levels in SQLSERVER? Isolation level get the condition to which data is isolated for use by one process and secured against interference from other processes. So if any one crashes the other is also affected. Example let us say (well this is not possible) I have hosted yahoo. This consumes heavy memory but has highest reliability. the IIS. Medium (Pooled): In Medium pooled scenario. > What are the constraints? Table Constraints define rules regarding the values allowed in columns and are the standard mechanism for enforcing integrity. Read Committed: SQL Server applied a share lock while reading a row into a cursor but frees the lock immediately after reading the row. UNIQUE. In case any website crashes. we have all Web application running.NET application run in same Compatible languages or not? > What is a jitter and how many types of jitters are there? > What are the different IIS levels? LOW (IIS process): In this main IIS.

’SQL’) If <column_name> is null then the function returns ‘SQL’ else function returns the column data.Text. a new copy is created. or foreach loop.freed after the row is read. What actually happens is your string variable/object has been changed to reference a new string value containing the results of your new string value. > How to get the hostname or IP address of the server? 1. > Can you explain the syntax of ISNULL in SQL SERVER? Returns a Boolean value that indicates whether an expression contains no valid data we can also use this as conditional operator and also as if else loop. The temp object is immutable. methods that appear to modify a String actually return a new String containing the modification. Drop table #dump. and values is saved in that. For this very reason .NET has the For example. create table #dump ( data varchar(100)).LEN(data)) from #dump where data like '%IPv4 Address%'. insert into #dump exec xp_cmdshell 'ipconfig' select substring(data. An object qualifies as being called immutable if its value cannot be modified once it has been created.but it is not. but if you perform some operation on that data. 2. > How to display hyperlink without underline? > How we display hyperlinks without an underline? > What is Hot Backup? > How frame helps to get client data? .StringBuilder class. Developers are modifying strings all the time in their code. If you find it necessary to modify the actual contents of a string-like object heavily. The operation doesn't change the data itself. Now if you say temp = temp + "new value" . 3. use the System. This may appear to the developer as mutable . select SERVERPROPERTY(@@servername). > Difference between instance and object and Abstract class? > What are the valid parameter types we can pass in an Indexer? > What are Indexer and its uses in C#? > What does the term immutable mean? It means to create a view of data that is not modifiable and is temporary of data that is modifiable. Syntax: IsNull (<column_name>.StringBuilder class. This has the same effect as specifying HOLDLOCK on a SELECT statement. such as in a for.Text.patindex('%[0-9][0-9][0-9]%'. Like let's say you have a string object having "hello" value. select @@servername. a new object is created. Immutable means you can't change the current data. and can't be changed.

2. update and create operations.axd.dll handles the request to an aspx file.NET. We pass some parameters to functions as input and then it performs some operations on the parameter and return output. Other extensions the dll handles are .NET Globalization and Localization. 1. 3. SP use Execute or Exec to run > Does SQLClient and OLEdb class share the same function? > Can we develop web pages directly on an FTP server? > What is the different between <%# %> and <%= %>? > Form Authentication in . Server resources not required. SP are basically used to process the task. delete. 8. One other reason is all browser support hidden field. And disadvantages are as follows Security reason not secure Performance decreases if data is too large. We can work with the Web-Form because data is cached on client side. These are single valued and cannot handle heavy structure. 5. > Types of garbage collector? > How to Add an Assembly in GAC? > What is Global Assembly Cache and what is the purpose of it? > Difference between function and StoreProcedure? Function Functions are compiled and executed at run time. These are quite simple to implement. . Functions are basically used to compute values. 6. 4. update and create operations on the database.ascx > What are the GLOBAL and LOCAL cursors in SQL SERVER 2005? > Explain ASP.> What are advantage and disadvantage of Hidden fields? Some of advantage of Hidden field as follows. Explain.soap. Functions cannot affect the state of the database which means we cannot perform insert. > Which dll handles the request of an aspx page? Aspnet_isapi. . SP can affect the state of the database by using insert. Functions can run an executable file from SQL SELECT or an action query Stored Procedure SP are stored in parsed and compiled format in the database. delete. 7. > How to get number of control on web page .

then it is advisable to make the Enable viewState = false. A JavaScript consists of lines of executable computer code the same category as C and C++.> Why it is preferred not to use finalize for cleanup? > What is an extended stored procedure? > From where are custom exceptions derived from? System. The compilers have the entire needed element at compile time to build the call into the executable code. > What is DTC? > What is DLL Hell? > Types of Directive? > Define candidate key alternate key and composite key? > Difference between Java and Javascript? 1. > What is exception handling? > What is event bubbling > What is EnabledViewState? "EnableViewState" property .System . A JavaScript is usually embedded directly into HTML pages 7.Exception and Application.Exception are both derived from Exception. Java and JavaScript are two completely different languages in both concept and design! 2. JavaScript is a scripting language (a scripting language is a lightweight programming language) 5. And can be sent via HTTPEnable view state must be enabled for transferring through the HTTP requests. ApplicationException is the class intended as a base for any application specific exceptions that it is decided. If. > What is Early and Late Binding? Early binding: is to know the type of an object at compile time. namespace. It will need extra instructions to find out where is the method to be called before calling it. 3. View state holds the property details as a group of a particular web control. Late binding: the type of an object is known only at runtime. Exception is the predefined base class for exceptions that originate from the System.holds the state of the web control. JavaScript is an interpreted language (means that scripts execute without preliminary compilation) everyone can use JavaScript without purchasing a license . JavaScript was designed to add interactivity to HTML pages 4. because the database will override the state. If you want to define your own "exceptions" for your own specific application then it is considered good practice to derive your own "exception" class from ApplicationException public class CustomException: ApplicationException. Java (developed by Sun Microsystems) is a powerful and much more complex programming language . the webserver control is using the database request. to improve the processor performance. need to be defined.

DATEADD(dd.NET Web page declaratively? > What is CUBE and define its function? .> Difference between HTML control and Server Control? > What is DiffGram? > Difference between DELETE TABLE and TRUNCATE TABLE commands? > What is Delegate? > How to delete backup history for past day? Here in the given syntax to delete backup history of database. Update. 101) EXEC sp_delete_backuphistory @DaysToKeepHistory GO > What is the managed and unmanaged code in .NET show we can populate the records to the DataSet. Delete. where as DataAdapter is best fit to work on data. GETDATE()). In this data model data will be stored in two types of table fact table and dimension table. Select). Fact table contains the transaction data and dimension table contains the master data. > What is data modeling and data mining? Data modeling is the process of designing a data base model. -30. Data mining is process of finding the hidden trends is called the data mining.NET SDK? > How to Get DateDifference? > What is Datacube technology? > What is database replication and what are the different types of replication? > Difference between DataReader and DataAdapter? DateReader is an forward only and read only cursor type if you are accessing data through DataRead it shows the data on the web form/control but you can not perform the paging feature on that record(because it's forward only type). USE msdb GO DECLARE @DaysToKeepHistory DATETIME SET @DaysToKeepHistory = CONVERT(VARCHAR(10). > What is Daemon threads what its purpose? > How to detect the Users culture? > To set the culture and UI culture for an ASP. It supports to the disconnected Architecture of .Reader is best fit to show the Data (where no need to work on data) DataAdapter is not only connect with the Database (through Command object) it provide four types of command (Insert.NET? > What is Deep Copy and Shallow copy? > What debugging tools come with the .

ToString? > How to maintain scroll position after postback on same point? > How to determine the service pack currently installed on SQL Server? > Connection string Parameter? > When we create a connection in ADO.Text) newCookie.EventArgs) Handles Select.Expires = #12/31/2008# Response.Add("Name".Visible = False Label2.copy? > What do you mean by Class? . TxtBox.Add("Publisher".Text) newCookie.NET a metadata is created what information it contains? > How to compare two times? > What are the methods provided by command object? > Where are all .Object. RadioButtonList1.NET Collection classes located? >What is Cold Backup? > What do you mean by a Cluster? > What are Indexes in SQLServer? > What is the difference between Dataset.Values.Add(newCookie) Label3.SelectedItem.NET? > What is the difference between ToString and Convert.> What is correlated SubQuery? > How to create cookies in asp. ByVal e As System.Visible = False Private Sub Select_Click(ByVal sender As System.Visible = False TxtBox.Visible = False End Sub > How many cookies can an application use? > How to create a cookie in C#? > How to create and remove the cookies in ASP.Values.clone and Dataset.Click Dim newCookie As HttpCookie = New HttpCookie("dotnetBooks") newCookie.Visible = False Label1.Cookies.Text = "Cookie Created" Select.

NET Framework.A class is an organized store-house in object-oriented programming that gives coherent functional abilities to a group of related code. In the . 4. Namespace: 1. whereas an assembly establishes the name scope for types at run time. Assemblies contain MSIL code. > ArrayList in asp. 4. A single assembly may contain many types whose hierarchical names have different namespace roots. It is a Collection of names wherein each name is Unique. 3. It is the definition of an object. . 2. and a logical namespace root may span multiple assemblies. Namespace is logical grouping unit. Assemblies are > How to create Arraylist and HashTable in asp. Assembly: 1. > How to check the checkbox checked or not in GridView? > Is it possible to call garbage collector forcibly? > What is Boxing and Unboxing? > BLOB Datatype in ASP. They form the logical boundary for a Group of classes.NET? > Difference between Code Directory and Bin Directory? > What is AUTOEVENTWIREUP? > What does assert method do? > Difference between ASP and ASP.We may define classes in terms of classes (Inheritance). It is an Output Unit. 2. a namespace is a logical design-time naming convention.NET in Linux? > Give an idea about NameSpace and Assembly? Namespace is not related to that of an > Which methods are used which allow application object to do one process access at a time? > How to add new column in the existing table at our desired location? Alter Table dotnet ADD Column (ASPNET Varchar2(28).NET > ASP.SQL Number(6)). Namespace must be specified in Project-Properties. Using classes. 3. we may wrap data and behavior together (Encapsulation). made up of software code.We can also override the behavior of a class using an alternate behavior (Polymorphism). Assembly is physical grouping unit. It is a unit of Deployment & a unit of versioning.

net? > ACID in transactions > What are the different Access Modifier? Modifiers of C# are: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Private Protected Internal Protected Internal Public > Difference between Abstract and Interface What is Silverlight Silverlight helps in development of rich interactive applications for the Web. > What is ADO.NET Framework and WPF. . Silverlight is delivered as a cross-platform and cross-browser plug-in that exposes a programming framework and features that are a subset of the .> Define Ajax with suitable Example.

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