Scott County Board of Supervisors Contact List

Tom Sunderbruch - Chair! Home: (563) 386-6460! Mobile: (563) 343-7250
Office: 600 W. 4th Street!Davenport, Iowa 52801! (563) 326-8749 Residence: 2138 W. Hayes St.! Davenport, Iowa 52804

(Jan 2011)

Sworn In: January 3, 2005! Term Expires: January 2013

Jim Hancock - Vice Chair ! Home: (563) 386-6136 !Mobile: (563) 528-1887
Office: 600 W. 4th Street!Davenport, Iowa 52801 !(563) 326-8749 Residence: 3000 E. 32nd St.! Davenport, Iowa 52807!

Sworn In: January 1, 1997 !Term Expires: January 2013

William P. Cusack ! Home: (563) 285-7654! Mobile: (563) 271-2559

Scott County Board of Supervisors Scott County Administrative Center 600 W. 4th St. Davenport, Iowa 52801-1030 (563) 326-8749 Fax: (563) 328-3285
The Board of Supervisors meets bi-weekly in the Board Room of the Scott County Administrative Center. Committee of the Whole Meetings are held on

Office: 600 W. 4th Street !Davenport, Iowa 52801! (563) 326-8749 Residence: 22470 140th Ave. !Davenport, Iowa 52806!

Sworn In: November 9, 2010 !Term Expires: January 2015

every other Tuesday at 8:00 a.m. and regular Board meetings are held the following Thursday evenings at 5:30 p.m.
Scott County is governed and administered by a five member Board of Supervisors. The Board of Supervisors are elected in staggered, four year terms on a partisan basis. County Home Rule, which was approved in a State-wide referendum in 1978, broadened the power of the Board of Supervisors. Home Rule allows counties to determine their

Carol T. Earnhardt! Home: (563) 355-8430 !Mobile: (563) 265-9911
Office: 600 W. 4th Street! Davenport, Iowa 52801! (563) 326-8749 Residence: 1738 E. 43rd St. !Davenport, Iowa 52807!

local affairs and government provided that it is consistent with and not expressly prohibited by the Iowa General Assembly. The duties of the Board are
primarily administrative; however, it also exercises various executive, legislative, and judicial powers. Some of the functions of the board include levying taxes for the purpose of raising revenue for the County, adopting a budget, appointing Board and Commission members, approving licenses and zoning, and acting as a policy-making body for the County. From

Sworn In: January 3, 2011!Term Expires: January 2015

Larry Minard! Home: (563) 344-8879 !Mobile: (563) 340-1390

Office: 600 W. 4th Street !Davenport, Iowa 52801 !(563) 326-8749 Residence: 2743 Elm St.! Davenport, Iowa 52803

Sworn In: November 14, 2000! Term Expires: January 201 5

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