9:37 pm, Saturday, 1-21-2011 1st LIVE, Mayan day 7 Imix/Alligator or Crocodile

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♥ This video This is certainly the longest video I’ve done, thus far. At over 40 minutes - well, it surprised me. But I can’t find one piece of it that doesn’t fit and play an important part. It came together nicely, so I’m not editing that. Lately I’ve had attention on my heart, looking for that signal that it was time to journal. As I’ve been feeling rather heavy energy, I’ve not been overly excited to share with you. Wouldn’t it be lovely if I could always come with sunshine and rainbows? That would surely be something nice - or, maybe not. Not realistic, certainly - you’ll give me that. So, as usual, you get from me the real contents of heart. I ask, even in the video, that you center in heart before we start. The subject matter could be burdensome - if viewed only from mind. Heart can handle anything in its stride, and turn it into something quite wonderful - you’ll see. So just center with me before we move on. Be aware, too, of your greater being. You’re not that body you wear, there - far from it. That’s the least part of who and what you are. So it helps to step back a bit when going through anything heavy. We are such beautiful, wonderful Light Beings - but we keep forgetting this. We get pulled into the Matrix almost every day if we’re not careful, not centered or anchored in heart. Then, too, what happens is that, as we get more and more centered there, we find ourselves encountering bigger and bigger things. Initially, as we’re working to eliminate false beliefs, that’s really great, and they’re usually pretty specific ones we initially get to see and eliminate. That’s just what comes up.

As we get better and better at this - becoming better excavators and observers - then the larger things, the more connected ones, begin to show up. We find that, as we are given to see one thing that we believed that we now suspect or see clearly was wrong - it’s tied into many other things. As these crumble and tumble down inside of us, this can be disheartening or get us off balance. It can take a bit longer to come back to balance from the bigger rug being pulled out from under us. It throws us off, and we may spend several days, even weeks or more - working it through. The reality is that it’s heart doing the work, of course. I do not for one moment suggest we spend one minute thinking about any of this or anything. That’s not necessary. Actually, it just gets in the way. Still, if we’re centering in heart a lot, we can feel the deep, inner instability. We just sense the deep shifting going on. Our feelings may be out of whack. We may find ourselves getting irritable or upset in other ways - for no apparent or obvious reason. We know something is working out, there in heart. By God’s grace, there’s sort of an emptiness we can enter, here. Being true to the current moment is all we’re ever called to do. So we don’t have mind in charge, going around and around the mental squirrel wheel. As we’re moving on while this stuff is happening inside of us, we might take a moment to notice the nice things that result. Heartcentered living has us taking less polarized positions on anything. Things or issues that used to upset us easily, now don’t even seem interesting. We find we can see both points of view - that they both make sense. No more taking sides - that sort of thing. We’re just easier to get along with, too. People that used to really bother us, we find we can more easily endure their company. Maybe not for long stretches, but for short times we maintain equanimity in their once very disturbing presence. It’s truly amazing - for we know we didn’t do anything consciously to arrive here. It just happened. Very strange - and nice. Unconcerned - it’s not so easy to pull our chain. We’re not taking ourselves, or the things of this world, so seriously. We’re more easygoing - a whole new person, indeed - one we don’t really know. We’re

recognizing that we really do NOT know our self. It’s easy, sure - it just flows. It’s also quite hard at times. It’s both. Divide and conquer - separating us out from one another. That’s the theme, overall, of this talk. Is there hierarchy - or is all simply one? As I’ve shared in another video, it is both, and at one and the same time. In this video I share how all Life can be compared to one huge, giant gem - almost infinitely faceted all around, how it shines. Each sentient being is one facet, one perspective on reality - but overall, together, it’s just the one gem. See how it’s both? Oneness is the ultimate underlying reality. In heart we know this. As we look at the globe, this can be hard to apply. We’re so used to thinking in terms of the separate countries, the nations, cities, counties and regional boundaries - the languages, and all the trappings that go with that. Divided we are, quite thoroughly this way. I ran across one of the most challenging videos to watch recently. It’s so heavy - in it you directly experience the dark energy of an Illuminati henchman. Oh my, it is dark! Especially if you’re an empath or quite sensitive, I don’t suggest you view this show. You’ve probably never encountered arrogance like this - there aren’t words for it. It’s terrible. If you do watch, take it in small sections - not all at once. We all know we’re manipulated - quite a lot. The whole world is, but especially the Western world. Well, here you encounter that almost directly. The self-justified attitude that’s behind the dark behavior can be quite a shock. Here’s the evidence that we’re just cattle or property to them. I share in the video the major lessons I’ve taken from the Project Avalon interview, so don’t watch it if you’re not sure it would be right for you. This guy is quite clear about the Illuminati’s need to ‘Cull the herd’ - of course, that means to kill billions of us. I said dark. Perhaps the biggest thing that comes as blessing or lesson from this interview is that our power is in our union - our unity - how everything

is based on separating, on dividing us out. Even our country and other borders have been created just for that. It’s shocking, I know we have all these beliefs around how wonderful our particular country is - well, what if that’s rot? Could you look at that - from heart? Here’s one - would you kill 300 people to save 30,000? If you’re in mind you might consider it. Heart, though, will just do the right thing. It’s not concerned with some supposed ‘Future’ events - it just knows what is right, here and now. They must keep us firmly in mind to make us manipulable. In heart they can’t play these games with us we won’t play along. An important point, too, is that if you watch the Project Avalon interview, do realize that a good part of it must be disinformation. No matter what Bill Ryan’s best intents are, he’s just small fry in powerful hands like this guy’s. I don’t care to every try to figure this out - that would be mind. Heart will show me whatever I need to see. Clearly shared is the dark side’s twisted glee in telling the truth once, in announcing their dark plans. It may be buried on page twelve, and in one little paragraph, but it’s there. That way they’re covered if later we say, “You should have told us.” They laughingly say, “Well, we did.” Stinking arrogance, for sure. One of the most beautiful things to come out of the interview is that, IF WE DRAW ATTENTION TO IT, THEY WON’T DO IT. That’s of critical importance. We’ve got to get that - if we ever want to be free. Until we can man up and do the right thing, regardless - we won’t ever be free. As the Andromedans tell us through Alex, they’ve been awaiting our taking of responsibility before coming in to mentor and assist. It doesn’t make any sense for them to help us, otherwise. If we really want to ascend, we’ve got to do this. It’s not really a challenge, though, once we habitually center in heart. Heart does such things through us. We’re not really doing anything. Heck, we’re not really there, at some point. Keep hanging out in heart - soon, you’ll know. Another great thing is that there is absolutely no nuclear war planned at all. They’re aware that that ruins the land for too long. Sure, you may win the ground - but so what? How long do they have to wait to

take possession, then? It’s not worth it to them. More targeted weapons will be used. At least it’s nice to know we can relax about the nuclear thing. If you want to see so clearly what’s behind the GMO seeds and crops thing, OMG - you see just what’s going on. They’re setting themselves up to be able to create famine and terrible starvation wherever they want to. When the seeds must be bought every year, withhold the seeds - give some excuse - and death and suffering ensues. It’s so clear - and so terrible. He warns, too, that we won’t be permitted to even name the big monster corporations doing these things. Just mention Monsanto, and they’ll see that you’re broken - that you pay for it. This is ultimate power at work. It reinforces the sense of helplessness - so like I said, don’t be in a hurry to watch this show. Next, comes the Phoenix Lights and all of those triangular craft so many have seen. He announces that they are modular - they can come apart and go together, right in flight. Further, they are ours earth humans are running this part of the show. Finally, these are designed to be a part - so he says - of the false-flag ET operation. They want to frighten us terribly of any ETs. Why? That’s easy - so they can bring on a more restrictive Patriot Act, more control, spying, and the like. It’s just more of problem / reaction / solution - their method to get their way - more control and power, always. They’ll never have enough. A big part of what’s been bothering me - or going on in heart, uncomfortably - is the boundaries thing. To think that all borders on the map are just put there to separate us out - that’s tough. They’ve made the NWO or New World Order thing into something to be terribly frightening. Well, we ARE one. If they, these dark ones, were not on the scene, then I’m sure we’d be happy, like the Andromedans and other civilizations, to be united in our form of organization. There’d be no reason why not. Do you see? How terrible their making union out to be - to keep us never wanting to get together this way - so very slick.

I share with you how, when such a fundamental belief as the one that says we need nations and borders and such separations, starts tumbling down, that’s a big deal. We don’t realize how very many other beliefs we have that rest firmly on that belief - until we start to kick it out. Then we go into a bit of a tail spin, as I have been these last days. So many beliefs are being shaken, rearranged, revisited reviewed. Add to that the reality that we’re not just the supposed person, the Theresa-Ann - we’ve got so many lives going - right now (time being simultaneous). Thus, we have not only the issues with something like this for this one lifetime - we’ve got the echoes of the same thing in ALL of those lives. If you’ve erased or surrendered enough of your beliefs around time, then you’ll be feeling this, too. You’ll be sensing the response from other lives. It gets deep. ;) Seeing is changing. To see things is often to be almost instantly free of them. Hold your beliefs lightly and that’s what you’ll find. We’re enabled to expand out more into our larger, our ‘Higher’ identity - the winds of Spirit can blow through. Look into your beliefs, especially, on time - check out quantum physics. Beliefs limit us. Expand, not just your mind. Be in heart with this. Be free. As our beliefs are leaving us it can get pretty rocky. Our beliefs are all linked up, inside - like tinker toys. Take one down, many others may fall. Being completely in heart with this is so important. Mental understanding just won’t cut it. This is strictly an action of heart. Be aware, too, that all beliefs are untrue - every one. That makes them easier to surrender, to let go. We can’t let all of them go at once, of course - we’d not be able to stand, to retain our sanity well enough to maintain our outer persona well enough. So they go in the right order - not all at once - but sometimes in groups. You even learn how the Illuminati set out, quite intentionally, to break up the duo of Bill and Kerry in Project Camelot. It’s so sad, but you can see how it’s true. Just standard divide and conquer stuff - but when we’re identified with mind and beliefs, we get manipulated this way.

We have so much crud that’s covering over the infinite beauty, the power of Light that we are. We’re great Light Beings - quite awakened RIGHT NOW. We have all these other beliefs, though - that keep us from seeing, from accepting that this could be true, so we wander in mind yet a while. So, we take the shovel to thoughts and beliefs. That clears the way for clearer, for better seeing. The seeing, itself, is very cleansing. As long as we hold our beliefs lightly, then the seeing can be the freeing right there. Just let go. So simple, but there it is. Disidentify with all of it - not just body, but mind, too. Your perspective, then, gets so nimble, so flexible - you find you can understand most anything, and quickly, too. Finally, money is highlighted, is exposed for the true evil weapon or method of control. So clearly we are manipulated in its use - ours and theirs. This is very dark, my friends. Be prepared. Things we value, they laugh at. This is a new level of arrogance for most of us to encounter. It’s very dark. Told you it would be long! I hope the warnings are clear enough for you to be very cautious about viewing this Project Avalon interview. Don’t take that energy on unless you really feel ready. Don’t take any of it to heart. It will challenge you. Just be ready - that’s all. Have some humor set aside, something to lighten up with. You’ll need it to come back into balance after watching it. Then again, it’s no big deal. It’s just that our changing is accelerating to such an extent that it can sometimes take your breath away. It did mine... and I’m pretty anchored in heart, and Joy filled. Still, you get what I’m saying, here - plus, you’re getting my energy. It’s not dark, like ‘Charles,’ the guy being interviewed. God bless Bill Ryan, too, for being willing to do this work. God bless all of the alternative media, everywhere. They take this heavy stuff on. It can’t be so easy, either. Heck, just listening can be hard for us - they’re right there, up close, dealing directly with it taking those risks. Be blessed.

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