America = Satanic empire It was funny that i thought i might get an interview with Oprah.

She's a wonderful power for good in America but America is basically controlled by demons. That's why if i ever do get an interview, it'll be slanted to diminish/demoralize/mock me. So it's better i die in a gutter here in Thailand than be a rich man in America .. America heavily supports research into the Standard Model which is based on: freedom, independence, and chaotic nature. It most certainly does not support a close relationship to God. It has the illusion of 'good science', objectivity, and enrichment of human values but .. at its deepest level promotes: randomness, chaos, indeterminism, and distance from God. Modern cosmology is a branch of the Standard Model which does everything it can to exclude God. i realize they're simply trying to do 'good science' and divorce God from it but .. how can you divorce God from Her creation? In current times, i'll be looked at as: crazy, dreamer, and worst of all: i confront the authority base of the establishment. That's the main reason i'll never be invited onto Oprah. i question how they spend their (your) money. If that was made public in a positive light, everything would Have to change. We'd have to change how we look at things and how we spend research money. i doubt anyone would lose their jobs - just a certain amount of prestige and clout .. Their greatest loss would be general public respect. The general public would lose confidence in them as authority in science and realize they'd been conned this whole time.. One of the problems of human life on this planet is - each religion has a bit of Truth: Christians: love and forgiveness is the Way Jews: we all are the chosen people Buddhists: only we can save ourselves Hindus: the bed is the altar to God Muslims: America is Satanic; there's only one God: Allah The problem is not so much each grain of Truth; the problem is those Truths are mixed with clever deceptions.. Each religion claims to be the 'perfect system' for human beings. They provide so much other stuff: morals, behavioral norms, and social rules that we'd never be able to leave the house if we followed them all. So the best we can do is create a religion based on the best of them. (Humans seem unable to live without religion.) That's why i created Better Way. i'm sure in some distant future, perhaps a 1000 years from now, i'll be looked at as a divine messenger.. But there's a quote from one old Star Trek called the Errand of Mercy that's relevant to this discussion. (Paraphrased:) "Living amongst beings such as yourselves is intensely painful for us.." (Organians speaking to humans and klingons.) Organians, in the series, were beings millions of years more advanced than us: technologically, spiritually,.. in every way. They stopped our war with the klingons (in this hypothetical future). i Love sharing God's messages with You. It's my destiny. i Love making love with a responsive inspiring woman. But if any of you imagine i'll spend year after year being dissed and ignored - just happily swallowing it, that's unrealistic - even for a 'saint' (and i'm no saint). i need a Good wife and mother for Arthur. (i suggest a Muslim girl of great faith.) The more i think about it, the more i prefer a Muslim girl. If she has unbreakable faith in Allah, if she inspires me, then she's the one for me. So perhaps you can see now why i say America is a Satanic empire: how i confront them and how they diss me.. i'll never be welcomed by American society (unless they do a 180 in core values). Realistically speaking, i have more chance in a Muslim gutter than there.