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Dallas. Use a divider page for front matter. each chapter and back matter. see Write Your Best Book Now: 7 Proven Steps to Writing and Publishing a Successful Book. Other Resources that may interest you are: Write Your Best Book Now http://www.Book Writing Guide This template may be best used by inserting the pages into a binder notebook. I used a 3 ring binder.writetowin. Start where you feel like it. Then print out the pages and put them in your binder. For further detail on how to write and plan a . transfer the information to your Fill in any information you have at the moment. TX Earma Brown . Self Publish Your Book Now! http://www. After filling in a couple of pages. http://www. you don't have to write in Develop your book by filling in the blanks in this template.htm Copyright 2008 Earma Brown Butterfly Press.

I've already setup the parts for your book. you will have a 150 page book. you could have completed a 150 page book. If you end up with a chapter of 20 pages.How to Write a Book Using this Template You're ready to start writing? To take some of the pressure off any newbies. It will create a better book for your readers. Best of all. in the spot for the chapter information just input your supporting tips or answers to the problems you've outlined. your book will be written FASTER because you can approach it in a systematic way. when you use a structured outline such as this Earma Brown . Under each chapter title. Form 1 chapter for about every 10 pages of content. This way you could get at least a chapter done a day. figure out a way to divide it into two parts. If you create 15 chapters. Create as many chapters as you want. Earma Brown Write Your Best Book Now http://www. In 15 days. you should have a chapter introduction and up to 10 supporting tips. Enjoy. supporting points and a brief summary. See how easy and fast that could be. now you just need to go through and add your information.writeyourbestbook. Use this template as a detailed outline to help you organize your thoughts in a clear and concise manner. They will all have an introduction. Each tip should cover approximately one page. You won't end up with 30 pages for one chapter and 10 for the . I'm looking forward to seeing your name in print. Or write out 10 questions and answer them in one page or less to form your chapter.

Front Cover Information [Insert on this page] Cover Resources: Jay Cookingham (Graphic Designer) Title Subtitle Author Foreword by Earma Brown .html Book Cover Pro (Software) http://www.

Praise for this book: Or What others are saying about this book: Earma Brown . This is valuable sales space.Testimonial [Insert on this page] Testimonials. Put three testimonials on the back cover and the rest of them on this page. endorsements and excerpts from .WriteABookChallenge.

com . edition revised or original. the publisher. location of publisher and the date. Title: Subtitle: Author: City and state of publication: Earma Brown .WriteABookChallenge. This page may also include the name of the author or editor.Title Page [Insert on this page] The title page is on the right side and list the full title and subtitle of the book.

photocopying. stored in a retrieval system. recording. or transmitted by any means. 2008 Published in the United States of America Or Canada. etc. mechanical. except for the inclusion of brief quotations in a review. without written permission from the author.WriteABookChallenge. the ISBN. name and address of the publisher and printed in the United States of America or Printed in Canada. Here you will publish copyright notice. list the LCCN. show the printing history (number of printings and revisions).Copyright Page [Insert on this page] The copyright page or commonly called title page verso is on the reverse of the title page and is the most critical page in the . the Cataloging-in-Publication Data (CIP). UK. Copyright © 2008 by (Your Name) First Edition. Earma Brown . electronic. Title: Subtitle Author: Published by: (Company name and address) All rights reserved. Look it over carefully. No part of this book may be reproduced. or otherwise.

Dedication Page [Insert on this page] The dedication page (right-hand page. Earma Brown .) Some authors give credit to family members or anyone supporting them during their book writing .WriteABookChallenge.

Epigraph [Insert on this page] The epigraph page contains a pertinent quotation that sets the tone of the book. Earma Brown . Adding the epigraph on a separate page adds a professional touch.

This page will include chapter numbers. In the beginning. you may leave out the page numbers. titles and beginning page numbers. Remember to make your chapter titles sizzle.WriteABookChallenge. They are one of the passion points referred to in 'Write Your Best Book Now' 7 step book writing program located http://www. You can fill them in later when the book is properly .com Earma Brown .writeyourbestbook.Table of Contents [Insert on this page] The table of contents should start on the right-hand side of the page.

com . Remember to include a nice photo.WriteABookChallenge. Earma Brown .About the Author [Insert on this page] Draft a page on yourself as it pertains to the subject matter in this book.

It's prestigious when a recognizable name is connected with your book. "It is doubtful that many people read the foreword. but they will notice who wrote it…" Earma Brown . Try to get an expert in your field to contribute a foreword.Foreword [Insert on this page] The foreword is positioned on the right hand side and is a pitch for the book by someone other than the author. Dan Poynter says. . it lends your book extra credibility.

Acknowledgement [Insert on this page] Acknowledgements are great . As you write your book just add names as they come to you. They will help you spread your book everyone in their sphere of influence. People love seeing their name in print. Earma Brown . You want to include all that have helped you in your book writing journey.

com . If you do not wish to be bound by the above.WriteABookChallenge. Write yours and put it here. you may return this book to the publisher for a full refund. Earma Brown .Disclaimer [Insert on this page] Disclaimers are becoming the norm in books. Include this sentence at the end.

Chapter supporting points .Chapter One [Insert on this page] Chapter Title Nice quotation Introduction 1. Chapter supporting points 6. Chapter supporting points 7. Chapter supporting points 4. Chapter supporting points 2. Chapter supporting points 5. Chapter supporting points Chapter summary Earma Brown .WriteABookChallenge.

WriteABookChallenge.End Notes [Insert on this page] List any references used in your book here. Your readers will be impressed that you noted your research. This also adds a nice professional . Earma Brown .

Earma Brown .Bibliography [Insert on this page] Bibliography page list any books you read or you feel may have influenced your writing about this topic while doing your .WriteABookChallenge.

Your readers will appreciate this . Earma Brown .WriteABookChallenge.Resources [Insert on this page] You can put a resource page here that list some of your sponsors or resources that you found helpful.

com . Earma Brown .WriteABookChallenge. You can expect some readers will want to purchase a copy of your book for a friend. Place it on a left hand page— facing out. Others may want a copy for themselves after seeing your book at a friend's or family member's home. You never know what opportunities for sales will come this way. Seek to make ordering easy and inexpensive.Order Blank [Insert on this page] Order blank should be on the last page of your book.

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