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What Bartlett & West Is All About

At Bartlett & West, we take a more-rounded view in creating Each of these relationships starts with a common level of trust,
value for our clients. With a portfolio of professional solutions- and we build from there by being accessible and responsive,
from engineering to landscape architecture, from GIS to making sure we understand employee and client needs, being
information management, from field services to sustainable proactive in our communications, and showing integrity in all
development-our people bring a 360 degree perspective to our that we do.
clients' challenges.

Everyone at Bartlett & West is committed to giving our clients Delivering Quality—through pride in our work and an
world-class service. We know what our clients want. We asked attitude of continuous improvement.
them. They're looking for clear understanding of their needs. Bartlett & West employees take their professions seriously. We
They value accessibility and responsiveness, integrity, quality are committed to quality. Peer reviews keep projects on track
and proactive communication from their professional services and avoid delays, while professional development helps us do
partners. These are values our people practice everyday. For our jobs better. Bartlett & West University provides a
each employee, this is Service. The Bartlett & West Way. curriculum that drives continuous improvement, helping our
people reach their full potential.

Our Purpose
At Bartlett & West we take our purpose seriously: To lead our Serving Others—through caring for our clients, our
communities to a better tomorrow. community, and each other.
Serving others means different things to different people. To
some it’s making a donation to a local charity and to others it’s
Our Values taking time out of an already hectic schedule to volunteer in
Earning Trust—through doing what is right even when their community. However our employees choose to serve
doing so is difficult. individually, Bartlett & West supports those interests as a
Doing what we do best at Bartlett & West means building corporation. Our firm is driven to make a difference in the
strong, lasting relationships with our clients and our employees. communities where we live and work.
Service. The Bartlett & West Way.
Bartlett & West brings a holistic approach to our clients’ challenges
with a full portfolio of efficient, cost-effective solutions.

GIS and Information Management Landscape Architecture

Geographic Information Land use master planning
Systems (GIS) needs Parks, trails, athletic facilities,
assessment, development and pathways
implementation Environmentally sensitive design
Web hosting Streetscapes
Application development Healing gardens
Map, data and document Planting selection and design
integration Irrigation design
Map plotting and production 3-D color renderings and animation
Document imaging LEED Accredited Professionals
Data loading and reconciliation Public information programs

Land Development Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing Design

Land use planning Plumbing design: waste, vent,
Platting water compressed air piping
Zoning and permitting HVAC design
Feasibility studies Lighting design: building,
Drainage studies roadway, parking lot, landscape
Site plans lighting
Grading design Power distribution design
Utilities design & coordination Emergency power generation
Traffic Impact Analysis Uninterrupted power systems
Construction administration Utility power design
LEED Accredited Professionals LEED Accredited Professionals
Service. The Bartlett & West Way.

Stormwater Management Survey and Construction Observation

Watershed studies Surveys
Drainage design Geographic Information
Hydraulic and hydrologic Systems (GIS) services
modeling Global Positioning System
Flood control (GPS) services
Channel stabilization Platting
Environmentally sensitive Construction staking
solutions Field construction observation
LEED Accredited Professionals and coordination
Materials testing
Construction administration
Structural Engineering Utilities coordination
Structural investigations and Certification programs
reports Construction quality control services
Commercial, industrial and
residential design
Sustainable Design
Specialty structures
Historical renovations LEED Accredited Professionals
Concrete, steel, wood, and Livable communities planning
aluminum structures Life cycle analysis
Energy efficient design
Green infrastructure design
Sustainability reporting
Public information programs
Service. The Bartlett & West Way.

Transportation Water Supply, Treatment and Distribution

Corridor studies Municipal, regional, rural & wholesale
Road and highway design systems
Interchanges and Preliminary, feasibility, and design
roundabouts reports
Lighting Rate analysis, studies, and reports
Traffic signal improvements Short- and long-range system planning
Stormwater management Regulatory compliance strategies and
Bridge structural analysis planning
and design Public information and funding
Hydraulic and hydrologic modeling application aid
Traffic control analysis Water source - well, intake, purchase
Right-of-way & legal descriptions contracts
Landscape architectural design and erosion control Water treatment design & operational analysis
Pedestrian and bicycle path design System analysis, design, & modeling including piping, pump
Construction sequencing stations, controls, and storage
Public information programs Construction phase engineering services
Federal, state and local permitting
Wastewater Collection and Treatment Geo information systems (GIS) and GPS data

Wastewater studies
System planning
Facilities design
Sewers and pump stations
Treatment plants
Residuals management
Regulatory compliance
Public information programs
Where to find us.
Our clients access the full range of Bartlett & West services through any of our ten offices in six states. Each office is empowered to bring
the full complement of our resources to bear on our customers' challenges. That’s part of what we call Service. The Bartlett & West Way.

Topeka, Kansas Jefferson City, Missouri Sioux Falls, South Dakota

(Corporate Headquarters) 1719 Southridge Drive, Suite 100 2600 S. Minnesota Ave, Suite 201
1200 SW Executive Drive Jefferson City, MO 65109 Sioux Falls, SD 57105
Topeka, KS 66615-3850 866.869.8031 - 573.634.3181 888.200.6464 - 605.274.7415
888.200.6464 - 785.272.2252 Contact: Bob Gilbert, PE Contact: Joe Honner, PE
Contact: Keith Warta, PE
Lawrence, Kansas St. Joseph, Missouri
Bismarck, North Dakota 628 Vermont Street 3110 Karnes
3456 E. Century Avenue Lawrence, KS 66044-2252 St. Joseph, MO 64506
Bismarck, ND 58503-0737 866.869.8033 - 785.749.9452 888.863.5844 - 816.364.3551
800.474.4117 - 701.258.1110 Contact: Stan Meyers, PE Contact: Casey Patton, PE
Contact: Joe Bichler, PE
Lee's Summit, Missouri
Des Moines, Iowa 250 NE Tudor Road
6919 Vista Drive Lee's Summit, MO 64086
West Des Moines, IA 50266 866.869.8030 - 816.525.3562
866.869.8032 - 515.440.2856 Contact: Bruce Hattig, PE
Contact: Perry Gjersvik, PE
Manhattan, Kansas 888.200.6464
Ft. Worth, Texas 230 Poyntz Avenue
3017 Lou Menk Drive, Suite 110 Manhattan, KS 66502.0102
Ft. Worth, TX 76131-2800 866.867.2785 - 785.537.8467
866.869.8035 - 817.306.1980 Contact: Nathan Bergman, PE, PTOE
Contact: Chris High