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Kai Fong
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Parents queue overnight to get kids on school s waiting list
By Kai Fong January 11th, 2011

Parents queued overnight to get their tots on the 2013 waitlist of a popular Bukit Timah pre-school. (AFP file photo) Armed with picnic mats and umbrellas some even with maids and babies in tow, enthusiastic parents were seen queuing outside one of the most sought-after kindergartens in Singapore, with the hope of securing a place for their children. The exercise was not even to guarantee them a spot for their tots in Nanyang Kindergarten s pre-nursery programme for threeyear-olds, but only to be put on its waiting list which now has more than 100 names, according to the school s principal Magdalene Ang. The queue began forming as early as 9pm on Sunday, a day before registration opened for a place in the popular Bukit Timah pre-school in 2013, reported The Straits Times (ST). By the time registration started on Monday at 7.30am, more than 70 eager parents were filing past the school gates to pay a S$100 non-refundable administration fee. Priority will be given to children who have siblings currently studying in the school or have siblings or parents as former pupils, before remaining parents on the list are considered on a first-come-first-serve basis. Once the children are admitted into its pre-nursery programme, entry to kindergarten is guaranteed when they turn five. Its yearly intake for pre-nursery is about 96 pupils. Nanyang Kindergarten, which is not affiliated to Nanyang Primary School, is well-known for being the alma mater of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and his children. Past pupils also include prominent lawyers, scientists and architects. Its emphasis on the teaching of the Chinese language is another plus point that seems appealing to many parents today - the 74-year-old kindergarten conducts its pre-nursery and nursery lessons purely in Mandarin. Both English and Mandarin are used later in K1 and K2. That is a big draw for parents such as 41-year-old retail firm director, Mr McCallum, who was first in the queue. Having camped overnight in front of the school on Sunday, Mr McCallum told ST that he and his Chinese-Singaporean wife want to give their one-year-old son the best education in Mandarin as the ability to read and write in Chinese will be a great asset in the global economy .


Call us kiasu (afraid to lose out).Fit to Post Yahoo! Singapore's blog » Blog Archive Parents queue overnight to get k. This is our typical Singaporean's attitude : When you believe you can-you can! It's marvelous!! They are committed to their children's welfare and that is important : A PLACE IN SCHOOL!! Like Reply entebbe 10 hours ago Kiasuism at its best! If the parents think that spending K1 and K2 in this kindergarten will change their children's lives. China Chicks Who Rampaged Geyland Streets May Soon Own A Few Degrees. but I don t want to lose out. Nanyang Kindergarten. Page 2 of 3 Parents do not seem bothered by the spike in school fees following the opening of Nanyang s S$5. This concerns my child s future. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong Category : Newsroom Add New Comment Type your comment here. 12/1/2011 . here I am! and those who come in and say. Like Reply http://sg. pre-school education. they better think again! Like Reply buck 8 hours ago PM Already Said China Education Standards Gettin Higher and Higher. Post as Showing 8 comments Sort by Oldest first Subscribe by email Subscribe by RSS Anan 12 hours ago There are two types of people those who come into a room and say. Be sensible. nursery. Respect the feelings of others and refrain from using any kind of offensive language. Indeed. believes that Nanyang Kindergarten has a more rigorous curriculum than other private pre-schools. People are just about as happy as they make up their minds to be. Singaporeans Only React Normally In This Way. Be courteous. We continue to welcome your views and comments but please don t abuse this opportunity. he said. 46. And in the spirit of great conversations.5 million new extension in 2009 while nursery and kindergarten fees used to be S$780 for a 10-week term and S$840 for pre-nursery. who started queuing at 5am. Thank you for the incredible. they have doubled to between S$1. which puts his one-year-old second son in the priority queue.. the father is not taking any chances. Well.669. Be nice. That will prevent his children from a culture shock upon entering primary school ..776.20 and S$1.20 in mid-2009. financial executive Jason Teng.yfittopostblog. Share this: 3 Facebook Email Tags : kindergarten. amazing response to Yahoo! s Fit-To-Post blog so far. and that is committing to an important needs. Ms Ang said that new facilities such as computers and air-conditioned classrooms allow the school to incorporate special activities like computer learning. Although his six-year-old elder son is already in Nanyang Kindergarten. there you are". Like Reply chong 7 hours ago so kiasu yet the o level n psle exams top scholars still go to china or malaysia pr. please don t stray from the topic at hand. and speech and drama into the normal curriculum.

more helpfulness.. more money. more advantages. respect for elders & to be humble yet sensible... not forgetting Confusius teachings in Fillial Piety... Then they were paid less also.. Just because the PM studied there b4? Like Reply Soo Sin 6 hours ago Some of our elite people need always to believe that they have more class. Like Reply Trackback URL http://sg... The act of selfishness of grown up kids being ungrateful to their parents resulted in overwhelming response of Old Aged home accomodations.... more special and more everything else. There were no such things happening in the olden days right?.Fit to Post Yahoo! Singapore's blog » Blog Archive Parents queue overnight to get k.yfittopostblog. more joy as the most important dimensions of education? Like Reply SeanMomo 4 hours ago Singaporean Parents focused so much on their kids' future academic learnings but neglected alot on training them to be independent young adults in near future. Dependency rates on parents for kids rose dramatically over the last blog comments powered by DISQUS http://sg.Sean Lely and 1 more liked this Like Reply zorro007 2 hours ago This what we parents get if we don't get good administrators to run our education system... Could these same people compete on more 12/1/2011 ..... Thanks.... more heart. more compassion.... Page 3 of 3 HomegrownTalent 7 hours ago Really kam lan event. Wise up.yfittopostblog. Is this the future of Singapore ? Feel free to respond here..

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