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Happy 100 Birthday Janet!

Janet Nichols was born Janet Blower on the 6th of August 1920 in
Saham Hills. She had 3 brothers and a sister, Ethel. When Janet left
school at the age of 14, she moved to York with her sister where she
Annual Fireworks
worked at the Terry's Chocolate factory for 3½ years. She then returned
to Saham, and in 1940 Janet married Jack Nichols in Saham Church.
Display Cancelled
Unfortunately, due to uncertainty with the
Janet was a land worker most of her life but spent 15 years (until she
ongoing Covid 19 pandemic, Watton Town
retired at 60) working in Samples greengrocers in Watton.
Council has decided to cancel the 2020 annual
She continued to live in Saham until 1986, when she moved to her
fireworks event.
home in Watton.
This decision wasn't taken lightly but with the
On her big day, Janet and family members - grandson, great grandson
public's safety paramount it is felt to be the
and great nephew - celebrated with many friends and neighbours.
appropriate course of action to take.
Janet says she will remember with happiness her card from the Queen,
In previous years the event has been a great
and the visit from Pat Warwick, Chairman of Watton Town Council
success and it is envisioned and hoped that the
and Town Mayor, to toast her 100 years.
event will take place in 2021.
And she puts her long life down to hard work and good food.

Now the MOT is back to normal we are able to offer up to three MOT tests per hour
The Wayland News September 2020 Page 2
The Wayland News September 2020 Page 3

A Quick Look Round one game seemed to have a small Number of villagers who have Boo! Hiss! COVID19
crowd., although from the lack of supported the Plan, subject to their
By Orbiter
Here we go with another look at life
interest they displayed, they might comments: 3 Brings the curtains down.
have been cardboard cut-outs ! Number of villagers who have
from behind the doors of Lockdown
And Norwich City seem to be doing objected to the Plan: 1 By now, we at The Boo & Hiss Theatre Company, Watton,
which has kept me prisoner for the last
well being back at the top of the Number of online “drop-in” meetings would be well under way with preparations for our next play.
two or three months Actually that has
Championship. held to allow villagers to ask questions Since 2006 we have put on a show at the Queens Hall every
not been too great a punishment as for
With all the different companies and about the Plan and make comments: 8 year in September but, sadly, this year we are not able to do so.
a change I have been able to relax and
organisations suffering severe totalling 5 hours 20 minutes Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, and all the restrictions put in
enjoy the summer sunshine, which in
financial deficits due to the covid Number of villagers who joined an place back in April and May, we decided, as a group and not
May was the best the country has
emergency, the Chancellor makes online meeting: 0 lightly, that it just wouldn’t be viable – many of us were
enjoyed for well over a hundred years
almost daily announcements that so Number of hours a Plan hotline was shielding or were key workers in the ‘front line’ and it was
while a few days in June provided
many millions of pounds have been open: 418 impossible to hold rehearsals. And by the time the restrictions
some of the warmest of this century.
allocated to this or that cause, but Number of calls to the Plan hotline: 3 were lifted, there wasn’t enough time to build a set and get
And being what is sometimes termed a
where are all these trillions coming At the same time as the consultation everything else done in time for September.
senior citizen my kind neighbours
from? Surely we do not have an in- began, we commissioned a ‘health We held our (socially distant) AGM in August and agreed that
have taken care of my shopping
exhaustible supply of funds! check of the Plan by an independent the play that we’d had in mind for this year was still the
requirements and making me feel
No doubt we are in for some very bad examiner. That review is complete and perfect choice and so we will be performing it next year
almost redundant.
news some time in the not too distant made 70 recommendations. instead. These are strange times but the hope is that, by then,
As the weeks have gone by various
future, when the days of reckoning Clearly in terms of quantity, it is the life will have returned back to normal and we can start
amendments have come into force
arrive. Breckland Council comments and the rehearsing in April as usual. After a year off we’ll all be
regarding social distancing and self
But while all these things are the recommendations of the Health Check raring to go and should come back better than ever. But for
isolation, but it is difficult to know just
worries of the government, we can that require the most attention. now the curtains will, regrettably, remain closed.
what I am allowed to do or not, but I
look on what has been a great summer To date we have addressed all but 5 of
have tried to follow Mr. Johnson’s
weather-wise, though no doubt we
advice, and I think I have been a fairly
good boy and have confined my
shall soon be hearing that hose-pipe
the health check recommendations. 4 of
those remaining relate to later stages of
Great Ellingham Chit Chat
bans will be necessary. But
outings to special treats, such as being
meanwhile, if my own garden is a
the Plan and so have been deferred. The Group
driven by my wife to various luxurious 5th has been referred to the owner of INFORMATION CONCERNING THE CORONAVIRUS
reflection of others, we have a one of the allocated sites for input.
destinations such as the local Tescos, Once again I am unable to give any dates for the restart of Chit
wonderful selection of shrubs and Many of the Breckland Council
where I have enjoyed a nice sit in the Chat. So much depends on guidelines from the Government,
flowers, all seemingly in bloom at the comments are preferences for
car park. But it makes a change I am therefore sadly at the moment we are unable to meet. We had a
same time. formatting and presentation.
told, which must be good for me. coach and tickets booked for Thursford in November, which has
They say that every bad situation has a However, Breckland has objected to
In the last couple of weeks restrictions now been cancelled and in August we would have been going to
good side, and so it seems with some important aspects of the Plan,
have been relaxed to allow people to Sheringham for the theatre fish ‘n chips and shopping.
television. those being:
visit famous beauty spots and seaside Something to look forward to for next year!
Programmes have been disrupted, but Limiting development on the 9
resorts, and our newspapers have On a brighter note, the book continues to sell, albeit slower than
in compensation some of the best allocated sites to no more than a total of
shown pictures of overcrowded we would have liked it too, due to the Coronavirus and the
documentaries from a dozen or more 70 new houses. Breckland wants that to
beaches, suggesting that the crowds inability to get out and about with it. The National Trust had
years ago have made their re- be amended to be “at least 70” with no
have taken the authorities by surprise, copies to show to their shops, however due to the shops being
appearance, some that we enjoyed suggested upper limit;
when what else could have been closed for the past few month I haven’t followed this up.
when they were first shown ,and Phasing of development throughout the
expected when the easing of lockdown Something which will be done when the shops re-open. I
others that we may have missed first Plan period to 2036, to allow the village
coincided with the hottest weather of continue to have lovely letters from people who have bought the
time round. to absorb it and give a chance for
the year and folks had been cooped up book, thanking the group for their wonderful stories, which is
And so, as I come to the end of being a necessary infrastructure improvements
for so long ? The seemingly excess very heart-warming.
Norfolk boy (adopted) for over 30 to be made. Breckland seeks to remove
crowds were partly caused by the I will continue to update the Chit Chat site as and when there is a
years I can look back on many happy this control on the pace of development;
number of extra folks who would likelihood of news when Chit Chat will start and also news and
times, and even on the current ones, Site densities. Breckland seeks to
normally have been holidaying abroad, views from the group if anyone has something they wish to put
things have not been more than a increase these, which of course would
and in spite of the fears about the lack onto the site. I thank everyone from Chit Chat who continue to
severe inconvenience. And fingers increase the number of houses
of social distancing I think that worries support each other and for the many ‘phone calls which I myself
crossed things will only get better. permitted;
on that score were unfounded as the receive on a very regular basis.
Good afternoon. The number and scope of policies
British are natural distancers’, since as Great Ellingham Chit Chat Group Contact: Ann Reeve 0773 321
far back as I can remember whenever I dealing with flood risk. 1410 / 01953 882065 eMail:
went to a beach every family parked Saham Toney For the first three of these, we feel
themselves at a respectful distance Neighbourhood Plan Breckland Council has unilaterally
from the next and anyone coming too backtracked on agreements we made
Shaping the future of Saham Toney!
close would earn some very black with them on all three subjects in
At the time of writing this article there
looks. And if the tide came in to October 2019. That coupled with the
are 3 days remaining of the consultation
reduce the size of the beach and over- fact that we consider all three to be
on the Plan. We can’t give final
crowding became inevitable it was fundamental controls necessary on
information on the comments received,
time to go home or retire to a local development in the village, means we
and obviously we are still in the process
refreshment bar. cannot agree with Breckland, and will
of reviewing those that have come in so
So I think we can be relied upon to be not concede them. Instead we have
far, so we can only give highlights of
sensible on that score, the main trouble added yet more evidence to the Plan in
our reactions to them.
with visiting our coastline is the lack support of its approach. Similarly, with
First, I thought some simple numbers
of toilet facilities, due to the need for the drainage policies, which we feel are
might be informative:
disinfecting after every user, which essential to protect at risk areas of the
Total days consultation: 52
would cause a problem. village.
But things seem to be improving daily, Number of organisations invited to All the same, it seems inevitable that
although blips, such as in Leicester review the Plan: 121 Breckland Council will again object to
have shown that all is not yet back to Number of organisations that have these controls at the Plan’s final
normal. Unfortunately the virus is made comments: 4 consultation. That being the case, the
unseen, so we do not know if wearing (Breckland Council, Norfolk County decision will rest with whoever
masks, keeping apart, or distancing is Council, Norfolk Police and Sport examines the Plan and we will hope that
being successful, the only positive England) our arguments tip the balance in favour
results are the failures. Like allegedly Number of comments from Breckland of the Plan’s policies as they stand.
burglar-proof locks, you never know if Council: 183 As usual, if you have any comments or
they worked – only if you were Number of comments from Norfolk questions on any of this, or the
burgled, when you realised they have County Council: 7 Neighbourhood Plan in general, or if
failed. Number of village households that you would like to be added to our
But, as I write, things are showing received a leaflet explaining the Plan: mailing list, please get in touch with
signs of getting back to normal, with approximately 750 Chris Blow at
pubs and restaurants re-opening, albeit Number of villagers who have simply Most importantly, stay healthy and
with certain restrictions, and football supported the Plan without comment: safe!
has resumed behind closed doors. But 41
The Wayland News September 2020 Page 4
are lucky we might get back to Michaelmas Daisy. The botanical don't need a lot of looking after as every two or three years. If you
In your something like normal on the name was Aster for all the long as they're reasonably well have a large area look at hiring a
conditions front so if so we can varieties but I just read an article sheltered and keep on going. On tool for the job.
Garden with pick up and do a bit of normal that recently botanists decided the subject of bulbs, now is the If you're starting a new lawn
gardening let’s hope. It's largely that we need seven different time to plant most of the spring now's the time to sow seed or
Lotta Potts a question of keeping it tidy: names, including Aster. flowering ones, such as daffs in prepare for turf-laying next
Season of mists and mellow deadheading, cut out completely However, if you think that the containers with winter bedding month into November. The soil
fruitfulness possibly. I do hope flowered stems of perennials and most popular types of Aster were and in the ground. Do make sure needs the same preparation, weed
so. The weather at the time of use the results of these tasks to either novi-belgii or novi-angliae, they go in deep enough – at least and stone-free, level, tread down,
writing is (for me) a total start a compost heap if you don't most of the new names retain three times their height – as if rake, tread down, rake – think
nightmare with the un-British already have one. If you have these add-ons. Thus Aster novi- they are too shallow in a couple about employing one of those
30+deg C day after day and it either a heap or a bin you will belgii is now Symphyotrichum of years they won't flower. Leave lawn expert firms or artificial
seems never-ending. We have now have lots more material! novi-belgii. I have no idea how tulips and hyacinths until late grass
had a few days of what’s Maybe time to start a second so you say that! I doubt that all the October/November as they are So there we are but even if you
supposed to be ‘seasonal normal’ that you don't end up with a sheds and garden centres will late starters and may well rot in can only manage a few minutes at
at around 20-24 but not to many. permanently uncomposted heap. have the new names already so it damp ground if planted too soon. a time, keep weeding.
I know I look at August as being Ideally, of course, we all would should be interesting to see how it Make sure when buying that the
all develops. Still, the good news bulbs are plump and firm without
rather dusty and warm but this is have at least three large bins made
of slats or old pallets. We could is that you can still get flowers signs of cuts or bruising. Small
Club Restart
ridiculous. On top of that we
have the Corvid-19 to deal with then start off accumulating
material in the first, layering it
from deepest purple to pure white
and heights from nine inches to
green sprouts at the tips of the
bulbs are acceptable but avoid
and it all makes gardening rather
dismal. The weeds are doing well nicely in the second and as time three feet. It should therefore be any with long pale shoots. Get in available from
and some other plants that I goes by turning it all from one to possible to avoid the ones that are line early for prepared bulbs for
would expect to do badly are also another and back again. Monty martyrs to downy mildew where Christmas. There, that dreaded Rotary
better than in cooler years. The Don will no doubt be plants look as though they have word but if you want the glorious DOES YOUR LOCAL CLUB OR
greenhouse is overheating to a demonstrating this soon. Yeah. been sprinkled with talcum scent of hyacinths, now's the GROUP NEED FINANCIAL
large exent and the tomatoes are Right. powder. time. HELP TO GET STARTED?
For those of us with a more Some clematis come into their This is a good time to try a small WATTON ROTARY CLUB
suffering from blossom-end rot
modest bit of ground and a couple own now and are well worth experiment. If you have a bit of HAVE SET UP A FUND OF
more than usual. I have tried to £1,200 TO HELP.
make sure they get the proper of plastic bins it's easier. Just having. Varieties of tangutica are border that's been cleared, try
We understand it may be difficult for
amount of water but I am trialling keep everything going in and stir the ones to look out for. The sowing hardy annuals. If you
groups & clubs to re-start after the
a new variety in compost I have it round until it's too heavy. Start flowers are small but they think about it this does make Covid-19 lockdown measures are
never heard of so it might not all the second and use the compost produce large fluffy seed-heads, sense as the annuals from this released. We realise club attendee
be my fault! The best tomato out of the first. Even in a north- sometimes at the same time so year will have set seed (if you numbers may be down initially for
plant I have is a ‘volunteer’ that facing wind tunnel the plastic will you get twice the display. A didn't manage to deadhead) so if many reasons.
must have been from a discarded warm up quickly and you will good well-known variety is Bill they dropped the seed they will So the Rotary Club of Watton &
have compost within six months. MacKenzie that has golden- have been fresh. This is the time District are offering a small grant
fruit in the compost bin. It’s
It will take that long to fill a bin yellow flowers with purple to collect ripe seed from package for local clubs and groups
growing like topsy in the most within our Rotary Club district to
unsuitable place – right under a in a small garden anyway and it centres and huge seed-heads. As foxgloves, delphiniums and
help pay for venue hire to run your
clematis that self-sowed by some does have the advantage of taking with most clematis these need anything else you want to
groups and clubs.
netting. I tried to grow a few kitchen waste – nothing cooked, deep, fertile soil with roots in the increase for next year. Maybe try Simply send an email to
clematis from seed and never no meat. Tea bags tend to take a shade but the flowers will grow sowing some of those as well. to
managed it. So maybe tomatoes long time but even if you put into the light. Don't plant in a Aquilegias will probably have request an application form.
and clematis like each other! It them in with the rest of the north-facing aspect but otherwise done it all by themselves already Applications will be accepted until
should be interesting to see if the compost the bags will fade (or any will do. Callicarpa is a shrub but if you are cutting back the the closing date of 15 October 2020.
blow) away. for autumn into winter. It's a bit dead stems you will hear the (Eligible areas are: Ashill,
fruit actually ripen as it’s so Bradenham, Carbrooke, Caston,
shady. The flower most people associate of a Marmite job as it develops rattle of seeds and if you look
vivid orange and red foliage but carefully you'll see the tiny plants Cressinghams, Great Hockham,
So onward to September. If we with September is the good old Griston, Ovington, Sahams,
has clusters of bright purple from this exercise last year.
Shipdham, Shropham, Watton)
berries that can last until As far as veg is concerned, it's
Christmas. These can be a bit off harvesting all the way. Later this
-putting. Cyclamen hederifolium,
on the other hand, is universally
month you can plant onion,
shallot and garlic sets. I have
popular with flowers opening
before the leaves which are very
done this several years now and
am impressed with the way it
Mens Shed
attractive and last all winter. works. However, this year I have Social Group,
These little pale beauties are fully tried growing them from seed.
hardy and the flowers will go on They seem to be doing reasonably Church Walk,
until November. They like well- well so far so we shall see later in Watton.
drained soil with lots of humus in the season. They aren’t shaping
light shade so round the edges of up to be show champions yet but Following numerous requests
shrubs would be ideal. you never know. from a good number of our
There are some lovely bulbs to be Lawn enthusiasts still have work members regarding the possibility
had in September, colchicum, to do. If it's mild then obviously of reopening our Shed- Meeting
autumn crocus, galtonia (look like the grass will grow, albeit slowly, place and Workshop in Church
tall snowdrops), gladioli, but will still need cutting. Trim Walk, a ballot of our members
schizostylis that look like small off the edges, hopefully for the was sent out to establish if there
gladioli for those who prefer last time, so that it looks tidy for are enough members wishing to
smaller versions, nerine, the winter. Autumn feed can be return to re-opening to make it
sternbergia lutea. I keep meaning applied but don't use up left-lover worthwhile, the result of the
to get some of these as they are spring feed as this will promote ballot established that there was
hardy, spread into patches and soft growth that gets knocked sufficient number of members
bring a bit of sunshine in their back in cold weather. If there's who wanted to do so. Taking into
yellow flowers. A bit of botanics moss either leave it alone as it's account the need for Covid-19
here for those not in the know, green or rake it out together with Health and Safety restrictions and
anything described as 'lutea' has accumulated thatch. Forget the requirements, discussions are at
yellow flowers. I only found out gym! Just to give you a bit more present underway between our
a while ago and being a show-off exercise you could spike it as Committee Members on how best
needed to tell everyone else. You well, stick in a garden fork about to move forward at this time and
all knew to start with! I do, four inches deep every few we hope to have some positive
however, have a few nerine inches. This improves drainage news, subject to agreement,
bowdenii under a south-facing where the grass is compacted. If regarding some reopening
wall and their pretty pink flowers it doesn't get too much wear the structure in the very near future.
never fail to cheer me up. They spiking only needs to be done Richard Adams, WMS
The Wayland News September 2020 Page 5
way orl thet wos blowin. He let
The first signs The Ovington har run till sheed cleared orl tha
dross then he shut
of Autumn at Crower har down an set orf up tha rood
By Tha Boy Sid agin. Cor blarst tha ole gel wos
RSPB Jist wun gud thing tew report tha
munth, Horry hev cum owt of his
soon owt in the rood shearkin har
fist arta tha combine, I dint stay
Lakenheath hidin plearce, cor he looked
suffin ruff I kin tell yew. He hent
tew see wot she dun next, cos I
dint wanta git wrong alonga har
Fen hed a shave an his beard wos rite
down on his wuskit, yew coon’t
afore weed dun harvest. I bet
sheel hev suffin tew say wen
One of the best things about see his eyes thar was orl scewed they hev reglar meetins agin.
working on a nature reserve is up cos he hent sin tha lite o day I wos rite, tha barley hent good
watching it constantly change since orl this lock down wos enuff fer mearkin beer tha year,
through the seasons, and started, an he picked wun o tha alltho Horry say he kin brew
September is no exception. These days wen tha ole sun wos a beer owta ennythin, hevin hed
changes are what has helped a lot blearzin down tew cum owt. sum o his home brew I dred tew
to keep me sane during lockdown, Well thas enuf abowt him, har think wot wos innit.
furlough and in dealing with the yew orl dewin, hev yew olduns Nex we wos on tha wheat, thet
changes COVID-19 has caused to sit and take it all in from the may see these on sunny, warmer bin owt an abowt agin? I see warn’t a lot betta, but tha
the way that we work here. Washland Viewpoint near the days. Willow emerald damselflies moost o tha yunguns hev bin inspecter he say “Thet hent no
I hope you are all finding ways to Visitor Centre. are a species that is late to emerge drivin arownd fer a week or tew wus than ennywun elses, so thet
enjoy daily life too, despite it being If you come for a walk soon, it will but one worth waiting for- they are now, must hev crearzed them orl mite be orlrite fer flour arta orl”
very different to how we were this be hard to miss the snowy white a gorgeous, metallic green and very bein shut up indoors. Thet stayed dry so we wos able
time last year! giant puffballs that grow almost graceful, having a habit of perching Anuthawun who give up on hidin tew git orl tha straw baled an in
As the weather cools down and the anywhere, though they are most with wings slightly raised on a bare away wos tha ole farmer, he say tha barn
days shorten, it gets interesting on common under the poplar trees in nettle twig. The best places to look “Wos tha barley lookin like Sid” Cos tha fust thing arta harvest is
the Washland, or Hockwold Brandon Fen or in the lush damp for these are, conveniently, around he say. “Well Marsta” I say hev a pint or tew up tha pub, cos
Washes- many wading birds such grassland around the Visitor Centre the Visitor Centre but especially in “Thas abowt reddy tew cut but thas open agin.
as curlew, common sandpiper, and the Photography Station. The the nettles to the right of the bird thar hent got a harf decent bit o Horry hed got hisself cleaned up
green sandpiper and ruff will be cooler, damper weather of autumn feeders at the Visitor Centre. corn” “Thas tew bad” he say an we set orf down tha rood our
using the rich feeding grounds to triggers a lot of fungi to rise up out It won’t be long either before we “Thas gotta be dun afore thet tongues hangin owt lookin
fuel up and rest safely part way of the soil to produce their fruiting see the first redwing, fieldfare or rearn agin, hev tha combine bin forrard tew hevin sum o tha
through their migration further bodies (releasing spores, a fungi’s whooper swans on the reserve got reddy?” “Yis” I say “Thas orl lanlords best bitta. Ha, things
south. The mud surrounding the equivalent of seeds) in the form of either! We hope to see you on the greased up and reddy tew goo hent kwite tha searm, yew hatta
water is full of worms, flies, mushrooms, brackets, or balls as reserve soon- although our Visitor wen yew say” “Rite” he say give an ole gel orl yore naerms
crustaceans and small fish which with puffballs. Centre is still closed, we do have a “Best git started, I’ll drive tha and ware yew live, an then put
are rich in protein and fat- just The insect life on the reserve will Welcome Point which is stationed combine if yew’ll dew corn cart” sum stuff on yore hands wot kill
what these birds need after a busy also be changing- we will be outside, where you can find out Well he set orf up tha rood fer a orl tha garms she say. We started
breeding season! They will also be catching moths typical of autumn about our latest sightings. We also little way the stopped, I hed a tew goo up tew tha bar but
joined by increasing numbers of in the light trap overnight, such as have an accessible toilet open now look an he wos parked owtside anutha ole gel say “Yew hev tew
ducks, especially shoveler, wigeon, frosted orange (pictured above left) and our Car Park is open from tha ole Cowncil Chairmawthas sit at wun of tha tearbles wos bin
gadwall and mallard, so it can get and pink-barred sallow (right). dawn until dusk. house. He left tha engine put in tha bar an sit tew yards
quite busy up there. The best way Migrant insects, such as silver Y With best wishes for the weeks running, which hent tha kwitest away from yore meart, wot dew
to enjoy these birds is to walk moths and painted lady butterflies, ahead- stay safe! bitta sheenery,an he wos bangin yew want then?”
along the public footpath that is the also reach their peak in late Heidi Jones (Visitor Experience away up tha straw chute. He got We wos a bit took aback by orl
northern border of the reserve, or to summer and early autumn, so you Officer, RSPB Lakenheath Fen) back up an I see him hold up a this parafenaller, but we told the
finger tew see which gel what we wanted, an orf she
way tha wind wos went, har fearce orl covered by
ablowin an he started this bitta clorth, an she gottit rite
tha ole gal up agin but but not till she hed give tha
this time he hed har glasses anutha rub oova wi sum
runnin jist as if he ware more of thet germ killin stuff. No
cutting, corse the ole darts no dommies.
fan was tunning over an Wot kin we dew but jist kip on
blew orl tha ole chaff troshin an dew yew dew tha
an dross owt tha back searm, fare yew well tergitha.
an yew can gess which Boy Sid

Norfolk Wildlife Trust,

Breckland Local Group
We hope you have all stayed safe and have been able to
enjoy your gardens and local wildlife in these trying times.
The group took the decision to cancel the whole year’s
planned events as we thought it would be difficult to
maintain social distancing, a lot of the speakers/walk leaders
would not be available or maybe not willing under the
circumstances and many of our audience are not so young
and would be very cautious about group meetings, as are we.
Our events organiser has been very busy
rearranging these events for next year,
where she has been able and we hope to
run something every month starting from
However, with constantly changing
advice we cannot guarantee to be able to
do this.
So please look in this publication or on
the NWT website for further information
in future months.
We look forward to seeing you all in
The Wayland News September 2020 Page 6
pustules (often in concentric rings) which boundaries of the manor. Each manor held
The Fruits of will also reduce further spread. two courts: the Court Baron and the Court
Trees Shrubs and Flowers: Continue to Leet. In the 13th century, the Court Baron
High Summer deadhead plants such as dhalias, roses and was held every three weeks, although as
Ashill & Holme Hale Garden Club summer annuals to prolong displays into the centuries went on, the court was held
Website: early autumn. less frequently. The court was overseen by Keep camellias and rhododendrons well the lord of the manor, or his steward, and
Email: watered, particularly those in pots, as they was attended by tenants. A jury was named moisture now to produce flower buds for at each court meeting, and all tenants were
While the gardening club is currently not next year. expected to attend. Those that did not
able to hold monthly meetings we are Increase your stocks of evergreen shrubs, attend usually had to pay a fine.
providing gardening advice via newsletters trees and conifers, as well as hardy The main function of the Court Baron was
and our website (address above) to keep climbers by taking semi-ripe cuttings. to oversee the administration of tenancies.
everyone active with gardening tasks. The These can be taken from July to early Tenants held their land in ‘copyhold’. Each
RHS website ( is also a good autumn from growth that has begun to copyhold outlined what land the tenant
unless very hot weather. Enjoy the harvest
source of jobs you should do each month in harden at the base. held and what he owed to the lord. As well
of lovely ripe tomatoes.
your garden, as is the BBC’s Gardeners Plants such as Chrysanthemum and as the transfer and management of
Take semi-ripe cuttings of culinary herbs
World on a Friday evening on BBC2. Late Penstemon are susceptible to leaf and bud landholdings, the Court Baron would also
such as rosemary, sage and lemon verbena.
summer is a time to enjoy your garden eelworm. Look out for stunted growth and hear minor offences such as failure to
Second early potatoes should be ready to
produce as your vegetable garden provides distorted, blotched leaves. To reduce maintain fences. Fines and work to be done
harvest sometime in August. Your main
you with lovely home grown produce and spread, avoid wetting foliage when would be agreed at the court. Essentially,
crop potatoes should be ready to harvest in
flower beds are full of dahlias in bloom and watering. the Court Baron oversaw the smooth
early to mid-September. As always when
other late summer flowering plants. Wildlife Gardening: August is a busy running of a manor.
harvesting potatoes be careful not to pierce
Gardening jobs for August / September month for enjoying home-grown food but Despite being responsible for overseeing
the potato when searching in the soil for
Vegetables, Fruits & Herbs: Now is the spare a thought for birds and small animals the running of the manor, including
the crop.
by leaving a few seeded of sunflowers, resolving minor disputes, the Court Baron
time to cut back your fruiting summer If you want salad leaves all summer
raspberry canes right down to the ground. teasels, lavenders and verbena bonariensis. couldn’t hear criminal cases – these were
through you need to successionally sow
Select six to eight remaining young canes These will offer an important food source heard by the Court Leet. This court met
seeds about every two weeks to keep a
from this years growth and tie them in 8-10 as summer mellows into autumn. less frequently than the Court Baron, but
good supply ready to eat. In addition to
cm apart along wire supports for fruiting Turn compost heaps to mix contents and like its counterpart, it operated at a very
lettuces why not try some oriental leaves
next summer. add air, which is necessary for the local level. More serious crimes were
like Mizuna or Mustard or the peppery
composting process. The heap should be presented to the King’s justices.
Continue to provide a high potassium feed flavoured wild Rocket.
once a week to your tomatoes as their slightly moist. From 1841 it was possible, if the lord and
Check fruit, particularly apples, pears and
trusses are close to full ripening. A good In such hot weather when rain is also tenant agreed, for land to be transferred
plums, for signs of brown rot. Remove and
watering twice a week is usually suffice scarce thing about using domestic waste entirely as freehold – this meant that any
dispose of any fruit with buff-coloured
water, ‘grey water’, can be used subsequent transfer of the land no longer
in the garden. Use with care as it needed to be recorded in the manor court
varies in quality and may contain books. Copyhold tenure was finally
contaminants such as soap and abolished in 1922.
detergent. Avoid using it to water Museum 4 Watton is fortunate in having
edible crops. copies of the Court Baron and Court Leet
If your water butt is empty this is records pertaining to Watton Hall. These
an ideal time to give it a thorough handwritten records cover information on
clean. tenancy arrangements, local events from
and appointment of dignitaries 1670
through to 1924. Of particular note are
Museum 4 references to Watton’s historic clock and
its builder, Christopher Hey, and a record
Watton of the great fire of 1674 that destroyed
Throughout the medieval period, much of Watton’s high street.
land in England was held by a On page 49 of the volume from 1670-1674,
range of different institutions, dated Tuesday 24 . April 1674, we find the
from the Crown and the Church, postscript
down to individual lords within above, translated from Latin it reads ’The
their manors. The landholdings subsequent day the town was demolished
of the manor were considered in by a great inferno.’ This proves that the fire
two ways: the demesne – the land that destroyed much of the town happened
occupied and farmed directly by on Wednesday, Market Day. Many
the lord, and the tenements – the publications have the day and even the year
land held by tenants from whom wrong.
the lord extracted rents. A manor This and many other documents and books
could be defined within a parish can be seen at the Museum which is once
area, or extend across several again open on Wednesday and Saturday
parishes, but importantly, in between 10 and 4p.m. (other times by
terms of administration, the appointment.)
manor had a court. Museum 4 Watton, Wayland Hall, Middle
The manor court was the lowest Street, Watton IP25 6AG
court in England and only had 01953 797060
jurisdiction over those who lived
or held lands within the
The Wayland News September 2020 Page 7
is a health issue making this difficult. A
Thought for the Steward is at the door to welcome you and to
Watton Letter From Australia
By Chris O'Connor
Month take names and contact tel numbers for Neighbourhood Plan It is the second most biggest city in Australia
By Deacon Jen Woodfin, Methodist Church ‘Track and Trace’.
Drainage Working with a population in millions but now it is
Reserving a place, being shown to a On Wednesdays St Mary’s continues to open,
almost like a ghost town. Sweeping new
providing a quiet space for Prayer and/or to
particular seat, listening quietly to music
light a candle for loved ones, between
Group restrictions, including a night-time curfew,
without singing (quite a challenge for The Drainage Group are members of the have been imposed across Melbourne under
Methodists) and wearing a mask. All these 10.00am and 12 noon. Or, please come to the
National Flood Forum (NFF) and I, as stage four restrictions as a result of an
happened in two funerals I have attended in Labyrinth, mown into the grass on the
Chairman, have been invited to join the increase in Coronavirus.
the last two days. Beforehand there were all Church Green next to the Church car park
virtual meetings they hold. On 7 July, I joined An evening curfew has been implemented
sorts of questions about whether it would and take a walk gently round to the centre
for the first time to learn about how the from 8:00pm to 5:00am every day,
‘work’ and whether it would feel like a and back out again. It’s an opportunity, while
insurance industry deals with flood risk. forbidding anyone from leaving the home
‘proper’ funeral. The answer to both those giving space for your thoughts, to enjoy the
If you have been flooded or might be at risk except for working, receiving or giving care,
was a resounding yes. Of course, it felt beautiful countryside views, amidst the wild
of flooding you should not be paying high or visiting their partner.Under the restrictions,
different as we arrived but we had entered flowers.
house insurance premiums because of that. Melbourne residents will only be allowed to
God’s house and nothing could change that. We do hope you will come! Thinking of you
But homes built since 2009 are barred from shop and exercise within 5 kilometres of their
God’s presence was very real and shone and holding you in our prayers. Your Vicar,
the scheme, regardless of their risk of being homes. Face masks are mandatory when
through everything. Revd Gerry Foster
swamped, as insurers did not want to outside and large fines are in place for those
This is true for all parts of our life. Whatever encourage building in flood-prone areas. who ignore the edict,
challenges we are facing God is with us The Watton Society In 2016 an organisation called FloodRe was Supermarkets will remain open but only one
through them. Even though it may not always The committee of the Watton Society has established as a joint government and person from each household will be able to
feel like that, His love is greater than any reluctantly taken the decision to cancel the insurance industry initiative. Their main aim shop at a time, once a day.
obstacles or changes that may exist. He remainder of this year’s events. Our is to make insurance available and affordable Melbourne is the second most populous state
always wants his love to shine through for all. members and speakers could be very careful for homes affected by flooding. in Australia with a population of more than
The Methodist Church will be recommencing about attending meetings and our September Every insurance company pays an annual five million. Seven people died from
church services in September, as will the speaker has already said that he would be amount to FloodRe based on their share of coronavirus in Victoria in one 24 hours
English and Polish Catholics that meet in our unable to come. We would not be able to the market. The total amount each year that period. taking the state's death toll to 123. Six
building. Although there will be some accommodate enough members or to enjoy FloodRe nets is £180m. of the seven cases are linked to aged care
restrictions there will always be a warm the social side of our meetings that is so The insurer of any eligible property at high outbreaks.
welcome and a joy in worshipping together. important to many of us. We hope to meet risk of flooding passes on that risk to Residents of Metropolitan Melbourne and the
We will also be continuing our weekly again in January but this will have to be FloodRe. Their website will let any home Mitchell Shire are almost halfway through
worship sheets and Youtube services to confirmed. Members will receive a separate owner know if they are eligible under the what was meant to be a six-week lockdown
enable everyone to worship in whatever way newsletter soon. scheme. If the property is flooded and a valid under stage three stay-at-home orders.
is appropriate. Just as schools are starting On the positive side we would like to express claim made, the insurer settles the claim and Premier Mr Andrews said the current strategy
again with a new vigour and energy, let us, our thanks to Watton Town Council who then FloodRe reimburses the insurer from undertaken by the Government so far had
too, be re-energised to find ways to give have awarded us a grant of £500 to further their central fund. With this support, insurers avoided "thousands of thousands" of cases
thanks to God for all He has been in the past our Heritage Trail and Green Plaques should be able to provide affordable from overwhelming hospitals, but it was "not
and for all He will be in the future. projects. We have several areas and insurance (which should include flood risk as working fast enough".
properties lined up for this and more standard), even on those homes that are most He said after much detailed analysis, the state's
Sunday Services information will follow. at risk as they no longer have to pay the cost health experts told him the current strategy
The committee has sent their nominations to of the flood claim. would not see the state reach a point where it
Resume at St Mary's the Mayor for the Watton In Bloom The FloodRe website link is could reopen until the end of the year.
St Mary’s Church has reopened for Sunday Competition, a competition which nobody "Therefore we have to do more and we have
Services, keeping to Government and Church knows they have entered and which involves If you are not happy with the premiums you to do more right now," he said.
of England Guidelines! the front gardens of Watton. Results will are paying because of having been flooded in Under the stage four restrictions, Melbourne
Please check the follow in due course. 2016, shop around. Your insurer should be residents will only be allowed to shop and
website to book your place at an 8.00am or Our annual poster competition for children part of the FloodRe scheme. exercise within 5 kilometres of their homes.
10.00am service, while we are restricted in will go ahead as normal, being issued in If you have any questions or comments Supermarkets will remain open but only one
the number who can gather. Someone else September to local schools and youth groups. please contact me by email on person from each household will be able to
can do this on your behalf, if you do not have The posters do not need to be submitted until or leave a shop at a time, once a day.
access to the internet. Sanitisers are available early November so more information in the message with the Clerk to the Town Council Police and members of the defence forces in
and chairs marked clearly for use, which are next Wayland News. The more posters we on 01953 881007 and I will get back to you. Australia are now manning state border
socially distanced 2 metres apart, for those get the more prizes we give. Reports of the work of the Drainage Group crossings and patrolling rural; areas to stop
not in the same household. Please enter So as you can see we are not sitting doing can be found on the Town Council website at people trying to evade the blockade.
through the side entrance near the Church nothing, but getting on with everything we the following link: The closure of the border with Victoria is
Rooms and proceed through the church can. We have a website – vital as adjoining states fear a transfer of the
following the one-way system marked out. – which we shall be neighbourhood-plan/ disease to the same level. One person who
Face masks are to be worn at this time of updating as often as possible. Liz Whitcher, Chairman tried to get around the blockade was caught
writing, but not for under 11’s or where there John Kerr for the Watton Society Committee by authorities and was fined $6000.

The Wayland News September 2020 Page 8
are about 20 miles from Norwich, Shipdham &
The letters of 40 from Yarmouth, 30 from
Cromer, 30 from Kings Lynn, so District Book Group
Freddie Thripp you can imagine what it is like. But When I asked for details of books
After sending the postcard telling dont come and look for us, because read I thought the worst had
his family of the impending move you wont find us, the men have happened - they’d stopped reading
to Watton, this is the first letter he been working from early morning as a result of the Covid 19 Virus and
wrote home describing till after dark with hot weather - fortunately this was a
what he found here. His paint and nets, and temporary blip. Understandably
letters at this time are you have to look 2 or we’ve all gone for lighter material
not dated unfortunately 3 times before you which obviously some members
but based on the find the place. Still considered not worth recording. A
sequence and events we are still keeping few days later reports of other
described we can work "happy", and again it reading arrived. I think any book is
out roughly when they is the outside worthy of recording and a list of
were sent. This one population that is lighter ‘reads’ at a time like this
must be around the worrying, but we all would be welcome.
time war is declared so think that Hit. will I read three light Kindle books by
lets say around the first get what he wants Melanie Hudson: The last Letter
week in September without any trouble, from Juliet, Dear Rosie Hughes and
1939 or thereabouts. even though things The Wedding Cake Tree. All were
They are all gives look black. different in style and presentation
Fred's address in the normal way as We have all the reserves, militia, but worth reading as what I refer to
follows: 611006, 'A' Flight, 82 B and fighter escort here, and every as ‘Drinking Chocolate books’, ideal
Sqdn, Watton, Thetford, Norfolk. other bomber squadron alike so in the situation in which we find
And this one starts: any body who starts things, will ourselves. Meanwhile I am reading,
Dear Mum Dad Rene & Harry. soon get it in the neck. I have one of with effort, Olive Kitteridge by
I am very sorry for being so long the new machines to look after, and Elizabeth Toutt recommended to
but we have had hardly 5 minutes have 16 ammunition pegs so I feel me, but I’m wondering why. It is an
to ourselves. I got back OK quite safe. Perhaps. Well dont American winner of several notable
Tuesday night, but did not unpack, worry too much and I will do my prizes. Written in short story format
instead I got everything together, best to write regularly now we have but always including Olive, a large,
and labelled, and helped pack up settled down. retired teacher living on the
the squadron. I just managed to get Cheerio now. With Love, Fred American coast with strong views. I
your card off as I was ready to go Immediately after war was declared am trying not to be biased but it does
off. Then when we arrived here, we on 3rd September, most of the RAF reflect its country of origin.
had to start unpacking, and since was posted off to stations in the Other books from members
then we have been up in the west of the country. Fred's sister included: 7 in a Joy Ellis series set in
hangars from 6am to 7.30pm, then squadron, Number 21 Squadron's the Fens featuring a female DCI
after a wash and a good feed in Operational Record Book (ORB) Nikki Galena, good stories with an
canteen, all we are fit for is bed. records the following at 2.30pm on interesting geographical
Every body is tired out fed up and the 3rd September: background. Another read The
every other complaint. To make “In view of possible air attacks on Moscow Sleepers by Stella
matters worse, we have had 10 new aerodromes in the east of Gt. Rimington commenting that she has
machines in and they have had to Britain, the squadron was ordered to assume the procedures are
be fitted out completely, and the to move its aircraft to SEALAND. accurate as the book feels authentic,
sets recalibrated which is no small 16 aircraft proceeded in the described as a good read especially
job. afternoon.” for those interested in The Cold
We have gone back to normal RAF Sealand was a Royal Air War, spycraft and contemporary
routine today, so we can breathe Force station in Flintshire, North politics.
more freely now. We are all waiting Wales and operated between 1916 Another read The Obsession by
for further orders to move again, and 2006. Unfortunately 82 Nora Roberts supposedly ‘a pulse
but we dont know where or when. Squadron's ORB for this time does racing thriller’. Set in 1998 in a
The whole RAF has moved, all the not seem to have survived or is yet sleepy American town a young girl
aircraft markings changed, and our to be discovered, however clearly unable to sleep owing to heat
call signs changed as well. So we 82 also relocated somewhere near (sounds familiar?) follows her torch
came here one day with our usually to Salisbury as Fred's next bearing father in the garden and
lettering, and took of the next with communication was a postcard nearby woods to uncover something
the new ones. The station here is dated 13 Sept 1939 from Salisbury. so horrendous she and her siblings
quite good, when you find it Dear Mum Dad Rene & all. have to move to New York under
amongst the camouflage, but the Another spare moment among assumed names. Having completed
surroundings are something many down here. We came right college and established as a
terrible. There is one either small over home last Saturday, but photographer she inherits money
town or large village about 1/2 mile somebody ought to get another from her grandmother, buys a
away, with perhaps 20 shops and greenhouse, it was too conspicuous. rundown house by a lake which she
one small cinema. My old observer brought us right renovates and develops a new, good
The rest of the "villages"consist of over just for me. Well I had a life until…? The readers comment
about a dozen houses, sometimes a marvellous stroke of luck on was ‘more chic lit than thriller’ but
church, but no pubs, so Uncle Sunday. We went to a place north had to finish to move on.
Frank would simply die of thirst. of Bude for firing practice, and Somebody read A Kestrel for a
We had our first night off last night, having finished my turn, a Sgt Pilot Knave by Barry Hines, better known
and we had a look round and that is asked me to go with him but one of as Kes and read by many following
what we found. There are not even the ground crew went instead and publication in 1968 as for years it
any decent orchards. You know the a/c piled up. The pilot killed, the was set book for exams in secondary
what the land is like when you went others broken arms and legs, but schools. The re-reader describes it as
to Yarmouth, nothing but straight still OK. an excellent read - authentic, gritty,
roads and gorse. By the way we all Coming back tomorrow. Don't sad and often brutal in content with
have to go out in uniform, and the know where to from there. Weather narrative interspersed with
weather here is simply sweltering, grand here see post mark. beautifully descriptive passages. As
and when we take our clothes off at With Love Fred Yorkshire born and bred she enjoyed
night time, they nearly stand up on These were the only two the dialogue which reflected the
their own with sweat. communications from Fred in dialect of her early years.
The army are doing our guards for September, more from him next There may be more out there but so
us, so that is a load off of us. We month. far this is it. Sue Hart August 2020
The Wayland News September 2020 Page 9
after being on the beach, no trips and Dad in his broad Norfolk a preservative in Great Britain school was with my Mother,
Great Ellingham to the café except for a real treat, accent said it was simple and from the 1940’s before and taking me on the first day -
Chit Chat Book chips wrapped in newspaper or explained it something like this – during World War II. The walking down a half-mile lane to
some mushy peas to share. ‘Now this here bloke keeps a Isinglass was brought in tins the bus stop where we caught the
Childhood Memories – So, it came as a bit of a shock writing to his gal and she keeps a dissolved in a bucket of water, bus. Just after getting onto the
1930's to 1960's, A when mum and dad wanted to sendin on ‘em back’ How we all with the resulting solutions being bus, it travelled about fifty yards
compilation of stories talk to Denis and I about laughed because that just about ideal to preserve eggs. to the crossroads, stopped to turn
gathered by Ann Australia. I knew where it was, said it all. Obviously, my mother continued right, when I jumped off and ran
we had a world map on the wall with this well into the ‘50s. The home, leaving Mother on the
Reeve and illustrated
at school, but it was such a long pantry shelves were always full - bus. I certainly wasn’t going to
throughout by way away and why would we
Extracts from “The we never went short of food. We school, it was far too much fun
Christine Fuller. want to go there? Dad said that Boy Up The Tree” had an orchard with all sorts of on the farm! Double decker
From Ann Reeve: I sincerely Jean and Gerry Thompson who The story of life in Suffolk fruit trees and every September buses those days had open
hope this book will inspire other used to live a few doors down 1940/50s by George Reeve we would harvest the apples and platforms, with no doors - hence
communities to do the same, for had gone to Melbourne and he’d I was born on 28th February other fruit. The apples would be my escape!
once folk pass away, unless their had a letter to say how wonderful 1945 at Doves Farm, sorted and put into trays and One of my Mother’s
story has been told, wonderful it was there and that there was Cretingham, in the heart of rural stored under our beds to keep for favourite stories concerning me,
tales can be lost forever. plenty of work. He planned to go Suffolk. I was the only son of my the winter. Every two to three was when the teacher, Miss
Although the stories are from the out first and see for himself if it farmer father, although my weeks we would look in the trays Ward, was giving a lesson on
Great Ellingham Chit Chat was as good as they said then we mother had other children from a and throw out any which showed growing crops. She kept talking
Group, the stories are from far would all follow. I was previous marriage. My father had signs of decay.The fruit that my about putting manure on the
and wide. The Childhood devastated what would we do been a bachelor farmer until he Mother bottled was delicious to fields to make the crops grow.
Memories Book is available on- without him, who would look had married my mother, when he eat in the wintertime. My father Apparently after a while, my
line from the Chit Chat Group after the rabbits and saw the was in his forties. He was forty- had a small wooden barrel of hand shot up in the air, with me
website or can be purchased logs? I could chop the wood and seven when I was born. beer in the pantry with a wooden shouting, “Please Miss, that’s not
from: J C Books, 55 High Street, Denis could tie it up in bundles Before my first birthday, we tap, and I was allowed to take my manure its Cow S**T!” Clearly
Watton. Or from Ann Reeve but – I was seven years old and moved to Witchpit Farm, little tin mug and have a small my mother thought it was funny
0773 321 1410 / 01953 882065 thought the world was ending. I Melton. This was, once again, a drop of beer from time to time. because the story was relayed
eMail: cried solidly for days and didn’t very rural location. The farm was We had a Jersey cow for the many times.
Chit Chat are proud of the fact eat, I couldn’t. one-hundred-and-one acres large. house, so we were never, ever When my dog Socks was
that so many happy friendships There were lots of arguments at Around the perimeter of the farm short of milk. My mother would about 3 years old, I entered him
have been formed because of the that time, the whole family got was the point to point race-track make butter and sell it. Any into ‘The Best Kept Dog
group. We realize that loneliness involved. Everyone, the for the Easton Harriers. Once a surplus milk we had, was mixed Competition’ at The Woodbridge
can be a soul-destroying grandparents, uncles and aunts year, the meadows at the front with meal and fed to the calves, Flower Show. On the morning of
condition, and we also realize all had an opinion and then Dad were full of tents and bookies which my father was rearing for the event, I washed and groomed
how difficult it is for someone to told us that we were all going to ready for the day’s racing. The beef. We had our own chickens, him, cut his nails, trimmed up his
come to a group if they don’t go together. We were going to races were a great day’s and there was always an straggly hairs and cleaned his
know anyone. I would like to sail from Southampton on entertainment for everyone in the abundance of pheasants and teeth with toothbrush and paste
reassure any would-be newcomer December 8th to go to a new and local area. The most popular tent rabbits. This was after the war, (he didn’t like that at all but he
that we will do our utmost to much better life. I was so excited being the beer tent! and with our vegetable garden let me do anything with him as
make any new person feel at as the 8th of December is my There was no electricity at the and orchard, we were never short he was totally trusting) To my
home. We promise that once this birthday and we were going to farm. The water was from a well of food. amazement we won first prize,
virus is over and we can start Melbourne on a ship on my 8th - this remained unchanged for Our only toilet was outside, and as a little boy I was so
meeting again, the kettle will birthday. the next fifteen years. We had across the yard. My Father had proud!!!
always on the boil! Preparations started, the rabbits paraffin lamps and candles which two vegetable plots, one being The farm was named
Here are a couple of extracts were sold, the hutches were lit when it was dark. We dug in the Summer and Winter Witchpit after the large, deep
from tstories in the book to whet dismantled and burned. Things also had a large iron range in the and one planted up in the Spring. pond near the house and farm
your appetite: were packed in tea chests even kitchen which had a water jacket Every time the toilet needed buildings. Legend had it that this
the old fridge was going stuffed on it and a tap on its side. It emptying, he would dig a trench, was where witches were ducked.
Extracts from Ten Pound full of a rolled up rug and could be filled up with water, empty and bucket into it and dig In medieval times, until the 18th
Pom by Gail Clifford cushions. We became sort of thus enabling hot water to be another spit to cover it over. century, ‘ducking’ was a way
We had a good life, My brother, celebrities in Tuckswood, the constant when the range was When this plot was completely used to establish whether a
Denis, was a boy scout and I was family that were going off to find alight. dug and composted, he would suspect was a witch. Ducking
a brownie, we went to school and a new life down under. Mum Our only source of information plant it up and start digging the stools were first used for this
Sunday school and after our took us to a place to get some was the radio which was other one. Recycling at its best!!! purpose, but ducking was later
chores went out to play. We had clothes, it was sort of a clothes powered by glass batteries We had wonderful, tasty inflicted without a chair. In this
skipping ropes and a piece of bank, I think it must have been (accumulators), which we had to vegetables. instance, the victim’s right
chalk for hopscotch and our dad run by the Salvation Army as I take to the cycle shop in When I was a year and half old, thumb was bound to their left big
made our own swing in the back remember seeing a lady in a Woodbridge to be charged up. on an August Bank Holiday toe. A rope was attached to their
garden a magnet for all the other black uniform and bonnet. At My bedroom was lit by a candle Monday, my inquisitive nature waist, and then the witch was
kids in the neighbourhood. I was first I didn’t want the clothes as I when I went to bed however I came into fruition. I climbed thrown into a river or deep pond.
a bit of a tomboy and liked to go thought they must have come soon changed this. I saved up my onto my little pull-a-long If the witch floated it was
off with the boys to the dell. from dead children otherwise pocket money and bought some wooden train engine, to see what deemed that she was in league
Cousin Roger was an ace at how could they have so many wire, switches, cycle bulbs and Mother was cooking on the with the devil and if the witch
making go carts out of old pram clothes that we didn’t have to batteries from Woolworths in stove. Unfortunately, it was a sank, she was retrieved before
wheels and anything he could pay for? Everything was neatly Woodbridge, in order to make pan of boiling water. The whole drowning and let off. Mother was
find. We would take it in turns to folded on shelves in sizes and the my own bedside lamp. My sister pan scalded me, but fortunately always afraid of this pond, and I
ride down the tracks in the lady with the bonnet told me that had a plastic doll’s tea set and I missed my face. In those days, was told in no uncertain terms
woods behind the Maid Marion they were most definitely not used one of the cups. I cut off the butter was put on scalds, which never to climb the trees which
pub on the Ipswich road. from dead children but from very handle and drilled a hole in the was the wrong thing to do. I hung over the water there.
Summer holidays we had picnics kind rich people who just want to bottom to put the bulb through to ended up in Ipswich Hospital and However, as boys don’t always
in Waterloo Park or Eaton Park help those less fortunate than make the light fitting. I then was lucky to live. I spent the do as they are told, one day I
and Earlham Park where we themselves. connected it with a wire and next fourteen years in and out of climbed one of the trees.
paddled in the river and caught The record player was given to switch to a cycle lamp battery - hospital, Ipswich and Norwich Unfortunately, I couldn’t get
tiddlers. Ringland Hills was Uncle Billy. That was very sad hey presto I had my own little having various skin grafts down. After some time, my
another favourite and at least one we played our favourites for the bedside light! because the skin kept dying. I mother realised I was up the tree.
day of the holidays we went to last time and sang along to ‘Oh Mother cooked on the range. We was in hospital for weeks at a She couldn’t do anything about it
the seaside. Great Yarmouth by wouldn’t it be lovely’ and had a large walk in pantry which time with only Peter, my little and said I was to wait for father
train with the cousins or all of us shouted out loud the chorus to mother used to display bottles sheepskin dog, for company. I to come home for lunch. We
piling into the van and heading ‘The Green Door’, then we shed and jars of fruit which she had still have him to this day. He was waited, and when my father
for Hemsby or Bacton. The gas a tear at Elvis’s ‘Love Me bottled during the summer. In the given to me by my Dad’s sister. returned, he looked up at me and
terminal wasn’t there then, Dad Tender’ and ‘Return to Sender’. I pantry, there was also eggs My parents could only visit at the
(Continued on page 10)
always brought his primus stove always found that title very which had been stored in weekends.
so we could have a hot drink confusing so asked what it meant ‘Isinglass.’ Isinglass was used as My first memory of going to
The Wayland News September 2020 Page 10
said, “I told you not to climb bag with a view to using them North End, for instance, whose with fans wearing clothes in the
those bloody trees, you can stay as stink bombs when the OOP FOR supporters came from a catch -ment colours of their teams, plus their
up there until I come home for double decker service bus area of perhaps fifteen mile radius prospective sight-seeing relatives
tea tonight.” And this is what I passed us. Although it wasn’t T’ COOP (small because there were so many all adding their numbers
had to do. I think Mother kept an By Ken Knowles other leading clubs around them). temporarily to the population of
planned, spontaneously, I
eye on me, but what my Father On August 1st. I opened my For these fans the approaching Cup London.
said was law. Needless to say, threw the eggs onto the Final would not be a football match Yes, Cup Final Day was an event
newspaper and was amazed to read
after my Father got me down platform of the bus. The bag that it was Cup Final day, and for but a day out, and not just Any day that captured the attention of the
with a ladder, the lesson was rolled up the alleyway of the the first time since I was a little lad out, but a trip to London, which nation like no other, and though it
learnt: I never climbed that tree bus and the eggs must have this had arrived un-noticed, would represent the most exciting is still a major date on the modern
again. broken. The bus was stopped, obviously because the virus crisis day of their lives for they would be sporting calendar the trip to London
Every year, during the and we were chased by the has upset everything we do these able to see all the sights that they is no longer quite the special event
Summer, a gypsy family would conductor, but phew… we got days. had heard or seen photographs of in it was for long distance travel is
camp on a piece of rough ground, away with it. I now feel sorry and My thoughts went back to the their newspapers or possibly on within the reach of nearly everyone
the other side of the A12, opposite repent as that wasn’t a nice thing ’good old days’ of the nineteen- newsreels in their local cinemas. with luxury trains and long ranging
the farm gates. They had two pretty to do! thirties, when Cup Final Day was And, on such a special day it would coaches available for those who do
horse-drawn canvas bow-top On Saturdays, a crowd of us an occasion second only in be sensible to share the experience not have their own cars.
caravans, decoratively painted and would go to the cinema at importance to Christmas Day, with the rest of the family, so a In those pre-war years only a
would stay there for about two Woodbridge. One of my particularly on the calendar of ration of, say. 10,000 match tickets comparatively small portion of the
weeks. I was told not to go near schoolmates had had an arrow shot sports fans. could with extra family travellers, it population could ever hope to
them but the children seemed nice in his eye, playing cowboys and It marked the end of the football would obviously be necessary for actually see the Cup Final, whereas
and I used to talk to them. They Indians in Leeks Hills Woods, season and the Final saw the climax special trains to be provided to today we all have TV sets and can
never went to school. Gypsys had a Melton. He sadly finished up with a of the F.A. cup competition that accommodate such numbers. watch, again and again if we so
poor reputation but this family glass eye. We were in the cinema had begun the previous August This in itself caused more desire, and folks can visit the
never caused any problems. I when his eye dropped out and with every club, however small that problems, for though to provide an capital virtually any time they care
presume they must have sold things rolled under the seats. What a was affiliated to the Football extra train occasionally, the railway to.
in Melton and Woodbridge but they commotion we caused during the Association being eligible to would be hard put to supply several And for the keen footie fans it is,
never came across the road to the film, with all us boys hunting under compete, on a knock-out I basis, all at once, since each train would and will always be, the big day of
farm. the seats for the eye. The manager, the eventual outcome being the entail the use of a whole fleet of the year’.
We had a large sandpit at the whose name was Tommy Trinder, final, now traditionally held at carriages, plus a locomotive, and
front of the farm and every year the stopped the film, went on the stage Wembley. Yes, even the smallest normal running requirements did
rubbish from around the farm, tree and called for calm. All ended well. clubs, so that in later years, when I not offer too much spare capacity, Letter to the
branches etc. would be built into a Incidentally, the screen for the was older, I, myself, could say that and other services still had to be
huge bonfire, ready for Guy cinema was next to the railway line, I had played in the F.A. Cup, maintained, though luckily Editor
Fawkes Night. Dad would buy so when the express train went past although like hundreds of other schedules were much lighter at I thought your readers might be
some fireworks and we would have the cinema, the screen used to little teams, we were always weekends. interested to know I sent the
a bonfire party every year, always shake! eliminated in the first round. In order to provide these extra following letter to Mr George
on the 5th November, and for the My father had a hard-working Actually this was really just a trains the railway companies would Freeman MP at Westminster on
family only. (Not the nearest life on the farm. We had two preliminary qualifying round, well- have to bring into use rolling stock, 29th June this year. As at the time
Saturday celebrated today) Suffolk Punch horses, Scott and known Third Division teams only but this was not too much a of writing (11 th August) I have
Another traumatic experience Depper, which he worked with on joining in the First Round Proper, problem as there were hundreds of received no reply to, or even
was when I had trouble with a bit the farm before we had a tractor. In as it was then known. So, although carriages parked on sidings all acknowledgement of same.
of bullying - just one boy. Anyway, fact, Suffolk Punch horses nearly just a figment in the realms of around the country, but the Surely a letter to the house of
a Christmas party was held at the died out in later years, but were fantasy, it was actually a remote provision of locomotives was not Commons should have merited a
school. We all had to take a plate saved. They are now making a possibility for me, in my club, to so easy as most of the engines used reply but it does seem as if all
and an enamel mug for all the comeback and are being shown at win the Cup. Of course, there were for passenger work were already the hand clapping of the
goodies and drink. The boy I didn’t Agricultural Shows. The really are years when a small club enjoyed an fully engaged, so any sudden politicians for the N.H.S. was an
get on with grabbed my mug, peed a lovely horse. I can remember the unexpected run of success and demand for one extra loc could empty gesture. Nurses and care
in it and gave it back. It spoilt my first tractor arriving, which was one reached the latter rounds of the cause a headache for the workers do deserve a decent
Christmas party. Anyhow, I told of the first in the area to be used on competition, when all the country authorities, but the need for several wage and proper funded training
my Dad I was being bullied by this a farm. In those days, farming was followed their progress with great would entail really scraping the if we are to continue to have a
boy. His immediate remedy was, very labour-orientated and not fascination, until eventually their barrel; so that when the big day committed health service but the
“hit him as hard as you can, and if mechanized. amazing run of wins ended, and arrived railway enthusiasts were government seems to want to
you don’t hit him then I will hit At Harvest time, the corn they returned to their previous treated to all sorts of strange sights privatise as much of that as they
you!” This taught me to stand up was cut with a binder, which tied obscurity, though they would as special trains chugged past, can.
for myself, which I have done all the corn into sheaves. It was then forever be remembered for the year pulled by a startling assortment Dear Mr Freeman
my life - another hard lesson learnt. taken to a stack yard and made a they reached their one pinnacle of of engines, some of which had I have been impressed, as have
(Although I had much hospital stack of. In the winter time, a fame. probably spent their existence many others no doubt, with the
treatment, I was obviously a strong steam engine and thrashing tackle But each season two clubs will shunting wagons around goods support by the Prime Minister
boy to have survived like I did.) would come to thresh the corn, to have emerged from the semi-final depot sidings, or had been with the public hand clapping for
One day, my half-brother, get the seed. My dog, Socks, used as winners, almost invariably two withdrawn from service many the Key Workers in the N.H.S.
Ron, who was ten years older to love this time because as the of the bigger names of the game, years before and had been tucked during the covid 19 crisis.
than me, was given the money to stack got lower and lower to the and though they might both be away at the back of some engine May I ask what plans you have
3 take me to Woodbridge for a ground, the rats used to run from London based, nearly always at shed while they awaited their turn now the crisis is easing, to
haircut. He convinced me to let the bottom of the stack. He would least one of the contenders would at the scrapping yard. encourage the Prime Minister to
him cut my hair, so we could have great fun by catching them be from the midlands or north of These ancient relics were enjoying do something more substantial
spend the money on sweets. This and throwing them up in the air. England, and in those pre-war days a last hurrah with what may have than hand clapping, for key
we did, and upon arriving back By the time they hit the ground, a trip to Wembley, meant a trip to been the first journey of any length workers such as nurses and care
home it was quite obvious I they were dead! The men London, which for millions of since they had been built, and workers. Will you be
hadn’t had a proper haircut. Poor working on the threshing machine people was similar to modern day certainly the first time they had encouraging him to provide them
Ron had to take the blame and used to tie the bottom of their might regard as a visit to been anywhere within miles of the with a significant pay increase or
face the wrath of my father! trousers with string, so the rats Venezuela, since for many their capital. to enable prospective nurses to
I was a member of the 1st didn’t run up their trousers! annual holiday meant a week in the Since these special trips to London receive their training without
Woodbridge Scout Group nearest seaside town for the lucky were arranged for the folks to enjoy landing themselves in heavy debt
(Kingfisher Patrol) and us boys, To read more, copies of the ones. as much time in London as possible as happens at present?
one Winter’s evening, were on book which is over 100 pages So, the moment the two finalist an early start was needed, so the I am sure the public will not be
our way to a Scout meeting. It from: teams were known, allocation of trip from the north had to very impressed with their
was dark and during the day, I J C Books, 55 High Street, tickets was made, invariably commence in the early hours, government if they sense that all
had found a nest of pheasant’s Watton. Or from Ann Reeve causing anguish, because the F.A. which in turn meant that steam in the hand clapping and public
eggs which had been laid in the 0773 321 1410 / 01953 882065 had their own thoughts on the engines had to be generated in appreciation was just an empty
spring but had not hatched. eMail: distribution which usually resulted some cases soon after midnight on political gesture.
They were very stinky eggs! I in clubs receiving far fewer tickets the Friday, but eventually the Yours sincerely,
was carrying them in a paper than they felt was their just due. marathon trek to London could Brian Lawrence. Watton.
Nevertheless, a club like Preston begin, and the ‘specials’, packed
The Wayland News September 2020 Page 11
the petrol station for fuel for the mower and sunshine. Keep well, Julie.
PLEASE MENTION Great Hockham to collect groceries from my daughter. The I hate moles! I am not precious about our
garden has bloomed and is now on the grass; in fact I mow around daises, dandelions
THE WAYLAND Gardening Club decline. We have picked and eaten, stewed and other serendipitous germinations. But in a
NEWS Corona Diary and made crumble with one complete plum very short space of time a mole can create
tree, and have also picked, eaten, stewed, havoc. If you mow the grass without
WHEN SHOPPING We started the month with a cry of help from made pies, crumbles and flans of one removing the heaps it ruins the mower blades
Mary Watkins. “Please can anyone tell me complete apple tree. Quite sick of apples, and fires stones at the windows. Removing
WITH OUR what is affecting 6 of my apple trees; is it fire but still one to go. Still have two victoria the heaps doesn’t help much as the wheels of
ADVERTISERS disease as mentioned on Gardeners World; plum trees to deal with, both rammed with the mower drop into unseen cavities created
What to do?” Mary supplied pictures and fruit, but still as green as grass I am pleased by the runs, causing the blade to drop and
several members were able to help. Basically, to say. The late strawberries are now in full create those familiar brown rings that look
the consensus was that it was fire blight and bloom, and have picked 3 or 4 pounds so like crop circles. We even had one mole in
the only remedy was to cut out any affected far. Now on the 4th row of radishes and the our gravel drive. The time involved sieving
parts – quickly. It’s great to know that third row of cut and come again salad the gravel and making the repairs is
regardless of the current restrictions we are leaves. Carrots have been particularly good disheartening. Other beasts can be deterred
keeping in touch and our combined broad this year and beetroot exceptional. The with various barriers. In our garden, pigeons
range of knowledge is still on tap. runner beans planted in the poly tunnel, are kept at bay by our dog, a staffyjack with a
Incidentally, regardless of lockdown, anyone now having left the doors open, are going pathological hatred of said birds. But moles
can still join the club and be part of our mad. The runners and climbing French move in mysterious ways their devastations to
community on-line. Visit our website at: beans planted outside are now catching up perform. But that is not why I hate moles. for fast and we have eaten a couple of pound of The only solution to the problem is to kill
details. the Cobra beans which are a delight. them. I have to kill a beautiful, hard-working
During this analysis Mary added: If anyone Foolishly, I thought that the bean little creature that is only doing what it has to
would like free sheep’s fleece to use as department was not going so well, and do to survive in that part of the adaptive
mulch, bags are available from Melsop Farm decided on planting some ground French landscape it finds itself. When I finally
Park near Watton. ASAP before it is burnt. beans to compensate. About two dozen manage to trap one I hate myself, and that’s
Bean and potato trenches need far less water plants have appeared, so we could be knee why I really hate moles.
when lined with fleece. deep by the end of the month!! The two The moles do not trouble the grass that
The bottom has dropped out of the wool pumpkin plants that survived now have grows on the tarmac at the side of the road
market leaving many small flock owners with about 8 fruits on them and still rushing outside our house. It must be a very tough
the dilemma of how to dispose of the fleece. round the garden, currently about 3 metres variety as it is surviving under the harshest
Sending to the Wool Marketing Board can long! The gourds insist on climbing up the of conditions: little or no soil, dries out
mean a loss where the cost of transport is wire of the fruit cage and have abandoned quickly and is constantly driven on by
more than the price paid for the wool. Many the bamboo framework I so carefully passing vehicles, a prime example of the
are resorting to dumping heaps in the corners installed for them!! I have made a point of survival of the fittest. Its grip on terra firma
of fields or, HORRORS, burning it. collecting as much seeds from my plants as is so slight that it is quite easy to slide a
Gardeners, hand spinners, eco builders and possible, in the hope that we can embark on spade underneath and lift it. Passers by are
the wider crafting community can help by our 'Seed Swop' sometime in the
making better use of this brilliant natural future. Keep Safe everyone.
resource. Cheers - Sue
There is quite a lot of information to be Julie Brown writes: Hi Ed; not
found on the wonderful Internet. Just much happening in the garden at
Google uses for sheep's fleece for some No 1, still waiting on 'im in-doors.
ideas. I used some dirty, daggy fleece in The hi-lite is the lovely self-sown
one bean trench that very dry summer. sunflower which came out of the
Those beans thrived and produced better birdseed, a 6ft beauty isn't she? I
crops with less watering than the next have harvested about a dozen
trench with no fleece. Fleece is also a cucumbers and my tomatoes are
proven slug deterrent when tasty plants are just starting to turn. Have been
well tucked in with nice greasy fleece. working at Liz's so will get some
Again there is a slow release nitrogen pics of what we have been doing
fertiliser so less feeding needed. Fleece is there. We are also working on her
excellent for lining hanging baskets. Leave son's garden, too. Will be as quick
some short lengths on top for the nesting as possible, hope you have sorted
birds. The blue tits will manage to dig out the plant in the conservatory. (Fat
some choice staples for their nest lining. chance, Ed).
African violets like their pots to have fleece I spend a lot of time at Liz Head’s
in the bottom with a little wick pulled garden with my sister. Liz's garden
through the hole. is being changed from a huge
No need to gather small handfuls of fleece expanse of grass to no grass at all. It
from fences when out on your walks; there has been a long journey but she is
are several small flocks around Hockham and almost there. The garden backs onto
Watton. Melsop Farm Park near Scoulton has a farmer’s field and is at the mercy
an abundance for free with the added bonus of the weather coming from the east,
of a small cafe and butchers shop selling rare and then you can just see the trees of
breed pork. (Yummy meat: slow roast joint the Forestry Commission.
then whack up the heat for proper crispy Disappointed that we are not
crackling. I still need to try the ham.) I know meeting as Liz thought she might
the park is open, just need to check about the have scored a few points for her
children's play area. (We have tried the cabbages? (right)
bangers: first rate, Ed.) Liz is loving the new flower bed.
Their rare breed sheep produce a wonderful The blue thistle is a huge clump
variety of fleece in natural colours so even from 3 plants so will need splitting unaware that they are witnessing a crime: I
if you are not a hand spinner, there is up, but covered in little blue globes. The bees am stealing the council’s grass. When this
always the possibility of mulching and and hover flies are loving it. particular grass is used to fill in any mole
weed suppressing, or even felting a bedside Liz, Michael and I have recently dug a damage and finds itself on some half decent
rug. The National Trust is selling greasy wildlife pond in the garden, but Liz is not soil, and gets watered regularly, it thinks all
wool garden string for a price. How about ready to show just yet, but I think it looks it’s Christmases have come at once. It
learning to stick spindle some of your good already. She wants there to be more quickly takes root, grows at an almost
fleece and make your own? Just a thought! growth before showing. Not sure of the alarming rate and provides a virtually
Mary. name of the butterfly, is anyone? instant solution to the problem of bare
Sue Thomas writes: Hi Ed. Still keeping Hope you have all enjoyed July now patches.
our head down, and have ventured as far as August will bathe us all in glorious Happy highway maintenance, Ed.
The Wayland News September 2020 Page 12

Please support your Inner Wheel In Lockdown

local businesses as
we try and get back
to a new normal!

Wow! What a hot Friday, and another miss in our lives this has been. secure way by keeping the social
one to come, we hope everyone is The next very important part of the distancing which gardens allow.
enjoying this wonderful summery gathering was, of course, tea and cake, Perhaps the weather will be kind for a
weather. you really cannot forego tea and cake few months longer and a few more
The ladies of the Inner Wheel gathered when meeting old friends! Fortunately meetings can be held out of doors. In
on that very hot Friday for an the garden had plenty of trees and there the meantime various types of social
abbreviated AGM in a member's was a pleasant breeze so with a certain media must do to keep us in touch with
garden to sign off the necessary amount of moving when the sun each other, are you a Zooming
administration of the past year in order moved we were all able to be enthusiast?
to move on to the next. This took about comfortable on the hottest day of the Stay safe everyone.
10 minutes after which the very year ….so far. Brenda Davis, Club correspondent. I
important part of the gathering took We have plans for a BBQ in another can be reached on 01953881792 or
place. The time to catch up on news member's garden at the end of August
both of each other and of friends and so will look forward to meeting up for information about Inner Wheel.
families not seen for months. What a with friends, again in a carefully Covid

St Mary’s Church Grand Second Hand Book Sales

As I write this on another blisteringly hot August day it is interesting
150 Club Prizes to reflect on the year so far. How life has changed for so many of us!
1st prize £50. - ticket no 8. – Lucas Connie; As we try to adjust to the “new normal” of social distancing, facial
2nd prize £25. - ticket no 24 - Ellie Nethaway coverings, and contact with many of our loved ones reduced to
Congratulations! remote mediums, we wonder what the future will bring. Rest assured,
however, that all involved in the Second Hand Book Sales are doing
their utmost to continue. Understandably, given the current
restrictions, and with everyone’s safety in mind, the SALE
We are looking to have 3 next year as normal; the dates still to be
PLEASE READ!!! Page space is allocated strictly on a first come,
decided. Watch this space!
first served basis. 12 Noon on the 15th of the month preceding
Because we will not be holding any more sales in 2020, we must
publication is the last date and time that copy will be
regrettably put a halt to more donations too. What we already hold in
CONSIDERED for inclusion. Arrival of your copy before deadline stock will see us through until next year. When we can start collecting
does not guarantee inclusion, if you wish to be certain your again will be notified here, but realistically that might not happen
entry gets published, then please make sure it arrives in plenty until January 2021.
of time otherwise you may still be disappointed. Please take care everyone, stay well, and we look forward to seeing
You can contact Julian by ringing (01953) 858908. you all next year. Keith and Caroline 01953 880153.
The e-mail address is now:
Views expressed in articles in The Wayland News are those
of the contributors and not the views of the publisher or
Salec Travel Ltd - Excursion Update
Firstly we hope you are all keeping well.
printers. Following the cancellation of Thursford Christmas Spectacular the
While every care and effort has been taken to ensure management have made the decision to cancel the rest of this year’s day
accuracy, the publisher cannot accept responsibility for excursions our priority is the safety of our employees and customers and
errors or omissions. we hope you will understand this decision.
This issue of the The Wayland News was published by: We are now busy planning for the 2021 season and hope to see you all
Julian Horn, 32 High Street, Watton IP25 6AE again then. We remain open for private hire taxis, minibuses and coaches.
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